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Unlocking The Self 


In traditional mundane astrology, the Fourth House represents home, family, and domestics. More importantly it represents one's inner sanctorium or what makes all of us click on a deep psychological level. An individual's astrological nativity is the house and property where he or she resides in this lifetime. Let's take a look at the total residence the Zodiac has built for you... it is the Blueprint of the Self. 




ROOM 1 - The Entry
(Natural Astrological First House & Residential Energy of Aries)

room1.pngHome Sweet Home! Before you step inside stand on the front stoop for a moment and look around. Notice the front door. It is the first thing that others see when they come to visit and encounter you. It is colored by the sign occupying your Ascendant which dictates the first impression you make upon others. What color is your door? Is it a vibrant fiery hue, a deep and dark earthy tone, an unusual light airy tint or a mysterious almost undefinable color? Does the door make a bold architectural statement, is it ornate or is it more subtle by design? How is your approach to others - introvert, extrovert or a something in between?

Step inside the Foyer. This is where others get to learn more about the real you once they have discerned the exterior you. This is the space where your spirit and soul took on its physical body. Esoteric astrologers considered this segment of your astro-map the place where an individual incarnates and begins the journey of life or intitiation. How does the foyer appear? Is it empty or does it house artwork, furniture or statuary and plants? In other words are there planets in this section of your chart adding further emphasis to your personality physical appearance and mode of dress? Now that you have "arrived", how do all of these things affect others and the myriad possibilities of life?

If the sign of Aries is here your general approach to life is straightforward, energetic and action-oriented. Taurus takes on life with steady progress and patience and at times can become lackadaisical or even immovable. Gemini's approach is inquisitve, adaptable and communicative. Cancer tends to approach life cautiously and with non-confrontational tenacity. Leo grabs life by the forelock either with ostentacious display or regal generosity. Virgo takes a methodical and reasonable approach to life but can at times appear apprehensive. Libra is charming, social and "other-oriented" but tends to procrastinate until the cows come home. Scorpio's approach is often intensely powerful with a sharp eye on a specific goal. Sagittarius views life as a game to be won and conquered... the bigger the challenge the better! Capricorn addresses life with a serious brand of mysticisim and need for physical achievement. Aquarius views life and everyone in it as a "whole" and believes that movement prevents stagnation. Pisces aproaches life with sympathy and service often exhibiting creative or scientific genius at some level.

ROOM 2 -The Vault & Storage
(Natural Astrological 2nd House & The Residential Energy of Taurus)

room2.pngWhat's in your wallet? More importantly, what do you value? In this room we store many important things - our physical and material possessions and our skills, innate talents and special gifts. Esoteric astrologers consider the 2nd house in a natal chart to be an indicator of the nature of the Ascendant in the next future incarnation so how we handle all of our spiritual resources and how we experience the physical world becomes very important. Often what we "accrue" in life is tied to the sense of self worth and how we use our abilities to further define the "Self." From the moment of birth we are in a constant state of flux developing the things we "possess" outside of our own bodies such as practical abilities, a clever intellect and creative or artistic talents. All of these things and more shape our identities thus giving us a stronger sense of security.

Security represents many different things to people depending upon whichever sign designates the House cusp influencing what is kept in "the vault." Manna (money) is important to all of the signs because it is the main survival mechanism of life but each sign will take a different approach to sustain security. Fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius find security through actualization and physically using talents and abilities to accrue what is needed. These signs tend to "burn" up or waste Manna but they have the confidence and wherewithal to accrue more when needed. Earth signs such a Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn strive to develop and concretize material possesions and often display natural good taste and savior-faire. They tend to be "savers" who believe in "never a borrower or lender be." Air signs such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius place great importance upon having enough knowledge to get things done in order to feel safe. They adhere to "put your money where your mouth is." Water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are all philosophically spiritual and need to satisfy that strong undercurrent in order to "feel" secure as well as "be" secure. These signs tend to hoard Manna or aimlessly give it away to the undeserving.


