Psychic Mastery and Divination





Seasoned astrologers are used to dealing with the variety of geometric configurations and patterns in a horoscope and the signatures connected to them. One of the more benefic configurations is the Grand Trine which consists of three planets and/or Chiron which form a 120º angular relationship to one another. The energy inherent within this relationship is constant and open with an easy or effortless flow. Talent is one of the gifts of a Grand Trine and often takes the form of untapped creative potential. Every good astrologer also knows that while this is all fine and dandy, Grand Trines can also be notoriously lazy because all the ease that is generated often causes the potential of the energy to go unnoticed or be ignored due to lack of awareness. The astrologer will look for an impetus such as an opposition or square to one or more of the planets involved which helps to push the Trine into action so the energies can be better manifested. 

A Grand Trine is a third harmonic aspect that represents an equilateral triangle in Sacred Geometry. It is thought to embody the full and pure expression of the element it houses. A Grand Psychic Trine occupies the natural water or occult houses which are the fourth, eighth, and trine.jpgtwelfth houses ruled by the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Planets that occupy these houses in Grand Trine formation regardless of the element involved often indicate psychism or occult talent of some form particularly if there is Moon and/or outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and Chiron involvement within the Trine. Retrograde planets/Chiron also indicate past life residual talent that can be used in a positive way in this lifetime. These energies enrich the Trine if they are recognized. Planets/Chiron at Anaretic Degree (29º) also indicate "Karmic Mastery" in this lifetime that can also be used positively with good results. The following examples depict a Grand Psychic Trine for each element with a delineation of the planets involved. All samples have been taken from the case files of STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS.

psychicfire.gifIn general, the Grand Fire Trine represents enthusiasm, self confidence and creative flair. The Grand Psychic Fire Trine adds high perception, intuition and inspiration to the general theme. This is the Trine that carries the Alchemical Flame of Initiation. The initiate learns early on that this is intense and impulsive energy that demands an outlet and contribution to society and the collective.  

The individual is a professional astrologer and Stellar Healer who spends a great deal of time engaging arcane research particularly on the subject of reincarnation in order to better counsel her clients regarding residual trauma. She has cognizance of her own past lives as both an etheric and medical healer courtesy of the 12th retrograde Chiron. Psychic surgery comes natural to her courtesy of the 8th house retrograde Pluto which also constitutes the strong urge for research in a quest for spiritual truth. Kernelled within Mars in the 4th house is the ability to counsel and inspire others to move ahead with their lives with renewed confidence. The planets that kick start the Trine are Neptune and the Moon. Neptune is conjunct her Midheaven (also an indication of a healing and/or astrological profession) and opposes Mars. Being highly psychic and aware of the lower astral realms, she channels her energies into paranormal research rather than opening any psychic floodgates. The Moon, in highly intuitive Cancer, is the apex planet of a T-Square involving Mars and Neptune. It promotes mediumship which she uses to "tune" into her client's emotional and psychological needs. 

psychicearth.gifThe Earth element is related to practical matters and those with a Grand Earth Trine exhibit skill in all that is material. They are very "grounded" in their approach to all matters. Generally the artistic and creative quotient is quite high and ideas of this nature are easily manifested. The Grand Earth Psychic Trine is heavily laden with intuition and the individual can see "reality" in a larger dimension than others.

This is the Psychic Trine of a 77 year old "Love Guru" who was born in London. He relates that the retrograde Saturn in the 8th house has Karmic implications for him regarding relationships which is true since it is also involved in a T-Square with Venus in Libra in the 5th house and Jupiter in Cancer in the 2nd house which also motivate the Trine. He basically spent most of his life learning to relate to others and has gained much wisdom through experience which he shares with others via masterful and powerful meditations. He also engages much time in ghost hunts discerning psychic phenomena as he is highly sensitive to environmental factors courtesy of Moon (12th) trine Neptune (4th). People appreciate his honest and down to earth "take' on these matters and his skill in ferreting out the mystery connected to hauntings (Saturn trine Neptune).

