Having known Loni for quite some time, she was able to guide me along the pathway to find my career as an educator.  Loni always had, and still does have, a knack for serving as a source of inspiration; in particular she, during a very low time in my life, encouraged me to pursue my passion for teaching.  She was a well of knowledge and was able to help me channel my energies in many aspects which helped me attain my personal goal.  Seven years later, I still hold the same job, and Loni never seems surprised with my success for she knew I would achieve it all along.

- Gayle Eller Canton, GA


It has been my pleasure to work with Loni on my astrological charts on multiple occasions. Loni is bright and engaging as she shares her wisdom. Her work is precise, detailed and extremely informative. She has an intuitive grasp of the stars that blend her skill and experience into a session that is both free-wheeling and far-reaching. Her skill, knowledge and experience are demonstrated as she shares and discusses the guidance and history your heavenly bodies reveal. I would recommend Loni’s services to anyone searching for a better understanding of their position in this world and their astrological connection.  

- William Dargin Milton, GA

Thank you very much for the wonderful astral reading and chart. My experience with figuring out my purpose during our reading was very much interesting and enlightening. I was very shocked at how precisely accurate many of the planets and symbols were in their respective houses. I am very interested in learning more about astrology and its many working methods. If you have any more suggested readings or insight on Astrology I would love to hear it.

- Hunter Graves, GA

Loni, I want to thank you for giving so selflessly of your time and energy yesterday to help my sister and I sort through some of our issues. You have a generosity of spirit that is so nurturing and embracing that it just warms my heart.

I am so uplifted by your wit, wisdom, and willingness to serve Spirit by sharing your incredible store of knowledge as it applies to my life. I am very grateful that you're in my life as a friend, mentor, and teacher.

- Donna Overall, Marietta GA



Thank you so much for teaching the class last night. That was the first class I have had the honor of being in that you taught. It was great. You have a gift that enables you to be able to make the subject easy to understand and the ability to keep it fun as well. It was great and I was really needing to get back in the swing of things with like minded people. I am looking forward to the next set of classes.  

– Connie Collett Canton, GA



You really do such a good job on the site/magazine. It has vivid color, covers the traditional, the innovative, the obscure and you even include many popularly unique areas of a vast array of astrological subjects. That is really impressive.

 - Mickey Lowe Corfu, Greece