ROOM 3 - The Home Communication Center
(Natural Astrological 3rd House & The Residential Energy of Gemini)

room3.png"Find your Voice..." is the catchphrase advised to literary aspirants regarding their personal communicative expression. One does not have to be a genius when it comes to communicative mode -everyone has a unique manner of speaking, thinking, learning and interacting with the immediate environment. Traditionally, astrologers refer to this room as the realm of the "concrete" mind where reason rules language, symbols and concepts. It is where the left side of the brain gathers facts, rationalizes them and compartmentalizes them with regard to personal experiences.

Perception and preconception are also prominent factors colored by the sign occupying the cusp of the 3rd House and any placements within the House. How do you see the glass? Is it half full or half empty? Is it a beautiful day in the neighborhood or the same old street where you live? Are you a serious deliberator or a comedian? Those with Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius referencing this House cusp and the Door of this Room are often talented and creative communicators with a good grasp of debate laced with aggression. They are often power thinkers with visionary expression. The Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capriocorn on this cusp tend to be deep thinkers who are very deliberate in forming ideas. Often there is care given to expression with nothing being written or spoken unless there is a defined reason for doing so. The Airs signs on this cusp, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have a real gift for expression and plenty of yakity-yak although it is expressesd with grace and aplumb. These signs express originality and versatility and like their intelligence recognized by others. Intuition can be put into practical application. The Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces exhibit plenty of fluctuation in communication but it never lacks frankness. Emotion is often expressed in speech as is insight based upon intuition. Often their delivery is like listening to beautiful music OR cyrptic and mysterious depending upon what they are trying to relate to others. 


ROOM 4 - The Personal Space
(Natural Astrological 4th House & The Residential Energy of Cancer )

room4.pngIn mundane astrology the 4th House represents the core of being or one's inner sanctum. It is the place where an individual's personal conditioning and psychology from early childhood, the latent past, and even past lives have tremendous power over one's well being. Memories are stored here and it is the area of a natal chart where Déjà vu which is often considered a past life memory can manifest. It is also the place of sanctuary and return that acts as the springboard to the outside world. If viewed as an individual's place of "origin" then it is also the place of "evolution" because it is here that our innate prenatal predispositions are further enhanced by our current life process of self discovery via experiences, interpretations and expectations. Many astrologers consider the analysis of the traditional 4th house as representative of conditions surrounding the second half of life where all that has been held deep within us comes out in the "end." The "end"of life is also depicted by 4th House energies.

This room is always hidden or closed off from the rest of the house. It is reserved for personal and private time although it can be shared with family and friends because even though we might go there to be alone from time to time, we also go there to share a sense of connection to others and the Universe. It is the place where we think about who we are and what has shaped us as we muse trough the family photograph album, boxes of mementos anf geneaology documents. How do you engage your own self reflection? The Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius on the cusp of this House and Door to this Room pursue self analysis aggressively, creatively and intelligently. These sign signatures tend to "look beyond" the mundane with vision for the future. They will defend the right to privacy ardently and will face the "self" head on. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn take a practical approach to the inner self and have no problem seeking outside therapy if dealing with the drama and trauma of the "self"needs assistance in being brought to the surface. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are adept at "self" talk when getting to the root of the matter. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces eventually disclose in rather dramatic fashion truths about themselves that they have held hidden for years.


ROOM 5 - The Recreation Room
(Natural Astrological 5th House & The Residential Energy Of Leo)

room5.pngWhat time is the game on? Do you want to play Nintendo wii or work on a craft? What about that picture you're painting? Are you going to the race track this weekend? Did you buy your daily lottery tickets? Are you still taking dancing lessons? Are you in love this week... or are you in love with love? Essentially speaking - what makes you feel good, special and unique? Aside from all the fun afforded by this room, it is here where we shine creatively from the inside out! Traditionally this room is referenced with the 5th House of a natal chart which governs creative expression and artistic endeavors as well as competition and, well... cheap sex.

