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Find your Egyptian Denderah Zodiac Sign in the following chart by locating your birthday within the coordinating time span. Read your Character Essence according to your Egyptian Deity representative.   The timetable for the Denderah Zodiac or the Pharaoh’s Signs of the Zodiac is courtesy of the Egyptian Government. The delineation for each sign is based upon a magical blend of Eastern/Western Zodiacal and Spiritual Philosophies. The Denderah Zodiac uses a different time frame than the Western Zodiac. Some of you will find that reading the deity sign following your “assigned” deity sign might be a better fit!


THOTH August 29-September 27

HORUS September 28-October 27

WADJET October 28-November 26

SEKHMET November 27-December 26

SPHINX December 27-January 25

SHU January 26-February 24

ISIS February 25-March 26

OSIRIS March 27-April 25

AMUN April 26-May 25

HATHOR May 26-June 24

PHOENIX June 25-July 24

ANUBIS July 25-August 28

The Key Scroll following each entry shows the color and numeric value assigned to each deity.


Thoth or Tehuti (Djehuti) as he was known in ancient Egypt was the Ibis headed god of knowledge and right reasoning. He presided over time, analysis, and progress. He is considered a master teacher who initiates aspirants on the spiritual path of wisdom. Thoth is strongly associated with the Moon in ancient Egyptian lore and therefore his energy stimulates the imagination which fosters creative urges and psychic vision or foresight. Thoth individuals are versatile by nature. They are "answer people" who generally prefer to run the show from behind the scenes. Thothites are great organizers but not necessarily finishers and this is because they can be dissuaded easily by a logical argument. Others often seek Thoth out when they need sound advice and answers to problems. Pessimism and procrastination are the downfall of those born under Thoth. The memory of an elephant and the ability to handle crisis are among the gifts of this sign. The star SPICA is assigned to this energy. People born under the influence of this star are often brilliant with a scientific mind. Certainly not everyone can be born brilliant but his star suggests that there is usually a hidden talent or skill that is extraordinary.


Horus or Heru as he was known in ancient Egypt is the falcon headed god of the light/the rising sun. His energy is connected with risk taking, enterprise, and challenge. The myth of Horus surrounds a risky battle with the destroyer god Set who slew Osiris, the father of Horus. During this battle, Horus lost an eye which according to legend became a protective talisman due to the intervention of Thoth who found it and became the spiritual preceptor of it.* The battle of Horus and Set Horus is believed to represent the ongoing balancing of good and evil in the Universe. Horus individuals are good natured, considerate and highly protective of their loved ones. Horus people strive to get things done which they do with great aplomb. They are “people smart” and know how to skillfully maneuver their way around the block, the boss, and the bedroom. Optimism and a humanitarian streak are the gifts of this sign. Stubbornness, obstinacy, and lack of realism are the downfall of this sign. The star assigned to this energy is Zuben Elgenubi. It grants social skill and group involvement that tends towards reform or politics. The temptation for personal gain or power should be avoided so personal energies can flow positively.

*Note: The parts of the Eye add up to the answer 63/64 which in numerology breaks down to the number 1 representing wholeness and all knowing. (The Egyptian Book of the Dead – The Book of Coming Forth by Day by Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby)


Wadjet or Utachat is the cobra goddess of Egypt . The legacy of her royal image is found in the Uraeus which adorns and creates the centerpiece of pharaoh’s crown. She is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Wadjet individuals are deep and intense people. They are always “thinking” and are adept at calculating the perfect time to exact plans and to “strike” with uncanny accuracy. Like the male god counterpart Thoth, Wadjet individuals are problem solvers and are often approached to apply their wisdom in finding the solutions that have escaped others. Wadjets like money and enjoy material goods and they will work long and tedious hours to supply themselves with what they desire. They are shrewd, self disciplined, and honest. They believe in a greater vision and seek the truth. The gift of Wadjet is loyalty and a good values system. The downfall of Wadjet is cynicism, arrogance and occasional lack of sympathy for others. The star assigned to Wadjet is the Royal star Antares. To the ancient Egyptians, this star represented life and death. This star also marked one of the four main points of the celestial calendar and the symbol for this star was often placed on tombs. The traits connected to ANTARES are the capability to generate success but only through a series of metaphoric “life and death” circumstances. The individual will go to extremes either positive or negative to achieve goals. Honoring “experience” rather than the thrill of drama is important.


