Hygeia, Chiron and Ophiuchus are the Stellar Healers of the Cosmos. Learn about how their influence in your life can give a better understanding of health and wellness.

In mythology, Hygeia is the daughter of the famed healer and physician Asclepius who astrologers also recognize as the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus the serpent handler. In natal astrology, Hygeia is the asteroid that represents one’s attitude toward health and wellness.  Hygeia often shows up by transit when an individual is experiencing a health issue or imbalance and helps to define the actual problem by sign and house posits, medical degree, aspect or midpoint. The glyph or sigil of Hygeia resembles the caduceus or Rod of Hermes (a staff entwined by two snakes) which is also the well known and recognizable symbol of the American Medical Association.

Hygeia governs sanitation, hygiene, ecology, preservation, discovery of vaccines, medical and alternative health organizations, fitness and exercise, places of meditation and recovery and all venues that recognize the link between mind, body and spirit. Hygeia is also associated with physical, mental and chemical imbalances.

Here are some “Hygeian Potentials” by associations to astrological signs and houses.  Please consult a professional astrologer for your personal birthdate Hygeian information.



Anything “Aries” is always “busy” wasting no time so this combination tends to have little patience for illness. It takes a good deal for them to actually be overcome by illness and when this happens it should be taken as a sign that they need to slow down. Generally, they maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy fitness programs that are challenging.

Hygeian Hall of Fame:  Highly respected reincarnationist and past life therapist Joan Grant (a Sun Aries) had natal Hygeia in Aries (health pioneer) in the 10th house (career and public recognition). It served as the apex or focal point of the T-square (plenty of action) with Jupiter in Cancer in the 1st house (benevolent spiritual projection) opposed (awareness of responsibility) Mars in Capricorn in the 7th House (working with the public as an authority on the subject). Joan worked closely with her husband psychiatrist Dr. Denys Kelsey with his past life progression work from patients suffering from unexplained mental trauma. Joan’s innate ability to tap into the past life of another using her ‘far memory’ technique saved many from having to ‘relive trauma’ which is often associated with regression techniques. Her ‘delivery of analysis’ after rooting out the issue was swift and usually so was the patient’s recovery.

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Health is tied to comfort and satisfaction. Diet is sometimes an issue due to a desire to over-indulge in food or drink or other bad habits. Taurus is the sign of resilience and strength and a positively aspected Hygeia in this sign generally shows good immunity and the capacity to bounce back from illness. As Taurus is also a very stubborn and obstinate sign, often the individual’s attitude causes illness if they refuse to move forward in life when they should.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Recent studies have linked a harshly aspected Hygeia to pedophilia and sexual abuse. Actor Woody Allen whose one time girlfriend, actress Mia Farrow, accused him of sexually abusing her adopted daughter Soon–Yi has a poorly and harshly aspected Hygeia in Taurus. Hygeia is conjunct Uranus in Taurus (interest in sexual experimentation), square Mars and Pluto (capacity for violence and control), sesquiquadrate Neptune (problems balancing fantasy with reality) and semi-square Chiron (personal unresolved wounds). Although the judge in the case concluded that sex abuse charges were inconclusive (mainly because Farrow could not prove the girl was underage at the time of the alleged incident) he did call Allen’s conduct with Soon-Yi, “grossly inappropriate.”


This combination often describes one who is somewhat of a self made health guru who is very into physical fitness and/or sports. They are often walking-talking fitness encyclopedias who are constantly gathering knowledge on health issues.  As Gemini is a mental sign, there is no problem understanding the link between mind and body… as a matter of fact the mind of this Hygeian will never let the body get lazy!

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Renowned actress Angelina Jolie Pitt maintains a stringent exercise and health program making it possible for her to do much of her own movie stunt work. Her natal Hygeia in Gemini (flexibility) is conjunct her natal Sun in Gemini (vitalized movement). This pair is trined by Pluto in Libra (balance of transformation) and opposed by Neptune in Sagittarius (awareness of the benefits of pushing boundaries). On a personal level, Angelina feels it is important that she set a good physically healthy example for her own children and for other young people. That deserves a huge round of applause!


Those with Hygeia in Cancer don’t just worry about their own health … they worry about the health of family, friends and even the neighbor’s dog! This is a very sensitive and caring placement for Hygeia and health can be closely linked to the home environment. Any disruptions in the home or in the work environment may spark bouts of ill health both physical and mental. Hygeia in this sign has an uncanny knack for understanding proper dietary requirements and they often enjoy cooking and inventing healthy snacks for others.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Health guru Richard Simmons and famous fitness icon Jack LaLanne have Hygeia in Cancer. Richard’s Hygeia is conjunct his Sun both in Cancer (health awareness tied to caring and the desire to bring light to others - he tends to treat his clients like family!) and Jack’s is in an out of sign conjunction with Neptune (Jack had a popular exercise, fitness and health [Hygeia] TV program [Neptune] in the 1950’s. He can still be seen today promoting the Jack LaLanne Juicer on TV showing folks how to maintain a healthy body by “juicing” with fresh fruits and vegetables [Cancer loves to cook!]).


The individual with Hygeia in Leo literally takes pride in his/her health and often finds inventive and fun ways to maintain health. They might even have hobbies and pastimes linked with health. When they don’t “feel well” they believe they cannot “project well” so personal accomplishment becomes marred or disrupted and Leo certainly will not tolerate anything less than majestic.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Comedian and actor Freddie Prinze Sr. was at the top of his profession when depression took over and he committed suicide by a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head at 3:30 am on the morning of January 28, 1977 in Los Angeles. Transit Saturn (death of the body) and progressed Mars (gunshot) sat at the midpoint of his natal Hygeia/Midheaven all in Leo and all were opposed by the transiting Sun (threat to vitality, change of worldly status). Progressed Hygeia conjoined his natal Pluto (need to transform the death of the mind by depression) while transiting Neptune (suicide) opposed both. The strongly afflicted Leo theme represents death of the EGO.


More than any other sign health is highlighted when Hygeia is in Virgo.  This sign has an innate understanding of the links between mind, body and spirit and generally maintains a healthy daily regimen of good diet, exercise and above all hygiene (Virgo understands the need for personal cleanliness and a clean environment)! When they ignore their own self imposed health program they tend to feel very guilty and fully understand that there will be a price to pay. This is a sign that needs to be organized so when life becomes disorganized, health suffers.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Still considered “The World’s Greatest Magician,” Harry Houdini died of fatal peritonitis from a ruptured appendix on October 31, 1926 at 1:26 pm in Montreal, Canada. At that time transiting Hygeia was in the sign of Virgo conjunct his natal Jupiter also in Virgo (Virgo rules both the appendix and peritonitis). Hygeia and Jupiter were being opposed by transiting Uranus in Pisces (unexpected happening requiring hospitalization).  Houdini ignored the searing pain above his right hip, a sign of liver disease, until his appendix ruptured, causing fatal peritonitis. There is speculation that Houdini may have actually had liver disease that instigated the rupture. His natal Jupiter at 26°Virgo rules the iliac nerve and transiting Hygeia at 22°Virgo rules the capsule and ligament of the liver.