psychicair.gifA Grand Air Trine produces idealism and skill in communication. The individual often displays excellent mental faculties or even brilliance. There is also a need to understand human duality and to find balance in order to make life more harmonious. The Grand Psychic Air Trine instills the ability to magically or telepathically influence others under the guise of theoretical correctness. Psychism is always weighed with the rational.This Psychic Trine belongs to spiritual healer who uses her skills as a motivational speaker and lecturer. She is a very independent thinker who loves to network and inform others. Her earlier years were spent launching a series of investigations into the spiritual realms courtesy of Jupiter in the 8th house while she also studied psychology. She will tell you quite blatantly that she prefers abstract religious beliefs. She is cognizant of past lives in the mystical teaching professions (retrograde Jupiter trine 12th house Neptune). She is highly psychic and prophetic courtesy of the energy provided by the Moon (4th house), and uses these skills to gain insight into people and their future conditions. The Trine is motivated by an opposition of the Moon and Pluto which grants necessary detachment for her work and a square of Uranus and Neptune that instills occult ability and futuristic idealism.

psychicwater.gifThe Grand Water Trine is generally believed to house the most creative potential and the most subtle intuitive understanding of the collective consciousness. The Grand Psychic Water Trine takes these traits to highly transformative levels. Individuals with this Psychic Trine are easily able to tune into the spiritual and psychic realms. They tend to trust their instincts and intuition above all else and are usually correct in their assessments. In both cases, life is often filled with drama and trauma and hurdles to overcome.

This is the Psychic Trine of a metaphysical artist. He is compassionate and caring with a strong psychic nature and he enjoys volunteering his time to teach art to disabled and institutionalized children (Moon in 12th house). His work is quite visionary and often depicts the "futuristic"- Uranus (8th) trine Mars/Jupiter (4th). The motivators of the Trine are a Moon/Sun square, Saturn/Uranus square and Chiron opposed Uranus. He speaks quite frankly that it was necessary for him to overcome feelings of inadequacy during his lifetime in order to learn to trust his feelings and to be able to honor his intuition and foresight. These were the hurdles presented by the squares and opposition that needed to be surmounted for the Trine energy to manifest his great creative talent. He is also very gifted in the psychic tactile art of Psychometry. 




There seems to be no end to Cosmic Connections ... did you know that in Palmistry an individual's hand has an overall planetary shape? To truly define one's overall shape it would be best to consult a seasoned palmist since there are so many factors involved but you might find it fun to try to match up your own hand with the traditional Astrological hand classifications. The Moon or "lunar" hand is soft in texture and generally exhibits many lines. Since the Moon is one of the astrological rulers of the personality, this hand shape often indicates a restless yet easy-going nature.



The Sun or "solar" hand is strong with short fingers which are thought to indicate trustworthiness and ambition.

The Mercurial hand has long fingers and indicates quick wit and intellectual abilities.

The Venusian hand has a prominent Mount of Venus (extensive padded area beneath the thumb). It indicates a cheerful and extrovert disposition.

The Martian hand usually has a very well developed thumb. This hand indicates plenty of energy and courage.

The Jupiterian hand has thick and heavy fingers indicating generosity and an even temper.

The Saturnine hand had a long middle finger indicating shrewdness and patience.

The Earth hand is firm and thick and indicates loyalty in friendship and a generous but slow nature.



Another way to check your hand is by element. The Fire (inspired) hand has short fingers and rectangular palm with many lines. The Earth hand (grounded) has short fingers, few lines and is generally square in shape. The Air hand (intellectual) has long fingers and the square palm has fine lines. The Water hand (psychic) is delicate and narrow with a rectangular palm a mesh of lines. The fingers are long.



Whether it's Tarot, I Ching, a Pendulum or your own personal 8-Ball... Why does it work? 



There are literally hundreds of Tarot and Oracle Cards on the market today with just as many themes and creative illustration. There are just as many opinions as to the origin of the first Tarot that are born from ancient Egyptian magick to exotic gypsies who came from India. The truth is no one really knows how or where the Tarot originated. These enigmatic messenger cards always seem to correctly pinpoint issues of one's life in an uncanny way. They appeal to our sense of excitement for the unknown yet affect us on the most basic of psychological levels. The sample reading on the next page uses the Golden Triad Layout (above) which consists of a six card spread and can be used for most questions. The spread and the cards (below) are from the ARCANUS COLLECTION created by StarLogic Astrodynamics. 




QUESTION: I'm becoming very deeply involved with my current love interest. Do we have a future of commitment or marriage?

This query was posed by a young lady we shall call Mary. She had been dating a young man for nine months and she relates that all seems to be going well yet she can't quite put her finger on why she has doubts. This is disturbing to her because she has become very involved with the young man on all levels and is looking for some direction. She feels a break at this time would be very difficult and that it would be hard to extricate herself from the relationship if necessary.

