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WELCOME to SPECULATION STREET! – Is it false or is it true? Is the sky really pink or is it blue? A trip down this street and you will see all the things that can possibly “be!”

“The Zodiac is Full of Moles!”

Some things are just up in your face …

From the ZOHAR:  “On the firmament which envelopes the universe, we see many figure formed by the stars and planets. They reveal hidden and profound mysteries. Similarly, upon our skin which encircles the human being there exist forms and traits that are the stars of our bodies.”

Astrology teaches that every part of the human body is influenced by the stars and planets. An augury is a type of divination involving the interpretation of the signs in nature including everything imaginable from natural phenomena to the features of the human body.  The study of moles is known today as Moleoscopy and it is still used as a tool of divination.

Enter Melampus …

Melampus of Ancient Greece was the patron of the Ancient Magi and scholars. According to the treatise of Melampus who was considered a specialist, the Magi would examine the skin of the human body looking for prophetic signs. The specialty of Melampus was body moles and he divined according the various positions of moles on the anatomy in association with the signs and planets of the zodiac. The side of the body upon which moles appeared was a very important factor in interpretation since the right side of the body was considered a sign of moral integrity and good luck as opposed to the left side which was considered sinister and corrupt.

From the treatise of Melampus:

“A mole on a man’s forehead signifies wealth and happiness; on a woman’s forehead, it denotes that she will be powerful, perhaps a ruler. Close to the eyebrow of a man, the mole predicts a happy marriage with a pretty and virtuous woman, and it foretells similar fortune to girls. Moles on the bride of the nose mean lust and extravagance for both sexes. When appearing on the nostrils, the mole signifies constant travel. Moles on the lips of men and woman betray gluttony, and on the chin that they will possess gold and silver. Moles in the ear and neck are lucky omens; they predict wealth and fame. When upon the nape of the neck, however, the beauty spot carries an ill omen, that of being beheaded! Moles upon the loins are unfortunate…, (ya’ think?) … signifying mendacity, and ill luck for the descendants. When appearing on the shoulders, they predict captivity and unhappiness; on the chest, poverty. Moles on the hands announce many children, and under the armpits, they bring luck as they promise a wealthy handsome husband or wife. Ominous are moles when found upon the heart and bosom and belly, as they signify voracity. They are a good omen when seen on the upper leg, announcing wealth; when upon the lower part of the stomach, they presage intemperance for men but the contrary for women.”

Time marches on …

The Gypsies are very superstitious when it comes to moles on the anatomy and they believe moles are good indicators of human character and future events. Size, color and shape are the first consideration. For example, the larger the mole the greater the prosperity or adversity according to body correspondence. A round mole is considered very good, an oblong mole moderately fortuitous and if angular in shape it denotes a mix of good and bad.  Moles come under the planetary rulership of Jupiter and Saturn. Gypsy Moleoscopy views moles as follows:

FOREHEAD:  (Aries) Center of forehead – active, industrious, successful in business and a happy marriage. Left side of forehead – not favorable; can achieve but will work harder for success. Right side of forehead or near the temple – industrious, plenty of lovemaking, a good marriage.

EYEBROWS:  (Aries) Near or on right eyebrow – active, courageous, persevering. Wealth and success in love, business and war. Near or on left eyebrow – cowardice, indolence, possible leaning towards alcohol. Many disappointments in life and no children.

EYES:  (Aries; left eye of male and right eye of female the Moon; right eye of male and left of female the Sun) On the outside or corner of either eye shows an honest and steady disposition and an inclination to the pleasures of love. A violent death after a tumultuous life.

NOSE: (Scorpio) Moles on any part of the nose show a passionate but hasty disposition with plenty of amorous pursuits.  Faithful, honest and sincere friendships. There should be success in life although marriage may not be happy.

CHEEK: (Taurus) On either cheek shows an industrious nature and a benevolent personality. Some inclination towards sports. Will probably be neither rich or poor but better off than the parents.

EAR:  (Taurus) Either ear denotes riches. If near the lower tip of the ear there is a chance of drowning.

LIPS: (upper Aries, lower Taurus) Either upper or lower indicates a delicate person who must watch their health especially the diet.

CHIN: (Taurus) Very agreeable, amiable and quiet. A love of travel and successful business ventures.

NECK: (Taurus)  A quarrelsome person who will grow more devious with age. The front of the neck is better than the back of the neck.

