Made For Each Other

So, you’ve found that perfect someone and your friends are urging you to check in with an astrologer about the relationship and the compatibility quotient before you get in any deeper. You think about it but then begin to experience some reservations because you fear the astrologer is going to tell you to “run for the hills!” This is something that you don’t want to hear yet somehow you know that it might be worth it to find out more about that “human embodiment of perfection” you adore. 

Real astrology is about finding balanced solutions for dealing with situations and people. Psychology 101 tells us that “who” we are attracted to is strictly a psychological matter and while this is certainly true, it is not a full equation. Relationship Astrology does not discriminate … it does not care about age difference, sexual gender preference, or racial preference. Astrology tells us that we are attracted to those who round us out as an individual and help us to fulfill Karma so our Souls can achieve growth in this particular life adventure. Astrology is a very accurate and useful tool for helping us understand another individual be it friend, lover, life partner, parent, child or even a boss on the psychological, emotional, and intellectual levels. When we understand how we react and interact with someone else we become equipped for equipoise and harmony and able to achieve common ground which promotes healthy communication and allows us to deal with the core essence of the any matter that challenges us. Does this mean that astrology is the magic pill that can turn EVERY relationship into “la-de-da pie in the sky” wonderful by supplying means to circumvent the sometimes harsh realities and disappointments we all experience at one time or another? Let’s face it, not every relationship is meant to be BUT astrology does reveal the TRUTH of co-existence. Forgive this bit of a corny play on words but “the astrological truth can set you free”… one way or another!

So, what exactly does an astrologer analyze when comparing the energies of two individuals?

The Individual NATIVITIES

All good astrology starts with analysis of the NATAL CHART and relationship analysis is no exception. A NATAL CHART or NATIVITY is a basic map of where all astral bodies were posited at the time of an individual’s birth. It is a guide to the personality and carries the “potentials” of an entire life. In relationship analysis, it gives the astrologer a good view of an individual’s propensity to love and be loved. Transits and progressions show how current life events and life cycles are affecting an individual and if the time is ripe for love and commitment.


A Synastry is an astrological study of human relationships. The word “Synastry” is derived from an ancient Greek term meaning “similarity of stars.” A Synastry is an inter-chart comparison between two individuals. This means that all of the aspects that occur between the two charts come under scrutiny for their energetic propensities to produce ease and harmony known as soft aspects OR for challenge and block known as hard aspects. Astrologers use the Synastry to discern, compare and to view the causes of crisis and impetus for growth that can exist between two people.

A perfect Synastry does not exist just as a perfect human being does not exist. An astrologer looks for balance when analyzing a Synastry between hard and soft aspects. Too much ease provided by many soft aspects would make a relationship boring and complacent. Too many hard aspects can cause volatility or propensity for control. The best combination of aspects grants stability with just enough spice to keep things interesting. In every relationship, the interplay of human nature requires adjustments and compromises if the relationship is to function and flourish. The benefit of the information provided by Synastry analysis should not be used to deem a relationship good or bad but rather to glean knowledge for the most positive interaction possible. Much light can be shed on the deeper ramifications of an initial attraction and whether it has the capacity to grow into a meaningful and healthy proposition. The propensity for longevity and stability can also be discerned. Most importantly, since the problems in most relationships tend to sustain themselves at an unconscious level, the Synastry can prove to be an invaluable tool for opening the door to conscious development and growth because it pinpoints the emotional and psychological factors inherent in human exchange.


A Composite chart is actually a hypothetical chart that is calculated by using the midpoints of the inter-chart planets in the Synastry thus forming a chart of the “relationship.” An astrologer will look for balance between the Synastry which tells you how you get along on all levels with someone else, and the Composite which relays how the relationship is likely to play out. The astrologer will study the basic composite to tap into the flavor of the relationship and the potential for partnership. The Composite has proven itself to be a very effective tool of discernment and of understanding a relationship and its perspective gives the individuals involved a bit more control to alter or repair issues that would have been left undone due to lack of awareness. The Composite map has its own set of rules for planetary placements and aspect interplay. It is an invaluable template of the future.


Many astrologers like to include certain asteroids in relationship analysis as they add a bit more depth or often provide a different tilt on regular analysis. Some of the asteroids that are often used are Cupido, Eros and Amor. Sappho is often considered in Gay relationships.

Cupido is named after that infamous mythological arrow shooting cherub Cupid. Those who have been struck by Cupid’s arrow tend to become besotted with love and desire for their intended and whether or not this means “intended victim” or “intended idol” depends much on the cosmic condition of Cupido in a natal chart and in an inter-chart Synastry of those involved. Let’s remember that in mythology Cupid was the son of Venus or Aphrodite the Goddess of Love so his intentions when he takes aim at a hapless human can lead to some pretty complicated situations when it comes to matters of the heart. For example, Cupido connecting with the planet Saturn can represent bondage or confinement, often self imposed, because the idolizer is often acting as a martyr or an enabler just asking for heartache. While this is often a temporary situation it can be very disconcerting until reason and reality are restored. Conversely, Cupido connecting with the benefic planet Jupiter can signify release and freedom of choice, happiness and joy in a relationship be it old or new. So, regardless of your current status concerning Cupido remember a few things… the word “cupidity” is derived from the legendary god Cupid and it equates with carnal desire, greed and covetousness. Too much of a good thing can be unhealthy indeed.

