Residual Effect of Uranus


"Where will You Experience Additional Need for Change?" 

uranus-oval.pngWhere would we all be in life without the influence of the planet Uranus? Probably bored stiff for it is Uranus that provides those extraordinary departures from normalcy that liberate us and help us to grow. Uranian energy powers the unexpected roller coaster rides we all take from time to time... the exhilarating and scary stuff that totally knocks us out of our complacency. We may not like or understand a Uranian wave when it hits us but we are always better for it in the end and seem to "get the message" in hindsight.

All planets have effect in the astrological houses they occupy and by their angular connection to other planets and points elsewhere in a chart. Their energetic influence is also felt in the house or houses they rule according to their home sign and the house polarity (opposite). Uranus however, being the rogue that it is, has additional influence in other houses of the natal chart that can be calculated using a simple arcane mathematical formula based on the number 14. This is known as the Cyclic Event House. 


3 9
1 5 3 1
= 22

Time for some mathematical ingenuity (which of course is Uranian ruled)! In numerology, the word Uranus adds up to the number 22. The number 22 represents the "Master Builder" and the energy encompasses practical idealism, practical genius, creation of the future, power on all levels, mastery of the material, philanthropy, universality, international direction, and service to mankind. When the number 22 is broken down into its aliquot divisors 1, 2, and 11 the aliquot sum( 1+2+11) is 14. The number 14 is the ratio (4 with the cosmic unit 10) of Cyclic Law which refers to maintaining and working out the nature of life. 14 therefore is the Cosmic Essence of Uranus.

The Ancients understood that by the age of fourteen, the astral body of a man was fully developed and installed. He was now ready to grow into life on all levels. According to the ancient Kabbalah, the number 14 indicated "advancement" so the age of fourteen represented a time for new and untried adventure and exploration. Personal strength would begin to undergo the tests of adult life and for every adversity successfully conquered new greatness of being could be achieved. On the Karmic level, the number 14 represents the addressing of lifetimes where personal human freedom was abused. Current life lessons are based upon individual Karmic Debts which are paid through ever-changing circumstances and unexpected occurrences. How Uranian indeed!

Now for some ASTRO MATHEMATICS! To find out the Cyclic Event House in a natal chart where Uranus has an additional and/or residual karmic effect subtract the number of the House where Uranus resides from the number 14. The result is the number of another House where Uranus has a residual effect. The only exceptions are the 1st and 7th Houses...

If natal Uranus resides in House 1: 14-1=13; 14-13=1. The effect remains in House 1. The projection of self, personality, appearance and vitality are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in House 2: 14-2=12. The effect is felt in House 12. Psychic ability, deep psychology, karmic duty and secrets are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in House 3: 14-3=11. The effect is felt in House 11. Hopes, aspirations, associations and motivation for cause are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in House 4: 14-4=10. The effect is felt in the 10th House. Worldly status, authority, popularity and achievement are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 5th House: 14-5=9.The effect is felt in the 9th House. Consciousness, abstract thought, personal philosophy and the spirit of adventure are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 6th House: 14-6=8.The effect is felt in the 8th House. Support systems, mortality, occult faculties and sexual orientation are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 7th House: 14-7=7. The effect remains in the 7th House. Public dealings, individuality, capacity to love and social consciousness are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 8th House: 14-8=6. The effect is felt in the 6th House. Service & work, craftsmanship, health & hygiene & nutrition and civil standing are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 9th House: 14-9=5. The effect is felt in the 5th House. Capacity for fun & recreation, creative self expression, passion and sensuality are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 10th House: 14-10=4. The effect is felt in the 4th House. Psychological foundations, the environment, domesticity, private matters and patriotism are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 11th House: 14-11=3. The effect is felt in the 3rd House. Intellect & mental processes, adaptability, method of communication, physical dexterity and speech are affected.

If natal Uranus resides in the 12th House: 14-12=2. The effect is felt in the 2nd House. Self worth & values, capacity to give and receive, earning power, security and issues surrounding loss and gain of all kinds (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are affected.

Please note: If your natal Uranus happens to be retrograde there are strong karmic implications connected to its house posit, polarity house (opposite house), the house in the chart it rules or co-rules by interception (Aquarius House cusp [co-ruled by Saturn the Lord of Karma] or Aquarius intercepted in a house) and especially the Cyclic Event House.