The ability to procreate is also found here so all things related to children including our own inner child is prominent when we enter this room. How spontaneous is your inner child? Have you for most of your lfe been over-concerned with your parents standards and expectations feeling that your true sense of creativity has been coralled or squashed OR have you been able to assert your own uniqueness and achieve your desires by exercising your creative outpourings? This does not mean that everyone is a Picasso or Rembrandt but everyone does have a level of creativity that makes life pleasant and fun when engaged. Esoteric Astrologers believe that the 5th House dictates the Soul Destiny one will fulfill in the next lifetime according to the sign on the cusp and how creatively you have lived in the most current past lifetime.

When Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius designate this House cusp and Door of this Room there often tends to be ability for athletics and sports. This physical extension ranges from the arm chair enthusiast to the Olympian. Sexually there is a sense of power and self worth that higlights the ability to give pleasure. The Earth signs here, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn exude sensuality and are tactile by nature. They are often adept at some type of handiwork that can be practical such as sewing and carpentry or artistic such as painting or cooking. They are grounded lovers with the ability to "produce." The Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius found here are more mental by design. There is often a flair for writing or speaking and acting. As lovers they tend to be rather fickle but a great deal of fun often laces their romantic endeavors so it is never boring. The Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces found here tend to be very artistically talented with profiency in dance, music, photography and poetic writing. They produce joyfully and straight from the heart. Romance with these signs can be exciting... either passionate or gut-wrenching AND never boring! Remember still waters run deep!

ROOM 6 - The Home Spa
(Natural Astrological 6th House & The Residential Energy of Virgo)

room6.pngThis is the room where we "perfect ourselves" because our true vocation in life is to be our "best selves." In traditional astrology this is the House of Health and Work both of which are necessary for daily existence. It is also the place where we deal with priorities and how we deal our own limitations and capacity for service to the community at large and on a grander scale - humanity. We not only "weigh" our physical bodies here but also weigh our capacity for the truth of reality which includes boundaries. So, the mind-body connection is found here along with the propensity for dis-ease and how to prevent it. There is such an emphasis on health concerning this space and many astrologers believe that planetary occupancy and weight here often idicates skill for healing in traditional medicine as well as holistics and alternative medicine.

In this room we make decisions and establish priorities including everything from choosing our daily wardrobe to patterning our lives. We not only figure out what we are going to do but exactly how we are going to do it for the best possible results so the mind, body and spirit work together harmoniously. If a Fire sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius appears on the Cusp of this House and Door of this Room, a need for independence colors everyday affairs. The physical body is pushed hard because these signs will ignore boundaries. Matters of "self improvement" take precedence and these signs often take on more than they can chew. If an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn appears mundane affairs are handled with stamina, strength, practicality and determiniation. Time and priorities go hand in hand and there is often an overriding need to "be busy." Organizational and administrative ability is strong as is an eye for detail. These signs can be overly critical of themselves and others and need to employ harmony to achieve balance. The Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are happiest when engaging everday affairs on the mental level. In all things they believe in "mind over matter" concerning both busines dealings and health and fully understand the importance of developing a good relationship with the body and mind. These signs are busy and also push boundaries. They cannot be bothered with too much triviality or repetiveness...if they feel "trapped" in the mundane they can literally become ill. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces seek security in daily ritual. They need to feel "emotionally enagaged" in their work and rely a good deal upon instinct. They understand that negative thoughts and feelings can take a toll on the physical body. These signs are dedicated to whatever type of work they are performing and have a need to "improve" their lot in life. They often possess healing gifts and are adept at bringing that which has been Divinely inspired into concrete manifestation to serve the greater whole.


Each sign of the Zodiac has a distinctive mode of dress. Whatever sign occupies the 6th House Cusp of a natal chart will influence an individual's fashion sense...