Eros defines unconscious instinctual sexual drive and eroticism. In other words it defines what turns you on via whom or what is sexually attractive to you. It is a good indicator of sexual spontaneity and the emotional response needed to consummate earthy desires. Acting as a type of “vitality meter” certain expressions of Eros can manifest as blocked sexuality and low physical drive such as when it I being adversely affected by Mars, Saturn or Pluto. ON the other hand, supportive energy from planets like Mars or Pluto can indicate a veritable love machine! Wowza!!!

Amor is a Roman god of Love who represents the lofty principle of “platonic love.” The energy of Amor is expressed as loving kindness and compassion that houses no judgment and expects nothing in return. In many ways Amor is somewhat of a good will ambassador who provides selfless service to others. One of the important factors concerning the energy of Amor is that it is a good indicator of how an individual is capable of lending support both emotionally and physically to another person which is necessary in a good relationship and human exchange.

Sappho was actually a Sixth Century B.C. Greek poetess who died because of unrequited love. In astrology she represents not only artistic sensitivity but also romantic sensitivity. Emotions of all kinds are associated with Sappho and include everything from sexual pain to ecstasy. All types of love-conjugal and non conjugal, heterosexual, gay, single, multiple and even maternal are represented by Sappho. More importantly the power to heal through love by facing how love is presented in one’s life is the gift of Sappho. When Sappho is adversely affected in a chart, the energy can manifest as emotional difficulties in sexuality and love due to lack of honesty within the self regarding the fulfillment of true needs and desires.

For those individuals who are interested in the deeper esoteric meanings of relationships such as possible shared past life experiences, some astrologers who specialize in this genre can also offer a third type of Synastry chart.


There are different ways of calculating a Karmic Synastry depending upon the specialization of the astrologer. The astrological method used by STAR LOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS for the Karmic Synastry is based on an ancient Middle Eastern procedure encompassing reincarnation. In this process, it is believed that a soul is reincarnated into successive lifetimes until it has been karmically and spiritually purged of all desires through archetypical experiences expressed within the Zodiac. This analysis involves a good deal of hand calculated aspects and  a comparative of points including those of the South Node, Fixed Stars, pre natal eclipses, the Vertex/Anti Vertex Points, Nodal essences, retrograde planets, and Arabian Parts. Generally speaking, there are roughly 125 comparative points or more to discern.

A Karmic Synastry uncovers the subliminal nuances that underscore any type of significant relationship. These undercurrents are often hidden and tied to Karmic lessons.

Relationships are one of the gifts of life. All relationships, whether we perceive them as positive or negative, exist for a reason … evolutionary soul growth. Karmic relationships provide awareness by stripping away any illusions connected to old Karmic baggage. Karmic relationships are often described as “unavoidably irresistible.” This is because each individual sees in the other the capacity for help or assistance with the resolution of old Karmic issues. Residual memories of a past life can be so strong that an individual will seek or attract similar relationship themes in the current lifetime. These relationships may be viewed as fact finding expeditions used for collection of information that will be valuable at some future time in the resolution or closure of karmic signature.

Why is karmic analysis important? If one believes the basic tenants of reincarnation then it is easy to accept and understand that every single experience in life is representative of a choice made on a Soul level in order to gain wisdom and thus perfect the essence of the Spirit. When an individual seeks individual personal or relationship karmic analysis, he or she is seeking to improve the quality of life by gaining more insight into what makes them and others “tick.” On a very intimate and innate level it is already understood that all of us learn karma a few steps at a time through a series of lessons that transcend from one lifetime or one human existence to another. Karma is not always difficult but rather reflects our human capacity for give and take in any given lifetime. Based upon this capacity, many of us carry residual energies for good or ill from one space of existence into another. Through higher spiritual understanding, we can break the old habits and open the door to true expression which brings us greater happiness and a closer connection to God or Source. Indeed, this makes our karmic obligation for give and take much easier.

I have personally found the Karmic Synastry to be invaluable in instances where two people literally “can’t stand one another” despite all efforts to change the energy between them. This is often not just tied to “old” situations or experiences but has to do with the essence of the individual Soul, how it is trying to grow, and the Karmic Contract that has been struck between the two individuals and whether it will or will not be fulfilled in this lifetime.

With all of this wonderful and useful information available, who would not want to pursue it? The TRUTH and a good astrological analysis can set you free!