SHOULDER: (Gemini) Left, a quarrelsome person who disputes everything. Life is devoid of variety and monotonous. There will be many children and success in business. Right, a prudent and discreet person with much wisdom, diplomacy and tact. Industrious and a good business partner.

ARMPIT: (Gemini) Either – Good looking and destined to be rich.

ARMS: (Gemini) Either - Good disposition, great fortitude, resolute and loyal. In males  - many battles will be fought with successful results.

ELBOW: (Cancer) Either – A restless disposition with a love of travel. No interest in amassing possessions and discontentment in marriage.

WRIST:  (Leo; Gemini) Either – An idea person who is inventive and ingenious.

HAND:  (Virgo; Gemini) Either – Good energy, wealth.

FINGERS:  ( Virgo; Gemini) Any – You are a thief who will never amount to anything!

BACK: Below the shoulder blades (Libra) – A hard life with many disappointments. Above the shoulder blades ( Leo) – There will be many life challenges but the individual will rise above them.

BUTTOCKS: (Libra) Shiftlessness, laziness and probable poverty.

CHEST:  (Cancer) Quarrelsome and unhappy with uncontrolled amorousness.

BREASTS: (Cancer) Right – Overly amorous and given to alcohol. Sudden reversals in fortune and false friends. Left – Industrious but sober disposition. Success in life and many children.

NIPPLE: (Cancer) Female – A child who will become famous. Male – Too fond of pursuing women.

SIDES or FLANKS: (Leo) Either – If near the ribs a cowardly disposition. Excessive with an easy but not necessarily luxurious life.

HIP: (Sagittarius) Either: Content disposition with moderate success. Gets nothing without earning it. Faithful, industrious and amorous.

NAVEL:  (Virgo)Female – Good marriage and many children. Male – Very lucky and wealthy. Will probably sire   a distinguished son.

STOMACH: (Cancer) Foppish with little common sense yet able to acquire riches. Lower stomach – promises more than can be accomplished yet will be held in high esteem.

GENITALS: (Scorpio) Generous, honest and open. A happy marriage. Female – will be the mother of a great genius.

GROIN: (Scorpio) Right – Riches, honors accompanied by disease. Left – Sickness without wealth.

THIGH: (Sagittarius) Right – Agreeable, courageous and amorous. Left -  Benevolent, hard working but little interest in sex.

KNEE: (Capricorn) Left – Hasty, extravagant, no desire to work and lack of honesty. Right – Amiable, honest, ha success in love and many friends.

LEG: (Capricorn; Aquarius) Either: Thoughtless and extravagant. Difficulties in life through own actions. Will not lack fortune but will have a tendency to dwell on the negative rather than the good.

ANKLE: (Aquarius) Male – Cowardice and effeminacy. Female – Courage.

HEEL: (Pisces) Energetic but spiteful and malicious.

INSTEP: (Pisces) Quarrelsome with few friends. A strong walker.

TOES: (Pisces) A wealthy but unhappy marriage.


“ Blavatsky’s Masters … Is it all a bunch of hooey?”

We have all sorts of things to play with these days  complete with all the bells and whistles– the alleged truth and non-truth, the inner voice and the outer voice, guides, spirits, inter-dimensional energies, ascended masters, bogey men and anything else we can conjure up when we want to. Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking anyone’s personal fav and I enjoy the ‘variety’ myself, it’s just that sometimes something comes up that shakes a foundation or two and is worth a look. Allow me to share some information that came to my attention a while ago during some research.


Russian esotericist Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891) is a widely recognized figure of nineteenth century occult revival and she is best known as the founder of the modern Theosophical Movement. That movement is based upon “teachings” and “techniques” she claimed to have received from real acquaintances who she called “Masters” or Mahatmas.” As many are well aware, various types of organizations have incorporated these Masters into their beliefs and foundational credos and the media stream has been inundated with books, cards and all sorts of paraphernalia and “channeling” concerning them. Pretenders are everywhere claiming to be agents of the High Ones.  Blavatsky’s “Masters”  were incorporated directly into the teachings of her ‘spiritual descendants’ including such notaries as Gottfried de Purucker, Charles W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Claire Prophet not to mention a further indirect effect on the Anthropological Society ( Rudolf Seiner), the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis (H. Spencer Lewis) and the Rosicrucian Fellowship (Max Heindel), the Secret Chiefs of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis and the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff. Impressive aye?

The truth is these “hidden masters”  of Blavatsky have never been thoroughly investigated.  Were they real people as she claimed or simply a manifestation of her often theatrical nature? Where do you stand? Accept? Deny? Or are you on the fence in the gray area thinking they are put to best use via spiritual archetype?