1st HOUSE: (Natal Uranus in the 1st House) - There is determination and obstinacy about finding one's own path. It does others little good to try to tell you what to do. Personal freedom is very important and there is often a desire to be different just for the sake of being different and the identity is shaped from experience rather than the "cookie cutter" molds of being someone's spouse, child or sibling. Karmically you are working out how to adhere or NOT to adhere to conventional/traditional forms of behavior and have very little use for anything or anyone that is phony or stuffy. Your capacity for leadership on some level is being challenged in this lifetime and you may unconsciously bring about or trigger events that test your mettle in this regard. Learn how to trust your intuition and intellect because these are superior gifts you have been honing for many lifetimes.

2nd HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 12th House) - A re-structuring or de-structuring of your personal values and security system is the name of the game. You may develop and employ an unusual way of supporting yourself financially and view money as merely a means to an end or for the freedom it can buy you. You may also take risks with money and investments some of which will pay off handsomely and some that can lead to the poor house. Karmically you are engaging in the battle between your conscious and unconscious desires including the urge to break free from "past" attachments of the material and relationship kind. Some of this will concern unpaid debts from past lifetimes SO "do not a lender or borrower be" in this lifetime. Past life acquaintances that show up in this lifetime may tend to be people who scorn your values or life style now.

3rd HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 11th House) - The mundane environment is viewed from a different perspective than most people. Effort is put forth to grasp the "whole view" of life while understanding in depth people, situations and events that color it. You may be known to others as the "answer person" who can solve issues where others don't have a clue. There is a great restlessness to be constantly on the go in order to explore and taste all that life has to offer and this is because you probably felt "different" from others in your immediate environment. Karmically you are trying to readjust your thinking regarding traditional education mostly because the system bores you. This can lead you to jumping around from school to school or course to course. The idea is not to know a "little about many trivial things" but rather "a lot about one or two important things." You also need to curb jumping to conclusions and changing your opinions at the drop of a hat. There is a highly innate intellectual bend to this influence and you might find that you prefer the company of intellectuals who stimulate your mind and perhaps offer educational advancement.

4th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 10th House) - Did you ever feel like you were born into a family where you didn't belong? This signature often indicates issues of alienation from the root of origin that encourages an individual to strike out and form their own identity free from what seems like the shackles of tradition. A search is often conducted to find the right "fit" spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes "extended" family is created or the individual feels more at home with friends. Karmically you are breaking from past lifetimes of stringent tradition and need to recognize that there is more out there to explore. There is an underlying unconventionality about you that will surface even if it is later in life (usually after the Uranus Opposition life cycle). In some cases, humanitarian activities become of great interest in the latter years.

5th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 9th House) - Creative self expression and individuality are prime concerns. You might be interested in odd pastimes, hobbies or other modes of recreation that others find very strange or downright weird. Love affairs and romance will take the same trend and run highly unconventional, erratic and short-lived. There will be plenty of experience to glean in that department. This is the house of procreation and children and should you decide to have children do not view them as extensions of yourself expecting them to fulfill some creative dream you have not been able to attain. They may be the creation of your body but they are not the creation of your mind. Karmically you are working on antisocial behavior and unhealthy forms of excitement and pleasure (of the rowdy kind) from past lives. You might also carry the seed of artistic creativity particularly musical ability that can be taken to new levels in this lifetime via the media such as radio/podcasts or television.

6th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 8th House) - This position relates to the mind/body/environment connection. What kind of daily reality to you create for yourself and how does it affect you mentally and physically? There is a good deal of psychology connected to this placement where responsibility connected to the kind of reality being created is examined closely. Others are not responsible for what happens in life... you are! This includes physical and emotional imbalances that are created as a result of stress from not being able to face life and the worldly environment with truth and balance. The area of work comes under the gun as well. A boring job will simply not suffice. Freedom to use your particular brand of craftsmanship without boundaries is very important but not always possible so there may be plenty of job hopping. This in turn can lead to stress over security so it is important that any job be stimulating and allow you to approach it from your own angle. Karmically you are working on inhibitions that wreaked plenty of havoc on your body in past lives leaving you with repressed anger and resentment. Oddly this residual in the current lifetime can show up as various allergies... those little annoying reminders of past life trauma.

