Loni J. Haas R.MAFA, NCGR, D.Div., BT 

Everyone is different with a variety of individual needs and STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS offers customized astro-mapping in all categories. Mundane and Esoteric astrological services are accessible in a wide range of selections. What is your preference - a yearly projection, a nativity analysis, a past life synopsis or a mix and match cross section of several different astro-venues? In-person office and phone consultations (one hour minimum/$100.00 per hour) as well as bound written reports or emailed reports are available. Please contact me via my personal astro-email for guidance regarding your special needs and for pricing choices.

What's available?


Please Note: Only written and emailed reports and in-person consultation include charts, diagrams, grids and other pertinent artwork.

LIFE PATH NATIVITY ANALYSIS ... Learn about your SELF a way you never thought possible and open the door to new potential and a fuller life. This personally analyzed report covers every component of the natal map including The Jones Pattern (if applicable), major configurations, Fixed Stars, prominent Arabic Parts, the Seven Major Asteroids, Voids, Intercepted Houses (if applicable), Sabian Symbols, medical degrees and more. Full color Natal Chart artistically rendered, grid diagram, Jones Pattern Chart, and all Sacred Geometry configurations also included. A real keepsake item!

Basic price $255.00

JOURNEY OF A STAR CHILD ... Nativity analysis for children. This makes a wonderful gift for a new parent. This delightful report covers full delineation of the natal map focusing on talents and abilities and includes a 7-Ray briefing. Full color chart art is included.

Basic Price $215.00.

PROJECTION AND UPDATE ... Identify Universal energies for the upcoming year and use them to your advantage at work, home and at play. A one year projection including major transits and progressions and Solar Return analysis. Quadwheel chart, Solar Return chart, Ephemeris graph, and Daily Aspect Calendar included. 6 month analysis is also available.

Basic Price $175.00

ASTROLOCALITY ... Location-Location-Location...Find the best place on Earth to live based on a specific life agenda. Also find out how the actual number of your new address fits in astrologically with your purpose. Full color locality map and relocation chart included.

Basic Price $95.00


SYNASTRON ... Love me love me not? Put down that daisy! Examine the real interplay of energies between yourself and that someone special with a complete analysis of the interchart exchange of two individuals by aspect. Full color dual wheel chart and Synastry Grid included.

Basic Price $155.00

SYNASTRON & COMPOSITE ... This report is a must for those couples who are leaning towards serious commitment or marriage. Includes the Interchart exchange analysis plus a Composite analysis of the relationship. Full color dual wheel chart and composite chart included. Consider adding the Karmic Interlude to this package.

Basic Price $180.00

KARMIC INTERLUDE ... Discover if you and your significant other shared past life together and how that energy may be having a positive or negative effect on your current relationship. This analysis is based on an ancient Middle Eastern method surrounding reincarnation and involves hand calculated aspects by the astrologer. Full color chart included.

Basic Price $175.00.


PAST LIFE/KARMIC INTERPRETATION* ... This analysis is based on the Sun/Moon midpoint method and includes retrograde planets, nodal axis, prenatal eclipses, and Bailey prenatal analysis. All applicable full color charts included.

Basic Price $215.00.

7-RAY ANALYSIS ... Everyone incarnates with a Soul Ray and a Personality Ray that indicates the Divine purpose of the Soul. Find out which Ascended Masters and Archangels are assisting you on your Path. All planets are delineated according to the Rays. A specialized full color 7 RAY chart, assorted diagrams and a custom designed personal 7 RAY Mandala are included.

Basic Price $275.00

*Please NOTE: Nativity Analysis is a prerequisite for this report.