Warriors and Heroes

Spiritual Warrior: Archangel Michael.

The most widely recognized Archangel in these contemporary times is without doubt the Archangel Michael. Michael is the eldest of the Archangels who “sits at the right Hand of God” and is known as the “Archistratgeos” or Chief Commander of all bodiless power. His name means “like unto God” and he is accordingly the most perfect reflection of Divine Light, the Defender of Heaven, Protector of Mankind and the leader of the last stand between good and evil.

Michael is known and venerated in many religions. In Jewish scripture he reigns over all natural phenomena including thunder, lightning, fire, wind, rain, snow, and hail. The Muslims believe that Michael’s body is covered by fine hair and that each hair acts like a tongue that implores the mercy of Allah on behalf of sinners. In ancient Root Magick, hand sewn home protection bags filled with Grains of Paradise depict an image of Michael on the outside of the bag.  The bags are made in pairs and placed at the front and back doors of the home for protection. In the Christian Bibles it is held that Michael will lead God’s troops against the “dragon” in a final battle and because of this many people seek Michael’s help and protection from both physical and spiritual enemies. A rather well known prayer used by many who seek Michael’s aid against evil in all forms is as follows:

Great Archangel Michael, defend us in battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke our enemies, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into Hell the Adversary and all other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.


Many metaphysicians and religious people believe that when a Divine Spirit comes to one’s aid it is customary to “give something back” in return according to the nature of the aid or favor. Since Michael is known as the “Great Protector” and Patron of all on Earth who protect others, offering a contribution to the local police or fire department or community watch and/or volunteering time at a local shelter for victims of crime is a good gesture of thanks. Even something as simple as doing one’s part in helping to protect animals works as a “thank-you.”
In both Biblical and ancient times, the great seers and magi drew coordinating references between the spiritual and the mundane. In those days the only visible cosmic entities were the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They were known as the Seven Spirits of God and Archangels were assigned to rule over them. There was also correlation drawn to some of the Fixed Stars. The Fixed Star that represents Archangel Michael is ALDEBARAN

Aldebaran, “the Watcher in the East,” is one of the Royal Stars of Persia that resides in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. All of the four Royal Stars are very powerful offering success and happiness provided a particular nemesis can be overcome. Aldebaran is the star of integrity and honor and purity of thought. The association to Michael also grants protection and victory over the opposition. The star is Mars-like in nature and therefore represents the ultimate spiritual warrior and is a perfect representation of Archangel Michael who is the Watchtower Angel of the East. Further, astrologically speaking, Michael is the Lord of the Sun and champion of the sign of Leo in the Zodiac. As Lord of the Sun Michael represents the traits of power, organization, vitality, creativity, and energy. The Zodiac colors attributed to Michael are yellow and gold, his numerological number is 6 and the animals assigned to him are lions and cats. Michael is also the Lord of the planet Mercury and therefore influences the signs of Gemini and Virgo along with the ruling Archangels Gabriel, Raguel and Sariel for those signs respectively. The element associated with Michael is Fire. His day is Sunday.

Michael’s Seal

Michael’s fiery
Sword of Justice.

Michael’s Signature

In Seven Ray Astrology, Michael holds jurisdiction and a Seat of Power over the 1st RAY of WILL and PURPOSE. The 1st RAY is the ray of leadership, justice, and power. This ray is imbued with authority, strength, unyielding determination and self reliance. Its energy contains a fighting quality that is bestowed from the Highest Power. As Lord of the 1st RAY, Michael holds jurisdiction over the signs of Aries (cause), Leo (power) and Capricorn (magistration). The esoteric planet associated with Michael is Vulcan which represents the “power behind the throne” and the “Logos behind the Sun.” The energy of Vulcan is motion that shapes with detached strength. The chakra ruled by the 1st RAY and Archangel Michael is the Crown chakra.

Michael as the Defender
of Heaven and Earth.

The masculine GRAND SEXTILE
aspect pattern.

STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS attributes the astrological aspect pattern of the masculine Fire/Air sign GRAND SEXTILE Sacred Geometry to Archangel Michael. The Fire signs involved are ARIES (action-reaction), LEO (will-purpose) and SAGITTARIUS (law-knowledge) AND the Air signs involved are LIBRA (balance-peace), GEMINI (invention-skill) and AQUARIUS (reform-resolution). 
The GRAND SEXTILE is a 6th Harmonic aspect pattern that is quite rare. It is formed when six planets are all sextile one another. The GRAND SEXTILE is feminine (Earth and Water) or masculine (Fire and Air) by nature. The complex geometry houses many aspects including six sextiles (opportunity), six trines (flow), three oppositions (awareness) AND two other aspect patterns known the KITE and MYSTIC RECTANGLE in quantities of three each. The stand-out geometry of the pattern is the hexagon and Star of David.

The masculine GRAND SEXTILE is a very self-contained pattern that houses tremendous power and balance. An outside stimulus (hard aspect-active opposition) is required to set it in motion and progress is aimed at the restoration of equilibrium, as is Michael’s cause. When activated in this manner the pattern produces direct and specific energies to relieve or diffuse the source of pressure or opposition much like Michael’s resolution to the problems he is commissioned to address.

