Willowood Sanctuary

Willowood Sanctuary is a privately owned metaphysical Mecca that can be accessed by personal invitation or by appointment. It houses STAR LOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS the astrology service of Loni Haas, Willowood Academy of Metaphysical Arts and Sciences - the educational site of arcane classes and lectures of all kinds, and the ASTRAL GEO HEALING CENTER for Stellar Healing and Crystal Therapy. Classes and lectures are ever changing and ongoing year round and are conducted by highly experienced local and guest teachers and practioners. Availability, scheduling, requests and general information can be secured by contacting Loni Haas by email.
The Stellar Healing Center at Willowood Sanctuary offers alternative healing modalities to restore and regenerate mind, body, and spirit. Available sessions include Full Spectrum Crystal Therapy and Astral-Geo Therapy with the Rev. Dr. Loni Haas, RMAFA, BT, CCHT, CCBT and Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki with therapist Karen Compretta C.R, C.A. Here is a mini tour of our Healing Center! 
Reflexology client Mae Giraldi (left) shares a cordial break
with therapist Karen Compretta (right) before her session.







The Numerology class with Master Numerologist Barbara Hampton was a big hit this season! Barbara will be back this season teaching more numbers and a class in the classic Pages of Shustah card reading system.



Barbara teaches the connection between numbers and other systems such as astrology and tarot.



Barbara is a well of knowledge that holds her classroom enthralled.



Brenda Staab and her daughter Amber are intently taking in the multi-faceted information offered by Barbara Hampton.



Haley and Karen Compretta watch Barbara work her special brand of expertise with the numbers. Willowood Academy strives to bring only expert teachers highly skilled in their field to the public.






Atlanta’s premiere psychic Christmas Miller gets ready to present “Mirrors” the first lecture in her Psychic Development series. To learn more about Chris, future workshops and scheduled appearances visit her website www.illuminationsconsult.com.

 Chris and a guest Shayla Ritchwood enjoy a break.


The Runemal 1 class taught by Loni Haas was a huge success  and by request will be repeated in the very near future.   Each student received a copy of “The Mystery of the Runes”  reference workbook and a Rune layout mat.


College student Josh Bedetto and Board Member Brenda Staab   busy at work creating their personal empowerment Bind Runes.





“Psst… what’s the answer to number 11?” Board Member Karen Compretta, Faculty Member Barb Hampton, and Haley Compretta work out some Runic Numerology. All participants received a Certificate of Completion in Runemal 1. Missing from photos is Sarah Staab.

At the Pneuma Lux Salon, students learn about the best way to handle personal and intimate relationships on all levels from the mundane to the Karmic!
Pneuma Lux Salon facilitated by Christmas Miller
Pneuma Lux Salon - Learning about better relationships brought smiles.
Time “well spent” at Pneuma Lux Salon.

 John Holbrook Christmas Miller Karen Compretta Donna Bedetto
 Brenda Staab Joshua Bedetto Donna Overall Connie Collett
 Sheena Collett Diana Prior Margaret Tufts Zeb Morti
 Barbara Hampton Julie Meason William Dargin Druid Sijan Nol
Woodhenge is a sacred gathering place that is an integral part of Willowood Sanctuary. It is nestled underneath the protection and canopy of the sanctuary trees and was built with consideration for astronomical correctness. The night sky can be perfectly viewed and observed from any seating space within Woodhenge through the opening of the canopy. The five seating benches or “henges” have been hewn from oak and replicate the center structure of Stonehenge in England. Each henge is graced with Celtic design and zodiac symbols. Behind the center or lead henge, sits the Celtic Circle of Life mounted on a natural pedestal flanked by two torches. At the heart of Woodhenge lies a three foot circular in- ground fire pit which is defined by a 77 brick encasement. The cosmic essence of the number 77 embraces the totality of Mother Earth and Father Sky and the transcendence from this dimension into the next. Woodhenge embraces its visitors and many prayers and good intentions have been sent heaven bound in the smoke from the fires of Woodhenge.
The Sacred Geometry of Woodhenge is based upon the astronomical Pentacle of Venus which was observed by ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and Sumerians and still holds fascination for modern astronomers, astrologers and sky watchers.