Sekhmet is the lion headed goddess of war, protectress of the desert, and mistress of sacred fire known also as the Eye of Ra. She is a warrior and champion of the gods of Egypt . Although she is a potent and feared god she also has a loving side which is that of the healer. Esoterically, she paves the way for spiritual evolution by fighting and destroying the evil inherent in ignorance. She also heals the heart of mankind. Sekhmet individuals are loners preferring to face challenge alone. They are mentally agile and eloquent in speech and argument. It is never wise to argue too long with a Sekhmet individual… you’ll lose. Puzzles of all kinds are their forte. Energy abounds in Sekhmet people. They can run circles around others with reserve to spare. Athletes born under the energy of this deity excel physically and can out do any opponent. Physicians born under this energy are skillful and adept at understanding complex medical issues. Sekhmet people are naturally optimistic and visionary. Physically they often appear to be in forward motion – head ahead of body with piercing eyes that penetrate what lies ahead. The gift of Sekhmet is physical strength coupled with an inquiring mind. The downfall is impatience, a judgmental attitude, and impulsiveness. The star assigned to Sekhmet is RUKBAT. The influence of this star produces strength, steadiness, skill, and consistency. Stubbornness can be a problem unless it is channeled into long term goals which of course are Sekhmet’s ideal.


The mystical Sphinx whose Ancient Egyptian name is Hu (Heru in the Horizon) is a shape shifter and guardian of the treasures of Egypt . Sphinx individuals are adapters who can adjust themselves to any situation or person which can keep them out of trouble or lead them to it. The riddle of the Sphinx actually comes from Greek legend but none-the-less the mystic power of the Sphinx cannot be denied. All Sphinx people have a built in fraud detector and their perception and intuition is finely tuned. The power of discernment is one of the gifts of Sphinx as is a twinkling sense of humor. Sphinx people know how to create opportunities due to their sense of ambition, technical skills, and incredible powers of concentration. The downfall of Sphinx people is a tendency to be too old fashioned at times clinging onto to tradition when it would be better to move forward. They can also put others off when their authoritative manner is based on vanity rather than collective goal. The star assigned to Sphinx is DENED ALGEDI. The influence of this star produces orientation for justice and law giving. Wisdom and knowledge are best used in collective service in a leadership position.


Shu is the feather headressed god of air and space. Shu individuals are lovers and not fighters. They prefer harmony and peace above all else. Shu individuals are dramatic, showy, and unconventional. They make friends easily and work well on teams or in groups. Shu individuals are compassionate and will always lend an ear to a friend in need. Shu people enjoy change and movement. They will disrupt their own apple cart to bring about new jobs, and social situations. Shu people hate discord but they will take up the cause of a friend or the proverbial “underdog.” Even though Shu people are other oriented they will at times go underground and stay out of sight until they have processed their personal plight… Shu would never burden anyone else! Business acumen is a gift of this deity along with musical, dancing, and theatrical ability. The downfall of Shu energy is a tendency to be unrealistically idealistic and adversely too self conscious about failure which promotes indecision. The star assigned to Shu is SADALMELEK which means “Lucky One of the King.” The influence of this star does indeed indicate one who is lucky but more so one who knows how to win by making the right choices in life which ultimately leads to happiness and contentment.


Isis whose Ancient Egyptian name is Aset is the goddess of order. She is the mistress of Wisdom and Words of Power, Love and Cosmic Consciousness. She is also the patroness of sages and is a great healer. Isis was worshipped in Rome, Spain, Portugal, Gey, Gaul, Portugal, Switzerland and North Africa. She is without doubt the Grand Dame of Egypt . Isis individuals are imbued with practicality, intuition, and a non judgmental attitude. They patiently sift through information before choosing a course of action. Isis people are intelligent and hard working. They are also socially gracious, eloquent, and friendly. The gift of Isis is creative thinking with a philosophical leaning for truth and spiritual purpose. The downfall of Isis energy is tactlessness and wishful thinking. The star assigned to Isis is AL RESCHA. The influence of this star the ability to join different concepts together in union in order to gain greater knowledge and understanding.


