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The GALAXY EXPRESS website offers a plethora of esoteric information including everything from astrological analysis to paranormal research to the downright weird and strange. All categories are listed here to aid in expediting your search!

"LIGHT FORCE NETWORK" : Our Social Network and sister site. Come join with others of like meta-mind! A total spiritual information station. No hassle free secure membership. Open to all 18 years of age and up.

"ASTROLOGY WITH LONI" : Biography of Rev. Dr. Loni J. Haas, website creator.

  • SERVICES : Description and pricing of services fro STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS.
  • TESTIMONIALS : Client praise for STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS and the website.

"SKYWRITER CITY" : The air is sparkling clean in Skywriter City and the writers and Wizards manage to keep everyone amused. Here you will find the latest in contemporary wisdom and metaphysics from contributors across the globe.

  • LEVITY LANE : The air is sweet as you walk down the street with a smile on your face and humor to embrace!
  • ABSTRACT AVENUE – Personal philosophy is of the higher mind. It lets you know you’re one of a kind.
  • SPECULATION STREET – Is it false or is it true? Is the sky really pink or is it blue? A trip down this street and you will see all the things that can possibly “be!”
  • PALINODE PARK – It’s time for a rhyme or maybe not. Poetry is refreshing and hits the spot. If prose is your thing then your heart will sing!
  • WIZARD’S WAY – The “Whiz” AND Galaxo are around and wizardry galore abounds. The unexpected is high and revelation nigh!

"ESSAYETTES" : Compilation of short essays based on research conducted by astrologer Loni Haas of STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS.

"POPULAR PLANET" : A variety of different "fun ways" of viewing one's birthday and Zodiac sign.

"RUNEOLOGY" : Find out which ancient Runic symbols are connected to your birthday and what they mean.

  • RUNIC HEALING : How to heal using the Runes
  • RUNES OF MAGICK : Ancient magickal wisdom of the Runic symbols and instructions for Bindrunes for one's name and Runic talismans for one's Zodiac sign.
  • RUNIC GEMOLOGY : Crystal and stone associations of each Rune and a brief "virtue" description

"DREAMASTERS" : Comprehensive study of dream analysis including ancient divination.

"ASTRAL ABRACADABRA" : Odd pieces of Arcana and occult humor.

"WORLD OF THE WEIRD" : True stories that defy explanation.

"THE 1st GATE " : Esoteric view of the mundane 1st House of Astrology with a focus on Incarnation, inner strength and the power of Dragons.

"THE 2nd GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 2nd House of astrology with a focus on soul values and mythical earth beings.

"THE 3rd GATE " : Esoteric view of the realm of Mercury and etheric communication and breaking the bonds of time.

  • TIME TRAVEL : Is it possible? View the astro chart of an alleged Time Traveler.
  • ALL THINGS HERMES : Mercury through the signs and the possibilities connected to the infamous Mercury Retrograde.
  • URBAN LEGENDS : Legends and superstitions connected to astrology.
  • TALES OF BARDS : History current status of the Bards.

"THE 4th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 4th House of Astrology with a focus on the Moon.

  • AND SO THE SOUL : Analysis of the Soul's entry into a natal chart.
  • THE ASTRAL WORLD : Astral travel and the Astral Ray.
  • LUNAR LORE : Assorted entries and stories about the Moon including Goddess energies, the Lunar Zodiac, paranormal Moon phases, Gypsy Moon, and Lunar superstitions.
  • ZODIAC BUILDERS INC. : Analysis of oneself as a "house" and what each room means astrologically.

"THE 5th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 5th House of astrology with a focus on the future evolution of the Soul and arcane avocation.

  • FUTURE SOUL INCARNATION : What will be your spiritual goal in your next lifetime?
  • ANIMAL TOTEMS : Learn how to connect with your Animal Spirits and find out what they mean in your life.
  • SOLAR LOGOS : What is Vulcan the power behind the Sun?
  • TALISMANS : A general primer on the meaning of Talismans and how to use them.

"THE 6th GATE " : Esoteric View of the mundane 6th House of astrology with a focus on magick.

"THE 8th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 8th House of astrology with a focus on the paranormal.

