Zeb's Universe


Zeb Morti is a masterful intelligence from an advanced stellar society. To coin part of a theatrical phrase he hails from “a galaxy far, far away” yet to be discovered at this time by humankind. He is the commander of a scientific expedition that travels to the most remote corners of the Universe. He believes in mankind and observes the progress of civilization on Earth with great fascination and with no interference. Zeb has selected some of his expedition’s data to share with you with hopes for mutual fun and enlightenment.

Earth’s closest “galactic” neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy.

Horse Head nebula in the constellation Orion.

The Rosette Nebula.

Remote Star field.

“Earth View” from the Moon.

Scanning other worlds for data.

“Star Gates” can happen anywhere at anytime!

A small aircraft gets caught in the data
gathering beam of an Expedition ship.

Gathering data on distant planets of ancient structures
reminiscent of Earth’s Stonehenge and the pyramids.

Here is more great selected data from Zeb’s collection.

Candid photo shoot of Zeb.

Doorway to the 7th vibrational dimension.


Anti-gravity experiment. Many things are possible with a broader understanding of physics and mathematics!


Split second effect of the “Philadelphia Experiment” on a nearby city. There were no ill effects reported among the residents of the building.


Electrical interplay between a scout ship and high tension wires.

Catch us if you can!
Riding the comet

Approaching the Galactic Center.

Supernova up close.

My Expedition Fleet approaching the Earth


The Earth and the Moon at the beginning.

 Collecting Earth antiques for an inter-stellar museum.
"I think therefore I am."  
 A stellar craft emerges from hiding in the ocean depths near a remote Earth island and is caught in action by reconnaissance fliers.
Performing a gyro systems check in a woodland clearing. 
Inter-dimensional life form who often works on the subconscious level with human healers.

Have you seen these beings? They are still at large!