Osiris whose Ancient Egyptian name is Asar is the god of the underworld. He is known as the Lord of the Perfect Black. This personifies the un-manifest regions of existence where the Higher Self is slain by ego through worldly involvement and the Soul struggles to regain a state of perfection. The energy of Osiris is the Alpha or beginning energy which manifests through the need to “be.” Osiris people are emotionally enigmatic and because of this they are often misunderstood. They are movers and shakers… energetic balls of energy with strong leadership capabilities. Osiris people are highly intelligent, quick-witted, humorous and walking/talking encyclopedias. They love to communicate, write and have a voracious reading appetite. They are also gifted speakers who can hold you enthralled with tales of their latest escapades. There is a bit of a hero in all Osiris people because they are genuinely interested in others and will take up the cause of those who are weaker by nature. The gifts of Osiris are an active intellect, self reliance, strength and leadership. The downfall of the Osiris energy is obstinacy, refusal to admit ignorance and cynicism. The star assigned to Osiris is HAMAL. The influence of this star bestows independence and strength of will and the ability to be focused and direct.


Amun is the creator god of Ancient Egypt . The concept of Amun not only became the central theme of ancient Egyptian religion and mystical philosophy but also influenced every world religion. Amun people are conscientious and resolute. They are born leaders but have some trouble in understanding those less capable than themselves. They are opinionated, practical and enterprising and can bargain better than a Wall Street trader. In business they have an uncanny knack for making money and can easily hold executive positions. The gifts of Amun are physical vitality, good health, and easy success. The downfall of the Amun energy is an overbearing and headstrong arrogant attitude which can lead to social disgrace. The star assigned to Amun is ALDEBARAN a Royal Star. The influence of this star indicates moral dilemmas which challenge integrity and honesty. The individual is often tempted to compromise their position either internally or externally. Failed integrity leads to loss. Upheld integrity leads to gain.


Hathor known as Hetheru in Ancient Egypt is the sun disc/cow horned headressed goddess of the land and sky. She is described as The Golden One and she represents the power of Ra which sustains the Universe. Hathor people are endowed with either great artistic talents or artistic leanings. In either case, art must have a practical application that can be used for recognition and achievement. Hathor people are dualistic by nature gravitating towards both the spiritual and the material. They love life and strive to live life to the fullest. When all is right in their world Hathor people are outgoing and their joy is contagious. Conversely, when things are not going well they can retreat into a world of dismay and disarray. The gifts of Hathor are a quick mind, intellectual expression, and a charming personality. The downfall of the Hathor energy is restlessness and lack of tolerance. The stars assigned to Hathor area CASTOR and POLLUX. These stars are dualistic by nature indicating that each situation of life will be seen either from a positive viewpoint with happiness and joy or a negative shadowy viewpoint with pain and anguish.


The Phoenix known in Ancient Egypt as Benu is the mystical symbol of life and rebirth. Its esoteric meaning is “glorified Soul-enlightened human being.” Phoenix individuals are resilient problem solvers concerned with the conservation of values. They have a great respect for nature. Phoenix people have excellent vitality and are very determined when engaging a task. Travel has great appeal to Phoenix people and because they are usually loners, they will gravitate towards secluded places. The emotional process of the Phoenix individual runs very deep. When they suffer it is unlikely that anyone will know because they will put up an optimistic front. No phoenix person can be dissuaded once his or her mind is set on a plan of action. They will follow through with conviction despite the worst adversity. The gift of Phoenix is the ability to transform the self through adaptability. The downfall of the Phoenix energy is wanting to do things one’s own way regardless of whether it is wrong or an inappropriate choice. The star assigned to Phoenix is ACUBENS. The nature of this star is esoteric and deals with concepts surrounding resurrection either spiritual or religious. It can also simply signify an optimistic attitude towards life or a love of life and the capability to “rise” above obstacles and be the ultimate survivor.


Anubis is the jackal-headed god known in Ancient Egypt as Anpu. Anubis is the Angel of Death and guardian of the underworld where he is the “judge of Souls.” He is the teacher of discriminative knowledge and what is real and what is not real. Anubis people are disciplined and discriminating. They are often entrepreneurial and display a self assured air of authority and control. Anubis people do their homework and are always prepared. It is not likely they would engage an enterprise without having thoroughly discerned it. Sometimes they will stick with a project or a person until long after the purpose has been served in an attempt to save what has been started. Anubis people also understand the importance of recreation and make sure to fit some “time out” into their schedules. The gifts of Anubis are creativity, a hospitable and sympathetic nature and family orientation. The downfall of the Anubis energy is obstinacy and disregard for the opinions and value systems of others. The star assigned to Anubis is the Royal Star REGULUS. The influence of Regulus is strong and it promises success and power in life if the individual can avoid stooping to revenge while aspiring to the heights.


Fixed Star information from Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady.