Running with this supposition – The Masters were real people who were “fictionalized” and “glamorized” in all of Blavatsky’s accounts.  The “Masters” did undergo rapid changes in a few short years … “John King of Spiritualist fame to Tuitit and Serapis Bey of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Luxor  and finally Indian Mahatmas or ‘great souls’.” It was under the alleged influence of the Masters that Blavatsky and her associate Henry Steel Olcott traveled to India and it was there that the debate began over their existence.

Clues via back-up history:  It is well known that Blavatsky had a fascination with Tibet since her early childhood rooted in her experiences with the Kalmuck tribe (based in Astrakhan near southern Russia) which practiced Tibetan Buddhism. Her great grandfather practiced Rosicrucian Masonry and he had a vast occult library where she spent a lot of time. Her great grandfather also belonged to the Rite of Strict Observance (founded Germany 1754) which, “claimed to emanate from a worldwide network of Unknown Superiors. Great Grandpa was further rumored to have met, “… celebrated eighteenth century mages known as the counts Cagliostro (the last victim of the Inquisition he became a Masonic Martyr) and Saint Germain. She later became familiar with Sufism, Kabbalah, Coptic Christianity and the Druze and in truth had many teachers of varied experience. 

Stars of the show:

The top ranking Masters most involved with the Theosophical Society (established New York, 1875) were Koot Hoomi or Kuthumi and El Morya. Blavatsky claimed to have spent many years studying with them in Tibet and claimed that therefore they were able to perform amazing psychic feats through her. Converts soon followed among them, A.P. Sinnett who wrote The Occult World and Esoteric Buddhism based on “letters from the Mahatmas (Masters).” The letters would appear in mysterious and peculiar ways particularly when Blavatsky visited Sinnett and his wife. For example, one note was found high up in the branches of a tree. Other odd ( or not so odd) things would happen when the Mahatmas worked through Blavatsky such as a cup and saucer materializing under a bush and a missing broach materializing in Mrs. Sinnett’s pillow.  So far I’m not buying it.

The Show begins:

In 1882, the Theosophical Society moved its headquarters to Adyar and by 1884, the society began to attract many Europeans along with Indian disciples. This two year time period is when the Mahatma letters really made their debut. They would frequently appear in cabinet known as the “Shrine” which was located in the “Occult Room” conveniently located adjacent to Blavatsky’s bedroom. It is reported that they, “also fell from the ceiling in various places and appeared in the margins of sealed correspondence.” Despite this wondrous affair  there was trouble. Two disgruntled employees of the society claimed they had participated in ‘faking’ psychic phenomena connected to verifying the existence of the Mahatmas (big surprise there).  Alexis and Emma Coulomb claimed the, “Shrine was designed to allow letters to be inserted through a sliding panel in the back, making them appear to have materialized paranormally (P.T. Barnum anyone?). The accusations received plenty of attention.

The Plot thickens:

Enter Richard Hodgson of the British Society for Psychical Research who was sent to India to investigate. Upon conclusion, Hodgson claimed the whole affair to be fraudulent and the Theosophists refuted stating that his report was based on “lies” and could not be taken seriously. There is fraudulence here if you consider that in June 1883, Olcott received  letters giving instructions to forge letters intended for Sinnett allegedly from Master Koot Hoomi stating, “… put your whole soul in answer to A.P.S. (Sinnett) from K.H. (Koot Hoomi). Upon this  letter are hinged the fruits of the future. Let it be one that can be shown with honour to everyone… Be careful about letter to Sinnett. Must be a really adeptic letter.”  We got em now or do we?  After Hodgson’s investigation, Blavatsky stopped performing paranormal feats associated with the “Masters.” Did she let followers go on believing because she was trying to protect the identities of real men?

More Soup:

In the midst of all the brouhaha of Hodgson’s investigation, Olcott began blaming Blavatsky for the “disgrace caused by phenomena she had performed in the Masters’ names.”  By 1885, Blavtsky complained to Sinnett that Olcott had been “cautiously admitting that I have substituted  bogus for real phenomena; that I am suffering at times from mental aberration.”  She believed Olcott was professing himself to be “the first chief confederate in the alleged bogus phenomena.” 
How had the whole ‘idolatry’ of real men gotten out of hand?  Was the denial of the Masters by investigator Hodgson was actually preferred by Blavatsky in lieu of the truth behind the disguises being revealed?

Blavatsky… Olcott … who’s to blame?