Imbalance is the key to ill health for this sign. Hygeia in Libra often connects good health and proper hygiene with beauty. This combination has been known to harp on others who they feel are unhealthy, dirty or disheveled. They are always more than willing to share their very good insight regarding health maintenance with others and tend to get upset if their advice should fall on deaf ears!

Hygeian Hall of Fame: The Great Seer Edgar Cayce had Hygeia in the sign of Libra in the 12th House. He spent most of his adult lifetime doling out unbelievably correct medical advice (Hygeia) that he received through meditative trances (12th House) to the public with wonderful diplomacy and caring (Libra).

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The sign of Scorpio is never satisfied until “all the rocks have been overturned” and “connections of truth” have been discerned. Natal Hygeia in Scorpio indicates a never–ending interest in the links that connect the psyche with physical health.  Scorpionic energy is very “cyclic” so with reference to Hygeia the individual will undergo cycles of ill and good health during the lifetime particularly in the area of sexual health and procreation.

Hygeian Hall of Fame:  Marc Edmund Jones PhD, the Dean of American Astrology, had Hygeia in Scorpio in the 12th House. Jones was an astrological innovator whose workwas dedicated to finding competent rather than superficial answers to the problems of life. Jones brought a good deal of in-depth psychology  (Scorpio/12th) to astrology through his masterful research and study in order to ease and balance the human condition through a healthy understanding (Hygeia) of personal motivation.

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Individuals with Hygeia in Sagittarius tend to have a global view of health and like to see how health fits into the big picture. Those who become educated in the medical or health fields often teach or lecture. They are often highly visionary and must be careful to keep their health wisdom grounded in truth and practicality.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: Dr. Phil (McGraw), the media’s psychological health guru has Hygeia in Sagittarius in a stellium with Chiron and the asteroid Ceres (a total visionary healing package!). His Hygeian energy is very busy being influenced by a square from the Sun (EGO/Health needs in action but a tendency to get carried away at times as evidenced by his 2003 attempt to sell weight loss products that ended in a lawsuit), trines from Venus and Pluto (the power to transform through love and social interaction), a semi-sextile from Mars (pioneering action) and a sextile from Neptune (supportive service and the media). The popular TV show The Doctors which doles out daily health and medical advice was created by Dr. Phil.


Those with natal Hygeia in Capricorn often seek wisdom about personal and global health issues. They are willing to put long hard hours into serious study and research until solutions are found. This position is often seen in the charts of doctors, health officials or health authorities.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: The first successful human to human heart transplant performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard took place on December 3, 1967 in Cape Town, South Africa. On that day transiting Hygeia was in the sign of Capricorn (health wisdom based upon experience) and by aspect was in an out of sign conjunction with Mars in Aquarius (high tech surgery). It was being trined (ease of action) by transiting Uranus and Pluto conjoined in Virgo (transformative and innovative health processes) and sextiled (opportunity) by Neptune in Scorpio (ultimate healing from the deepest levels). Hygeia squared the transiting Nodal Axis that day indicating this procedure action affected mass destiny.


Those with Hygeia in Aquarius tend to be concerned about the health of the planet and are interested in modern advances in health, medicine and ecology. On a personal level they enjoy keeping fit with friends and tend to join fitness and/or sports groups.

Hygeian Hall of Fame:  One of history’s greatest benefactors of humanity, Louis Pasteur had natal Hygeia in Aquarius. He solved the mysteries of rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm diseases, and contributed to the development of the first vaccines (Hygeia is a ruler of vaccines along with Neptune).  Pasteur also coined the word virus which means poison. He is best known for ‘Pasteurization’, which prevents milk and wine from going sour.Pasteur’s Hygeia is conjoined with the North Node indicating that his research and finding would be tied to his destiny and to the destiny of the world-at-large. Other aspects include semi-sextiles to the Sun and Venus (notoriety for his work), a trine to Jupiter (scientific advances), a square to Saturn (sound findings through dedicated work) and a sextile to Pluto (opportunities through research and experimentation).


The spiritual health and physical maintenance of the world is most important to the person with this placement of natal Hygeia. These individuals can see the links between physical and spiritual health and are more than willing to put themselves into service so they can to share these insights with everyone. A well aspected Hygeia Pisces can even produce a global leader whose aim is preservation of natural resources. On the personal level, Hygeia in Pisces can indicate that there will bouts of illness in the hospital during the lifetime.

Hygeian Hall of Fame: According to famous Forest Conservationist Julia Butterfly-Hill, "The common thread humanity shares is that we are all children of the Earth. We all need clean air and water for our survival. We are all planetary citizens, and the ancient trees are living, breathing elders that remind us to respect and honor that which we cannot replace." This sentiment is well described by her natal Hygeia in Pisces conjunct Mercury and sextiled by the Moon and semi-sextiled by Chiron (public servant and spokesperson reminding the children of Earth that they alone are responsible for maintaining clean conditions so the future can be preserved. By doing less we only hurt ourselves. Less hygiene means more filth and dis-ease).



Individuals with Hygeia in the 1st House are always cognizant of how they are feeling health wise on a daily level. They always seek out new ways to improve their health and general well being. Some with Hygeia in the 1st House suffer from childhood illness and these experiences teach them the importance of ‘body balance’ while others live in an early environment where being ‘seen’ as healthy was promoted. Those with a 1st House Hygeia should avoid a rash use of physical energy which could lead to depletion. They must learn moderation in order to insure good health.

Hygeian locations associated with the 1st House: Gyms, public health centers, health product manufacturers.

Possible health issues associated with the 1st House: complexion and diseases of the face, physical constitution, cravings, eye problems, halitosis (bad breath), and skull.


The general energetic nature of the 2nd House constitutes a desire to prove self worth and when Hygeia is found here self esteem is often linked to health. When the individual becomes obsessed with proving or marketing the Self a great deal of strain is placed on the body physically and mentally. Poor eating habits ranging from neglect of eating to gluttony are common. There is also some propensity to consume food high in carbohydrates and sugars. Those with Hygeia in the 2nd House need to take time out for relaxation, rest and above all just be themselves. If so inclined, some with this placement will earn money as a healer.