Aries: "Fashion Statement"... Ariens are thought to love the color red but truth be known they are fond of all the "hot hues" found in a flame... white, orange, red, yellow and blue. They like to wear the latest fashions and since they love attention, they don't mind standing out in a crowd. These folks are often successful in the business world and dress impeccably. Since they are "power players" they wear power suits and are fond of monochromatic looks that "make a statement" or will wear a classic look interrupted by brightly colored tie, scarf or vest. They are not too particularly fond of patterns as they like clean simple lines in clothing but should they decide to wear patterned clothing it would most likely be of fabrics with fine lines or pinstripes or patterns that depict sharp angles. Since Aries rules the head, hats and other head adornments such as barrettes, earrings and even cranial tattoos are also favored by this energy. Power color: orange, white.

Taurus: "Impeccable" ... There is a love of clothing that is comfortable but it must always be in good taste. This is a tactile influence so soft cottons, silks and linen are preferred. Taurus is not necessarily interested in the latest fashion but is interested in "quality." Only the best fabrics and manufacturers will do and if a quality item is on sale so much the better! Earth tones, neutral colors and pastels are pleasing to this sign's senses. Delicate florals or fabrics that depict rhythmic scrolls are preferred when patterns are worn. Since Taurus rules the neck this energy does not shy away from wearing fine jewelry such as necklaces that make a statement or generous flowing scarves or designer ties. Power color: pale green.

Gemini: "Anything goes!" ... Literally! The dual energy of this sign likes all kinds of looks and styles with outfits for every occasion. The more versatile, funky or youth oriented the clothing the better! Novelty clothing items are fascinating to Gemini no mater how weird! Color is a must as are mixed pattern fabrics. This is a sign of "movement" so all clothing whether it be a formal gown or sportswear must correspond. Mix and Match is a concept that works extremely well for this sign. Gemini rules the hands, arms and shoulders and bracelets, watches, rings and gloves are must have accessories. Females also have an affinity for purses and wallets and tops and dresses that show off the shoulders. Power color: electric blue.

Cancer: "Vintage" ... This sign rules a love of the past and that which traditionally survives time. Females prefer soft cozy fabrics including velour, terry cloth and even flannel and other fabrics that have an iridescent or shiny hue such as metalics. Fabric patterns are non linear and irregularly curved. They are often fond of wearing pearl and/or silver jewelry. Both male and female influenced by this sign insist upon quality and are very likely to wear their clothing until it is worn out! They are true believers in fashion repeating itself and hold onto clothing until it comes back in style. Clothing that conceals and flows such as tunics and long coats are also popular under this influence. Power color: periwinkle.

Leo: "Luxurious"... Only the best will do for this sign. Even if the most expensive items are out of personal price range, the less expensive items will look designer. Jewelry is a must and can range from gaudy to elite. This sign likes glitter and shine so sequins, satins and silks fill the wardrobe. Wild animal prints are also a favorite of this sign. Clothing for both male and female tends to be dramatic with plenty of golden hues. Public image is very important and this sign signature never leaves the house looking sloppy. Females always wear make-up. Lavish spending is also typical and while the wallet may be empty and the credit card overdrawn the closet will be full to the brim! Power color: red, magenta.

Virgo: "Polished" ... This sign always sports a "put together" look. They are neat and polished in appearance even when they go "casual." Virgos pay great attention to detail and enjoy wearing conservative tailored clothing. They are not into flash and love a bargain as long as it represents quality. They are often fond of black and white, hounds tooth plaid, harlequin plaid, speckled weaves and color block clothing. They also enjoy wearing navy blue and gray clothing since they consider these colors the hues of refinement and good taste. Females also enjoy wearing shades of violet and yellow-green. Power color: yellow.

Libra: "Tailored Perfection"... The rule of thumb is that you will never see a dirty or disheveled Libra! This sign signature loves clothes and is very fashion conscious! They have an excellent sense of color and style. Females prefer romantic fabrics like lace and soft florals and males insist upon tailored suits with a pastel shirt and silk tie. Jewelry is a must for both male and female as are perfume or cologne. Silk, fine linen, taffeta and fur are the choices of this sign. Color is an open option as long as it reflects refinement. Power color: turquoise.