  • ROCK A BYE BABY : True retelling of a haunting.
  • BATTLE : Real life encounter with a demonic and an angelic.
  • PSI LAB : Paranormal photography.
  • PSI LAB CLASSROOM : Shared personal experiences of a real life paranormal investigator concerning analysis of "orbs."
  • PHANTOM WRITERS AND STRANGE IMAGING : Examples of physical evidence of spiritual communication including the Doddelston messages, the Owensville message, Borley Rectory wall message, the Silverwood messages and Bélmez faces.
  • PARASTROLOGY : Forensic Astrological analysis of a haunting and an alleged alien abduction.
  • SUPERNATURAL HALL OF FAME : Biographies of psychically gifted people including Daniel Dunglas Home (wizard), Janet Ursula Southeil (prophetess), Valentine Greatrakes (healer), and Rosemary Brown (automatic writer).
  • SPOOKS : Paranormal investigation and assorted true stories of supernatural encounters.

"THE 9th GATE": Esoteric View of the mundane 9th House of astrology with a focus on Soul Evolution, Psychic Receptivity and Secret Societies.

  • SOUL ADVANCEMENT : Discussion of how one's Soul is evolving based upon 9th House indicators.
  • AMBASSADORS OF THE UNIVERSE : Analysis of "Universal Guides" including the Galactic Cosmopolitans connected to the Seven Rays and the Ascended Masters connected to the Seven Rays.
  • DIVINE LAW : "Food for Thought" study of the Universal Laws and how they apply to mankind.
  • PSYCHIC RECEPTIVITY : Astrological Analysis of how an individual "receives" psychic vibrations via the 9th House. Delineation examples include 9th House analysis of Edgar Cayce, Joan Grant, and Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.
  • CEREMONIAL ORDER : Study of Secret Societies including the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Masons and the Illuminati.

"THE 10th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 10th House of astrology with a focus on spiritual destiny, the dimensions of time, crystal legacies and all things Capricorn.

  • SPIRITUAL DESTINY : Are you on your true spiritual path?
  • CRYSTALS AND THE HIGHER REALMS : Advisory for tapping into the higher realms of consciousness using crystals and stones including past life recall, extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional tap-in, the Temple of Truth, angelic realms and personal insight. Also, the story of the Crystal Skulls with a surprise or two.
  • PRINCIPLES OF TIME : Discussion of Timeslips and the possible physics that make it acceptable.
  • CAPRICORNUS : Absolutely all things Capricorn.

"THE 11th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 11th House of astrology with a focus on Aliens and Anomalies.

"THE 12th GATE" : Esoteric View of the mundane 12th House of astrology with a focus on Karma, divination, and spirituality.

  • KARMA AND PAST LIVES : Analysis of how Karma affects current life status.
  • GLIMPSES OF ETERNITY : Near death experiences including the story of Durdana Khan who "visited the stars" and said "God was blue" AND where the Soul ventures after death.
  • CELESTIAL DIALOG : Discussion of various "alphabets" including the Enochian Alphabet, the Malachim alphabet, the Magi alphabet, and the Cosmological alphabet.
  • PSYCHIC MASTERY AND DIVINATION : Discussion of the Psychic Grand Trine in astrology, palm reading and oracle tools.
  • THEOSOPHY : Analysis of the Seven Rays with emphasis on the Soul Ray.
  • ARTIFICIUM ARCANUS : Presentation of mythical and arcane artistry including short bios and art examples of John William Waterhouse, William Blake, and Walter Crane.

"THE 13th GATE" : The hypothetical realm of healing and holistics with a focus on the Stellar Healers Chiron, Hygeia and Ophiuchus.


"NATURAL COINCIDENCE - QUIRKS OF NATURE": Pictorial of the strange forms found in Nature including simulacra.

"ZEB'S UNIVERSE": Resident alien Zeb Morti invites you to tour his photo gallery of the Cosmos.

"COSMIC CAPERS": Outrageous cosmic cartoons from ASTRO ANTICS, BUZZ & BEEKER, QUARK and STAR SCHTICKS.

"QUANTUM QUARRY": Informational pictorial about crystals and their cosmic and healing attributes. Includes Pleiadian Prismatic Geometry, Breastplate of the High Priest, and the Arcturian Agenda.