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Welcome to Quantum Quarry a treasure trove of beautiful crystals complete with esoteric and holistic information concerning your favorite crystals and some you may have never seen before! Learn about more cosmic healing connections based upon crystals and stones with Pleiadian Prismatic Geometry, the Arcturian Agenda and the Zodiacal stones of the High Priest’s Breastplate.

Core drilled Agate
Ajoite Phantom
Azurite & Malachite

Throughout history, Agate was placed in water for drinking and cooking to dispel sickness. Ajoite is a rare and unusual crystal and an “Earth Keeper” that instills peace. Azurite and Malachite boost personal genesis and enhance flexibility. Bi-color Tourmaline acts as a gate between the lower and higher selves. Celestite embodies pure love and enables access to the angelic realms. Chrysolite which is also known as Peridot protects and regulates all life cycles.



Cobaltic Calcite


Chrysoprase is the stone of compassion and clemency that facilitates non-judgment. Cobaltic calcite is a microcosmic stone that activates the heart chakra. Elbaite facilitates peace, joy and love. Erythrite provides total flow between all the chakras. Green Chromium Quartz stabilizes the heart chakra and transmutes negativity. Indicolite activates service to humanity. Jasper is the protective balancer. Kunzite promotes RNA/DNA rebuilding and dissolves negativity. Lodestone aligns the meridians of the physical body with the etheric body.


Green Chromium


Purple Sapphire

Morganite is tied to the experience of brotherhood. Nuumite is the oldest mineral – over three billion years old. It encourages insight. Purple Sapphire keeps Kundalini energy unimpaired. Purpurite heightens confidence and communication. Quantum Quatro builds up the immune system and opens it to Divine Healing. Emerald is a “love” stone that aids in “choices.” Ruby is a “noble” stone that improves success and guards against psychic attack. Red Phantom Quartz stimulates the first three chakras and enhances creativity. Rhodonite is a useful first aid stone that relieves pain.


Quantum Quatro
Raw Emerald
Raw Ruby

Red Phantom





Smokey Quartz
Smokey Elestial




Tektite is meteoric glass that is often used by psychic surgeons. Thunderegg is connected to the god Thor and can be used to decrease anger. Topaz is the stone of success which acts through the Law of attraction. Trilobite is a fossilized sea creature whose energy promotes leadership and management. Ulexite is known as “TV Rock” and it facilitates resolution by literally enhancing vision. Valentinite helps facilitate contact with ones totem in the spirit world. Vanadinite is very powerful in facilitating deep meditative states where the mind literally becomes void. Wulfenite is a “white magic stone” that aids all transitional states. Zeolite is a toxin and odor absorber which is a favorite of Reiki practitioners.



In many crystal books, reference is often made to the Breastplate of the High Priest if a particular crystal or stone applies to it. Many people wonder what the Breastplate is and some take the term literally believing that it is some form of ancient armor. According to http://www.JewishEncyclopedia.com the Breastplate is, “A species of pouch, adorned with precious stones, worn by the high priest on his breast when he presented in the Holy Place the names of the children of Israel.” The Breastplate was known as the "breastplate of judgment" or "decision." Square-shaped and worn over the heart, it was called so because of the unique role which it played in helping to render fateful decisions.

Basically the Breastplate was part of the ceremonial dress of the priest. The composition and materials used were dictated by the design of God. The twelve tribes of Israel had both a precious stone inscribed with its name on the Breastplate (in a particular order) and also had an astrological representative. There is much controversy about the exact translation of the old Hebrew with reference to the stones. The pallet on the right displays the stones in order.

Top Row L-R: Heliodor, Sardonyx, Carnelian. 2nd Row L-R: Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Chalcedony. 3rd Row L-R: Amethyst, Blue Aventurine, Cat’s Eye. Bottom Row L-R: Peridot, Beryl, Citrine. These are “contemporary” representations of the stones.

The following table lists each tribe with its Zodiac sign and a contemporary translation of the stones.