Scorpio: "Seductive"... Scorpio loves to create an air of mystery and regardless of what they are wearing one is often left wondering what's underneath! They are fond of clothing that entices and will show just enough to keep you guessing. This sign signature is fond of leather and suede and generally tend to prefer the colors of passion crimson, burgundy and especially black. Females sport sexy underwear and have an affinity for boots and high heels. Male and female under this influence seem to have a love of sunglasses and often own several pair. Power color: gold.

Sagittarius: "Gypsy Chic"... This sign loves freedom so clothing must be comfortable and often sporty. Jeans, over-sized jackets and shirts and several pair of tennis shows area must! Fine fur, wool, tweed, flannel and leather fabrics are favored and paisley patterns cannot be ignored. For the most part when it comes to color the sky's the limit but shades of purple and blue seem to be favored by females influenced by this sign and the jewelry of choice is often handmade and set with natural stones such as turquoise and agate. Wash and wear and "no iron" clothing was made for this sign signature since the influence is always on the move. The gents definitely prefer sports or outdoor clothing. Power color: silver.

Capricorn: "Understated Elegance"... This sign desires well fitted tailored clothing preferably designer. Brown, charcoal gray, tan, dark blue and black are the colors of choice. This sign is not interested in flash but is interested in "status" and will spend a good deal of money on everything from wallets to shoes. Even casual clothing and underwear tends to be "label only." The same goes for jewelry which is never cheap, gaudy or glitzy. Power color: light blue, lavender.

Aquarius: "Original"... Only the latest and greatest for this sign even if it goes out of style in one week! Fashion fad imbues the wardrobe as does breaking any and all fashion rules. The best part is that this sign influence can always pull off the most bizarre clothing concepts by mixing fabrics, styles and patterns. Plaid and asymmetrical patterned fabrics are favorites as are most shades of blue particularly electric blue as well as all neon colors. Power color: crimson.

Pisces: "Flowing"... Pisces rules the feet and this sign loves to collect shoes and all types of stockings or socks. This sign likes the "layered look" and females often wear shirts or dresses over leggings. They like romantic fashion and clothing made of soft shimmery fabrics such as chiffon. Males prefer dressy casual over tailored suits. Both male and female tend to wear too much jewelry and have no problem mixing precious metals (although platinum is a favorite) and gemstones. This sign signature will wear pajamas or loungewear all day if it is not required to leave the house. Cotton is the fabric of choice and soft "sea" colors like green and blue and sometimes lavender are preferred. Pattern choice tends to be nebulous with no form much like an abstract watercolor painting. Power color: purple.


ROOM 7 - The Guest Room
(Natural Astrological 7th House & the Residential Energy of Libra)

room7.pngIn traditional astrology, the 7th House is the house of "others" or in other words anyone who is not you! We experience this house through relationships and contractual arrangements and romantic commitments. In this room we attract and interact with others and realize the significance of others in our lives for good or ill for not everyone who occupies the guest room is a friend and might even be an open enemy. Even more important, our awareness of another while visiting in the guest room just might show us a part of our own "self" that is hidden from us or that we refuse to see. According to Universal Law this is exactly what we will attract!

Libra, the great balancer, who rules the energy of this room demands that in this space we must learn to cooperate with others. The scales however cannot be tipped too far in this direction because to do so means one's identity falls under jeopardy. So the idea is equity without identity deprivation.

The Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius designating the Cusp of this House or Door of this Room all have a srong sense of their own personal power and will enhance their own individuality by seeking out relationships and partnerships with a purpose. They tend to come on strong will try to rush things. They will take advantage of romantic "opportunity" should it be presented but may not always stick around for the full haul. These signs must learn to balance an over-riding need for indendence with the need for security. The Earth signs Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn feel the most complete if they are involved in a steady relationship. They love to be in love but do have some problems with their expectations of others and become distrurbed and critical when perfection isn't available. Often they attract someone who is non-comittal because they have over-analyzed the situation or because they inwardly fear commitment. These signs must learn to balance their idealism with human imperfection and to stop blaming Fate for their romantic dissatisfaction. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius look for a creative relationship with interests outside of the relationship so they can maintain their sense of identity. They will choose someone who has he qualities that are latent or missing in the "self" so they can develop those traits. Objectivity and a degree od detachment is necessary for these signs to sustain anything long lasting. As long a the relationship stays in motion and keeps on transforming, the "newness" of it all keeps these signs interested. These signs are learning "people skills" such as tact and must guard against acting over-cooperative just in order to be accepted or for the sake of being included. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the most likley to scarifice their identity for another. This is mainly because they are over sensitive and over adaptive to the needs of others. They also look for ideal love and/or someone they can "save." They tend to be drawn to artistic or insirational types and somewhere along the line usually find out that their beloved who they have placed on a pedestal actually has clay feet. Why do they seem to like playing the role of victim? Relationships for them are merely catalysts for personal change, growth and transformation. Relating to others is very much a karmic set-up whereby they deal with the dark side and a range of human emotions such as jealousy, envy, rage, treachery, possessiveness, vindictiveness, betrayal and any other form of angst. It simply is required. These signs need to learn discretion in order to minimize attracting emotionally unstable and idiosyncratic partners who literally "live out" the traits that these signs do not recognize in themselves or for which they harbor guilt.

ROOM 8 - The Bedroom
(Natural Astrological 8th House & The Residential Energy of Scorpio)

room8.png"Ah! Sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!" Even though this is the traditional astrological house of sex it has a few other labels including death, psychology, the occult, and jointly held finances and taxes. Despite these mundane labels this is a house of self value and its influence refers to how one accepts and values the catalyst for change within the "self" via intimate relationships and shared experience. This is no walk in the park because we enter this room with a psychological inheritance based upon early life dramas and traumas with parents and family that requires us to transform in order to exhume our souls from the dark side.

This is a very private room where we face our deepest fears and harbour many secrets. When we enagage intimacy with another we are completely exposed... we bare our souls along with our bodies and all the unresloved muck and mire from the past comes to the surface so we can regenerate irrational fears into a form of healthy transcendance and new "self" mastery. This purging allows trapped psychic energy to be released and then reintegrated back into the psyche where it can be re-programmed more productively for constructive life use.

The sign that appears on the 8th House Cusp or the Door to this Room says volumes about how an individual will process the personal catalyst for change. The Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius operate jointly with another based upon the premise of give and take. They exhibit a great deal of virtue and will try to persuade another into sharing their personal beliefs and values system. Passion runs strong and phsyical sex is almost considered a contest or sport. There is a also stong interest in the occult and the mysteries of life including death both physical and metaphoric that will be discussed openly with a partner. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are interested in getting to the bottom line regarding the less obvious or secrets of life. They are investigative by nature and therefore detached in their approach to others which can either arouse passion or fear in others. Sex can be used as a manipulation or entrapment due to insecurity and trust issues about giving and receiving. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are interested in observing what happens between people and tend to run hot and cold engaging in either excessive and extreme passion to ice cold detachment. They will sometimes redirect libidinal drives and urges into "other"outlets in order to escape primal instincts. They are often very interested in metaphysical and occult subjects and a need to probe beneath the surface of the Laws of Nature. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces often deal with strong unconscious complexes that interfere with intimacy. Sex is considered the way to merge with another and therefore transcending the limits of the "self." These signs are very tuned into occult powers and undercurrents and have an uncanny understanding of the psychological and emotional make-up of another person.

