Runic Gemology


There is a correspondence between crystals, stones and gems and the Runes. The following pictorial should be very helpful to anyone who is trying to tie it all together! For matters of simplicity the Runes of the Elder Futhark have been used as they are the most easily accessible runestaves on the market today. 

runic-fehu.gif FEHU - MOSS AGATE
Virtues: Stability and Motivation
  runic-wunjo.gif WUNJO - Diamond
Virtues: Joy, Peace and Ultimate Achievement

Virtues: Strength, and Courage

  runic-hagalaz.gif HAGALAZ - ONYX
Virtues: Complete Change Of Direction
runic-thurisa.gif THURISA - SAPPHIRE
Virtues: Transformation and Balance
  runic-nauthiz.gif NAUTHIZ - LAPIS LAZULI
Virtues: Patience and Perseverance
runic-ansuz.gif ANSUZ - EMERALD
Virtues: Creative Reasoning
  runic-isa.gif ISA- CAT'S EYE
Virtues: Quiet and Solitude
runic-raido.gif RAIDO - CHRYSOPRASE
Virtues: Clear Communication and Direction
  runic-jera.gif JERA - CARNELIAN
Virtues: Fruitfulness, Positivity and Justice
runic-kenaz.gif KENAZ - BLOODSTONE
Virtues: Discernment and Illumination
  runic-eihwaz.gif EIHWAZ- TOPAZ
Virtues: Continuity and Endurance
runic-gebo.gif GEBO - OPAL
Virtues: Giving and Receiving and Mutual Affection
  runic-perthro.gif PERTHRO - AQUAMARINE
Virtues: Skill, Disclosure and Moderation
runic-algiz.gif ALGIZ - AMETHYST
Virtues: Protection and Endeavor
  runic-mannaz.gif MANNAZ - GARNET
Virtues: Cooperation and Intelligence
runic-sowulo.gif SOWULO - RUBY
Virtues: Victory, Vision, Stamina
  runic-laguz.gif LAGUZ - PEARL
Virtues: Fluidity, Mutability and Psychic Ability
runic-teiwaz.gif TEIWAZ- CORAL
Virtues: Determination, Fairness and Success
  runic-inguz.gif INGUZ - AMBER
Virtues: Aspiration and Completion
runic-berkana.gif BERKANA - MOONSTONE
Virtues: Healing, Regeneration and Fertility
  runic-dagaz.gif DAGAZ - CHRYSOLITE
Virtues: Growth, Development and Fundamental Change
runic-ehwaz.gif EHWAZ - ICELAND SPAR (Calcite with Malachite)
Virtues: Progress, Speed and Loyalty
  runic-othila.gif OTHILA - STAR RUBY
Virtues: Innate Talent and Experience

There are several ways to work with Runes and Crystals. A method known as free choice association allows you to wear or carry the gem or stone that amplifies the energy of the Runic association you are seeking. Simply consider and meditate upon the virtues of the Rune you have chosen and then proceed with the coordinated stone. It is very wise to only involve yourself with one Rune and one stone at a time. The power of the Runes should never be underestimated. They are an instrument for calling upon Divine knowledge and it is quite easy to fall prey to energetic overload.

If you practice Runemal and have done a Rune reading for insight into a problem you can then meditate on the power of the associated crystals to help you overcome obstacles by connecting with the source of Divine nature in you. The Rune to focus on in a reading would be the runestave occupying the challenge position. If for example the runestave occupying that position is a murkstave (a reversed Rune) which indicates difficulties you can use the power of the associated stone, crystal or gem to help overcome that particular hurdle or burden. Suppose that you drew Ansuz as a murkstave (reversed) in the challenge position. This suggests that your creativity is stalled and preventing you from moving forward. You can use the power of emerald which is the stone for Ansuz to help you overcome any fear or procrastination connected to ‘internal forces' that may be blocking your muse. If Ansuz appeared upright as a runestave you would still use emerald to protect and enhance your powers of creativity from ‘external forces' that might prevent manifestation of your creative will.

REMEMBER to always properly protect yourself before doing any type of esoteric healing, work or exercise.

Suggested Reading: The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum