Theosophy is defined as, "knowledge of God that is attained through inspiration and Divine illumination." The result is a type of mystical philosophy. The term comes from the Greek theos, "god" and sophos, "wise."

Theosophic thought can be found in the Upanishads which are metaphysical treatises found in Sanskrit. Hindu philosophy subsequent to the composition of the Upanishads also had a strong theosophic tone. This tone is thought to have influenced ancient Persian philosophy and the Chinese I Ching (Book of Changes) and the Tao-te Ching (Classic of the Way and Its Power) contain Theosophic elements as do western Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism

In contemporary times, most people associate Theosophy with Helena Petrovna Blavastky who founded the Theosophical Society in New York City in 1875. Blavatsky is widely recognized as having introduced the concept of Ascended Masters to the field of Metaphysics. She maintained that she received her doctrines from this group of masters who she called "Oriental religious teachers." She believed these teachers had reached a higher plane of existence than that of other mortals. Blavatsky believed God to be infinite and absolute and the source of both spirit and matter. Through an operation of immutable law, the spirit of God was said to descend into matter and matter to ascend into spirit by cyclical action. Blavatsky's Doctrine represents all Souls as being the same in "essence" but differing by degrees of "evolution." Evolution in this case, is a process of "purification" which can only be achieved by a series of incarnations. Those Souls who are advanced are thought to be the guardians of those less advanced. The present day New Age movement is thought by many to have been based on Blavatsky's Theosophic Doctrines but in general, one of Blavatsky's followers Alice Bailey, is largely given credit for founding the movement. From Alice Bailey the world was introduced to a special brand of Esoteric Astrology based on the 7 Rays via channelings from Ascended Master Dwjhal Khul. It is at the foundation of the following article.


People love to read about themselves and of the spiritual essences that apply to them personally. In many cases the more profound a piece of information is that applies to them the better! People always ask questions about their "reason for being" and if they are "on the right path" in this lifetime. What constitutes "being on the right path" is a Soul issue. An analysis of an individual's Soul Ray can give that person some insight into what his or her Soul intended for a given lifetime.

A study of the 7 Rays Astrology is a deeply theosophical matter. We can only relay in "human terminology" what exactly a Ray encompasses energetically. For matters of clarity and simplicity we will deal only with the 7 Soul Rays in this exegesis however, for anyone to truly understand this concept some basic and necessary background information has also been included. The purpose of creating Mandalas is to help one meditate upon the meaning of the essence of one's personal Ray(s).

Seven Ray Astrology is founded in Tibetan spirituality and is concerned with the evolution of the Soul as tied to the elevation of consciousness. It is generally believed that if an individual can raise his/her personal vibratory rate sufficiently to overcome the vibratory rate of his/her natal planets, consciousness is elevated and the number of subsequent incarnations is lessened.


The Rays are the custodians of the Universal Plan as designed by and depending upon individual perception, the "All-Knowing" or "Supreme Being" or "God the Father."

Each Ray embodies energy through which a specific part of Divine Will is channeled in accordance with Divine Universal Intention. From this Great Source, they travel through time and space eventually attaining Galactic Synthesis and then on until they reach the constellation Ursa Major or the Great Bear.

From Ursa Major, they continue to filter through three Fixed stars Polaris, Sirius, and the Pleiades and then move on to Mother Earth. They are believed to have a monumental influence on all Earth affairs making it possible for mankind to flourish.


How are the Rays specific to each human being? In this theosophy, there are seven planes. Simply speaking, the first plane is the Divine Plane or the Adi. The second plane is the Monadic Plane which is unchanging and where the essence of the Soul is found. On this plane there are three monad rays. The first monad Ray is the Ray of the Divine Will, the second monad Ray is the Ray of the Divine Wisdom, and the third monad Ray is the Ray of the Divine Intellect. All Souls come from one of these rays and ONLY one of these rays. This never changes throughout subsequent incarnations. From the Monadic Plane, some essence from one of these rays travels down to the third plane known as the Spiritual or Nirvanic Plane and the fourth plane known as the Intuitional or Buddhic Plane until it reaches the fifth plane known as the Mental Plane. Here the monad essence filters through one of the Seven Rays. This is known as the Soul Ray. From the Mental Plane, the monad releases more essence where it travels from the sixth or Astral Plane on to the seventh or Physical Plane where it filters through the Seven Rays again to become the Personality Ray. To make things more profound, the Soul Ray and the Personality Ray are colored by subrays. The Soul Rays and Personality Rays can change over subsequent incarnations. It is thought that the seventh Ray aspires to the first Ray, the sixth Ray aspires to the fourth Ray and then the second Ray, and the fifth Ray aspires to the third Ray.

