Lunar Lore


Great importance has always been placed upon the Moon and the influence of Lunar energies upon the Earth and mankind. Even the legends of "Luna" have a basis in truth. Here are some assorted Moon Marvels that should cultivate curiosity. 


The Goddess Energy In You...

Many people who are familiar with astrology know that part of the personality is reflected by the sign the natal Moon occupies but the actual phase of the Moon at birth also relates to the personality and is further influenced by "Goddess Energy." Traditionally, historically and culturally there are many deities who are associated with the Moon and the following is short list of those connections. (Moon phase information connected to one's birth data can usually be found in an Ephemeris either online or published or via an astrologer.) 

What does the phase of your Birth Moon say about your personality? 



NEW MOON (0-45 degrees ahead of Sun): Impulsive, naïve, and aggressive, you want to make your mark upon the world. Personal vision is the driving force that seeds the future. Remember to remain objective and appreciate the ideas of others.





CRESCENT MOON (45-90 degrees ahead of Sun): Confident and self assured, you love to challenge established order and the status quo. Action is your sword but you will not wield it well if you become frustrated by lack of momentum.




FIRST QUARTER MOON (90-135 degrees ahead of Sun): You are eager to grasp life by the forelock and display excellent leadership qualities. You love the new and have little use for the old. Be mindful of naturally egocentric responses and need for power plays.



GIBBOUS MOON (135-180 degrees ahead of Sun): You are introspective and concerned with personal growth and self expression. You are curious, intellectual, and analytical focusing your energies towards a specific goal. Make sure your purpose is well defined.




FULL MOON (180-135 degrees behind Sun): You are open with your emotional responses and can use the great clarity of your mind to integrate with the collective forces. Balance is key for you - without it you will not implement your ideals.



DISSEMINATING MOON (135-190 behind Sun): You are a great assimilator of perceptions, ideas and revelations capable of synthesizing all knowledge into a cohesive format. Your power of inspiration makes you a great teacher or crusader - just avoid fanaticism.




THIRD QUARTER MOON: (90-45 degrees behind Sun): Your personal commitment to ideals is based on integrity and principle. You often feel alienated from the masses but have a pioneering destiny to fulfill. Don't let a vulnerability to criticism hold you back.



BALSAMIC MOON: 45-0 degrees behind Sun): You are future oriented with a sense of mission. You may be required to make personal sacrifices to achieve glory.

The Lunar Zodiac... 

lunarzodiac.jpgBy now you've probably heard of the 13th sign of the Real Solar Zodiac known as Ophiuchus but did you know that here is a Lunar Zodiac that some archeologists believe predates any Solar Zodiac of antiquity? The Lunar or "Moon Zodiac" has been proposed by several researchers including American James Vogh. His greatest piece of evidence is a mosaic tile (pictured above) from a Jewish Gnostic synagogue, Beth Alpha, in Jezreel Valley in Israel. The tile depicts the regular Solar signs as they are understood by most cultures however Vogh claims the tile has been obviously altered to eliminate a thirteenth section and sign that he believes fell between the signs of Taurus and Gemini. In the middle of the tile sits a spider like depiction of Arachne a Cretan spider goddess with thirteen items in her headdress and the Moon over her left shoulder. Vogh claims that this is the 13th sign of the Moon Zodiac. He goes on further to state that this spider goddess, the well known Moon goddess of folklore and the universal Earth mother are one and the same. For more information on Vogh's theories, his book on the subject is Arachne Rising: the Thirteenth Sign.

Moon Phases and the Paranormal... 


Did you know that the energy connected to paranormal events is often connected to the phase of the Moon.

NEW MOON: (0-45 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies may be impulsive, and aggressive, wanting "attention." There is a "reach out and touch response" where investigators sometimes feel a brush, tickle, or pressure from unknown sources.

BLACK MOON: (Second NEW MOON in the course of a single calendar month): Highly occult energy that opens a portal to other dimensions including everything from the Faerie Kingdom to the Realm of the Ascended Masters as well as the spectral world. Altered states of awareness and higher consciousness are present.

CRESCENT MOON: (45-90 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies may seem to occur in "slow motion" because they are subject to a lack of momentum.

FIRST QUARTER MOON: (90-135 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies are "challenging" and looking for a "power-up."

GIBBOUS MOON: (135-180 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies are strong, moving toward full response and very perceivable.

FULL MOON: (180-135 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies are in "full" response and a variety of conditions are possible. The most powerful occult situations occur during the Full Moon.

DISSEMINATING MOON: (135-190 behind Sun): Occult energies are "perceivable" but may be hard to pin down.

THIRD QUARTER MOON: (90-45 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies will try to "alienate" or hide themselves from the environment and contact although they are still perceivable.

BALSAMIC MOON: (45-0 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies are not in full response and may show up erratically in a teasing fashion. A variety of conditions are possible.

VOID OF COURSE MOON: The Moon makes no aspects while in transition of changing signs. The occult energies are "open" to any conditions. A Void Of Course Moon is often active during restored scenes, residual play-backs or time warps.