Hygeian locations associated with the 2nd House: Financial institutions that offer health savings accounts, public health gardens and places of relaxation.

Possible health issues associated with the 2nd House:  ears, general metabolism, neck and glands, throat and vocal chords.


Those with Hygeia in the 3rd House can experience adverse bodily reactions to environmental stress. Their nerves are most likely to suffer from mundane pressures so mental health is featured in their lives. They have a great interest in the links between the mind and body and like to study health issues.

Hygeian locations associated with the 3rd House: meditative atmospheres, bookstores or libraries specializing in literature (books and magazines) about general health, wellness and diet, health distribution centers, health education centers, health publishers, health organizations that offer body prosthetics.

Possible health issues associated with the 3rd House:  arms, asthma, collarbones, fingers and fingernails, dexterity and movement, hands (fractures and ailments), nervous system and reflexes, perception problems, shoulders (fractures and ailments), vocal organ disorders.


Early conditioning can affect how 4th House Hygeians maintain their health when they become adults. Negative childhood conditioning can cause repressed issues that can manifest as chronic health problems in middle life (ages 42-49).  As adults, health is often linked to domestic conditions and disruptions on the home front can trigger illness. Often those with this placement become overly concerned for the health of their family members.

Hygeian locations associated with the 4th House: Environmental clean-up and maintenance organizations, home sanitation companies, areas of organic crop agriculture (testing institutes and organic crop farms), landscaped self rehabilitation gardens or orchards, female health organizations that offer prosthetics (i.e. breast prosthetics).

Possible health issues associated with the 4th House: chest and breasts, disorders of digestive organs and juices, physical strength, stomach disorders, afflictions of the uterus and womb.


Self acceptance is the key to good health for those with Hygeia in the 5th House.  The 5th House is traditionally the House of Love and represents the need to feel love and be accepted from those around them. Too much emotional expenditure in the pursuit of ‘love’ can result in health problems if those ‘need’ are not met satisfactorily. Learning to love the Self first lessens chaos and promotes wellbeing. 5th House Hygeians like to strategize plans on how to stay healthy. They may have hobbies and pastimes connected to health and will spend time planning healthy diets and creative exercise programs for their children.

Hygeian locations associated with the 5th House: Spas, resorts that promote health programs and relaxation.

Possible health issues associated with the 5th House: upper half and sides of the back, back of the shoulders,  birth control and conception, heart (diseases and ailments), pregnancy and procreation,  promiscuity, sexual intercourse.


In traditional astrology, the 6th House is directly concerned with health matters. Health can be a problem for those with Hygeia in the 6th House and it is often necessary to develop a sound daily regimen. A prominent issue is lack of self esteem which is based on feelings of guilt. As the 6th House is also the House of Service, those with Hygeia placed here often feel they are not doing enough for others and the price they pay for ‘approval’ is illness because they have ignored their own needs. The lack of proper balance of priorities can lead to excessive nervousness, intestinal disorders and sugar problems. When balance is achieved and if Hygeia is well aspected, this position can also produce a great healer for example - Dr. Christiaan Barnard the first surgeon to successfully perform a human to human heart transplant had Hygeia in the 6th in Sagittarius a global sign.

Hygeian locations associated with the 6th House: Public hygiene facilities, sanitation companies, healing/sick rooms, massage therapy centers, health centers that offer free vaccines, products and information to the public, dental hygiene offices.

Possible health issues associated with the 6th House: the abdomen, assimilation of food, bowels, diets, intestines and intestinal afflictions, physical weakness.


Psychology plays an important role when Hygeia is posited in the 7th House because self identification may be lacking. Traditionally the 7th House is the House of Relationships and Teamwork where ‘reliance’ is placed upon another or others in order to feel secure and happy. Too much co-dependence can bring about imbalances in the form of emotional and mental stress. In some cases a spouse may suffer ill health and require nurturing and personal care <or vice versa> so the role of caregiver is one of the manifestations of Hygeia in the 7th House. When working positively, Hygeia in the 7th House can also indicate sharing physical fitness regimes with others as a healthy outlet.

Hygeian locations associated with the 7th House: National and International health organizations, social events that promote health consciousness.

Possible health issues associated with the 7th House:  lower half of back, flanks of the body (sides), buttocks, haunches, kidney diseases and afflictions, loins, ovaries.


This is a difficult posit for Hygeia. The 8th House represents strong psychological ramifications that can and will deteriorate physical health via chronic ailments that can take a long time to manifest and heal. There is however the ability to persevere and a desire to study in order to understand the hidden undercurrents of health. If poorly aspected, Hygeia in this house can also suggest a morbid fascination with death and/or suicidal tendencies. Sexual health can also be an issue. When positively aspected Hygeia in the can suggest an ability for psychiatry or psychological counseling/therapy, medical diagnostics and research.

Hygeian locations associated with the 8th House: Medicare offices, psychiatrist/psychologist offices, fertility clinics, women’s health organizations, sex health organizations, medical research labs (especially those specializing in vaccines/immunizations and cures which promote longevity).

Possible health issues associated with the 8th House: the bladder, generative system, muscular system and tissue, psychic disturbances, sex organs.


Of all the house placements of Hygeia, the 9th House placement is the least likely to have health problems because of strong belief in a Higher Divine Power or in the power of the Higher Mind to heal the body.  Conversely, a personal negative attitude about the power to heal can bring on health issues physical, emotional and mental. Individuals with this posit of Hygeia are often interested in global health issues and may also enjoy studying topics about the health of the planet. They might also write, lecture, publish or teach about these subjects or travel abroad to work in health, preservation or ecology.

Hygeian locations associated with the 9th House: Foreign health organizations, science/ health publishers, health ministries, global Earth preservation organizations, “Green” societies, medical colleges and graduate schools.

Possible health issues associated with the 9th House: hepatic system, hips, upper legs, liver, thighs, and sciatic nerves.


The 10h House is most associated with societal pressures and the need to achieve and when Hygeia has challenging aspects while posited in this house there can be difficulty with relaxation and time out for rest. If so, then repressed pressure overtime can result in chronic ailments that generally manifest in middle age. When Hygeia lies close to the Midheaven the individual’s life direction or career may be linked with health. In some cases, personal health will affect career causing restrictions.

Hygeian locations associated with the 10th House: All personally owned and operated businesses associated with health and wellness, government, civic or state operated health facilities and centers, Chiropractic practices.

Possible heath issues associated with the 10th House: bones and skeletal system, joints.