ROOM 9 - The Library
(Natural Astrological 9th House & The Residential Energy Of Sagittarius)

room9.pngAs the old adage goes, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" OR "Get enlightened!" This is exactly what happens when we go to the library for amongst the stacks of knowledge and tomes of wisdom we can learn the Truth or at least our own truth. Traditional astrology tells us that this is the house of foreign travel, philosophy, religion and higher concepts AND that here we broaden our horizons through advanced formal education or better yet through a "self" taught process. In this room we contemplate the Universe and the Divine and come face to face with the premise that there is something greater out there which is mind boggling.

As we infuse our higher minds with abstractions and analysis we stretch our brains and begin to apply the archetypes we encounter into our mundane existence. In the best case scenario our experiences confer upon us an unusual degree of foresight which we then use to push ourselves in a new and better life direction. We become less afraid of the future and more willing to break down boundaries making us more able to fulfill our potential.

The Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius appearing on the Cusp of this House or Door to this Room indicates the individual who is always contemplating the "meaning" of existence. These signs read and/or travel extensively. They zealously pursue The Truth and often believe their version of the Truth is the only one. Fire signs love to learn... anything... and for them a little knowledge can sometimes be a dangerous thing if they fail to integrate it properly into their personalities. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn enjoy philosophy and culture studies and will explore them in depth. These signs derive happiness and peace from their personal belief systems but only if those beliefs work in a practical way in their everyday affairs. They have a serious and methodical approach to education and learning and tend to be more conventional or orthodox about their spirituality or religion. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius tend to have progressive views about education. They also like to break down the truth in order to revamp their personal vision. Air signs will explore many different cultures and philopsophies often simultaneoulsy. Humanitarianism is also high on their list. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have great receptivity and access to higher concepts which the rational mind cannot comprehend or accept. In other words they probe deep! They love to travel particularly abroad and will often change their focus of study during their educational career. Religion and/or philosophy are often laced with devotion which sometimes leads them down the path of deception if they lack discernment.

ROOM 10 - The View From The Roof
(Natural Astrological 10th House & The Residential Energy Of Capricorn)

room10.pngWhat better place to get the grand view of life than up on the roof? According to traditional astrology the 10th House represents career and our public standing. Our ambition is found here with the propensity for worldly success and our responsibility to society at large.

When we go up to the roof we can visually see for miles while we ponder our life's path. It is here that we decide what type of image to present to the world and how we will go about achieving what we want out of life complete with honors and recognition. Esoterically speaking, the rewards of karma and how we accept out spiritually destiny is also found here.

Just how we achieve status, prestige, or even fame depends largely upon our capacity to use our talents to compete and strategize. How we interact with authority or symbols of power also play an important role in wining the game. It can be very lonely at the top but such is the price of being respected and lauded.

How is your view from the roof and how do you plan your next life move? Do you believe hard work and playing by the rules is the only way to success OR do you think an original approach brings more status? If a Fire sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius appears on the 10th House Cusp or the Door to this Room part of your identity is caught up in what you achieve professionally. These signs like to be admired for their intellect and strategic prowess and are brilliant leaders. They are highly asssertive and never intend to go unnoticed. They want to be "remembered" for having done something "worthy" that is generationally long-lasting. Honor and dignity are paramount to these signs. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are very sensitive about the way they are seen by others and never ever like to appear foolish or stupid. They are very determined and enjoy outward displays of power and status. They often prefer the more traditional road to success and are concerned with what is "socially acceptable" to such an extreme that they are often very critical of others who achieve success in an "outside of the box" manner. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius often have more than one important life agenda. For them total acheivement and success includes not only pursuing personal ambition but what else can be learned about themselves and the environment at large within those pursuits. These signs do not like to be seen as "ordinary" and strive to achieve something unique while contributing something progressive to society. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are very sensitive about their reputations and how they are seen by others. They prefer to be idealized by the public and usually are held in high regard. They are mesmerizing and magnetic mainly because they are capable of capturing the collective imagination. They are also prone to the most public scandal because of that ability. Their pursuit of ambition must be meaningful and exciting and some type of "reform" needs to be accomplished.