In a given lifetime, an individual should strive to complete the ideal of the Soul Ray. This requires an opening up of spiritual consciousness through awareness and service. Without spiritual awareness a person is most likely to function solely according to the dictates of the Personality Ray. With some spiritual awareness a person might at best be able to bend the Personality Ray to the will of the Soul Ray. With a high level of spiritual understanding, a person can accomplish the ideal or Will of the Soul Ray thus able to achieve a step toward evolution. So, what does your Soul want you to do in this lifetime? Once you know about your Soul Ray, how do you know if you are accomplishing what you should? Here's a little test:

If you are still captivated by the "glamour" of Earth life and caught up in material advantages and/or the power connected to such glamour and advantages then you are only motivated by your Personality Ray and living your life through an insular energy unaware of your Soul's desire and Will.

If you are cosmically curious and academically and philosophically thirsty for knowledge regarding more in-depth information about our Earth, solar system, galaxy, and even the Universe via science, expanded metaphysics, quantum theories, higher learning, and related human/philosophical studies then your Soul has begun to release its Will because you a seeking a way to love humanity through group consciousness. You are beginning to bend the energy of your Personality Ray to the Will of the Soul Ray.

If you feel you have gained all the knowledge you could possibly absorb coupled with what you feel is true information regarding your past lifetimes, then it is possible that you have caught a glimpse of your Monad Ray and your essence and are operating within the Collective Consciousness. With this comes a great responsibility to bring your acquired knowledge to others by teaching or example via group endeavor in order to help them elevate their own Soul Consciousness.






The Leader
"I" am a center of strength and power"

Asserts Confidence to Lead and Heal
Heals by Natural Means, Magical Means and Prayer
Attracts those who lack Courage

The First Ray is the Ray of Will and Purpose. It is the Ray of Power. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces strength, courage, steadfastness, determination, authority, and broadmindedness. This is the Ray of leadership and under this Ray are found politicians, executives, explorers, soldiers, administrators and occultists. This Ray is connected to the crown chakra and the pineal gland. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Aries/Leo/Capricorn. The Ray color is red. The Archangel of this Ray is Michael who governs Power, Cause, and Magistration and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is El Morya. First Ray individuals often display natural leadership qualities, confidence and directness in personal relationships. Even the more subdued types at the very least exhibit an urge to give direction to others. They are often called upon to make decisions on some level. First Ray people must avoid misuse of power and arrogance.


"I" am a center of Love and Wisdom

Offers Counsel, Teaches and Loves ALL others
Heals with Love and by Touch, Group Involvement and Religion/Spirituality
Attracts those who feel unloved, neglected and those in need of counsel

The Second Ray is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. It is the Ray of pure Love. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces virtue, patience, endurance, desire for truth, brotherhood, and strong intuition. This is the Ray of teaching and goodwill and under this Ray are found healers, scholars, philanthropists, teachers, counselors and sages. This Ray is connected to heart chakra and thymus gland. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Gemini/Virgo/Pisces. The Ray color is blue. The Archangel of this Ray is Zophkiel who governs Instruction, Mastership, and Divine Affairs and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is Dwjhal Khul. The Second Ray individual is often a healer who evokes higher consciousness between people. They are often the "peacemakers" on Earth. They are also very responsive to the needs of others and need to guard against over sensitivity.



"I" am center of Truth and Ideas

Guides and Excites Ideation in others
Heals with Understanding, Analysis, and Healing Words
Attracts those who need Interpretation

The Third Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence. It is the Ray of Intellect. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces clarity of thought, abstract understanding, conceptual aptitude, versatility, and tact. This is the Ray of the thinker and interpreter and under this Ray are found theorists, astrologers, philosophers, mathematicians, inventors and communicators. This Ray is connected to the throat chakra and thyroid gland. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Cancer/Libra/Capricorn. The Ray color is green. The Archangel for this Ray is Raphael who governs Enlightenment, Protection, and the Appointment for each Soul and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is Paul the Venetian. Third Ray people are very active and often very good in business and are wise handlers of money. They are abstract thinkers and creators of ideas. Third ray people must avoid overuse of craftiness and manipulation.