Fictional Warrior: James Tiberius Kirk

Aries is the sign of the warrior essence. One of the greatest fictional characters representing Arien energy is James Tiberius Kirk commander of the Star Ship Enterprise in STAR TREK. In this proposed chart for Kirk his leadership qualities, intelligence, renegade tendencies and even his lothario side are evident!

Kirk has the Sun conjunct Mars in Aries in the 9th House and the MC in Aries (warrior bar none with a desire for far-away places and a strong desire to be his own boss). Saturn in Aries in the 10th House conjunct the MC shows his distaste for authority figures, self centeredness, and one who is forced by circumstances to acquire patience and self reliance. It also shows one who is resourceful and capable of evolving new methods. Mercury Pisces in the 9th House is in an out-of-sign conjunction with the Sun/Mars and indicates a brilliant scientific/technical mind and the ability for strategy. Chiron opposed Uranus always indicates one who takes hazardous risks in life that are often dangerous to the physical self. Leo rising designates confidence, leadership, and with the Leo Moon in the 1st House conjunct the Leo Ascendant, one who projects his emotions in a bold style with show-off tendencies since it trines the Sun/Mars combo. The Moon also squares Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th which makes Kirk intensely emotional particularly towards women and with Venus in Aquarius in the 7th (semisquare Mars) and Uranus in the 5th in Sagittarius (ruler of the 7th), he is quite the flirt who loves to experiment sexually and is quite proud of his “score-card.” Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th House opposes Neptune in Cancer the 12th and is squared by the Sun, Mars and is square the MC designating one who glorifies “war” and who strives to accomplish things too fast and often without much forethought… in other words, FEARLESS. The square to the MC shows grandiose ideals regarding career. The opposition to Neptune shows impracticality in certain situations and one who constantly dreams of faraway places. It also indicates danger form gasses, fumes and drugs.
Interestingly, actor William Shatner (who played the original Kirk) was born March 22, 1931.

Legendary Warrior: Hercules

Actor Kevin Sorbo
as “Hercules - The
Legendary Hero.”

There are some scholars who believe that the mighty Hercules was born in early November during the 13th Century BCE in Thebes. In this speculative chart for Hercules, the planet Mars ruler of the sign of Aries is elevated in the chart conjunct the Sun and the Midheaven all in the sign of Scorpio of which Mars holds ancient rulership. Mars is particularly powerful when posited here because of its applying accidental exaltation. Mars conjunct the Midheaven is often associated with those who achieve status and fame. Its conjunction also to the Sun further indicates an effective leader with highly competitive ambition.

The Sun/Mars square of the 1st House Uranus in Aquarius shows a propensity for erratic and reckless behavior but also bravery especially when antagonism is aroused because of injustice. This combination also marks one who constantly craves excitement.  The strong Scorpionic essences of Mars to Uranus indicate a constant threat of death and the likelihood of sudden attacks that must be dealt with confrontational skill and speed – the true mark of a warrior who displays relentless courage. The temperament is injected with a good deal of idealism but there is also impatience concerning revolutionary desires particularly when it comes to the overthrow of established order. It is also interesting to note that there are no retrograde planets in the chart and an Ascendant in no nonsense Capricorn so when it comes to the Legendary Hero – What You See Is What You Get!

The overall pattern of this chart is a Bowl with Pluto as the lead planet.  Pluto is conjunct the North Node in the 8th House (Karmic destiny) and in an out of sign trine with Saturn in the 12th House (Karmic duty). This Bowl pattern encompasses Houses 8-1 and indicates an individual who quite subjective unto the Self and very self satisfied. They often feel they have a “mission” in life. In this case, the unoccupied Houses 2-7 show issues with the past and personal relationships. Pluto conjunct the North Node shows a powerful intuitive tendency for understanding the forces that shape the future and strong deliberation to take advantage of that information. The Saturn/Pluto trine implies one who understands “The Law,” be it part of an actual justice system or the rules of Nature. The sense of destiny or a Karmic mission is further strengthened by this aspect along with tremendous willpower to achieve the goal.

The Moon is fun loving Sagittarius in the 11th House was in New Moon phase at birth indicating an impulsive person, always looking for new opportunities. The Moon is unaspected (by major aspect) and when considering the rest of the chart this signifies tremendous worldly achievement because “nothing” stands “in the way”… except emotions. Love and affection become difficult because they are believed to deter achievement and cloud thinking. With a heavy weight of half of the planets in the 9th House there is a determination to travel and a love of adventure. Combined with the status of the Moon Hercules was definitely not the stay at home type. The call of duty took precedence. The lack of personal relationships is also indicated by Venus in Libra in the 9th House at Anaretic (0) degree. Karmically there would always be issues with relationships and romantic partners and he would be tested to work them out through Libran equipoise. With Mars in powerful Scorpio Hercules did exhibit an “all or nothing” attitude making compromise difficult. Whenever Hercules sought out harmony and engaged sociability he gained popularity. Some of this is indicated by the out of sign conjunction of Venus with Jupiter in Virgo in the 8th House which meant that fame was largely political in nature. 

The unafflicted Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Libra in the 9th House indicates that Herc could be elusive and difficult to pin down at times but he never lied. He was also very psychic with prophetic ability and a good student probably to the delight of his mentor Chiron!