Solar Logos



The hypothetical planetary world of Cosmobiology exists on a vast plane fostered by esoteric principles and otherworldly thought. It is an ultra dimensional science all its own. The planet Vulcan is yet to actually be discovered but anyone who has been truly observant of astronomy knows that often it is astrologers who come up with the “possibilities” that astronomers eventually find in the heavens. Vulcan  lives in a mighty zone of power in this hypothetical world  holding the secrets of revelation that will only be given to those whose consciousness have been raised significantly to receive it. The planet is used extensively in esoteric cosmology yet there is very little that has been revealed about it within the context of the Earth Path.

Vulcan is the power hidden behind the Solar Logos. It is the Great Revealer. It is a sacred planet that rules densely hidden matters that are difficult to detect on Earth. It is involved archetypically with mankind’s overcoming of limitations - those that are externally imposed and those that are self imposed. Under this category falls death and knowledge of “after death.” Those who have experienced NDE or have been brought back to life after being pronounced clinically dead have experienced the power of Vulcan. Imagine if you will the following scene:

A critically ill patient is on the operating table. Death is imminent. Employing his silver Neptunian chord that connects his astral self to its physical suit, the patient leaves his body. His astral body hovers above close by and through it he is cognizant of his physical body and other etheric bodies still lying on the table below. He can hear the conversation and expressed sympathy of the doctor and nurses. Finally, the doctor announces, “the patient is dead.” Saturn has now stepped in. The planet Saturn rules death because death is the end of a particular state or cycle. This is followed by a Pluto frequency that shuts down the complex mental systems of the physical body effective on the Earth Plane. It is Pluto that shuts the door to life. Pluto is responsible for the synthesizing of life experiences as they are carried in the memory banks of the brain but it is through Neptune which controls the silver chord that connects the astral body to the physical body that the visualized sequence of life events flashes through the third eye when “death” is announced by the monad to the ego. Once the patient is pronounced clinically dead, if he is to return to his body, the mystery lies in reopening the door to life which must occur within minutes. If it is part of the Soul’s chosen plan for the patient to return to life, the higher vibratory charge of Vulcan acting for Divine Will signals Pluto to reopen the door so the etheric body attached to the physical body can follow the Neptunian chord back to the body guided by Pluto’s frequency.  Then life resumes. It must be noted here that the Neptunian silver chord is only broken at death and not necessarily clinical death. The door to re-entry is preceded by pure love and regenerated values and Universal essence courtesy of Vulcan. An after death experience has transpired and a glimpse of Divine Knowledge has been revealed.  This series of events is closely associated with the many “death experiences” of those who have claim they were “sent back”  and the oft repeated stories of  the flashing of the entire life before one’s eyes (Neptune vibration through the Third Eye), to the tunnel of lights (Pluto shutting down brain circuit board with its frequency)  to the confrontation with a bright light emanating pure  love at the end of the tunnel (Vulcan).

The element of Vulcan is spiritual Fire which is not to be confused with the mundane astrological element Fire. Spiritual Fire acts as a catalyst, breaking up old and existing conditions so that new ones may eventuate. It is indeed analogous with the power behind the legendary Phoenix who rises from the ashes of destruction to not only create anew but more gloriously. From the place where the Will of the Divine is known, Vulcan serves as the Great Lord of Death whose purpose is to allow for the entrance of the Light described as the dynamic Ideal in the Mind of God through which all work in any cycle of Creation is initiated.


Can a person project the archetype of Vulcan? Indeed they can particularly if they have had their full Ray Embodiment calculated and they hold the energies of the First or Seventh Rays. The archetypal concept generally speaking, is a destroyer of form that serves as a vehicle for creative initiation on all levels of consciousness. On the Soul level, spiritual will is used for the benefit of the Collective with power used for enhancing unity and the well being of the Collective group. Vulcan sensitizes the Soul to the Intelligence of the Solar System of which it has chosen to live in human form. The outward character projection would be one of courage, diligence, quick discernment, leadership, inspiration, persistence, and one who is not dismayed by failures. Limitless ambition based on selfish purposes, manipulation, pride and anger would be the result of negatively employing power. Mentally, the individual would be strong with a mind like a steel trap, able to direct the thoughts of others, purposeful and highly intellectual. The Emotions would tend to be detached and even cold but as emotions are deep seated the potential to explode like a volcano is evidenced. This is an individual who works best alone to better serve his cosmic kin. The isolated physical type would be ectomorphic, generally on the lean side with a medium to tall build.


In a regular Natus, until more actual astronomical date is verified, Vulcan can be found within 8 degrees of the Sun applying in aspect or separating in aspect. Vulcan’s function in relation to mass consciousness is to unfetter humanity from its attachment to material forms. When the objectification of the relationship between essence and form begins to crystallize in the consciousness of an actively evolving person, Vulcan’s effects change accordingly and so does that person’s perceptions. Once reorientation of the consciousness has been completed Vulcan’s task is complete. Vulcan has established the link between humanity and the Divine Orchestrated Plan. It is the Way of Return created out of Spiritual Fire.

May reality be faced as only the soul can see it.