Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper


Yet another speculative take on the identity of the notorious Jack the Ripper. This one might surprise you ...

Jack the Ripper 

Over the years, many have theorized about the identity of the infamous Jack the Ripper. A lesser circulated story is that the Ripper was a advanced Black Magician and astrologer who was seeking ultimate occult and magical power through human slaughter and sacrifice. In Dark Occult circles it is generally believed that after three murder/sacrifices the practitioner gains the power of invisibility making it impossible to be caught. This theory is food for thought when in reality the Ripper was supremely elusive despite the best attempts by the police and Scotland Yard to catch him. It has also been discovered that the murders did in fact follow an astrological pattern (Saturn or Mercury directly on the Ascendant).

The occult world of North America and Europe between 1880 and 1940 was inhabited by many strange characters who moved in and out of the various arcane inner circles. In the late 1880s, a mysterious occultist known as Baroness Vittoria Cremers became involved with one of the Theosophical Society’s leading members, a gifted trance medium by the name of Mabel Collins. There is little known about the Baroness but it was widely rumored that she was the illegitimate child of a member of society's elite Rothschild family.The Baroness claimed to be the wife/widow of a Russian baron yet no one had ever encountered his persona. Unsubstantiated stories surrounding the baroness including a past as an undercover vice agent for the New York police and a New York madame living on immoral earnings.

Mabel Collins 

Mabel Collins

Vitoria and Mabel became fast friends and shared Mabel’s home. The exact track the friendship took is not a matter of record but it was alleged by Gerard Heym, an alchemical authority and modern occult historian that they had a passionate love affair. It is also hinted that Mabel Collins was bisexual having an affair with both Cremers and another male house guest known only by the name of "Dr. Donstan."
Donstan was as mysterious as the baroness. He allegedly graduated from Trinity College Dublin and claimed to have acquired medical qualifications from several European universities. He also claimed he had served as a mercenary soldier (one time under another name) and had been court martialled and cashiered from the British Army for cheating at cards. He was a violent alcoholic and also a practicing astrologer. When the Ripper murders began Mabel Collins was very anxious to get rid of him for she had grown suspect of him and was terrified of him.

Both Vittoria and Mabel often discussed the murders and on one evening were expressing astonishment that the killer has not been detected within minutes of the murders for surely there must have been blood all over his clothes that couldn't be missed. Donstan, who had just returned from the theater overheard their conversation and according to writer Francis King, "He gave out a short laugh, turned up the collar of his opera cloak, pulled the cape across his shirtfront and remarked, 'You cannot have imagined that the man would be a gentleman, but there are many in evening dress going about the East End, what with opium smoking and one thing or another'." Perhaps this is not much of an incriminating statement but there was somethings about Donstan's confidence and "knowingness" that gave Mabel the terrors so she started to pay closer attention to Donstan.

Treasure Chest 

Mabel noticed that Donstan was always out on the evenings of the murders and often hid his shirt front with his cape after returning from his nightly escapades. She wanted to be rid of him but was afraid to ask him to leave because she ran the risk of being blackmailed by Donstan who kept sexually explicit love letters she had written to him that she believed he kept in a military style leather bound trunk under his bed in his room. Donstan never unlocked the trunk in her presence. The baroness suggested that they break into the trunk when Donstan was not at home and burn the letters making it easier to get rid of him, The only problem was that Donstan kept odd hours and would come and go as he pleased. So the two arranged for the delivery of a hoax telegram to get him out of the house and allow them time to get the letters. The hoax worked but the plan did not.
What they found instead of the love letters were five ties stiff with dried blood.
Oddly, this was never reported to the police but Donstan did leave and was rumored to have died of alcoholic poisoning in a lodging house. Some believe that the two women who were steeped in the occult did something to alter happenings surrounding the case.  Gerard Heym always affirmed - "Cremers killed the Ripper."


With magic.