There's Something About Stonehenge


  "Could it be Magick?"

Geometry is everywhere in Nature. Sacred Geometry is inherent in everything of Nature. There have been many theories presented about the Sacred Geometry connected to Stonehenge. If we consider the original Stonehenge to resemble the diagram below, when all the mathematics are calculated, one of the possible configurations is a Dodecagram or Star Polygon. The Dodecagram concerns itself with groups of twelve.


Throughout history, the number twelve has been associated with many important things - the twelve months to a year, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve Disciples of Christ, the twelve prophets, the twelve sibyls, the twelve note chromatic scale, the twelve signs and houses of the Zodiac, the twelve days of Christmas, the twelve labors of Hercules, the twelve inches in a foot measure, the twelfth card of the Tarot - The Hanged Man, the 12th sign of the Zodiac, Pisces and much, more. In metaphysics, the number twelve represents all things in their right time which ultimately leads to maturation and finally fulfillment. In magick, the number twelve is related to the number seven because seven consists of four plus three and the number twelve consists of four times three. In metaphysics, the number seven is associated with completeness and wisdom, spiritual truth, and cosmic harmony. Traditionally seven also holds supernatural powers.

In reality, a scientifically and archeologically accepted fact is that the ground plan and structural engineering of Stonehenge incorporated sophisticated mathematical and geometrical knowledge by its builders. One consensus regarding Stonehenge is that its builders used a Base Six number system rather than the Base Ten number system used today. Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see how a Mogen David or Star of David configuration fits easily into this system and how other harmonic patterns emerge. Simplistically speaking, this configuration consists of two intersected triangles - in the diagram depicted, the Star of David sits at the middle. In metaphysics, the number six relates to balance and earthly and planetary issues. Using this pattern as a base the Dodecagram emerges. The Dodecagram consists of four intersected triangles (the large purple triangle) with three large triangular intersections at different angles (blue, green, maroon) 4+3=7 creating twelve (12) points.

Many other possible geometric patterns emerge depending upon one's viewpoint. Using the position of the holes of the AUBREY CIRCLE, an additional 56-sided polygon can be added as an overlay empowering the geometry. In metaphysics, the number 56 equates with transition and when broken down to the numerological master number 11, an androgynous yet spiritual connection between all that exists and ever will exist occurs. A 30-sided figure that occurs when the thirty stones of the SARSEN CIRCLE are used as geometric points refers to path-finding with assistance of divine beings.

According to theorist and physicist Charles Vind, some have proposed that STONEHENGE was constructed according to the Universal geometric harmonics of LIGHT and that the radius of the AUBREY CIRCLE (the 56 holes encircling the center) is related directly to the SPEED of LIGHT while the radius of the SARSEN CIRCLE (the outer circle constructed of 30 monoliths) corresponds to the square of the reciprocal of the speed of light. It is further suggested that the large stones are crystalline in composition and that they emit a type of electromagnetism. The basic result of the interlocking geometrics and interlocking energy fields is higher cosmic energy patterns.

Considering all of this information - is it possible then that Stonehenge is a frequency generator to the outer reaches of the Universe? Did the ancients know that by manipulating the energy fields through the multi-patterned geometrics that an infinite range of vibrational harmonics was available? Were they aware that an interdimensional effect might be possible allowing them to slip through time and space? Was this some form of ancient magick? 

druidgalaxy.jpgArcheology has shown us that while the Druids did not build Stonehenge they did use it for worship and sacred rites. If we are to take Druidic lore at face value, it relates that the Druids were capable of astral traveling or journeying to the "Otherworlds" to consult with inter-dimensional entities. The Druids were finely attuned to Nature and understood much about the workings of the Universe. Who is to say they were not capable of manipulating such forces while on site allowing them to visit other worlds through a portal? Outrageous or fanciful speculation you say? Well maybe ...

Another concept is that the cosmic energies inherent in Stonehenge would also lend the structure the capacity for great healing during ancient people's "magico-religious" ceremonies. Speaking of the great stones, 13th century British poet Layamon states:

"The stones are great
And magic power they have
Men that are sick
Fare to that stone
And they wash that stone
And with that water bathe away their sickness."

In literary lore, the legendary Merlin tells King Aurelius:

"Laugh not so lightly, King, for not lightly are these words spoken. For in these stones is a mystery, and a healing virtue against many ailments. Giants of old did carry them from the furthest ends of Africa and did set them up in Ireland what time they did inhabit therein. And unto this end they did it, that they might make them baths therein whensoever they ailed of any malady, for they did wash the stones and pour forth the water into the baths, whereby they that were sick were made whole. Moreover they did mix confections of herbs with the water, whereby they that were wounded had healing, for not a stone is there that lacketh in virtue of leechcraft."

If Stonehenge truly holds the power to all of these wondrous possibilities then the ancients knew something that we have not been able to tap. Perhaps the real secrets are lost forever or maybe just waiting for mankind to re-evolve with appreciation for those possibilities in order to use them for the higher good. That really would be magickal!