Like the 9th House, the 11th House is another posit where Hygeia is least associated with health issues with the exception of possible stress when personal hopes and wishes are not fulfilled. There is generally a commitment to fitness preferably in a group or club setting especially with friends in attendance. There may also be strong interest in alternative health organizations.

Hygeian locations associated with the 11th House: Health and fitness clubs, ecological maintenance organizations, alternative healing centers such as Crystal healing and Reiki facilities and hypnotherapy centers.

Possible health issues associated with the 11th House:  calves of the legs, lower legs, ankles, shins.


Like the 6th House, the 12th House is also directly concerned with health matters. When Hygeia is posited in the 12th House, psychological manifestations as well as psychic manifestations are possible. Often feelings are hidden in the subconscious mind and a build-up of negativity such as jealousy, envy and hatred of others and self hatred can lead to physical illness. There is also a strong link to Karma and old residual memories that if negative will manifest as ailments and illness. It is difficult to ignore the message of Hygeia when it is placed in this house. As the 12th House is the polarity of the 6th House, natural healers are also indicated and the ability to heal is often a past life talent brought to the fore.

Hygeian locations associated with the 12th House: Rest homes, hospitals, sanitariums, meditation labyrinths, health charities, pharmaceutical companies specializing in vaccines/immunizations.

Possible health issues associated with the 12th House:  drug addiction, feet and toes (deformities and ailments), physical handicaps, institutionalization, obsessions, self injury.


Chiron is known in most astrological circles as the “wounded healer.” According to mythology he was one of the greatest physicians, teachers and martial artists to have ever lived. He instructed most of mythology’s greats like Hercules, Achilles, Jason and Asclepius (aka Ophiuchus) teaching them not only superior fighting skills but also wisdom and the art of healing.

In mythology, Chiron was the son of Cronus and the nymph Philyra. Philyra wanted nothing to do with Cronus who had the nasty habit of devouring his offspring so she changed herself into a mare and tried to flee her fate. Cronus however was wise to her ruse so he changed himself into a horse, pursued her and mated with her. The result was Chiron, a centaur and the first of his kind – half human and half horse. Dismayed and disgusted by his sight she begged the gods to change her into something else so she would not have to mother such a monstrous child. They obliged turning her into a linden tree. Chiron, newly abandoned was found by the revered Sun god Apollo who raised him and taught him many skills including music, prophecy, wisdom and healing. In some mythological accounts, Chiron also gained wisdom from the goddess Athene when she laid her hand on his forehead imbuing him with foresight. Certainly his early abandonment was enough to create a serious psychological “wound” but the most widely accepted version of how Chiron became the “wounded healer” comes from the story concerning the Centaurs and Hercules. The Centaurs had invited the legendary hero to dine with them but a fight broke out between them. During the fray, Chiron was accidentally struck by one of Hercules’s poison arrows causing him continued agony from which he could not recover and this is how he earned his name of the “wounded healer.” (You can read additional information about Chiron in Essayettes under Healing with Chiron and Hygeia.)

Technically, Chiron is planetoid (actually considered a captured comet) but it has taken on such prominence in astrological delineation over the years that it is very nearly considered a planet. Chiron lies between the planets Saturn and Uranus and is sometimes considered the ‘bridge’ between the two. The meaning of Chiron’s presence in an astrological chart is in essence two fold. Emotionally and physically it describes the “wound” (often times self inflicted) we are to self heal in order to find our true path. This refers to the area where all experience the greatest pain and fear. This process that takes great courage because the requirement is to explore the “wound” before healing can be attempted. To accomplish total healing one must open up to spiritual truths and allow the Self to be transformed by them. Secondarily Chiron’s indicates personal healing abilities that can be used to heal and teach others. Most astrologers accept Chiron as a co-ruler of the sign Sagittarius while others feel he is associated with the sign of Virgo. By transit, progression, solar arc or midpoint Chiron can be associated with chronic and severe health crisis usually accompanied by the activation of Kundalini energy.

Chiron rules healers in general, astrologers using transformative astrology, those using divinatory skills and archetypal counseling (such as Tarot etc.), ecologists, hospice counselors, gurus, guides, and people using their hands as a focal for their work such as Reiki healers, palmists and even hairdressers. Chiron also rules all alternative, homeopathic and herbal medicine, medical channeling/intuition, energy healing, therapies and attunements particularly the “chiro”-practic, crystal healing, access to the subtle realms of consciousness including holographic sight and multidimensional perception, near death experiences, metaphysical teachers and researchers, all holistic disciplines accompanied by pragmatic thought processes, and all forms of divination, particularly those engaged by “destiny” mentors.


YES = Highest and desired manifestation

NO = That which needs to be overcome

Rx = Chiron retrograde indicating possible Past Life Residual that requires healing

You can identify the sign Chiron occupied at your birth by using the data grid following this Sign and House information. House placement will require a natal horoscope.


YES= A “quantum leap” type of mentor/teacher/maverick who is oriented towards pioneering methodology or advanced holistics in order to be of service to humanity. The search for identity and self realization is paramount and starts very early in life.

NO= The sense of “being” has been violated in some way (usually during childhood) resulting in fear of self assertion. Over-compensation occurs by attempting to be the “first” at everything or taking on the role of “savior” to others. The role of self imposed “loner” feels safe yet is ultimately self defeating. Physically, the individual may suffer head wounds throughout life.

Rx = You have spent many past lives switching from one gender to another trying to recognize who you are and what you should be doing and why you should be doing it. The residual carried over is one of “wounded identity.” How you “see” others and how they view is part of the problem so issues with sight and hearing can present as physical manifestation.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN ARIES: The father of psychology Carl Jung, the great seer Edgar Cayce, magician Harry Houdini, medical pioneer Dr. Christian Barnard, writers Carlos Castenada and Kurt Vonnegut, occultist Aleister Crowley, humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer, educator Maria Montessori, actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman, entertainer Liberace, writer and film/TV producer Gene Rodenberry of Star Trek fame, producer/screenwriter Aaron Spelling, chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur, writer Truman Capote and Jules Verne, soccer player David Beckham, politician and spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi.


YES= Value is a state of mind rather than a price tag. The individual will learn to

rely on life and the body's experiences in order to find higher meaning. Healing

comes through trusting the instinctual wisdom of the body. Can be a talented to

contributor to the culture of humanity.

NO= Morality has a price tag. The individual will experience a crisis of values and a lack of self-worth. Overcompensation is achieved by accruing money and possessions. Often distrusts the body or feels that the body is not beautiful or even ugly. Sometimes uncontrollable sexual magnetism and/or bizarre sexual habits exist.