Blavatsky states: “Is it Olcott’s fault? Perhaps to a degree. Is it mine? I absolutely deny it, and protest against the accusation. It is no one’s fault. Human nature alone, and the failure of modern society and religions to furnish people with something  higher and nobler than craving after money and honors – is at the bottom of it. Place this failure on one side, and the mischief and havoc produced in people’s brains by modern spiritualism, and you have the enigma solved.”
She later recanted and said: “If anyone is to blamed, it is I. I have desecrated the holy Truth by remaining too passive in the face of all this desecration, brought on by too much zeal and false ideas.”


It is important to note  that in 1986, the Society for Psychical Research published a critique by handwriting expert Vernon Harrison that discredited “crucial elements” of Hodgson’s report. Accordingly, the Theosophists took it as complete vindication.

Hindsight aperitif:

  • It is believed that her mentor of twenty years, Copt Magician Paolos Metamon was probably the inspiration for Master Serapis Bey.
  • Thakar Singh Sandhanwalia, the founding president of the Amritsar Singh Sabha relates to the Master Koot Hoomi via the writings of  Olcott and Blavatsky.
  • Maharajah Ranbir Singh of Kasmir resembles El Morya because he was committed to promoting brotherhood. His subjects were Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Sikhs

“No man can teach another truth if the truth does not manifest itself in and through him. Do not follow those that in a loud voice claim to be able to show you the truth, but seek for the truth itself…”

                                                         The Talking image or Urur by Franz Hartmann


“Will The Star Of Bethlehem Return In 2020?

Astrologers are keeping a close eye on December 22, 2020.

Why? An Astrological event of great magnitude that will not occur for many millennia will take place. There is a very good possibility that the famous "star" mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew will reappear.

There has been plenty of debate over the years and much controversy concerning the Star of Bethlehem - what it might have been or if there was actually such a star at all. Considerations have included a meteor, a comet, a nova, a triple planetary conjunction, an alignment between the planet Jupiter and the Fixed Star Regulus, and a conjunction of Venus and Saturn in the Constellation Regulus. The Bible recounts unusual and even impossible astronomical events at the time of the birth of Christ. Was it a onetime rare occurrence? Was the New Testament falsified and the 'Star' added to the story of the Nativity? The 'Star' has been accepted on faith and equally dismissed as myth. I've read and followed many scholarly endeavors over the years about the subject of the 'Star.' All follow methods using scholarly history, astronomy and some include Sacred Astrology which was akin to the arcane system of Astrology used by Nostradamus. One thing became very clear to me rather quickly and that was whatever phenomena took place it would have had to have been visible to the naked eye and that anyone doing serious research would have to literally "think" and "apply" theory like an ancient astrologer. My absolute favorite explanation comes from astrologer Alex O'Toole, an Esoteric Astrologer with over 50 years of experience. Here's a rehash of O'Toole's work. All quotes are his...

O'Toole reasoned that Johannes Kepler provided the most esoterically plausible explanation within a reasonable working timeframe. He had calculated a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that occurred three times in 6 B.C., the date when most Biblical scholars believed Christ was born (Imprimis December 1996 vol, 25, number 12 pp.3 Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan). Are conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn unusual? Of course not but during this conjunction, Mars "overtook" Jupiter and Saturn causing a brightness in the sky and constituting an Astrological  phenomena that occurs only about every nine hundred years or so. This conjunction took place in the Constellation Pisces. Mars provides esoteric symbolism here because it was the planet that governed Palestine/the Holy Land. Mars ruled Scorpio in earlier times (and is still co-ruler with Pluto) and Scorpio was the sign that governed Judea. According to O'Toole, "... both Mars and Scorpio had dominion over the eighth house which is the location for the mystical Christos, the Solar Logos. At that time Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces, thus doubly emphasizing its esoteric symbolism in this rare  conjunction." Further esoteric symbolism is found via Chaldean astrologers who considered Jupiter the "Shepherd Planet" symbolizing Christ as the Shepherd of men and also considered Jupiter the "King" planet. Jupiter was always considered heavily in the birth of kings. Also, the Babylonian astrologers associated Saturn with the Hebrew God Yahweh. Saturn also rules the natural tenth house which in past times was associated with nations, governments, politics and KINGS and RULERS. Could the Three Wise Men destined to visit the new born Jesus taken all of the symbolism connected to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to mean a great king would be born? There's a darn good chance. Scholarly astrologers agree that the Magi were Zoroastrian priest-astrologers. Zoroastrian astrologers were a distinct and elite group often hired to forecast future events for royalty and political leaders. The Magi would have been undoubtedly aware of the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

