Runic Healing


Runes are highly energetic symbols that can be used for healing on many levels. Reiki Masters who are also Rune Masters sometimes incorporate the Runes into healing sessions by signing the symbology into the client's aura. Any of the Runic systems can be used for healing the physical and etheric bodies but the system most often used is the Armanen Rune system shown below. Armanen Rune Healing can be achieved by signing, Runic Yoga, meditation, or the laying on of stones carrying the appropriate sigil. 
The Armanen Runes were the invention of Austrian Guido List (1848-1919) who was the founder of the main school of German rune-work in the twentieth century. While it is apparent that List's ideas followed the research of seventeenth century scholar Johannes Bureus, he basically opposed the theories connected to the origins of the Runes. 
runiccrystal.jpgList based the shape of his sigils upon the original Rune Hagal and believed that its shape imitated the hexagonal lattice underlying the structure of matter. A good example of this pattern structure is found in quartz crystal and List contended that within the "frozen light" of quartz a "true" set of Runes were encoded. All of List's 18 Runes can be projected by shining light through a hexagonal crystal at different angles. He further contended that the special geometric angles that produced the Runes expressed a magical relationship to the cosmos. 
More than one Rune can be associated with the main chakra points and the in-depth "knowledge" surrounding the connection to the Chakras is generally kept from the public in order to prevent misuse and abuse. In the general healing of specific bodily ailments only a Rune Master skilled in hermetic knowledge is capable of selecting specific Runes for given conditions. Runes are useful in not only discerning the root causes of bodily conditions and complaints but can also be used as a deterrent in the prevention of ailments. This is because their healing comes from beyond the time-space continuum and because they are not subject to man's self imposed limitations or theories.  Here are some of the basic particulars: 
FA - Ailments of the head, skin and bones. Feverish diseases. Can be used to burn off body fat due to its quality of purification.
UR -Neck, liver, nervous system (in combination with IS), chest and lungs. UR is also useful for discerning the root causes of ailments.
THORN - Aura of health
OS - Chest, back, neck (with UR).
RIT - Throat and its ailments.
KA - Digestive organs (with IS).
HAGAL - Kidneys and bladder, loins,
NOD - Infectious diseases and skin problems (with LAF).
IS - Neck, liver and nerves (with UR); digestive tract (with KA) accidents and injuries (with MAN) blood, gout, arthritis, arteriosclerosis.
AR - Strengthens life force. Counteracts hallucinations and possession.
SIG - Nerves and tendons (with MAN)
TYR - Blood disorders, gout, arthritis, and arteriosclerosis (with IS).
BAR - Female sex organs, birth.
LAF -- Infectious diseases and skin problems (with NOD).
MAN - Accidents and injuries (with IS), nerves and tendons (with SIG).
YR - Lower abdomen, sexual organs.
EH - Glandular disorders, lymphatic system disorders. Also counters depression.
GIBOR - Procreation, transmutation.
The next chart lists general Rune associations to the Chakra system.
People are generally most familiar with the Runes of the Elder Futhark as seen below: 
The Elder Futhark Runes known as Lim Runes can also be used for etheric and physical healing. The process with the Lim Runes is to meditate upon the appropriate Rune and to carry it on the body. Here is a general list of the associations to the body: 
Fehu: Respiratory problems

Jera: Digestive orders

Uruz: Muscles

Algiz: Headaches

Thurisaz: Heart

Sowelu: Skin problems

Ansuz: Mouth

Teiwaz: Arthritis

Raido: Legs

Berkana: Fertility

Wunjo: Breathing problems

Dagaz: Nervous problems

Hagalaz: Wounds