Skywriter City

Welcome to Skywriter City where the air is fresh and clean and anything and everything in the Heavenly Universe can come under review from the Astral to Zen. All roads lead to enlightenment so here is your road map to our open minded landscape.

LEVITY LANE – The air is sweet as you walk down the street with a smile on your face and humor to embrace!

ABSTRACT AVENUE – Personal philosophy is of the higher mind. It lets you know you’re one of a kind.

SPECULATION STREET – Is it false or is it true? Is the sky really pink or is it blue? A trip down this street and you will see all the things that can possibly “be!”

PALINODE PARK – It’s time for a rhyme or maybe not. Poetry is refreshing and hits the spot. If prose is your thing then your heart will sing!

WIZARD’S WAY – The “Whiz” AND Galaxo are around and wizardry galore abounds. The unexpected is high and revelation nigh!