Palinode Park

WELCOME to PALINODE PARK! – It’s time for a rhyme or maybe not. Poetry is refreshing and hits the spot. If prose is your thing then your heart will sing!


By Craig Hawthorne (UK)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

One day Mephistopheles came my way, I took a courteous bow and poked him in the eye,

And ran up to Eris, a cheeky wee lass, who raised her skirt in greeting,

I took her apple and gave it to Zoroaster, a serious chap, who needed to lighten up,

On to Shiva who shook my hand again and again and again,

I was finished with him, passed Buddha under his tree, waiting for Christ knows what,

Out of the corner of his eye old Horus did spy, me sneaking

Up to Persephone for I wanted a kiss from one who cannot die,

Jove came down from his mountain town to usher me away,

"Go play with Venus instead",

Tricky thought I for too many aspects has she, so off

To bug Quetzalcoatl, for a feathered snake must be seen,

But he wasn't home so I knocked on Isis's door. Osiris answered,

Said I "I hear your wife has a dress that has to be perceived",

He gave a chuckle, and shooed me on, past Hermes who exclaimed,

"No three times I said" and took poor Thoth's pen away, Krishna played,

As Artemis came my way to see if I would go hunting instead,

With you and Hu I would be pleased but Hades said "Sshh mine are sleeping"

So with that I sailed on Poseidon’s back whilst gazing up at Nut,

But Tiamat shook her coils, and threw me to shore,

Where Yahweh, Odin and Amun,

Were in deep discussion about all creation,

When stopped was I with a glint in my eye, by one I strained to see,

"I see your having fun with aspects of me" said it,

I fell from my feet, for it is not often you greet,

The All that is in All.





being flowing as...

S.entient energy

expanding as

I.ndissoluble light

reflecting as

M.onadic design

resolving as

P.erception grows

Expressing as




“Partir eu do Mar”

(“That I may depart from the Sea”)


Crested fingers caress the trodden strand

like an Olde Mother giving comfort to a babe.

The tide has risen and carried from memory

the dark secrets of the Sea.

Footfalls upon the sands of foreign shores,

busy ports teeming with life and lust.

Spoils divided amongst sweat and wine-

the sanguine contest ended by saber and cutlass.

The victor’s only excess to lay a bloodied brow

upon a supple breast and weep and rest

Until the Sea beckons...

Manifold journeys across an endless expanse,

every breath heaving in rhythm with the swell.

Leather muscles adorned with diamond spray,

salt on every lip, “Dios” on every tongue.

Ocean titans in vain display engage the volley,

timbers corrupted and torn by cannon blast.

In camaraderie they waste and fall-

those souls maligned of Poseidon.

The borrowed time of men

consumed hungrily by the watery abyss

And yet, the Sea beckons…

The surf summons ancient seasons to this shore,

mariner’s wisdom spent in the waves.

From the jetty the Sky and Sea become as one,

a muted view like so many spilled water colors.

The ship glides into the harbor, its sails exultant,

rays of the Sun dancing on her, crimson and gold.

I look out to the horizon from her proud deck-

eager to partake of the quest like those before me.

That I may depart the Sea

comes only at the hands of Fate.




“I Am Because You Are”

By Dr. Maria Nilsson (Egypt)

(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)


Born out of your radiant light

I am your harmonious opposite

made to forever protect you

made to forever keep the balance



As the first light illuminates the nocturnal darkness

you come forth from the horizon

reborn each morning from the sacred nest

rising as the proud morning sun

giving life to all once more

shining upon the still oh so silent landscape



As your struggles in Nun are over

returning to life in your victorious light

I am your nurturer

your eternal mother

forever providing a safe journey



As you proceed over the heavenly landscape

leaving the vulnerable phase of infancy

wandering from the protecting comfort of the Two Mountains

you assume your role as the most mighty of all

bringing life to the world of those who worship you

You become my equal



I am your Queen

your heavenly spouse

guiding you my divine eternal ruler

You my Lord is life itself

my brother, my husband, my equal



As the divine landscape changes color from bright light to orange purple

you become my sacred father

the wise master who holds the key to life and eternal existence

You my Lord is the creator of all things

Preparing once more to slay the mighty ones of the Underworld



And as you grow older, my Lord

I counteract you to protect you and keep you safe

I become your beloved daughter

I become your future and hope

I prepare for the endlessness battlefield

where I will fight for your survival



As you walk through the dark waters of Nun

I will shine for you

Illuminating all unknown

Providing your safety and eternally reincarnated manifestation



I am your mother

your spouse

your sister

your daughter

I am your eternal counterpart

bound to you by eternal force

I am because you are







By Gayle Eller (USA)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

She thought of you again today as she gazed across the moors

And listened for the lingering sounds of minstrels and troubadours.

The spells long since cast; the fates are sealed,

Yet, wounds are left unhealed.

The lady’s eyes unwittingly encompass no more tears to shed

For as a vacant vessel this world she now must jadedly tread.