Ancient Egyptian historical information from The Egyptian Book of the Dead – The Book of Coming Fourth by Day by Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby and Egyptian Birth Signs by Storm Constantine.

Let’s digress from the realm of Western astrological concepts and consider the Actual or Real Solar Zodiac. Those of you who are familiar with astrological readings know that most Western astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac. Practitioners of Vedic astrology, which is also popular in the West, use the Sidereal Zodiac. Both of these Zodiacs contain twelve signs. The Actual or Real Solar Zodiac contains thirteen signs due to the addition of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.

Ophiuchus is a real constellation that lies between the constellation of Scorpio the Scorpion and Sagittarius the Archer. It is an Ancient Greek constellation that can be historically dated back to the time of Claudius Ptolemy, the Father of Astrology (c 130-170 AD). The Sun enters the sign of Ophiuchus every year between November 30th and December 17th. This should ruffle the mane of one or two Sagittarians out there who were born during this time span! From our geocentric viewpoint here on Earth, not only the Sun but the Moon and the planets can be seen against the background stars of Ophiuchus. According to astronomical statistics, the planets Mercury and Venus can be seen in Ophiuchus every year. The planetoid Chiron which has found its way into the planetary intelligentsia was visible in Ophiuchus until 2001. The now demoted planet Pluto was also observed in this sign until the end of 2003.


The myth surrounding Ophiuchus is most interesting.   The name Ophiuchus is derived from the Greek meaning serpent handler. This all sounds a bit grim but the story of Ophiuchus is actually a tale of healing. In Greek mythology, there is no healer by this name but there is a very well known healer by the name of Asclepius. Ophiuchus and Asclepius are one and the same. Ancient stellar artistry depicts Ophiuchus as a man with large serpents entwined around his body, shoulders, and arms. From these renderings, the symbol for the medical profession, the caduceus or staff of serpents was born.

The tale of Ophiuchus portrays the story of a great healer.   He was the son of a mortal woman Coronis and the Greek god Apollo. Coronis, made pregnant by Apollo sought the love of a mortal man named Ischy. This was too much for Apollo and in a jealous rage he told his sister Artemis, the goddess, of the infidelity. Artemis slew Coronis by unleashing a quiver of arrows at her. The god Hermes stepped in and cut the unborn child from his mother’s womb thus saving him. Ophiuchus was given into the care of the kindly centaur Chiron, the Father of Healing Arts, who taught amazing medical and healing skills to his young ward. So great was his healing power, that as an adult, Ophiuchus often incurred the wrath of the gods who constantly complained to Zeus about his interference with earthly affairs.

One of the better known stories of Ophiuchus’ healing skills concerns the tale of Orion and Scorpio. Orion was known as a great hunter with tremendous prowess. The problem was that Orion’s ego was as large as his skill and his constant bragging was swiftly becoming a thorn in the sides of the gods. One day, Orion overstepped his bounds and threatened to hunt down and kill all the animals on Earth. To teach him a lesson, the gods of Olympus , in collaboration with Gaia, the Earth Goddess, sent the scorpion Scorpio to sting Orion on the heel. The plan was that the mighty Orion, so caught up in his boasting, would never notice such a tiny yet deadly creature. The plan succeeded and the great Orion fell. As he lay dying, Ophiuchus found him and healed him with a drink of divine elixir. Alas, the scorpion was ground to dust under the sandaled foot of Ophiuchus.


Eventually, Ophiuchus also overstepped his bounds when he interfered with Hades, Ruler of the Underworld. Hades complained to Zeus that Ophiuchus was bringing the dead back to life thus disturbing the natural order of life and causing chaos in his realm of the dead. Zeus knew that Ophiuchus was a good man with a pure heart but he could not allow any man to have the knowledge of immortality. No human was going to be allowed to put the gods out of business! Zeus complied with Hades’ request by striking Ophiuchus down with a thunderbolt. Out of respect for his skill, Zeus placed Ophiuchus in the sky as a heavenly constellation so that he would be remembered.

A person can qualify as an Ophiuchian if Fixed Star Ras Alhague which sits in the head of Ophiuchus appears in the natal chart. The influence of this star suggests one who is drawn to healing professions or one who simply has a natural gift for healing. High ideals are also designated by this star so service to mankind including politics is included under its influence. Helena Blavatsky, the 19th century Russian spiritualist and co-founder of the Theosophical Society, had this star connected to her Mercury. She is renowned for her spiritual writings. John Lennon had this star prominently connected to Venus in his chart and he is known for trying to heal the world through song. The client files of Star Logic Astrodynamics shows many holistic practitioners and counselors with this star “in house.”