1 2 3 <- 4 -> 5 6 7

"I" am center of BEAUTY and HARMONY

Helps others to penetrate the Laws of the Universe and to find Harmony
Heals by teaching others the value of Rest and Equity in Relationships
Attracts those seeking Cultural Expression

The Fourth Ray is the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It is the Ray of Beauty and is the counterpoise of the other Rays. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces unity, artistic expression, culture, balance, and diplomacy. This is the Ray of the Artist and Creator and under this Ray are found psychologists, musicians, artists, writers, and mediators. This Ray is connected to the base chakra and adrenal glands. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Taurus/Scorpio/Sagittarius. The Ray color is yellow. The Archangel for this Ray is Gabriel who controls Light, the Waters of Life, and Influences and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is Serapis Bey. Since this is the Ray of struggle, Fourth Ray people often find themselves "in the middle" of different situations whether they intend to be there or not. They are especially connected to color and form. They should avoid duality as this makes it hard to focus.


"I" am center of Knowledge and Understanding

Points out a better way by use of Convention and Research
Heals with a Scientific Approach and the TRUTH
Attracts those who are Unenlightened

The Fifth Ray is the Ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge. It is the Ray of Science and Analysis. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces technical and inventive capabilities, common sense, logic, love of science, research, and methodology. This is the Ray of the Analyst and under this Ray are found experts, engineers, inventors, technicians, educators, doctors, and lawyers. This Ray is connected to the brow chakra and the pituitary glands. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Leo/Sagittarius/Aquarius. The Ray color is orange. The Archangel for this Ray is Zedekiel who governs Discovery and the Labors for the Kingdoms of God and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is Hilarion. Fifth Ray people are the Revealers of Truth. They have the power to master any field of choice and tend only to believe that which can be realistically proven. They must avoid becoming too judgmental and critical yet, despite their analytic natures they are key players in the reorientation of consciousness as they probe deeper into the Laws of the Universe.



"I" am center of Idealism and Devotion

Appeals to the Idealism of Others and Attracts Devotion
Heals with Prayer, Religion, Group Involvement with Devotion to Cause
Attracts those needing to Center their Devotion

The Sixth Ray is the Ray of Devotion and Idealism. It is the Ray of Abstract Idealism. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces humanitarianism, faith, devotion to cause, sacrificial love, single purpose, and revolution for spiritual evolution. This is the Ray of the Devotee and Reformer and under this Ray are found orators, crusaders, missionaries, mystics, ministers, zealots, and religious leaders. This Ray is connected to the solar plexus chakra and the pancreas. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces. The Ray color is magenta. The Archangel for this Ray is Madimiel who governs Purpose, Zealous Readying, and Quiet Desire and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is Jesus. Sixth Ray individuals are often philosophical idealists with focused expression. They must work to avoid self righteousness and narrow-mindedness.




"I" am center of Order and Magical Skills

Physically Expressive with a desire for Perfection and Order
Heals via Supernatural Means, Other Worldly assistance and Magic
Attracts those who are Group Minded and Order Seeking

The Seventh Ray is the Ray of Ceremonial Order. It is the Ray of Expertise and Ritual. The higher manifestation of this Ray as a Soul Ray produces practicality, attention to detail, perseverance, self reliance, organization, and the seeking of perfection. This is the Ray of the Expert and the Magician and under this Ray are found esotericists, builders, designers, administrators, ritualists, shamans and the GENIUS. This Ray is connected to the sacral chakra and the gonads. The zodiac energy triad for this Ray is Aries/Cancer/Capricorn. The Ray color is violet. The Archangel for this Ray is Haniel who governs Magnetic Occurrences, Revelation, and the Orders of Angels and the Ascended Master connected to this Ray is St. Germain. Seven Ray individuals are perfectionists who often work on the organizational level be it personal or professional. They are very attracted to social rites and ceremonies and enjoy being part of a group. Seven Ray people must avoid becoming too caught up in and overly concerned with details.

For those of you, who have already engaged some esoteric study of the Seven Rays, please note that the Theosophical Ray colors mentioned here may conflict with other literature that you have read. These are the colors used by Star Logic Astrodynamics and they have proven themselves to be consistent in Seven Ray Analysis.

The following pages depict Sacred Geometry Mandalas with a coordinating mantra for each Ray created by Star Logic Astrodynamics. These were created as aids to meditation which can help an individual move towards a higher level of consciousness and well-being. The mantras can also be used on a daily basis as morning affirmations.

If you may be wondering how you can find out about all the Rays and subrays that are connected to your current incarnation you should seek a professional astrologer who specializes in Seven Ray astrological delineation. If you have any general questions regarding 7 Ray philosophy, please feel free to contact me via [email protected].