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In 1937, one of the most highly praised books ever written about reincarnation came into public view. The book was titled Winged Pharaoh and the author was Joan Grant. In this masterpiece, Grant wrote about her past life in Egypt where she lived as a priest-pharaoh who had been trained in a secret technique that would allow her to implement the ability to tune into and remember past lives in great detail. In that lifetime as "Sekeeta" (a pharaoh's daughter), she spent ten years in an Egyptian temple learning the technique. Her mystical training required that she and the other trainees remember at least ten of their own past life deaths. The trainees were further required to pass a final examination whereby they were to undergo seven ordeals while shut away in a tomb for four days and nights. Sekeeta passed the test and brought the ability known as "far memory" into the twentieth century via the incarnation as Joan Grant.

Joan experienced "far memory" her entire life. She was highly psychic and experienced precognitive and prophetic dreams. As a young girl she had a tendency to keep her "secrets" to herself. Joan was born into a wealthy family as the daughter of Jack and Blanche Marshall. Famous people often frequented the Marshall home. One of them was writer H.G. Wells who Joan met when she was sixteen years old. Joan felt comfortable enough with Wells to tell him some of her "secrets." Sympathizing with the young girl, Wells told her, "It is important that you become a writer." He further told her that she should continue to keep her secrets to herself until she was, "... strong enough to bear being laughed at by fools." There is an amusing story recalled by Grant in a biography about meeting Aleister Crowley while visiting America in 1914 when she was seven years old. It seems Crowley came to call on the family but was ordered to leave by Joan's mother after he made inappropriate gestures and threats to Joan's older stepsister whom he fancied. Joan's description of Crowley was that he looked like a "human toad."

Joan was able to recall in exact detail several other lives in Egypt, one as Ra-ab Hotep whose story appeared in two more books, Eye of Horus and Lord of the Horizon and another as a contemporary of Ramesses II. She also recalled lives in Greece in the second century BC, medieval England, and 16th century Italy as Carola di Ludovici a troupe singer who died at age 27. She remembered being burned as a witch, bleeding to death after ordering a court physician in early Rome to cut her wrists, dying from a severe wound to her eye during a joust, breaking her neck in a diving accident, committing suicide twice, dying from snake bites twice, dying from an infection following an insect bite and breaking her back after falling from a horse as a girl named Lavinia. Joan also made links between people she currently knew and people from the past. A family friend by the name of Daisy Sartorius was discovered to be Sekeeta's mother in the Egyptian lifetime which took place in the First Dynasty of Egypt about 3000 BC. Her third husband Denys Kelsey, a physician and psychiatrist, was the Roman physician who cut her wrists in the Roman era. Denys and Joan later shared a life as husband and wife in 18th century England. Denys Kelsey was inexplicably drawn to meet Joan Grant after reading Winged Pharaoh.

Before Joan met Denys Kelsey, she had received extensive psychiatric training working with a psychiatrist during the war years. This knowledge would become invaluable to Denys Kelsey who had begun to use hypnosis as healing tool. He believed that the use of hypnosis combined with Joan's knowledge of reincarnation and ability to resonate with the past lives of others would be invaluable in curing those who suffered from trauma induced fears and phobias. Joan knew from her own experience that many irrational fears were based on emotions that were "throwbacks" to previous lifetimes. Together they surmised that once the cause of fears and anxieties were identified and understood from the past life perspective they could be brought into consciousness where they could be integrated and thus diffused. Since Joan was able to psychically "tap in" to others so it was unnecessary for the patient to relive former traumatic experiences which made recovery much easier. Together they helped many people but at the same time were in full cognizance that the procedure, "...wasn't for everyone." Together they collaborated on the book Many Lifetimes. Other books written by Joan Grant are Far Memory, Time Out of Mind, Life as Carola, Scarlet Feather, Return to Elysium, So Moses was Born, Many Times, Vague Vacation (travel), A Lot to Remember (travel), The Scarlet Fish (children's book), Redskin Morning (children's book), and The Laird and the Lady (fiction).

A review of Joan Grant's natal chart certainly validates her amazing abilities and talents. Joan's Sun and Moon were conjunct in the sign of Aries in the 11th house basically defining her as an initiator and groundbreaker. The evolutionary planet Pluto is closely conjunct the Ascendant in the sign of Gemini, the sign of writing. According to astrologer Ada Muir in her book The Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, Pluto at 22º (rounded off) Gemini means, "One who obtains recognition through literature."



She further states that the Ascendant at 23º (rounded off) Gemini pertains to one who, "will study mysticism as a solution to later problems." Pluto so closely conjunct the Ascendant not only says volumes about the magnetism of Joan's personality and projection onto others but also strongly relates to her ability to "tap in" to past lives.