Rx= In past lives you suffered poverty – you were either born into a destitute family OR in more productive lives where you made money and acquired material success you lost it all. The residual carried over is one of “wounded self worth.” “Speaking up” for oneself and “shouldering blame” is part of the issue so possible physical problems with the throat and shoulders are possible.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN TAURUS: Guru Baba Ram Dass, astrological researcher Michel Gauquelin, Martin Luther King Jr., Fidel Castro, actress and politician Shirley Temple Black, actors James Dean and Clint Eastwood,  choreographer Bob Fosse, correspondent Dan Rather, composer Stephen Sondheim, anchorwoman and interviewer Barbara Walters, spy and prostitute Mata Hari, royal Prince William, artist Pablo Picassso, pop artist Andy Warhol, genius Albert Einstein, scientist Alexander Fleming, polymath Robert Hooke, writer and actress Maya Angelou, tennis player Venus Williams.


YES= The individual often possess the ability to tap into universal or spiritually creative ideas. This signature easily produces “natural” teachers and communicators who are able to instruct in a grand way reaching a wide audience. A great placement for therapists who are also involved in innovative mind research. Prophecy and mediumship are common as are originality and genius.

NO= The individual may not trust personal thought processes or may fear communicating with others. This is generally based in communication problems as a child or painful experiences in early schooling where information was absorbed in a scattered and fragmented manner leading to disassociation of thought and marred delivery. Conversely, in some cases, intellectual arrogance is a problem.

Rx= In lives past you may have been physically disabled or mute which made it difficult for you to communicate successfully with others. The residual carried over can manifest as obsessions or compulsive disorders to perfect the intellect and/or anything you create with your mind or hands. Since the art of communication requires air in the lungs to assist speech there may be physical distress to pulmonary function.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN GEMINI: Actress/activist Jane Fonda, writer Gloria Steinem, poet D.H. Lawrence, guru Werner Erhard, singer/actor Elvis Presley, actors Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson, actress and spiritual advocate Shirley MacLaine, operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti, cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, polymath and Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci, talk show host Larry King, physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher and alchemist Sir Isaac Newton, basketball great Wilt Chamberlain.


YES= Attuned to the past and deeply sensitive, the self truly believes in what the self is doing using intuition as a guide. Will intuitively know how to care for family members and loved ones for their highest good.

NO= There is a strong issue of “belonging” and the individual often feels unsure especially within the family unit. This may stem from a painful relationship with the father or basic insecurity needs attached to the mother, or perhaps another painful experience in the home. Physically, the stomach may be the vulnerable part of the body.

Rx = You spent some past lifetimes as homeless and wretched. In some cases you were born an orphan and in other cases you were disowned by your family. The residual may manifest as a strong desire to receive caring and nurturing. The digestive tract which is the body’s core of wellness and immunity might be targeted and suffer distress.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN CANCER: The Dean of Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan, alchemist Allesandro di Cagliostro, actor/comedian Charlie Chaplin, master of horror Wes Craven, actor Al Pacino, entrepreneur Ted Turner, physician and seer Nostradamus, astronomer Edwin Hubble, stuntman Evel Kenievel, golf great Jack Nicklaus, politician Jawaharlal Nehru.


YES= A noble and inspirational soul who desires to bring others to new heights.  Knowing there is a special path in life to achieved but able to conquer self importance by using the power of the ego for a higher purpose. The individual may become a creative teacher or therapist who recognizes the Divine spark in each person.

NO= Self esteem is tied to recognition and attention. The childhood experience of having fun, spontaneity and/or being creative may have been stifled or repressed leading to feelings of inadequacy which in turn produce overcompensation of pride and hypersensitivity to ridicule. Some with this position suffer child bearing problems.

Rx = Your creative spark was stomped out in past lives leaving you broken hearted and in despair. Current life problems might manifest as physical issues with the heart and back because you feel you lack “support” and possible depression.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN LEO: Beatles John Lennon Paul McCartney and George Harrison, singer/songwriters Carole King and Paul Simon, writer J.R.R. Tolkien, martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, actors Harrison Ford and Joe Pesci, country singer Tammy Wynette, “the greatest” Muhammad Ali, writers Michael Crichton and Edna St. Vincent Millay, chessmaster Bobby Fischer.


YES= All things Virgoan lend themselves to critical attention to details and when Chiron is in Virgo the manifestation is a keen ability of discrimination to size up “human” situations and therefore there is a strong tie to the mind/body/spirit concept of healing. Of all sign placements, this posit knows the true meaning of taking care of the body … “heal thyself” … and will take aggressive action when problems occur. The title “humane healer” is well deserved so work in the caring professions and/or teaching are stellar avenues.

NO = The need for emotional control can become detrimental leading to physical health problems. In some cases the individual will hide from emotions by keeping “busy” with mundane chores and situations. Physically there can be problems with the intestines or reproductive sterility. Compulsions can also be an issue.

Rx = You were not only responsible for your survival in past lives but also the lives of those close to you. You might have been a doctor or healer who was not satisfied with the quality and quantity of the help you were able to give. The residual includes “forgiveness syndrome” which affects the process of “assimilation” in the body.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN VIRGO: Actors Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Rutger Hauer and Dakota Fanning, rock singer Mick Jagger, philosopher Friederich Nietzsche, tennis champion Billy Jean King, evangelist and actor Marjoe Gortner, singer Julio Iglesias, guru Paramahapsa Yogananda, boxer Joe Frazier.


YES= Gifted at forming relationships with others because the soul is able to reconcile differences and recognize others as carrying an equal Divine spark. Libran diplomacy and tact are taken to the next level so these individuals excel in human dynamics often making fine archetypal or psychoanalytic counselors or simply over-a–cup–of-coffee therapists. They often find themselves at the center of conflict with others but manage to come out unscathed because they fully understand that the greatest healing comes from trusting the process.

NO= Too susceptible to matters of injustice which can easily lead to victimization. Failure to “see” the faults in the “self” that are presented by the “mirror” image of others. Crisis prone. Good at setting people up and metaphorically “giving them enough rope to hang themselves.”

Rx = In past lives you experienced painful separations from your beloved. You suffered injustice and may have been exiled or secluded in some way preventing you from experiencing the everyday joy of closeness with your soul mate and cadre group. This left you devastated and out of balance. Physical residual issues can occur via problems with the kidneys since you will be filtering out current life “toxins” of prejudice and hatred.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN LIBRA: Entrepreneur Donald Trump, singer/songwriter Neil Young, actor  Henry “the Fonz” Winkler, singer/actresses Bette Midler, Cher, Dolly Parton and Liza Minnelli, comedian and actor Steve Martin, actresses Sally Field and Goldie Hawn, Theosophist Annie Besant, scientist Alexander Graham Bell, inventor Thomas Edison.


