Can Astrology validate the paranormal? Forensic Astrology is a fascinating branch of astrology that deals in specialized detective work. The topics range from criminal investigation including ongoing and unsolved cases, to paranormal probes including hauntings and things such as alien abductions, to queries regarding specific cases involving Quantum physics such as time travel. Of course as with any type of enquiry, the most important single factor is to know where to start looking. Astrologers who specialize in forensics might use a variety of means, birth charts, event charts, and even location charts or horary charts to discern the truth of a matter.

What astrological forces are at play during a paranormal or supernatural event? The first item to be discerned is the condition of the transiting Moon. Some paranormal investigators often consider the condition of the Moon along with all of their statistical and scientific data when investigating hauntings. The most common astrological conditions that show up regarding the Moon in forensics concern a Full Moon or a Void of Course Moon. Astrologically speaking these are the conditions that represent an undisturbed open channel for energies. The Full Moon in particular represents a time of peak paranormal activity. The Void of course Moon often represents a period when time stands still. The aspects made by the Moon are very important. The next item is to look for an emphasis on the 1st and 7th houses basically representing the self and others or "me and them" by either heavy planetary load and/or aspects made to those house cusps. This always seems to show up prominently in cases of alien abduction. The Occult house 4, 8, and 12 are discerned in the same manner. Since the planet Neptune represents intangibles, it too garners a close examination. Depending on the specifics of an event some of the other planets represent other possibilitis. For example, if poltergeist activity is suspected one would look for an active Mars and for evil or demonic entities an active Pluto.




On a brisk October morning in 1963, a young woman who was secretary to the Dean of a local college, walked into the front office connected to one of the professor's suites to deliver a message. After taking a few steps into the room, she was stopped dead in her tracks by an intensely musty foul odor. She became immediately aware that the room was unnervingly "silent." Seemingly out of nowhere, a tall dark-haired woman in a long dress stood before her and raised her arm towards an old music cabinet. She then "faded" away as the young secretary stood in awe. If this wasn't enough of a fright, when the secretary looked out of the office window, it appeared that the campus had reverted to a scene from the early 1900's! Quite shaken, the secretary ran from the room and confronted the Dean with her experience.

With the help of the Social Sciences Chairman who had been on the faculty since the early 1900's, and through perusal of old yearbooks, the apparition was identified as a music teacher whose tenure at the college lasted from 1912-1936. Apparently, she was a very dedicated woman because she died in the very office where her apparition was seen, shortly before 9:00 am in 1936. What cosmic energies might have been at "re-play" in this haunting scenario? In the 1963 Event Chart, the first item to note is that the "restored scene" took place on the day of a Full Moon a time when the energies are opened up for the paranormal. Of the three occult/inter-dimensional houses the 4th, 8th and 12th, there was activity being generated from the 4th (the end of the matter/death) and the 12th (spirits and psychic experiences and disturbances). The Ascendant was at 7º Scorpio 22' and the angles of the chart were all in Fixed signs. This indicates that the matter was connected to the dead (Scorpio) and would resist any external forces "showing" itself exactly the way it wanted to be seen. Uranus in Virgo in the 10th house exactly sextiles the Ascendant and trines the 7th house cusp indicating an opportunity for an opening up of psychic communication.

The Fixed Star Erakis is conjunct the Moon indicating energy whereby one would be "exposed to a severe trial" and this certainly describes the experience of the secretary. The Moon is seated in the 6th house (the workplace) and is exactly conjunct a retrograde Jupiter both in the sign of Aries (quick paced spiritual endeavors). In Esoteric forensics, the Moon rules ghosts and apparitions along with the planet Neptune. The Moon, the "ruler of the past", makes an applying opposition (awareness) to Venus (females) in the 12th house so it is established that the "entity" is a "woman." The Moon also makes an applying sextile (opportunity) to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th house and a quincunx (off timing) to a Mars/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio in the 1st house. In addition, Saturn, the "ruler of time", is in a separating square to the Mars/Neptune conjunction (difficulties connected to dissipating boundaries) and in an applying trine to Venus (ease in the opening of the structure of time and space). These aspects indicate that the secretary was "prey" to psychic influences (Moon/Saturn to Mars/Neptune), the viewing of the materialization (Moon/Saturn to Venus), and the inter-dimensional time warp (Saturn/Venus; 4th and 12th houses; Saturn to Neptune). The 4th house also rules private offices. As the Moon makes the sextile from the 6th house to Saturn in the 4th house a "private office in the workplace" is indicated and as stated previously, the secretary's experience took place in the front office of the professor's suite. Saturn rules "foul" odors and from its position in the 4th house, the "deathly silence."