7th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 7th House) - Typically astrologers have a field day when Uranus is connected to the 7th House because it generally signifies plenty of upheaval in personal relationships including multiple divorces, marriages, unorthodox couplings and social upheaval. This is because most with this signature will engage a commitment for security reasons and then find that they feel too stifled by a lack of space and freedom. Even the more "homebody" types will be influenced by this energy because they will choose a partner who is very worldly and through who they will work the energy out. It becomes very necessary if such relationships are going to last that each person employ awareness and jointly create an atmosphere that is honest and open without taking differences personally. Karmically you are seeking relationships that fulfill qualities that are lacking in yourself. These relationships can certainly offer you new vistas however they are not likely to be stable or long-lasting. What is learned from this varied social interaction is priceless but also costly. Some interactions can even bring about lawsuits and unforeseen factors caused by Uranian energies can make public dealings difficult and exciting at the same time.

8th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 6th House) - How do you like your sex? Ecstatic passionate love underlined by jealousy, obsession and occasional rage? This placement frees up inhibitions of the instinctual kind and you might expose yourself to "primal" situations and people by your own design and desires. Uranus being its unpredictable self on the other hand can just as easily bring forth a nature that inhumanly cold and detached. Sometimes matters of life and death can become morbid fascinations or seem like that to others who are observing your lack of fear to probe beneath the surfaces of taboo. This is a very psychic connection and telepathy can be evident but not easily controlled to the point where etheric downloads of information can be downright frightening. On the karmic level you are working on issues of human support which was untrustworthy in past lives. This included personal relationships as well as business relationships which affected your material wealth and emotional security. On several levels you are learning how to accept change which is the true "given" and certainty of life.

9th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 5th House) - Are you a Truth seeker? This is a Universal placement that calls for the constant questing for a meaningful set of beliefs that can adequately shape one's personal philosophy. "There must be more out there" becomes the motto. Some astrologers believe this signature to be tapped into the Divine Universal Mind complete with remarkable spiritual downloads and insight and even clairvoyance. The question is what does one do with this information? Is it used for the personal self as an arm chair philosopher or channeled into humanitarian deeds like the Peace Corp? Karmically you are working on progressing your education for what you learn in this lifetime adds to the knowledge of your Collective Generation. You may meet "Old Souls" who appear as foreigners in this lifetime from whom you can learn a great deal. You might also be "aware" of past lifetimes or experience the memories with great detail.

10th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 4th House) - This is the signature of the innovative and extraordinary and you might have strong desires to bring something new and progressive to society and your own life. Your career will most likely be subject to many changes and ups and downs for the simple reason that you are never satisfied with the status quo. You might also be attracted to a line of work or a pastime where what you do benefits the largest number of people. You want and need to be seen and heard in the best possible light. Karmically you are trying to overcome lifetimes where you had a serious lack of direction probably because you were too complacent and/or conservative about life. Now you seem to exert an almost overpowering drive towards ambition and prominence desiring to bring something innovative to the fore. This will require great balance because there will be tendencies towards rebellion against authority figures. You must get along with others in order to succeed.

11th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 3rd House) - The search for kindred souls is important in this lifetime and there will be tendencies to seek out those of "like mind" in an effort of common goal. Group process is healthy for you as long as you don't lose your identity within the group and focus upon catalysts for change for the good of all. Your personal mode of communication becomes your best or worst tool so decide when and where is the best time to play devil's advocate with others. Balance leadership with working as part of the group. You have many wonderful things to say and ideas to put forth but no one likes a bully. Karmically you are working on selfishness and the need to more purely altruistic. Some of this will be tested through your friendships or lack of them in this lifetime. Remember that dealings with others who are important to us requires objectivity. You cannot make or keep friendships without objectivity. Another issue for you concerns approval. Past lifetimes may have been fraught with irresponsibility or impracticality that was frowned upon by peers. Remember that irresponsibility is by-product of selfishness and no one wants a friendship with someone who exhibits this behavior.

12th HOUSE: (natal Uranus in the 2nd House) - Tremendous psychic insight into the Collective and the Current is available from this placement. There is a an uncanny innate understanding of the psychology of others and you might find that people are often seeking your advice. There is a tendency to be a loner and the independent freedom loving energy of Uranus is not in great evidence with this signature and there could be a strong desire to get things progressing but it will take place more behind the scenes or behind the throne rather than in a more aggressive leadership position. You might also be interested in charity work of some kind. The mind is a wide open channel with susceptibility to any negativity in the atmosphere with this placement so it is also possible that obsessive complexes could be evident. Karmically as a Master of the Unconscious, you are seeking a higher spiritual identity but need to allow your intuition to develop naturally rather than pursuing unhealthy forms of mediumship or other psychic venues. You are also doing some soul repair by learning to overcome lifetimes of skepticism because you felt that regardless of the circumstances you always "knew best."