YES= Scorpio is the sign most concerned with self transformation and the continual process of metamorphosis so fearless interest in metaphysics, birth, life and death is paramount when Chiron occupies this sign. They are blessed with seeing the light in the darkness which others fail or are too afraid to see and can heal others who are entangled mercilessly in the web of their own pain. It is not unusual for natives of this signature to face a death crisis where the soul must make a decision to live.

NO= Deep pain surfaces in intimate relationships based in the need to control or dominate. May have suffered a pre-birth trauma (especially if tightly conjunct the Ascendant). Sexual repression, nervous tension or suicidal tendencies are usually dealt with at one point during the lifetime.

Rx= In lives past you suffered from betrayal and were often made a scapegoat when you had done nothing wrong. In some live you were ostracized from the community. In order to survive you had to repress your wisdom and knowledge. Residual can manifest as psychological problems and compulsions.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN SCORPIO: Psychic Uri Geller, Prime Minister Golda Meir, aviatrix Amelia Earhart, actresses Kathy Bates, and Glenn Close, singer/actor David Bowie, director, writer/producer Stephen Spielberg, rock singer Ian Anderson, colatura soprano Kathleen Battle, actors Kevin Kline, Jeremy Irons, actress/singer Olivia Newton-John, visual artist and social activist Jacob Holdt, horror writer Stephen King, fitness guru Richard Simmons, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.


YES = This is one of the best placements for Chiron as in indicates the individual who is eager to explore the frontiers of experience to the limits of personal ability and then share these experiences with and/or teach others. The inherited religious framework is usually abandoned at an early age because it serves as a springboard for the quest for higher spiritual truth. There is also a devotion to life itself coupled with innate wisdom.

NO= Often feels insecure about beliefs and visions and may become a religious fanatic to compensate for this insecurity. Might literally travel the world physically or via “arm chair travel” to enhance knowledge and broaden personal horizons yet fail to share what has been learned with others. Engage continually study in an effort to understand the meaning of life without experiencing what is “outside the box.”

Rx = Past lives included disbelief, suffering and death for iconoclastic religious, spiritual or political beliefs which was difficult to accept or “take-in”. Some lifetimes may have included being the victim of genocide or mass tribal slaughter. Residual physical manifestation might include problems with the liver and/or the general metabolism which control “intake” and “output.”

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN SAGITTARIUS: Actors Robin Williams and Meryl Streep, writer Ernest Hemmingway, psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, director Alfred Hitchcock, cartoonist and graphic designer Steve Artley, singers Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Karen Carpenter and Natalie Cole, comedian Jay Leno, balloonist Colin Prescot, athlete Bruce Jenner, Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz.


YES= This placement is representative of the survivor whose aim is to prevail. The ability to stay on track and not assume responsibility for that over which there is truly no control. As a mentor or teacher this posit represents one who guides others through surrogate parenting by showing them the love and direction they sorely need.

NO= Feels insecure about a “proper” place in society. May have difficulty finding a niche in the outside world for fear of disappointing others. This may stem from a painful experience with whichever parent was viewed as worldly or accomplished.

Rx = In past lives you experienced crisis surrounding issue of abandonment. In some of those lifetimes you may have been a slave or part of a caste system that took you away from your family and natural environment. You were denied your rightful place in the world. You may suffer from the residual of old physical wounds such as broken bones which may manifest as chronic conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN CAPRICORN: Actress and show host Oprah Winfrey, psychic Jeane Dixon, visionary, poet and writer William Blake, actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, writer and wit Oscar Wilde, singer Chaka Khan, composer Wolfgang Mozart, film producer David O. Selznick, actress and comedian Roseanne, artist Vincent Van Gogh, tennis pro Jimmy Connors, politician Tony Blair.


YES= The individual is a human dynamo for whom change is the only constant. A strong desire to contribute to the healing of humanity. The “mad scientist” or “nutty professor” whom others like to be around because they feel included and can learn much.

NO= May feel insecure within large groups. May come across as too critical of society so others do not accept positive solutions offered.

Rx = In lives past you harbored many special gifts and talents connected to your intelligence and psychic abilities and because of this you were misunderstood, feared and labeled a bane of society. You were “shackled” both physically and mentally and was prevented from speaking out and moving about. Physical manifestations from residual can include issue with the nervous system from past lives of being prevented from speaking your truth and problems with the ankles from past life lack of freedom.

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN AQUARIUS: Entrepreneur Bill Gates, singer/comedian Weird Al Yankovic, actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme, inventor Louis Braille, mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers Galileo and Johannes Kepler, engineer and physicist Nicole Tesla, herbalist, botanist, physician, astrologer and healer Nicholas Culpepper, X-Files creator Chris Carter, actors Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Pfeiffer, King of Pop Michael Jackson, artists Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, Renaissance man Michelangelo, tennis pros Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova.


YES= Life is a mystical crusade in which mundane concerns have no place which promotes the redemptive quality of love. Has the ability to feel the pain of others and may work for or serve within a healing institution.

NO= Will have difficulty gaining own sense of individuality due to guilt or possible illness. May also suffer from own deep and personal grief and need to “drown sorrows” by engaging drugs or alcohol or other means of escape. Feeling of worthlessness based in anger, victimhood and self blame.

Rx = Many past lives have been spent in secret religious sects and mystical orders of all kinds. In some lifetimes your life may have been sacrificed and in different lifetimes you sacrificed others. In any event you could not escape from the situation. You house great knowledge of the supernatural and arcane both black and white. Possible physical manifestation can include problems with the feet - What path are you walking now? – and issues with the lymphatic system that are hard to diagnose – What are you hiding that has become toxic?

CROSS SECTION OF FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH CHIRON IN PISCES: Writer Tennessee Williams, royal Princess Diana, Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss, poet Dylan Thomas, actors Nicholas Cage and Charlie Sheen, comediennes Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller, singer and choreographer Paula Abdul, celebrated violinist Yehudi Menuhin, artist Henry Matisse, tennis pro Tracy Austin, palmist and numerologist Chiero, singers Ella Fitzgerald and Mahalia Jackson, oceanographer and adventurer Jacques Cousteau, Scientology cultist L. Ron Hubbard, astrologer Evangeline Adams.

In the Houses:

House 1:  YES= Innate “knowing” of when to initiate “balanced” action on behalf of others. NO= Self doubt projected as passive-aggressive behavior.

House 2:YES= Intuitive awareness of the needs of the body, mind and spirit and their connection. NO= too much need for control or “poverty of spirit.” Physical disability or disfigurement possible.

House 3: YES= The mind is an intellectual sponge and able to weigh input for problem solving that can be used in healing processes. NO= Stress, anxiety or worry over “getting it right.” Possible learning or vocal disabilities or conversely intellectual aggrandizement. Possible painful connections to siblings.

House 4: YES= A natural born counselor who can relate to the “root” emotional problems of others and nurture them without smothering. NO= “I have been born into the wrong family!” Feelings of alienation within the family unit or emotional problems centering on one parent who may be physically absent or emotionally unavailable.

House 5: YES= An appreciation for all of the creative processes of life and the ability to honor personal creativity through others. NO= A deep fear of ridicule and lack of spontaneity. A cold demeanor which is the result of feeling blocked in personal expression by outside forces or feeling mortified at the possibility of becoming a “joke” to others.

House 6: YES= A natural healer with the ability to read body language and body energy. Also a natural teacher who can instruct others of the finer qualities in lifein order to be happy. Often there is a significant connection to medicine and medical fields. NO= An “unconnected” martyr and over-analyzer who has problems assimilating the experiences of life.  A “neat freak” with a need for cleanliness or a work-o-holic with a need for order. Too much concern over health leading to possible phobias and obsessions.

House 7: YES= The harmonious “mediator” who can teach and guide others in relationships without becoming too “nosy.” Close relationships often occur with those in the healing fields. NO= Suffers from painful relationships and feelings of rejection in partnerships. Also suffers from betrayal and competitiveness in relations largely based in unrealistic expectations. Tries to “please” others too much or gives loyalty to those who are undeserving.

House 8: YES= A naturally powerful healer capable of harnessing all natural energies for healing. Also a natural psychologist who understands the nature of suffering. NO= A power monger who manipulates easily using magnetic wiles for personal gain. Sexual inadequacies or dysfunction possible. In some cases the individual literally wasn’t wanted at birth and was thought of as a burden.

House 9: YES= A “Sage” and naturally curious visionary with a spiritual restlessness that drives the Soul in a constant search for Divine truth and wisdom that he or she wishes to pass on to others. The personal belief system is created very early in life. NO= Feelings of dejection or disillusionment with “philosophies” that can lead to “non-belief” in the Self and the system of life.

House 10: YES= A natural authority who is realistic and reliable. A healing spokesperson who reaches many. NO= Suffering from feelings of inadequacy in the outside world and a feeling that personal worth is not being recognized. Fear of making mistakes and anxiety over the career path. Possible problems with a “father” figure.

11: YES= A natural humanitarian whose philosophy is the serve the greater good and who is not afraid of controversial issues. Friends may include wounded people, healers and teachers and the individual may later be involved with a group of healers or teachers. NO= May be too eccentrically critical of society or even reject it to the point of defeating humanitarian goals… nothing gained and everything lost.

House 12: YES= A truly spiritual healer with a grasp of the Divine beyond that which the normal five senses can comprehend but able to ground “developed” intuition and psychic powers to help others.  NO= Too much Utopian idealism that can lead to states of non-reality such as victimhood, mental illness or drug and alcohol problems.



Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer has been coined by some as the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac. It is a real constellation that lies between the constellation of Scorpio the Scorpion and Sagittarius the Archer. It is an Ancient Greek constellation that can be historically dated back to the time of Claudius Ptolemy, the Father of Astrology. By way of explanation in order to clarify doubt about a “13th sign”, most astrologers use what is known as the Tropical Zodiac which consists of twelve 30 degree signs that originate with the Vernal Equinox. These twelve “signs” have the same name as the constellations but that’s where the similarity ends. The 4th century B.C. Babylonians invented the 360°circle and the twelve 30°signs of the Zodiac which were properly called the Fixed Zodiac. The Babylonians also invented planetary and solar and lunar tables in order to be able to calculate “positions.” In the 2nd century A.D. Ptolemy adopted the Tropical Zodiac (originally invented by Hipparchus in the 2nd century B.C.) to calculate his solar, lunar planetary and star tables. Around 300 A.D. astrologers began using the Tropical Zodiac and continue to use it to this day. This is why the astrological Tropical Zodiac has only twelve signs and does not include Ophiuchus as an actual Zodiac sign.

The Sun enters the constellation of Ophiuchus every year between November 30th and December 17th. Those born during this time span are believed to harbor innate healing abilities. If you were born during this time span and feel strongly that you are a healer, you can add these ‘possible qualities’ to those of your Sagittarius Sun Sign!


November 30 – Those born on this day can be best described as iconoclastic by nature doing everything their own way. They believe in simplicity when it comes to health and healing and are sometimes interested in a vegan diet. In a healing venue, November 30th Ophiuchans tend to function solo and are very dedicated healers who believe strongly in the “power of humor.” They are effective healers of children and young adults.

December 1 – This Ophiuchan vibe has strong leanings towards holistic and herbal medicine.  Reiki facilitation and those who specialize in chakra adjustment and aura cleansing are found among Ophiuchans born on this day. Sports medicine and therapy are traditional paths for December 1st Ophiuchans.

December 2 – December 2nd Ophiuchans believe in the pursuit of happiness. When they are not happy they often feel it in their physical bodies as general malaise. They also believe in the power of positivity and make good spiritual speakers and life coaches especially if the lecture circuit includes travel.

December 3 – Long life is the goal of this Ophiuchan. Keeping fit and active is very important although there is some tendency to put on weight. Those born this day are very good at seeing the big picture and tend to be both good talkers and listeners. Counseling is the forte of this placement.

December 4 – This is the placement of extremes and there can be fanaticism about maintaining good health OR conversely there can be great carelessness regarding it. Those born on this day however do believe that attitude is everything and they are quite remarkable at handling others. Besides people, they also have a great love of animals and their innate psychic talents make them excellent animal whisperers or more traditionally excellent veterinarians.

December 5 – Those born on this day tend to have good health BUT they also tend to have bad habits. There is plenty of nervous energy and consequently they learn the most through tough life experiences that they have brought upon themselves. Relaxation techniques are of great benefit to them which they like to share with others. Yoga instruction is a good for this Ophiuchan.

December 6 – This Ophiuchan is into total balance of mind, body and spirit and can do well in any holistic venue making an actual career out of healing and/or helping others. Traditionally speaking they make wonderful medical doctors with a bedside manner to match.

December 7 – Ophiuchans born this day tend to be interested in Eastern Practices. They are natural Reiki practitioners and acupuncturists if they so choose to pursue these venues. They are also knowledgeable about body detox and place great importance on a clean environment.