BLUE MOON: (If a second Full Moon occurs in the same month): Troubled energies. Investigators will be confronted with full response energies but are very likely to have more than normal problems with equiptment, team members and the spirits themselves!

By sign:

ARIES: Spirits can be temperamental, angry or boisterous such as in poltergiest attack. Physical harm can come to investigators.

AURUS: Spirits will hold their ground and may force expulsion or not allow entry. ("Get Out!")

GEMINI: Spirits are communicative-good for detection of messages by EVP or spirit to light meter response.

CANCER : Spirit activity is tied to residual emotion. Spirits might respond to mediums they feel are understanding.

LEO: Spirit activity can be playful or pushy. Full spectromatic color or tones may be visible in manifestation. Restored scenes can play out like a motion picture.

VIRGO: Dark colored or indefinite spectors. Investigators can experinece sickness or nausea during investigations due to residual energies or warnings.

LIBRA: Good for investigation of haunted objects such as furniture, artwork or personal belongings.

SCORPIO: Lower realm entities or demonics can be present. Good for investigation of cemeteries and matters connected to the dead. Also good for investigation using psychometry.

SAGITTARIUS: Good for exploration of layered spiritual realms and getting to the truth of unsolved mysteries.

CAPRICORN: Good for investigation in churchyards, mortuaries, enclosed, underground or dark places and for contact with those who have recently passed over.

AQUARIUS: Good for detection results with high tech paranormal equiptment. Investigators may experience a touch or brush sensation from spirits.

PISCES: Spiritual channels/floodgates are open - good for release of spirits to a higher realm and seances.



The wisdom of Romany tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Keen observation of human behavior and heavenly influence on life itself provides insight that cannot be ignored for the accuracy of the Romany is legendary.

Gypsy divination tools are simple such as sticks, stones, knives, needles, cards, and dice. Interpretation of the weather, the actions of animals, a person's body marks and moles and hands AND last but not least the phases of the great nocturnal light - La Luna bear uncanny truth.

What does the phase of the Moon relating to your birth say about you?


"You will have a long life."
  • During the first 24 hours - A lucky life.
  • The 2nd Day - An exceptionally lucky life.
  • The 3rd Day - Important and influential friends.
  • The 4th Day - An up and down life with luck then reverses.
  • The 5th OR 6th Day- Pride will be your downfall.
  • The 7th Day - You must keep your wishes secret if you want them to manifest.

"You will accomplish more than your parents."

  • The 1st Day - Great prosperity.
  • The 2nd Day - An easy life.
  • The 3rd Day - Wealth comes through travel.
  • The 4th OR 5th Day - Great charm.
  • The 6th Day - Easy success.
  • The 7th Day - Many friends and acquaintances.


"Doggedness and focus will help you overcome difficulties."
  • The 1st Day - Success on another continent.
  • The 2nd Day - Success in business.
  • The 3rd Day - Success through using intuition.
  • The 4th Day - Great bravery.
  • The 5th Day - Be very careful with money and resources.
  • The 6th OR 7th Day - Great strength.

"You will be honest and affectionate."

  • The 1st OR 2nd Day - You are happiest at home.
  • The 3rd Day - Dependable.
  • The 4th Day - Sensitive and empathic.
  • The 5th Day - Capacity to make an ideal parent.
  • The 6th OR 7th Day - Able to acquire money or non-material wealth via loyalty. 





There's a Man in the Moon and he's made of green cheese -

And if you lose something he'll snatch it with ease -

For everyone knows all things lost end up on the Moon -

Never to be returned anytime soon -

So as you gaze at the lunar light -

Lock up your goods and keep them out of sight!


There are many strange and humorous superstitions connected to the Moon. Here are some of the most amusing...

  • A form of madness known as being "moonstruck" will occur if you sleep under the light of the Moon.

  • A great cure for warts is to wash your hands in a metal basin by Moonlight .

  • Blowing nine times on a wart during a Full Moon will make it go away.

  • A good time to cut your hair is when the Moon is waxing. It is especially beneficial if the waxing Moon is in the sign of Leo or Aquarius. Make sure the day is not Friday.

  • It is considered very unlucky to point at the Moon.

  • If you make a wish while looking at a New Moon your wish will come true by the end of the year.

  • It is bad luck to bury a body or dig a grave during a New Moon.

  • It is lucky to see a Crescent Moon over your left shoulder or a New Moon over your right shoulder.

  • Two Full Moons (the second occurrence known as a Blue Moon) in the same month means the following month will have severe weather.

  • Being married during a Full Moon is very fortuitious.

  • Children born under a Full Moon grow to be very strong.

  • Women who stare at a Full Moon or lay down under its light will become pregnant and give birth to a monster (most likely a werewolf).

  • Never try to commit robbery on the third day of a Full Moon - you'll fail!

  • Looking the Moon through glass or through tree limbs is bad luck.

  • Lovers who cross the Moon line together will never marry.

  • If you carry silver coins in your pocket and turn them over during the light of a New Moon you'll never want for anything.

  • The Full Moon is the best time for curing illness.

  • All lost items that remain unfound are stored on the Moon.