My Name is Zandor

Anyone who has done any type or mode of behavioral counseling for a number of years is sure to have an offbeat tale about a client or two who was most ‘unusual' in nature. I am not speaking of those who have serious psychological disorders but seemingly normal everyday folks who are good citizens holding above average jobs and/or positions in society. In my experience, I have been confronted with my share of people who believe they have been seeded or touched by alien life forms. It is not my intention to refute these claims but to share with you my experiences while having conversations with "Alien Types." I do so with respect for their inter-dimensional experiences

To date, only two types of Alien genetics have been brought to my attention during consultation sessions. The majority lies among those who believe they are Pleiadian by genetic design and a lesser number believe themselves to be Arcturian. While considering Pleiadian genetics and/or influences, it did cross my mind that perhaps some of these clients might have been greatly affected on a deep psychological level by the popular books written in the 1990's by Barbara Marciniak which were based on her alleged personal experiences with the Pleiadian culture. With reference to these books, some of the people I know who read them had some sort of strange experience connected to them. This includes words shifting and/or disappearing on the pages while being read, interesting references that cannot be found again once read, messages that only appear to certain individuals, and whole volumes independently displacing themselves from one location to another. People who did not know one another personally reported having identical weird experiences such as shared analogies that did not appear to anyone else. A perfectly sane acquaintance of mine who works for the penal system could not find her copy of the second book in the series for several days. She remembered exactly where she left it and remembering closing the book. When the book reappeared, she found it in the middle of her bed opened and ready to read. I offer no explanation for any of these circumstances but do find them fascinating. I must also add that not all of those claiming to be of Pleiadian descent were cognizant of these books so this rules out a percentage of belief connected to mass hysteria or mass influence.

By general consensus, it is believed that both of these cultures operate from the highest vibration of love and function to assist mankind with the raising of vibrational frequencies. The Pleiadians are thought to be moving humankind from the 3rd to 4th dimensions of reality while the Arcturians assist humankind in entering the 4th dimension and then the 5th dimension. An interesting facet connected to those who believed their alien seed to be reactivated is a surge of creativity that places them on a new path. These people often spend a great deal of time hand drawing alien forms or engaging computer graphic depictions. I have seen examples of both cases and the artistry is very unique and often quite beautiful. A subdivision of this creative group consists of those who also found themselves acquainted with new healing energies that they employed with success. The healing light was described as ranging from soft blue to neon blue.

What else is known about these two inter-dimensional groups? Pleiadians are thought to hail from the Pleiades (although there is current information out there that refutes this claim) which is a small cluster of stars belonging to the constellation Taurus. There are seven stars in the cluster the brightest of which is the Fixed Star Alcyone. In astrology, this star equates with vision or the lack of it. This fits the Pleiadian theme, which is to help mankind move towards a higher spiritual destiny. The Pleiadians are humanoid in appearance often described as blonde or brunette and fair. They are believed to be the record keepers of the Earth and the caretakers of the Earth's complete history from human evolution to the present time. The Pleiades has always been an honored group of stars throughout occult history. For example, the temples on the Acropolis in Greece were aligned to the rising of the Pleiades.

The Arcturians hail from Arcturus, which is the brightest Fixed Star in the constellation Bootes. In astrology, the Fixed Star Arcturus represents guarding, learning, teaching, and leading the people as new life styles are embraced. The Arcturians are thought to have a 7th dimension vibration and are also held to work with the Ascended Masters, which they refer to as the Brotherhood. They are highly technological and are said to have the most advanced starships of all cosmic cultures. The Arcturian formula for living is love and they are the guardians and protectors of the Higher Consciousness of the Universe. The late great Edgar Cayce is quoted as saying, "Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in the entire galaxy." In some schools of thought, The Arcturian civilization is thought to be the prototype of the Earth's future. In appearance, the Arcturians are described as very short - three to four feet high with a greenish pallor. They have large dark brown or black almond shaped eyes and three fingers. They communicate telepathically, can move objects telekinetically, and live to the age 150-400 years old. For those of you who are chuckling at the last statement, might I remind you and refer you to the Bible, which states very clearly that mankind once lived to these ages as well.

As an astrological group study, the charts in common reflect some of the same characteristics. The stronger case charts have either Uranus conjunct the Ascendant from the twelfth house side or Neptune in the first house and/or conjunct the Ascendant. These are tricky positions especially with challenging aspects because while they both represent a quest for higher spiritual identity, they also can signify illusionary tendencies based on neurotic motivation. Those with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant often live unusual lives and have an ability to tap into superconscious levels of knowledge from a variety of sources. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant can actually manifest as an ‘otherworldly' appearance and these people often speak and act in ways that is difficult for others to understand or challenge. These natives literally have ‘hypnotic' eyes in many cases. In many of these cases, I have also observed some lack of objectivity based upon the belief that the alien genetics or influence is superior to and exclusive of anything else. This is strictly a human condition for neither the Pleiadians or the Arcturians harbor superiority in any form... all are equal.

To a lesser extent, I have also found either Uranus or Neptune in the seventh or tenth houses sometimes conjunct the angles of these houses. With the seventh house, contact there is strong attraction to the arcane and a propensity for strange occurrences. These placements often occur in "close encounters" with or without contact. When these planets conjunct the Midheaven (10th house cusp) particularly from the 9th house side, there is a feeling of ‘mission' and a great need to attain higher spirituality so contact with or exposure to alien or inter-dimensional beings who offer a means to an end would be the ultimate.

So, are we to assess that Uranus and Neptune are key to contact or a clue to alien genetics or are these planetary influences simply aggravating a propensity for delusion of grandiose proportions? In consideration of these observations, it must be remembered that Uranus and Neptune are very high vibratory planets. They are the Higher Octaves of the planets Mercury, which represents the intellect, and Venus, which represents love. These are the two paths through which the Pleiadians and the Arcturians reach us and teach us. Certainly not everyone with any of these placements is going to have an alien or inter-dimensional experience but it does seem to be common ground for contact.

In truth, I have never spoken to anyone who told me his or her alien name was Zandor but you must admit it did make for a catchy title didn't it? You're probably also wondering if I consider myself to be of alien descent. To be perfectly honest, I never thought much about it until a psychic volunteered the information years ago that I was an Arcturian whose star moniker is Li Li. This was certainly flattering but I still take it all with a grain of salt although it might be a real hoot to get behind the navigation device of one of those starships and go for a test drive!

Live long and prosper ...