When Pluto resides in the occult 12th house, it can signify the ability to regenerate the unconscious mind by bringing buried issues or "secrets" into consciousness. People with this placement often have interest in psychology or occultism. Clairvoyant capacities and psychic insight are often second to none. There can exist uncanny prowess to telepathically "tune into" others and in Joan's chart, this provides evidence that she was indeed able to transcend intervals of time in order to not only be able to relive her own past lives but also the specific past lives of those in anxious states due to past life trauma. Pluto energy operating through the auspices of Gemini signifies "breakthrough" discoveries and Joan's regression work with her psychiatrist husband was certainly considered advanced during the years they were in practice. Pluto in Gemini in the 12th house is also significant of one who has a good imagination and this trait shines brightly in Joan's various writings.

Can we access that Joan Grant was destined to write about reincarnation? Mercury, her planet of writing, in the sign of Pisces conjunct Saturn (the Lord of Karma), square Pluto, intercepted in the 10th house of Career and trine the North Node (Destiny) certainly confirms this. Further, the South Node at Anaretic degree (expertise) in Capricorn in the 8th House of Death in an out of sign conjunction with the 9th House (published writing) cusp also at Anaretic degree clearly implies one whose writings will center on occult matters pertaining to the penetration of the mysteries of death and the hereafter. The South Node in Capricorn in the 8th house traditionally has very mystical leanings. It is believed by some that those with such a placement will pass through the Capricorn Gate of Death where the Soul is judged based upon its human performance as designated by 8th House designs. The Nodal axis straddling the 2nd-8th Houses in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn implies secrets from past incarnations that are carefully guarded and the need to present the "Self" with dignity in the current lifetime. According to Muir, the South Node in Capricorn at 29º (rounded off) indicates, "Given the same conditions the same results are likely to recur." Joan carried her Egyptian training along with her through many lifetimes before finding a lifetime to make her ability public. Does the placement of her Nodal Axis indicate the right circumstances and comic pressure to bring it all about in her Joan Grant lifetime? It certainly does seem so! It is further interesting to note that the sign of Capricorn on the 8th House cusp traditionally implies one who lives to an old age. Joan Grant died in 1989 at age 81.

Very obvious in Joan's chart are the numerous "pairs" of planets and points working together via conjunction. Along with the Pluto/Ascendant coupling are: Sun conjunct Moon, Chiron conjunct the Midheaven, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mars conjunct Uranus, and Jupiter conjunct Neptune.

The Sun/Moon coupling often refers to one who is willful and creative where their "Selfhood" is involved. Emanating from the sign of Aries, Joan's tendency would be to focus her energies in a single area of expression. The "Lights" emanating from the 11th House also put emphasis on Joan's aspirations and her friendships and associations. Her friends were an integral part of her support system. The "far memory" of the life of Sekeeta first occurred while vacationing at the home of her dear friend Daisy Sartorius. The Moon in this pair is involved in a T-Square configuration as the apex of the Uranus/Neptune opposition. As the opposition involves two angular houses the intuitive sensitivity provided by the awareness of the Uranian and Neptunian energies filtered through the Moon becomes paramount. Joan probably knew at an early age that her gift should be honed carefully because she was very aware that through her astral experiences she could not only be subject to harmful energies but destructive ones as well. The T-Square also describes her as a psychic pioneer who was unwilling to choose sides in any religious, political or social mores of the day. She was in many ways, a rebel with a cause.

In addition to what has been mentioned previously about the Mercury and Saturn pair, this planetary relationship refers to a scientific mind. Foresight is a gift of this pair so in a sense Joan had total movement to "look" both forward and backward. Saturn, the Lord of Karma rules the occult 8th House of Death in her chart so more emphasis is thrown on the unearthing of hidden occult matters and detective work involving the matters of life and death, and reincarnation. As the Mercury/Saturn pair is intercepted in the 10th house of Career and Reputation, the publishing of her first book about reincarnation around the time of her first Saturn Return is appropriate.

Mars is conjunct Uranus in the sign of Capricorn in the 7th House of relationships and it opposes the Jupiter/Neptune in Cancer pair in the 1st House of Self. Aside from the implication of even more psychic ability, Joan is characterized as someone who suffered from "mysterious" neurosis and one who was very opinionated. This is true of Joan for she struggled with a phobia regarding snakes that she was only able to overcome after she recognized it as residual fear from two past lives where she died from snake bites. She was also strong in her conviction about reincarnation which surely antagonized those who were caught up in the religious standards of that time. Uranus in the 7th house traditionally refers to one who is married several times and Joan was married three times. The Mars/Uranus pair also lets us know that she did not like to be told what to do particularly by a mate. There are no retrograde planets in Joan's chart which equates to "what you see is what you get" and this plays into her Arien nature which coveys the same message.

Chiron conjunct the Midheaven is absolutely the marker of a metaphysician. Chiron also trines her Ascendant/Pluto and sextiles her Moon. For Joan, metaphysics couldn't have been an easier life's work!

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