ROOM 11 - The Gathering Room
(Natural Astrological 11th House & The Residential Energy of Aquarius)

room11.pngDo you get by with a little help from your friends? Traditionally the 11th House is the house of aspirations... your hopes, wishes and greatest desires and grandest schemes. It always indicates the kinds of friends and acquaintances you need to help you further your goals and objectives in life. It is the place where you gather together with others to promote idealism and vision.

In this room one becomes aware that personal identity is actually part of larger whole or life system known as group consciousness. We belong and move towards a grander association which requires co-operation and awareness as we connect with others. We get organized and work together to create what is best for the greater good.

The type of colleagues and friends we attract to help us manifest our social consciousness is indicated by the energy of this space. The Fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius on the Cusp of this House or Door to this Room welcome the participation of others although they can be overbearing at times in their friendships. They make loyal friends and will defend their buddies or colleagues and their causes (social or otherwise) vehemently. There is often an interest in politics and humanitarian or egalitarian issues. They believe in justice for all and are progressive with an eye on new trends. The Earth signs Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn are able to maintain long-lasting friendships but tend to suffocate or cling to their acquaintances. They tend to be discriminating about friendships and form them slowly since they have carefully guarded boundaries. The practical service they bring to a group ranks beyond excellent and they work hard to manifest the group goal. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius look for others of "like mind" with similar tastes and with whom they can develop intellectual rapport. They have a lot to say in a group setting and tend to procrastinate about which goal or objective is best. They tend to have very strong feelings about friendships and often expect others to live up to their expectations. These signs represent "idea people" who always bring something fresh and innovative to a group. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are very impressionable and need to use discretion when choosing friendships and group endeavors. They are often interested in radical reform that benefits the whole. They form deep and enduring friendships because they are supportive and caring however it can be expected that those relationships will always be subject to plenty of life crisis and change throughout the years.

ROOM 12 - The Meditation Room
(Natural Astrological 12th House & The Residential Energy of Pisces)

room12.pngThis is the most mystical place in the house! Traditionally this is the House of Karma where your past life spiritual debt is stored along with the rewards and punishments connected to current deeds. This is the completely private room where you go to be alone and ponder all the mysteries of the Universe and your role in the collective scheme of things. It is here where you maintain your soul essence and spiritual well being. There are no boundaries here and you are alone with your "self." Through conscious awareness you can significantly change your motivations, choices and even your direction in life by working out your attachment to "things."

Spiritually speaking, Karmic residual or harvested energy based in circumstances from prior existences is accumulated in this room waiting for us to decipher and handle wisely now so we can proceed forward with soul evolution. Psychologically speaking, this is also the room where we can come face to face with our weaknesses, unconscious drives and compulsions and how we "self sabotage" our conscious aims and goals. Are you a victim or a savior? Are you an inspiration to others or a directionless fool? Are you overwhelmed or clear? Are you inter-connected or lost? Look for the answers in this room.

If a Fire sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius appears on the Cusp of this House or on the Door to this Room there is a strong need to be able to spend time alone every now and then in order to recharge the batteries. Even though these signs are quite receptive to what life brings them they are often dissatisfied with certain tracks of their lives and consequently this leads them on a constant search for the truth. They benefit greatly by dream analysis which affords them another view of their sub-conscious workings. They are inspirational to others because they have expanded vision. The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn like their privacy and space but have some trouble releasing their control over themselves. They are prone to obsessive/compulsive thought patterns and have trouble relaxing. Common sense helps them through difficult life passages. The Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius understand that clear thinking is the best way to handle unconscious emotional complexes. Literally, they are quite good at talking themselves out of fear! These signs exhibit a good deal of over-sensitivity regarding the opinions of others which they take to heart and this often proves to be detrimental to their well-being. Intuition and psychic ability is strong as is insight. The Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are psychologically vunerable. They have in-born receptivity that can easily make them victims of what they "soak in" from the environment and other people. They often have vivid dreams and can suffer from a variety of phobias that interfere with everyday life however they also have an uncanny ability to transform crisis into something productive.