On a lighter note, it is interesting that the Sabian Symbol for Saturn at 17º Aquarius is "A watchdog standing guard." It is indicative of one who stands and protects the inviolability of his/her experience. It would seem that the music teacher certainly had that in mind when she "appeared" to the secretary!


Rehash of the background of the secretary's ghostly experience was extracted from Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places by Brad Steiger. Astrological analysis courtesy of STAR LOGIC ASTRODYNAMIICS.




"The Strange case of Frederick Valentich"

 This story is a rehash from "Encounters in the Air" which appears in Vol. 11 of "The Unexplained - Mysteries of Mind, Space, and Time" as documented by Charles Bowen. Any quotes extracted from the Melbourne Flight Service records are from this source.

On October 21, 1978, somewhere over the Bass Strait in Australia, a Cessna 182 light aircraft, piloted by twenty year old Frederick Valentich disappeared never to be seen again. Valentich held an unrestricted flying license and was considered a competent pilot by his colleagues. On this day, his assignment was to fly to King Island midway between Cape Otway, Victoria and Tasmania where he would collect crayfish for the officers' mess of the Air Training Corps.

Valentich took off about 6:19 pm and flew over Cape Otway about 7:00 pm. At around 7:06 pm he contacted ground control at the Melbourne Flight Service asking if there was any known air traffic in his vicinity below 5000 feet since he had spotted a large aircraft at that depth. The Flight Service asked him if he could identify the type of aircraft to which he replied, "I cannot confirm. It has four bright lights that appear to be landing lights ... it has just passed over me at about 1000 feet." Flight Service confirmed that there were no aircraft in the vicinity. At 7:08 Valentich complained that the aircraft was approaching him from due east and seemed to be, "playing some sort of game." The Flight Service asked Valentich once more if he could identify the aircraft. He replied that the craft was passing him and that, "it has a long shape ... it seems to be stationary ... I'm orbiting and the thing is orbiting on top of me. It has a green light and a sort of metallic light on the outside." At 7:12 pm Valentich told the Flight Service that his engine was rough idling and that the aircraft was on top of him again. He then told Flight Service that his intentions were to proceed to King Island. The only thing Flight Service heard after that was described a long metallic noise after which all communication ceased.

When Valentich failed to arrive at his destination point a visual and radio search began. The Cessna had been equipped with a life jacket and radio survival beacon but nothing could be traced. An RAAF Orion from South Australia continued to track for two days but nothing was found except an oil slick north of King Island. In interviews several days later, Valentich's father stated that his son believed in UFOs and claimed that his son had been, "borrowed by interplanetary visitors."

What really happened to Frederick Valentich? Did he crash into the sea after he collided with a UFO? Was he abducted? Did he perpetrate a hoax? Some felt that this was no hoax based on the fact that Valentich lived for his professional reputation as a pilot and would never ever have done anything that would affect his chances for promotion. Other experienced pilots came to the fore stating that it should be noted that there was six minutes of recorded conversation between Valentich and the Flight Service mentioning strange lights at several intervals.