Some interesting world events occurred when the Sun entered the sign of Ophiuchus. On December 1, 1917, Boy’s Town, an institution providing guidance and education for homeless boys was founded. This seems rather apropos since Ophiuchus, according to legend, was a homeless boy given guidance and education by Chiron. On December 3, 1967, in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Christiaan Barnard (a Scorpio surgeon) performed the first human heart transplant surgery. The first Nobel Prizes for physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, and peace were awarded on December 10, 1901. Research also revealed that the great English poet John Milton was not only born under the sign of Ophiuchus on December 9, 1608 but also had Fixed Star Ras Al Hague conjunct his natal Sun amplifying the power of the sign. His prose was dedicated to the defense of civil and religious liberty and his masterpiece, Paradise Lost, is considered one of the greatest poems in world literature.

All signs…check out the table to see how you fare according to the Real Zodiac don’t be surprised if you are not who you think you are! Check with your personal astrologer to find out where Ophiuchian influence resides in your chart because everyone has a bit of Ophiuchus!




ARIES…March 20/21-April 19/20

PISCES…March 12-April 18

TAURUS…April 20/21-May 20/21

ARIES…April 19-May 13

GEMINI…May 21/22-June 20/21

TAURUS…May 14-June 19

CANCER…June 21/22-July 21/22

GEMINI…June 20-July 20

LEO…July 22/23-August 22/23

CANCER…July 21-August 9

VIRGO…August 23/24-September 22/23

LEO…August 10-September 15

LIBRA…September 23/24-October 22/23

VIRGO…September 16-October 30

SCORPIO…October 23/24-November 21/22

LIBRA…October 31-November 22

SAGITTARIUS…November 22/23-December 20/21

SCORPIO…November 23-November 29

CAPRICORN…December 21/22-January 19/20

OPHIUCHUS…November 30-December 17

AQUARIUS…January 20/21-February 19/20

SAGITTARIUS…December 18-January 18

PISCES…February 18/19-March 19/20

CAPRICORN…January 19-February 15


AQUARIUS…February 16-March 11



Here is some Western Astrology with a twist of high vibe Neptune that encompasses the spiritual essence of each sign.

MARCH 20/21-APRIL 19/20

I AM the Alpha – the beginning energy of all things from which the life force pulsates. I set into motion the Great Plan for Mankind and lead him to the way of good works. My blessing is the gift of Self Esteem from which all righteous action flows. Those who are imbued with my essence are endowed with the Divine Creative Force and the courage to take action. My energy knows no boundaries and wherever I go, I tread with no fear.



APRIL 20/21-MAY 20/21  

I HAVE the power to cultivate the mind of Man and bring Heaven to Earth. I give substance to form so the Divine Plan can become firmly rooted in the heart of Mankind. My blessing is the gift of Strength from which fortitude grows. Those who are imbued with my essence are endowed with patience and the determination to overcome adversity. My energy is devoted to fulfilling Divine Purpose with a deep appreciation for life. Whatever I do, I emanate steadfast dependability.

MAY 21/22-JUNE 20/21

I THINK of positive ways to bring Man new ideas and thoughts so he may grow in principle according to the Great Plan. My blessing is the gift of Knowledge which springs from the Divine Word. Those who are imbued with my essence know that they have unlimited potential to persuasively express and explain Universal concepts through their choice of words in order to help those who are unaware of how to evolve. Whatever I say, I relay with the sword of clarity that cuts through the narrow-mindedness of Man.                                              

JUNE 21/22-JULY 21/22

I FEEL the undercurrents of the vibrations of the Universe and see into the Soul of Man. I nurture and sustain all of Mankind and teach Man how to laugh and cry so he might understand that he grows in Wisdom from the inside out and not from the outside in. My blessing is the gift of EMOTION which represents the ebb and flow of the Divine Heart. Those who are imbued with my essence intuitively possess the ability to heal. Whoever I touch, I sensitize with kindness and empathy.

JULY 22/23-AUGUST 22/23

I WILL to Divine Will and am the Light of the World who illuminates Mankind’s ability to create. I instill Man with the inner glow of confidence so that he become the master of his environment and lead others proudly along the righteous path. My blessing is the gift of HONOR for he who creates and leads must do so according to the Divine Plan and the Divine Will. Those who are imbued with my essence inspire faith and trust in others. Whatever I create, I design with dignity and love.  


