Willow Folke


Welcome to Willowood Realm the magickal, mystical and unseen heart of Willowood Sanctuary! Some of our Folke from the Middle and Lower Realms have agreed to a photo shoot in the Upper Realm so enjoy yourself but please don't annoy the fairies... they are a temperamental lot you know!

Always visible in the Upper Realm is Willowood's spiritual guide and resident Druid. The Druid will point the way to the Middle and Lower Realms should you decide to visit but you are on your own if you venture there. 
The Guardian and Gatekeeper of the Realm is Gondar. Gondar walks between the realms of light and dark and this is a rare up close photo of him in a mellow mood. Legend says his icy stare alone is enough to dispatch any negative spirits but his mighty blade terminates those who are unwanted. 
Fairy Divas Roxanne and Ginger bask in the early morning Sun. They can be very naughty so don't stare at them too long unless you are a Big Spender. 
The Pixie Boys Clovis, Gaffer, Idono, and Eggnog take a break from their mischief to pose for the photographer. 
Nott the tree spirit greets you as you choose your path. Which path will you take? Nott can't help you... after all he's "not" really there.
 nott3.jpg  nott4.jpg
The ancient Druids entrusted the legacy of the White Tome and the Emerald Scepter to the Guardians of Willowood. Cragg the tree spirit offers up a crystal for all to enjoy. In the Realm many things literally grow on trees!



Ajax the Ancient One will not reveal his true identity. He is a great Sage who fancies buxom women with red hair. 

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Finn is in charge of all treasure and bling in the Realm. He can be most unpleasant if anything is touched or moved. He will cast magick to cramp up sensitive body parts if you cross him. Arielle the blue faerie likes to tease Rigel the unicorn by landing on his head with her faerie bubble. Sometimes this gets out of hand and Rigel retaliates by popping her bubble and watching her land on her faerie derrière.