Phantom Writers


Strange scribbling that appears on walls and floors, pictures and faces imbedded in stone and tile… phantoms use any means possible to display their messages and presence. Here are some fascinating quips…

Probably the earliest known form of phantom writing is found in Daniel of the Old Testament with reference to the fate of King Belshazzar and his kingdom and Daniel’s interpretation of the writing. It states, “At that moment the fingers of a man’s hand came forth and were writing in front of the lampstand upon the plaster of the wall of the palace of the king.”

In May of 1985, Ken Webster of Dodleston Chester, UK began receiving messages on his computer from a 16th century man who called himself Tomas Harden. While this could be explained as a prank, the handwriting that appeared on the floor that accompanied these messages is not so easily explained.

On December 7, 1939 in Owensville, Indiana huge letters stating “Remember Pearl Harbor” were painted on the sidewalk outside of a public elementary school by an unidentified hand. Of course no one knew what this meant until two years later to the exact day when The US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese.

Until its total destruction by fire in 1939 and concluding demolition in 1944, Borley Rectory was considered the most haunted house in England. Much information is available about Borley Rectory including the 2000 recorded paranormal events that occurred when the rectory was under the investigation (1929 – 1938) by Dr. Harry Price supernatural investigator bar none of his day. Much of the activity seemed to surround Marianne Foyster wife of Reverend Lionel Foyster and their adopted daughter Adelaide. Among the events were ghostly scribbles would appear on the walls as messages apparently left for Marianne. Some of these were allegedly reported as materializing right in front of the eyes of some of Price’s team investigators. Those that were legible read, “Marianne, please get help… light mass prayers.” Although in 2000 an exposé titled We Faked the Ghosts of Borley Rectory by Louis Mayerling reported that Price had been fooled by the Foysters who were in on the prank, some serious phenomena that cannot be explained remain.

In 1967 a phantom post card correspondent began to plague the then British parliamentary candidate Tevor Silverwood with messages posted from different areas all around the world. The messages always referred to personal information about Silverwood right down to what he had for breakfast on any particular morning to the color of the socks he wore on any particular day and even his daily television viewing habits. After ten years of harassment, Silverwood made a statement to the press complaining about the phantom to which the phantom promptly replied, “Don’t be naughty.” The omniscient author was never found or identified.

In August 1971 in the village of Bélmez, Spain human faces began to simultaneously appear on the floor tiles of the kitchen of one of the village homes. Despite every scientific test and attempts to wipe out the faces which included ripping up the tiles and replacing the floor with concrete, the faces continued to appear in the kitchen and in other areas of the cottage. After the appearance of a fourth face the cottage was sealed. Ultra-sensitive microphones were placed in the cottage which picked up strange speaking languages and agonizing moans. Shortly thereafter, the faces disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. A section of the floor which had been cut away revealed the remains of a medieval cemetery thought to be connected to witchcraft and it is believed that this was the contributing factor of the phenomena. The story of the Faces of Bélmez is available on DVD via the old One Step Beyond series hosted by John Newland.

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