Nineveve herself the ointment laid upon the heart so frail

And uttered the regretful words, “Tis all to no avail.”

This grievous hurt so unsuspectingly thrust upon the corporeal soul

Has the supremacy to mercilessly smolder as does the most recent coal.

The burning that deadens ardent passion from its rival- aching reason,

As does the varying pinnacle of each obliging season.

The harpers sing of things to come with the rotation of the leaf

And pray with fervor for a cure for their lady’s perpetual grief.

Nineveve herself the ointment laid upon the heart so frail

And uttered the remorseful words, “Tis all to no avail.”

The circular motion of the red blood threads upon the spiraling wheel

Spins ceaselessly echoing like the clamoring silence of the dusky twilight peal,

Joy lingers in affectionate memories that causes her heart to scream

Forever flowing as the substance from which is made the nightmarish dream.

Unkind imaginings fade and cease to breathe in an endless winded way

Only to manifest once more with the return of each resoundingly vibrant day.

Nineveve herself the ointment laid upon the heart so frail

And uttered the remorseful words, “Tis all to no avail.”

The turning of the season outside the casement lays

As the hues of emerald turn once more to crisper, colder days.

In her heart of hearts she perceives the voice of the one she holds so dear

For even in ashes which whirl and reel his wandering spirit is near,

Memories linger and remember times whose moments are not yet seen,

Whispering protection over recollections of ages that have not yet been.

Nineveve herself the ointment laid upon the heart so frail

And uttered the hopeful words, “Tis all to no avail.”


“Multi-Dimensional Universe”

By Jurgens Pieterse (South Africa)

(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

Three dimensions,

or maybe seven,

science says ten

how many dimensions of life?

opportunities abundant

experience infinite richness

possibilities limitless

potential inexhaustible

Dive into the depths

through meditation

rise in levitation

through positive intent

expand yourself

seize the moment

appreciate every second

for dimensions are infinite


without end







By Mac DePrey (USA)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

promenading about

with as much direction

as a gypsy

sensing time and space


the ALL in the ALL

numbing disconnect

fusing the sacred spiral

unfolding in your hand
how do I explain?

how do I explain?

how do I explain?

the sensations in my heart

yearning for the vail

to be ripped off – forever

attuned presence with synchro-destiny

pirate the façade

what is fake, is always fake

who, what, when, where, why, how

does any of it matter?

back and fourth,

the ALL, the source, “perception”



sensing and perceiving

without uttering a sound

the waves move in rhythm

to the glory abound

your thoughts become your world

you control your thoughts

you control your world

your presence affects the ALL

shunning society with scorns of love

is everyone still asleep?

trying to love, but you cannot be confined

how can this be allowed?

walking, feeling the warmth of the ground

too captivated to turn around

as the moon shines and guides your path

do you dare go back? do you dare go back?

the perfect death is the perfect life

no worry, mainly lots of flow

my hidden daemons have long been dealt with

now I rest, and wait




“Xeno’s Lenses”

By the “Skywriter” – Loni Haas


Xeno pulled The Book down from the shelf-

Dusted it clean

So he could read to himself.


The tome was old-

With yellowing pages

Scribed peculiar

By sages and mages.


The cover hand tooled-

Of fine crafted leather

A voluminous read

Yet light as a feather.


The symbols arcane-

The drawings elite

Deciphering it now

Would be quite a feat.


Xeno was undaunted-

He knew he had skill

Knowledge he had plenty

But of arcanus, NIL.


So he read-

From dusk til dawn

Assimilating power

Between every yawn.


His brain became full-

With each page he turned

Xeno growing excited

By what he had learned.


Now came the test-

To put into action

The gift of The Book

With no distraction.


In a make shift lab-

Xeno did not waver

And fashioned some lenses

Through painstaking labor.


By light of the Moon-

And planetary calculation-

A dash of Alchemy

Magick spells and incantation ...


Xeno cast into frames-

This odd set of lenses

That sparkled and flashed

Amplifying the senses.


The time had come-

Xeno donned the glasses

The vision was clear

Yet penetrated all masses.


The ground fell away-

The landscape had shifted

Into multiple dimensions

Xeno was lifted.


Pulled through time-

Each phase blended

Blurred and bent

Twisted and upended.


Xeno's brain vibed-

Open and invaded

Information absorbed

Saturated, pervaded.


Into space and non time-

One dimension, then another

No control, no feelings

No sense of any other.


To the seat of creation-

The beginning of beginnings

Face to face with the source

No underpinnings.


Then with no warning-

Once again it began

Through plane upon plane

A time caravan.


Back through space and place-

While history resounded

Now in the present

Xeno's feet feeling grounded.


Surroundings now familiar-

Glasses ripped from his face

Xeno looked about nervously

And started to pace.


His ears ringing loudly-

His body quite shaken

Memory too clear

Of the trip he had taken.


Xeno put The Book back on the shelf-

Laughing madly - it was all in  vain

Cringing and clutching in the corner

Xeno had gone quite insane.


*Inquisitor factus quaesita*


You can write your own moral...