Natural Coincidence

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature because she's likely to make a fool of you! Does Nature have an uncanny way of providing supernatural insight to our everyday lives? Here are some rather strange proofs of synchronicity at its best so expect the ludicrous, jocular, and just plain amazing.

On the morning of February 9, 1979, Carol Alspaugh of Grand Rapids, Michigan looked out her kitchen window to see this strange icicle sculpture of what appeared to be a deformed hand hanging from the house gutters. She took it as an omen since her sister was scheduled for hand surgery that day. Surgery was unable to take place since the surgeons felt it was risky because of a new injury her sister had recently sustained to her arm ... from a falling icicle!



When a Runemaster moved into her new home, she found the rune Ehwaz had been carved into the newly poured concrete at the top of the driveway. In Runeology, Ehwaz is the rune of her birthday and also means "new dwelling places" and "improvement." The natural crack that formed over the years contains the rune Ing which encourages "success." She was able to open a successful home business. 



In Numerology the letters of the word APPLE add up to the number 5. If you cut an apple in half horizontally, the seeds in the apple form a five pointed star pattern. In Ancient Wisdom, the five pointed star is associated with the Sacred Feminine and the planet Venus. In astrology, Venus is the planetary ruler of the apple! 

elephantbutt.jpgIs this the backside of a shy little elephant? No. it is a natural formation that resides in Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico. Natural forms such as this are known as Simulacra or "Lusus Naturae - Jokes of Nature." A simulacrum occurs when Nature creates images that look like something else. This can manifest in cloud images or among rock and earth formations or in water or fire or any other surface such as walls and floors. Simulacra are usually found unexpectedly as in the photo below that was taken during a nature walk. Oddly enough the photographer had been engrossed in a study of UFOs the day prior to taking the photo. 



Note any resemblance? Still more interesting is the light and shadow play on the ground to the right of the leaf which is a bit difficult to see but has been outlined below to show yet another alien face. 




More simulacra. Do the Aspen trees (left) in Colorado really have eyes? Is there an alien face hidden in this tree (right)?
eggs.gifOmelets anyone? For several days in December 1974, it rained eggs on a primary school in Workingham, Berkshire, England. It has been reported that eggs fell from clear skies on those days. Claims that the eggs fell from an aircraft were not substantiated. It is amusing however that the name of the school is Keep Hatch.

The master collector of anomalous phenomena, Charles Hoy Fort spent much of his life researching such events and often declared that "anything" could fall from the sky. Fort was unknown in his day but resurgence in and appreciation for his research and theories began in 1947 fifteen years after his death.


Is this Nature's way of showing us what REALLY goes on when humans are not paying attention?



In ancient philosophies, spiders are believed to hold jurisdiction over all forms of writing and communication. There is an old superstition that claims if a spider writes your name or initials in its web things may or may not bode well! Garden spiders in particular are known for creating zig-zag patterns in their webs. This spider seems to have a strong affinity for the letters "M" and "W" which is not unusual patterning but would it surprise you if you found out that the photographer's initials were M. W.? Hmmm... perhaps the spider was trying to tell M.W. to bug off!