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Levity Lane

WELCOME to LEVITY LANE! – The air is sweet as you walk down the street with a smile on your face and humor to embrace!

If you love cats or just a little Zen try this!

"THE TAO OF MEOW … Purrrfect Peace"

“I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the ability to produce food which they take for granted – but his or her entertainment value.”
                                                                                                       ~ Geoffrey Household

I am the human companion of two Master Taoist cats. I have learned not to say “owner” or even “caregiver” because they are smarter and far more spiritual than I. Ponder this …

Cats are telepathic with extraordinary abilities. They can read your mind before you even speak which is probably why they zone you out most of the time. Cats know the value of simplicity. If you want their attention all you have to do is call out the idiotic name you’ve probably given them and then they’ll decide whether or not what you’re blithering about has any value that can enhance their “being.” Cats know how to be at peace. They will sit on sunny windowsill or bask outside all day on a rock and meditate in perfect harmony with the Creator. Cats know how to pay attention and have radar that never misses anything while you bluster about reacting instead of observing. “Foolish human,” thinks the cat, “Does he not know the value of non-action can bring him closer to the Creator?” Cats don’t concern themselves with the trappings of ego either. When they bring you a “present” which generally consists of some sort of prey, they don’t expect you to thank them or praise them. They simply twitch their tails and walk away because they understand the true meaning of generosity and giving.

Clip from Dharma The Cat

The twelve levels or "virtues" of Taoist Cats...


Mantra: "Life is a battleground - don't skulk, meet challenge head-on with right action."


WU-WEI (Action through non-action --- Ya Think?!)

Mantra: "Pause in your deliberations and enjoy creature comforts."



Mantra: "To be heard, let your speech reflect good humor and less seriousness."



Mantra: "The world can be cruel and impersonal, treat others with compassion."



Mantra: "Be the superstar that you are."


Mantra: "Do all things in moderation. Keep your body and your space clean."


Mantra: "Be compliant, tactful and resolute."




Mantra: "Be free, be happy, get outdoors and play."



Mantra: "Climb to the heights but don't be attached to outcomes."



Mantra: "Be an original."



Mantra: "Be prayerful, respectful and grateful.”

"Reality Girl" … Living In An Archetypal World


Please read to the tune of Madonna’s classic hit Material Girl.

Some ideas miss me, some ideas bug me
I think that’s O.K.
If they don't give me proper insight
I just walk away …

They can evade and they can persuade
But I can't see the “light”, that's right
'Cause the concept with cold hard trash
Is always seeming right, 'cause we are


We are living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl
You know that we are living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl …

Some things mystify, some things amplify
That's all right with me
If they can't raise my vibration then I
Have to let them be…

Some symbols try and some symbols lie but
I just let them play
Only oddities that make a point
Make my spiritual day, 'cause they are

Living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl
You know that we are living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl …

Symbols may come and symbols may go
And that's all right you see
Experience has made me rich
And now they're clear to me, 'cause everybody's
Living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl
You know that we are living in an archetypal world
And I am a reality girl …

An archetypal, an archetypal, an archetypal, an archetypal world … (fade out)


“A Halo and Two Horns”

My Conscience told me not to do it -
But I did it anyway.
My Spirit said, "Revolution equals Evolution" -
"10 more Soul points earned today!"
My Consciousness said, "Find the balance ...
What you give is what you'll get."
Logic piped, "You'll look like a damned fool!"
Karma replied, "And don't you know you'll add a debt?"

My Defiance said, "Who cares?"
"I did what I deemed right" -
My Ego backed it all the way -
My Pride stepped in the fight.
My Memory showed me similar times -
When human judgment failed.
Pictures replayed in my mind -
How easy was the Path derailed.
I fretted over choices made-
 Burdens, disappointments, intimidated by Self scorns-
Until My Humor smiled and said, "NO worries spark ...
Every Soul who's ever born, sports a Halo and Two Horns!"