I ANALYZE the truth of Mankind and bring to the surface all human shortcomings so that they may be cleansed in the light of self improvement. I am the Ambassador of the Divine Mind from whence purity of thought springs. My blessing is the gift of TECHNIQUE so Man can     garner all of the information he needs from the Divine Source in order to perfect himself. Those who are imbued with my essence serve others in the true sense of Collective Contribution. Whenever I think, I process the Truth.


I BALANCE all Universal forces and remind Man of his social duties to others in accordance with Divine Love. Upon my Cosmic Scales the Harmony and Discord of Mankind are weighed based on the fluctuation of social skills and ills. My blessing is the gift of COOPERATION so that equity may exist between all Men and Peace will reign. Those who are imbued with my essence work for the well being of All. Whoever I meet, I treat with respect and courtesy.


I DESIRE to help Mankind unearth the secrets of the Universe and claim the legacy of the Earth. I am the Catalyst for the Growth of the Soul who can lead man through the Dark Passage of the Night to the Dawn of his Destiny in accordance with Divine Inheritance. My blessing is the gift of PURPOSE so that Man will be able to withstand the Test of Time. Those who are imbued with my essence are able to transform themselves after each new experience of Life. Whenever I look at someone else, I see myself.


I UNDERSTAND Mankind’s need for Divine Wisdom so I aim my Arrow of Truth at the Target of Misunderstanding. I am the High Spirit of Enthusiasm teaching Man how to expand his consciousness through good humor, openheartedness, and idealism. My blessing is the gift of ABUNDANCE so mankind free from worry, can engage the pleasures offered by Life. Those who are imbued with my essence are honest and straightforward and able to see the Future with Great Vision. Wherever I go, I travel with a sense of adventure in order to expand my horizons.


I USE my mystical powers of Fore-sight combined with Earth-sight to lead Mankind to the Door of Opportunity . I am the Great Teacher of Responsibility whose lessons are arduous but necessary if each Man is to be made ready to climb the Mountain of Attainment and build his Spiritual Stronghold on the summit in accordance with Divine Destiny. My blessing is the gift of SELF DISCIPLINE so every Man can fully realize the promise of each new cycle of Life. Those who are imbued with my essence have the power to deliver the goods of Life. Whatever I manifest, I authorize others to use.


I KNOW all the hopes, wishes, and dreams of Mankind and I am the embodiment of Man’s humanitarianism and his capacity for progressiveness through the unconventional. I am the Instigator of Revolution and Evolution which brings forth breakthroughs for the advancement of Mankind in accordance with Divine Course. My blessing is the gift of FREEDOM which I pour forth over the Earth so that ideas and ideals flow. Those who are imbued with my essence are those who make drams come true. Whenever I conceptualize, I bring the future into clearer focus.

FEBRUARY 18/19-March 19/20

I BELIEVE in Mankind and in Man’s Power Of Good. I am the Omega energy who holds all the essence energies of the other signs for I am closest to the Divine Source where all life is seeded. My blessing is the gift of COMPASSION for without it Man would be lost in a sea of loneliness and degradation. In his despair he would lose his capacity to use all the gifts of the other signs and fall away from the Divine Light. Those who imbued with my essence are the Missionaries of the Earth and the Ambassadors of Heaven.   When I Believe, I am Blessed.  




Most all of us know what gemstones are connected to our birthdays or Zodiac signs but a lesser known factor concerns the natural earth crystals that are also connected to our solar birth. These “birthstones” are thought to ground and amplify celestial energies and when we carry or wear them they enhance our general well being and inspire spiritual knowledge. To find out the natural crystal assigned to your birthday and Zodiac sign simply locate your birthday and read your message. In case you are wondering why ‘dual’ dates appear for each sign, the reason is because each year, the timing of the Sun when it enters the first sign of Aries can shift by 24 hours. When the Sun enters Aries, it marks the period known as the Vernal Equinox. Since the time of Ptolemy in 2 nd century AD, it has become scientifically necessary to recalculate this period on a yearly basis.  


ARIES March 20/21-April 19/20

  “Of all the signs of the Zodiac Aries, you most exemplify the spirit of ‘I AM’. You are known for your impetuous nature and warrior-like audacity. You are the confident initiator of new beginnings, a true leader who never fears to tread the terrain of the unknown.   Your crystal is the FIRE AGATE . This stone has a deep connection to Mother Earth and has strong grounding and protective powers. It will safe guard your ‘inner warrior’ by placing an energy shield around you that will reflect and return harm back to its source. It will help you to reduce stress by clearing etheric blockages and realigning your chakras. It will instill you with enlightenment and aid you in Earth School .” Without the essence of Aries, humankind would lack the ability to try…and try again.