(1) QUERENT: The Venus and Earth ruled GAIA card is Mary's signature card and represents herself quite well in that she is feeling very ready for a full relationship that could involve commitment. Her feet are firmly planted on the ground and she is open emotionally and physically. Changing and enhancing one's appearance is also indicative of this card and when asked Mary states that she has in fact undergone a "make-over" to be more appealing sexually.

(2) QUESTED: The Aquarian and Air ruled STAR card represents the young man. It appears reversed in the spread so it indicates some problems. While it seems he is a "kindred" spirit he is hard to pin down. His emotions run hot and cold which is confusing because at times he is highly passionate and at other times cold and aloof. This is a person who needs his space from time to time and Mary should not stifle him or try to control the direction of the relationship. She also needs to know that she needs to appeal to him on an intellectual level as well as the physical level.

(3) SITUATION: The Moon and Water ruled DIVINER card relays that the relationship has strong sexual undercurrents and Mary needs to be careful that fantasy is not superseding reality. There is karma connected to this card indicating a joint destiny that has been laid down in previous lifetimes. Spiritual as well as sexual love needs to be developed so the relationship can blossom into something long term. Smothering is simply out of the question! Mary is advised to stop focusing on an "outcome."

(4) DIFFICULTIES: The Pisces and Water ruled LUNA card is another warning of fantasy overriding reality. Mary needs to assess her partner in a more discerning fashion looking for signs of unreliability and deception. She also needs to avoid any issues of co-dependency. Another facet of this card is hidden habits such as drug dependency. Mary is positive that her young man is not drug or alcohol dependent. Another possibility is hidden enemies. Mary confided that several of her friends have been trying to get her to stop dating the young man but she feels the reason is jealousy.

(5) OUTCOME: The Taurus and Earth ruled MONK card relayed that some unwelcome changes could take place and that Mary should remain committed to her SELF only at the current time. A crisis was likely to occur that would require rethinking along less conventional lines. Any break that occurred should be viewed as "necessary" because the status quo was very likely to change. Commitment or marriage would need to be put on the back burner and spontaneity brought to the forefront. It would be out with the old and in with the new. Mary would have to learn not to question any changes but rather to go with the flow.

(6) FUTURE: The Jupiter and Fire and Water ruled FORTUNE card indicates unexpected surprises. Two days after her reading, Mary found out that one of her friends was coming on sexually to her young man which was a shock. That friendship has been broken and Mary feels it is for the best. This card always speaks of expansion. When Mary was asked if she and the young man were planning a trip she was quite surprised and said, "YES!" The trip will be a good thing and Mary is advised that both of them should open up to new people and places to avoid restlessness in the partnership. It is also advised that they do not move in together for the time being as one of both of them could become interested in dating other people OR that one or both of them may be pulled away from the relationship due to unexpected external circumstances. This card actually shows that the relationship is quite positive. It will only grow if both people are free within the relationship at the current time. Mary was understandably upset by this card and the MONK card but became less so when it was explained to her that this card also had karmic implications concerning "cause and effect." Both cards indicated necessary change but did not necessarily signal negativity. If she could accept possible change within the relationship and put aside all of her focus on an "outcome" things might bode well.

Several months later Mary called to say that her young man left the USA for a job abroad with plenty of travelling from place to place. At the time of the call they had been separated for seven months. Both had decided to date others but kept in strong communication. Mary was delighted to report that her young man would be permanently positioned in London and that he had asked her to join him overseas. It seems he discovered that he could not live without her!

So what is really going on here? Are Oracle readers capable of tapping into the Divine or are they just good psychologists with plenty of people savvy and common sense? Why is it that a person can have a Tarot reading from one person and then have an independent astrological or numerological reader from another person and the same information and advice will come forth?

Donna Bedetto is an Atlanta based Tarot expert with over 25 years of experience as an interpreter and counselor with public clientele from all walks of life. Donna believes the Tarot works because she understands that all individuals are only limited by their ideas which she refers to as the Achilles heel. The cards show her on a psychic level where those limitations lie. She confirms that an individual can receive the same message from two different types of modalities if the readers are experienced and serious interpreters. She says this works because each reader is picking up on the individual's personal Truth so both readings are verified. Donna further states that even if a second reading produces a negation, the individual must consider what has transpired between the different readings in their personal situation because an important link can be made.