December 8 – “Feeling good” is the motto of individuals born this day. They tend to be a bit renegade when it comes to physical health and take advantage of it but they do believe strongly that stress and tension are the biggest obstacles to good health. A good night’s sleep and maintaining low blood pressure is the goal of this Ophiuchan. Since personal integrity tops their list of priorities they can be trusted and make good counselors.

December 9 – This is generally considered a hearty placement. The individual believes in a positive attitude and a good daily physical maintenance program. They tend to make good physical therapists, exercise instructors and health teachers.

December 10 – This is the placement of physical fitness bar none. There is a great love of the outdoors and all types of outdoor exercise. Despite all this physicality, this Ophiuchan will take time out daily for spiritual nourishment garnered through meditation and reflection. Sports medicine can be their forte.

December 11 – Once they have learned from experience how to break bad eating habits, these Ophiuchans become icons of vitality. If they the chance to heal someone else’s emotional or physical pain by giving them the benefit of their own experience they will quickly step up to the plate. There is often an interest in the medical field or health associated volunteer work.

December 12 – Competitive by nature, those born on this day literally seem to be in perpetual motion. Fast challenging sports seems to be their forte. They tend to be better talkers than listeners and make good inspirational speakers healing others with their positivity about life.

December 13 – Health maintenance is a series of lifetime trial and errors. December 13 Ophiuchans have an interest in everything from exercise to nutrition often experimenting with whatever has their attention at the time. Once they get a handle on whatever health venue they have decided to pursue and study and a balance is achieved, their wisdom about a chosen health subject tend to be very profound. When they gain a level of expertise they make good health lecturers and teachers.

December 14 – Generally robust when it comes to health those born on this day tend to look beyond traditional means to enhance health. They are often interested in various forms of energy healing and like to compare the old methods with new visions regarding healing. Crystal healing, chakra balancing and aura cleansing hold particular interest for these Ophiuchans.

December 15 – Those born this day tend to have an interest in a proper diet usually based upon serious food issues they have overcome. Those who have learned to properly appreciate the value of good nutrition make excellent dieticians.

December 16 – Oddly enough those born on this day are not overly concerned about health maintenance. They are reluctant to exercise unless they get “emotional satisfaction” from it - for example – hiking a serene mountain trail or walking on a beach at sunset. Because they tend to be tuned into nature and the peaceful joys of simple things they make good listeners and counselors.

December 17 -Testing physical endurance is the goal of those born on this day. Exercise in any form, the tougher the better, is the golden key to happiness. They make great weight trainers and health coaches. If they can attune to their spiritual side through some Soul Searching they make wonderful empathetic counselors and touch therapists.

You can read more about the history and legend of Ophiuchus in Popular Planet.

The healing qualities of Ophiuchus are not just restricted to this elite Sagittarian group. An individual can also be imbued with healing traits if the main star of Ophiuchus, the Fixed Star Ras Alhague, is making a connection to their natal chart. Astrologers who work with Fixed Stars check to see if a chart is influenced by these heavenly bodies by observing if there is heliacal rising and setting, parans with planets and culminations to pivotal points of the chart. Please consult a professional astrologer who works with Fixed Stars and collective archetypes if you are interested in this type of information. (By definition, the term paran refers to the simultaneous rising, setting or crossing of the meridian of planets and/or stars via the observer’s latitude. It is strictly a visual process and is dependent upon the location of the observer when viewing the sky by eye. The term heliacal rising means “rising with the Sun.” This occurs when a planet or a star, after it has been hidden by the Sun's rays, becomes again visible. The term heliacal setting refers to when a star is overtaken by the Sun and is lost in its rays. The Heliacal rising or setting of the Moon occurs when it is within 17° of the Sun; other stars and planets, when within 30° distance.) Astrologers using good astrological software programs have Fixed Star information readily available.

The original constellation of Ophiuchus (who is also known to the Greeks as Serpentarius the Healer and to the Romans as Asclepius) is actually broken up into two constellations – Ophiuchus, the serpent holder or handler and Serpens, the large snake in his grasp. Since the serpent appears on both side of Ophiuchus, it too has been divided into Serpens Caput (the head) and Serpens Cauda (the tail). In general, the serpent is a very ancient cultural healing symbol and represents, among other things, revitalization and transformation through discretion and sagacity - all of which are akin to the ancient premise of “shedding old skin” and rebirth. Ophiuchus learned his healing skills under the wise tutelage of Chiron and his influence can be felt in all types of healing from physical to spiritual to social and even political. At any rate, the individual is inclined to “give healing.” According to Fixed Star expert Bernadette Brady, the physiological correspondence of Ophiuchus is “the lymphatic system as the defender of the internal body.”

For those who have been advised that Ras Alhague (pronounced RAS al- hay-gwee) is present in their natal chart here are a few general meanings:

Heliacal Rising: An innately gifted healer who is drawn to healing professions or healing philosophies and who will take definitive action to bring forth solutions and remedies.

Heliacal Setting: A seeker of yin-yang who must heal the “Self” first before becoming proactive and reaching out to others.

Paran with the Sun: A “people person” who is greatly interested in human nature and desires to reach a wide audience in order to bring healing information to the masses.

Paran with the Moon: A natural counselor who is not afraid to probe the hidden and even darker corners of life in order to bring light and relief to others.

Paran with Mercury: An investigator and/or spokesperson who is interested in bringing the latest health findings and discoveries to the fore.

Paran with Venus: A teacher of expanded consciousness who is interested in expanding healing knowledge on a grand scale. Note that in esoteric studies Venus is the most occult and highly revered planet arcanus.

Paran with Mars: A difficulty specialist, activist and leader desirous of problem solving that bring healthful benefits to others.

Paran with Jupiter: An optimist who has a plethora of information to offer as solutions so the lives of others can be enhanced and joyful. The phrase “be lightful so you can be healthful” well describes this person’s philosophy.

Paran with Saturn: A record keeper who understands the importance of “informational” legacy and its effect not only generationally but also collectively to attempt to secure the future of a healthy human race.

Paran with Uranus: A health event planner or volunteer worker who believes in charities and movements to save the people and the planet.

Paran with Neptune: A spiritualist who heals through artistic or creative endeavor in order to reach and influence others. The individual generally has strong opinions about what is harmful under a helpful guise (such as drugs or health fads) and speaks out against them.

Paran with Pluto: A researcher who delves into the sacred matters of prolonging life and health. There is often a strong interest in natural remedies.

Paran with North Node: Destiny is influenced by the seeking of balance and moderation.  Deference to the South Node – A past life dedicated to the art of healing (particular modality partially indicated by South Node indicators).