The overview of the chart shows energies focused on the ‘self' and ‘others' via a Bowl pattern with all of the planets spread from the 2nd house to the 8th house. Four of the planets are concentrated in the 7th house (others) with the planetoid Chiron in the 1st house (self). Weight or drama concerning the 1st and 7th houses is a signature often found in cases of alien contact and abduction. There is a Fixed Grand Cross configuration consisting of Chiron Rx, Jupiter, Mercury and the Midheaven indicating a course of action that is virtually unstoppable. A T-Square consisting of a Mercury/Chiron Rx opposition squared by Jupiter (conjunct the cusp of the 4th house of endings and beginnings) with energies gravitating from the 1st to 7th out through the 3rd house focuses on bodily crisis, activated consciousness and "checking out." Another consideration is the Uranus/Chiron opposition. This aspect occurred numerous times between 1951 through 1988 and is often found in the charts of incidents involving airplanes and airplane accidents.

An important factor in discerning a case of this type is to examine any paranormal or ‘otherworldly' circumstances surrounding the Moon. The Moon serves as an additional source of identity in a chart. It represents how one feels about one seeks and finds in life. The conditions akin to the Moon alter beliefs, ideals and passions. In this chart the Moon rests at 28ºGemini 39' in the 2nd house. According to astrologer Ada Muir in her reference guide "The Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed", the Moon at this degree and sign refers to, "one who cooperates with the invisible forces knowing that all these things are possible." Very important is the fact that the Moon is Void of Course - ready to change signs and making no aspects. When the Moon is Void of Course, it is believed that conditions are ripe for paranormal events that defy logic among them time rifts, openings to parallel planes, and unexplained disappearances. There are three Fixed Stars conjunct the Moon, Betelguese, Menkalinan, and Polaris, indicating turbulence, restraint, danger, and violence. The Moon makes one major aspect which is a trine to the Sun in Libra in the 6th house designating a strong human life force poised to expend energy should survival become an issue.

How might the alien interlopers be described and what was their agenda? A quick look at the seventh house of ‘others' tells the tale. The sign on the 7th house cusp is Scorpio which suggests that the aliens were agents on a specific mission. Since there were fifty sighting testimonials by other individuals before and after the Valentich disappearance, consideration must also be given to the proposition that the alien craft engaged the Cessna because the Cessna was viewed as a trespasser and a threat to ‘something else' ... something unseen.

There are four planets in this house all occupying the sign of Scorpio: Mercury, Venus Rx, Mars, and Uranus. The latter three form a stellium - a formidable configuration of blended energies designating superiority in aviation. The stellium also indicates that the aliens were androgynous neither male nor female but housing both qualities. Mercury is conjunct Uranus which confers genius attuned to the "Universal Brain" and the ability to communicate telepathically. They exhibited scientific brilliance and were particularly interested in microcosmic forces. They were experimenters who found it necessary to prove everything and understand everything. Mars conjunct Uranus indicates that they used various forms of mechanical apparatus. They had a keen interest in the human nervous system, the human reproductive system, and in the nature of human creativity. As Mercury and Uranus oppose Chiron in the 1st house, the aliens viewed humans as oddly misshapen or ugly and as housing chaotic energy.

The planet Neptune rules disappearances. In this chart Neptune resides in the 8th house in Sagittarius. Neptune's influence from this house produces extreme sensitivity to and influence from undercurrents in the atmosphere. Neptune is squared by Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house of the Will indicating that Valentich was ‘taken over' by something powerful and unsympathetic. It also signals that he was thrust into another dimension giving rise to great anxiety. Since Neptune is exactly conjunct the Vertex point (experiences over which one has no control) by two minutes in the 8th house, he was a victim of bad timing ... in the wrong place at the wrong time. Saturn trines Chiron indicating a gross manipulation by something determined to have its own way. Neptune also sextiles Pluto in Libra in the 6th house indicating that the familiarity with the physical tangible world was dispensed as Valentich was thrust into the infinite reaches of outer space. If he is still alive, he probably exists in an alpha state of consciousness.

To date, Frederick Valentich and his Cessna aircraft have been missing for thirty years. The speculation surrounding his disappearance remains and this documented case continues to be one of the most baffling cases in UFO history.