Meet Pfft. For a long time Pfft was very morose because he felt stupid. He greatly admired his friends who seemed to possess knowledge and he marveled at their intricately detailed discussions about all sorts of topics. One day, Pfft decided to see just how stupid he really was so he went online and found a stupid test.


To his great surprise, Pfft found out that he was only 11% stupid which meant he was pretty darn smart! So Pfft made a decision. He decided to study Metaphysics because it was the one thing none of his friends seemed to know much about. If he could become knowledgeable enough he might even be able to answer those questions to which they had no answers and he could find his rightful place amongst his peers. He bought a few recommended "beginner" tomes and after reading those decided that Metaphysics was indeed a great way to become even smarter! Eventually one thing led to another and before he was through he had studied many great works - philosophy, ontology, cosmology, epistemology, alchemy, astrology, numerology, psychology, hypno therapy, holographic universalism, sacred geometry, angelics, demonics, auras, ufology, inter-dimensionality, parapsychology, psychic phenomena, reincarnation, spirituality, theosophy, all religions, Wicca, paganism, Universal Law, Quantum physics, the Divine, the non-Divine, secret societies, conspiracy theories, the above abnormal, sub normal, below normal, anything and everything that ended in "ism" and even Dr. Seuss just to name a few. Pfft had become a veritable fountain of esoteric knowledge. He was a walking encyclopedia who had mastered the secrets of the Universe. He amazed and enthralled his friends who had begun to call him Guru. He never questioned anything because he knew it all and even better he had the proof and why not? ... he'd read all the books, seen all the movies, taken all the classes and listened to all the lectures. He wore hard cold fact like a badge. He ruled, he was the grand maestro, he was the KING ... no one had it over Pfft. Nothing surpassed his knowledge except perhaps his Ego.

One day on his way to give a sold out demand performance lecture, he saw a little girl sitting under a tree. She was intently thumbing through a large cumbersome book. When she saw him walking by she said:

"I know you! You are Mr. Pfft. You have all the answers to all the questions. Can I ask you a question?"

Pfft was a little annoyed as he would be late for his appearance but he figured it certainly  couldn't take that long to answer such a little girl with such a small brain in her head.

"All right little girl, what is it?"

"Well Mr. Pfft. I was wondering about the truth."

"This is easy child," said Pfft, "the truth is that  which is written or said in agreement with reality."

The child looked puzzled and said, "Who's reality Mr. Pfft?"

"Everyone's reality child!"

"How do you know that Mr. Pfft?"

Pfft was growing annoyed because now he was definitely going to be late for his appearance.
"I know this because I am very, very wise."

"How did you get so wise Mr. Pfft?"

"I am wise because I have studied and read, watched every movie, have taken many classes and listened to many lectures."

"I see," said the little girl. "Did you ever ask any questions Mr. Pfft?"

Pfft grew indignant. "Why should I have asked any questions when the answers were right there for me to see and hear as proof?"

"Well, what would happen if I did not believe everything I saw or heard even if there was proof in favor of it all? What if I thought I needed to look somewhere else?" queried the little girl.

"Then you would be a very silly little girl for wasting your time and not believing what you saw and heard and read! Have you no brain or any sense? I was once very stupid as you can see now I am quite smart." With that Pfft hurried away.

The little girl opened the cumbersome dictionary on her lap and flipped through the pages concentrating on Pfft's words. When she found what she was looking for her fingers traced the words as she read aloud:

"STUPID - formed without reason or judgment; gullible; lacking in common sense; taking things at face value; easily deceived and naive; ill advised; lack of discernment; displaced ego needs; lack of practical sagacity; irrational, foolish; idiotic; asinine."

The little girl looked up and smiled. Mr. Pfft was still stupid and that made perfect sense to her.

"Many have been the wise speeches of fools, though not so many as the foolish speeches of wise men." ~ Thomas Fuller

QUESTION EVERYTHING... If you think you already do, ASK MORE QUESTIONS even when your "gut" tells you otherwise. You might be surprised.