So what about the conjunction occurring in 2020? What is so special about it? According to O'Toole, "First all the elements that comprised the Star of Bethlehem will be involved, plus the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto. Second, the tools that Nostradamus used to predict major world events are occurring on that date. In making many of his predictions, Nostradamus used conjunctions, then called revolutions, between Jupiter and Saturn, which at the time were considered superior planets. This astrological duo represents pairs of opposites, Jupiter being symbolic of expansion, while Saturn is synonymous with restrictions - or the antithesis of Jupiter. According to esoteric astrologer Alan Leo, Jupiter and Saturn are the most important planets in the solar system for they represent a critical stage between the real and unreal, the objective and subjective, the beginning or ending of a cycle. Thus they were in a stage of 'evolution,' and other planetary patterns to these two would help define the world event they are possibly attempting to predict."

The 2020 conjunction is a perfect conjunction at 0 degrees in the constellation of Aquarius making it even more rare. If we consider that we are on the verge of entering the Age of Aquarius this is pretty potent since a 0 degree cusp also indicates the ending or beginning of a cycle or phase. Further, because of the precession of the equinoxes this event will not reoccur for many thousands of years. Also remember that the original Star occurred during the Age of Pisces.

Another favored tool of Nostradamus and perhaps the one he is most known for was the use of ingresses. Ingress is the movement of the Sun into one of the four Cardinal Points of the Zodiac namely - Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice. On December 22, 2020, the Sun will ingress into Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn and the natural 10th House all of which hold jurisdiction over governments and world politics. Mercury will also be in tight conjunction to the Sun in Capricorn. The Moon will be at 0 degrees Aries for a short period on that day making a perfect square to the Sun AND both a perfect pattern to Jupiter and Saturn. In the meantime, Mars will perfectly aspect Pluto. All in all there will be four perfect aspects occurring at 0 degrees. " ... in many systems of mysticism, the Christos, the Solar Logos, is referred to as the perfect work."

Will we see a sign in the sky on December 22, 2020? We'll have to wait and find out!




“Faster Than The Speed Of Light”

By Craig Hawthorne (UK)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)


299 792 458 meters per second, 186000 miles a second or 700 million miles an hour, the fastest thing possible, the speed of light is held as being a “definite” of reality, a constant that helps shape our reality. Science postulates that tachyons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon move faster than light but most people, upon being asked what is the fastest thing in the universe will reply the speed of light. This answer is a perception and mass perception shapes reality (this could be defined as our consensual reality). An effect of this agreed perception could manifest as reality through an agent labeled as morphic fields.

Morphic Field links:




Other examples of perceived consensual reality would be “the sky is blue” (it isn’t) and, up is up and down is down (you are on a spinning tilted sphere, direction therefore is relative) you give your consent to reality consciously (yes the sky is blue) and sub-consciously (through beliefs) denial of agreed consensual reality leaves one being labeled as mad! So, what has the speed of light got to do with it? Well, it’s held up in part as a definition of what is possible. Skeptics use the speed of light to dismiss space travel is one example but the real “biggie” is its inclusion in the equation E=MC2. Everything is energy and to calculate energy the constant of the speed of light is included making E=MC2 the relative measure of reality. Take away the speed of light and the equation is broke. Now whether you understand the ramification of the equation or not, (there by giving conscious or sub-conscious consent) authorities will tell you that E=MC2 and the speed of light are correct and in part shaping the reality that the masses perceive. So is there anything faster than the speed of light?

Speed of thought how fast is it? Instantaneous … perhaps. How do you prove that? Science measures brain functions as synaptic firings in the brain (recorded as waves but are these the effect of thoughts?), but a wee problem with this is observation is governed by the speed of light. Can science with its “matter first” doctrine ever prove the speed of thought? Maybe proof is to be found outside science…”Let there be light” whatever meta-physical system you run this through the will of God/All (as purest spiritual thought) creates light. If we take thought as creating light, how can light be faster than the thing that created it? What happens to E=MC2 if light is replaced by thought? Would energy then equal zero, zero being defined as potential shaped by thought? ( And thereby through the mechanism of a morphic field unfolding that reality back to the observer). How would consensual reality be defined if the masses took a) thought as being the fastest “thing” in the universe and b) Energy being relative to thought or one step further thoughts’ creator you. Could a blend of science and meta-physical/spiritual understanding lead to the statement “Reality is shaped” as an article of being?