TAURUS April 20/21-May 20/21

“Dependable and devoted Taurus, you persevere where less determined souls fail. Stubborn and sensible, the spirit of cultivation imbues your being and drives you to material and artistic success. You have a true understanding of beauty and value but your many possessions do not just include ‘objets d art’ for your ‘I HAVE’ expression refers to the love you have for others more than anything else. Your crystal is SELENITE. This is a very ancient and powerful stone that will assist you in finding the peace you so earnestly desire. It will help you stabilize your emotions and decrease reticence related to important life matters. Without the essence of Taurus, humankind would lack responsibility.”



GEMINI May 21/2-June 20/21

 “Effervescent Gemini, your clever wit and versatile intellect make you a skilled ‘people person.’ Your adaptable and changeable nature has earned you the title of human chameleon with its many colors poured into the gift of persuasion. Your ‘I THINK’ expression does not restrict itself to matters of the mind because you are known to think caringly about others. Many astro-philosophers believe that a sparkling diamond of friendship resides in your soul. Your crystal is APATITE . It will stimulate your intellect at a higher developmental level so spiritual discipline can be gained and applied to humanitarian cause. It will also suppress bouts of ‘fickle’ eating during periods of nervousness. Without the essence of Gemini, humankind would fail to synthesize information.”



CANCER June 21/22-July 21/22

“Empathic Cancer, your receptivity and psychic intuition are legendary. Your sympathy and sensitivity towards others knows no bounds. Just as the tides rush up to shore to cleanse the sands with loving caresses, you care for others with an ocean of kindness and caring. Lying just under the surface of your ‘I FEEL’ expression are powerful forces of emotion that only you can harness. Your crystal is CHALCEDONY . It is a very sacred stone of Native Americans and is used as powerful etheric cleanser. It emits nurturing energies that promote goodwill and brotherhood. Your mind, emotions, body, and spirit, will be kept in harmony if you wear this crystal. Without the essence of Cancer, humankind could not overcome.”



LEO July 22/23-August 22/23

 “Proud Leo, you truly have a ‘heart of gold’ for your generosity of spirit is well known. Astro-philosophers believe that all Leos are the monarch of their own kingdom and that those in the kingdom reap the reward of their fun loving and benevolent king. Despite your good intentions and tremendous creativity, you often suffer through the ill will of others. Your ‘I WILL’ expression urges you on to be the great entrepreneur of life, love and laughter that you are. Your crystal is KUNZITE . It is a ‘heart stone’ that radiates with peace and universal love. It is a ‘protector’ that enhances circulation and strengthens the muscles of the heart which is the part of the body that you rule. Without the essence of Leo, humankind would not love or laugh.”



VIRGO August 23/24-September 22/23

 “Modest Virgo, you are known as the conscientious analyst of the Zodiac. Many know of your precise intellect and calm authority but few know of your healing gifts. Self improvement, intelligence and the quest for answers are not the sole hallmark of your sign for you also rule the health of mankind. Your ‘I ANALYZE’ expression means that you not only have the ability to probe into human motivations but also into the human body. Your crystal is AMAZONITE . It is an ancient stone that acts as a balancing agent while producing preventive energy which enhances general health and body maintenance. It also helps support the nervous system which is particularly beneficial to you. Without the essence of Virgo, humankind would not have order but chaos.”



LIBRA September 23/24-October 22/23

 “You are a born diplomat Libra. Your precious gifts of outer directedness and equipoise make you a ‘people person’ par excellence. You practice Solomon Wisdom concerning others by intuitively dealing with their emotions while mentally deciphering their point of view. “I BALANCE” is the perfect expression of your spirit as you strive for harmony and fairness with your fellow beings. Your crystal is AMETRINE . It enhances universal equilibrium and balances male/female energies while promoting cooperation. It stabilizes the RNA/DNA structure of the body and stimulates oxygenation which as an Air sign you will appreciate. Without the essence of Libra, humankind would have no consideration.”



SCORPIO October 23/24-November 21/22

 “Powerful Scorpio, you are known as the denizen of the dark and the master of the underworld. Transformation and transmutation are the powers that fuel your ardor. Your forte is the dispensing of life force to others so they may regenerate on a higher level. Your intensity is formidable and anyone who knows you confronts fait accompli. Your ‘I DESIRE’ expression is also your signature for no other sign understands the passion of life as you do. Your crystal is CHAROITE . It is a crystal of transformation and is considered a karmic soul stone. It converts negative energy into healing energy that tames obsessions and compulsions while it reenergizes the body and opens the spirit to vibrational change so connection to the higher planes can be accomplished. Without the essence of Scorpio, humankind would have no sense of destined purpose.”



The lost sign Ophiuchus has been included in the Zodiacal line-up. Those of you who are Sagittarians born within the ancient time span for Ophiuchus may find  the information enlightening. Be open-minded about this message.


OPHIUCHUS November 30/December 1-December 17/18

“Ophiuchus the physician, you are an ancient sign that has been long forgotten. To those who watched the ancient skies, you stood for healing, strength, and fortitude. Your expression is ‘I HEAL’ and those who know your tale are aware that you defied the gods of Olympus in your service to mankind as a physician and metaphysician. Today, those born under the sign Sagittarius during the time of year the Sun visits your constellation have implemented the secret of your healing magic. The crystal chosen in your honor is the HERKIMER DIAMOND . It is a detoxificant that treats disease by contact, corrects metabolic and cellular disorders and adjusts DNA. Those who wear or carry it will be telepathically connected to others. It attunes the ‘healer’ with the ‘patient.’ Without the essence of Ophiuchus, humankind would not be receptive to new methods of healing be they medical or holistic.”


SAGITTARIUS November 22/23-December 20/21

  “Wise Sagittarius, you are the visionary of the Zodiac who looks for challenges within the scope of the bigger picture. You are the sign who wants to ‘know’ all that there is to know on both the mundane and spiritual levels. You carry the world in your pocket and Lady Luck is your traveling companion. Your ‘I UNDERSTAND’ expression not only means you are a master of knowledge but also a master of the unspoken nuances connected to the human condition. Your crystal is LABRADORITE . It is a highly mystical and cosmic stone that raises consciousness. Information that is gleaned from higher sources is moved from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind so it can be tapped and translated into useful information that can be shared with others. Without the essence of Sagittarius, humankind would not seek the truth.”

Resonation=6 & 7


CAPRICORN December 21/22-January 19/20

“Stately Capricorn, few realize what a highly mystical sign you are. You draw on the energy of the Earth and combine it with your mighty cardinality to produce power that helps you reach worldly and spiritual heights. Your expression, ‘I USE’ says that you know how to draw on all telluric, physical, and etheric resources to build self sufficiency for yourself and structure for others. Esoterically, you guard the Gate of Death where all souls in their postmortem state must travel through to reach the boundaries of time. Your crystal is GALENA . It is known as a stone of harmony that decreases feelings of self limitation. It is a powerful grounding and centering agent that allows an alignment of energies which brings the physical and etheric bodies into balance. Without the essence of Capricorn, humankind would lack self esteem.”

Resonation=Master number 22


AQUARIUS January 20/21-February 19/20

“Innovative Aquarius, you are the master inventor and master scientist of the universe. Your intelligence and imagination are boundless. You supply humanity with aspirations for the future via all that can be envisioned. Your ‘I KNOW’ expression is tied to universal thought and collective wisdom which you gladly share with all who cross your path. Your crystal is ATACAMITE . Mankind is still learning about this stone because in true Aquarian fashion, it is newly discovered. It is thought to be a ‘third eye’ enhancer and stone of great clarity that stimulates powerful visual images while promoting spiritual connection to higher guidance. Without the essence of Aquarius humankind would not progress.”



PISCES February 18/19-March 19/20

“Eternal Pisces, the ancient seers believed that your sign holds the essence of all the other signs and that you alone understand the Great Father. Your sign completes the circle of the Zodiac and through your etheric threshold the rebirth of mankind begins anew. Your ‘I BELIEVE’ expression has strong links to the abstract and enigmatic for yours is the world of dreams, mysticism, and the unknown. You are the keeper of universal law and the dispenser of sacred truth. Your crystal is PURPLE FLUORITE . This stone will protect you during your psychic travels and keep you free from psychic manipulation and negative interference. It will help you cope with the chaos of life by dispelling illusion and by clarifying the truth. Without the essence of Pisces, humankind would have no hope.”

Resonation=Master number 77