Galactic Gimcrackery

Ya' gotta' love ‘em... those odd little mind boggling pieces of arcane information that astound and confound, titillate and aggravate. Some of these tidbits are literally useless but are intellectually stimulating none-the-less! Here are some quips and quandaries straight the catalogue of cosmic collectibles!



Franklin was well versed in many subjects including astrology and mysticism. He was not alone in believing that the Universe operates with exact mathematical precision, which could be calculated to a fraction of a second. The Astral Rule he devised made it possible to show the month and day of birth and the age of ANY person. Here is how it works...

An individual is born on April 5, and is 57 years old. Let's use this data to work out the theory...

Write down the number of the month of birth and next to it the number of the day of birth. April 5 would be written 45. Now multiply that number by 2 which in this case equals 90. Add 5 which makes it 95. Now multiply the number by 50 which equals 4750. Add the age (57) making it 4807. Subtract 365 which equals 4442 and add 115 making it 4557. Take the final quotient and break it down into the digits of each period. The result is 4 5 57 or the 4th month, the 5th day and the age 57.



With all the information that has come out about the Jack the Ripper murders via books and movies, little has been said about how the dates and times were chosen. There are indications that these dates were not random picks but rather chosen in accordance with certain astrological considerations. In each instance, either Mercury or Saturn was almost directly on the Ascendant of each event chart.

The infamous Borgia family always consulted the horoscopes of their enemies before poisoning them with arsenic.

Adolph Hitler literally had his own army of astrologers and planned his campaigns based upon their horoscopic findings. He did not know that Roosevelt and Churchill had their own undercover astrologer who was informing them about what the German astrologers were predicting.


Professional astrologer Jeff Mayo and psychologist Hans Eysenck set out to investigate whether the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces statistically showed tendencies for emotionally neurotic behaviors since they are often portrayed that way in astrological texts. They did find that the Water signs and the Fire sign of Aries were statistically linked to neurotic behaviors. They also found that the odd numbered signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius tended to be extrovert and the even signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces tended to be introvert. A colleague, Beverly Stiffert, conducted her own odd/even research of the zodiac signs and discovered that happily married couples were consistently found among those couplings where both partners were born under either odd or even signs. 

The Lüscher color test is a psychological test whereby your first color choice reveals your dominant character traits. Orange-red = action oriented, vital and forceful with physical or mental exhaustion at times. Yellow = intelligent, innovative, idealistic, and superficial. Green = need for recognition, desire to impress, resistant, moralistic with a tendency to lecture others. Indigo = love of order, tranquil, peaceful, capable of steady achievement. Violet = insecurity, sensitivity, desire to seduce. Brown = conservative and security conscious. Gray = reclusive with a desire to be left alone. Black = protest against and renunciation of everything. A radical who revolts against the status quo. Compare your findings with your Sun sign traits and see if they correlate.

All of these "rehashed" tidbits from my personal stash that has been harvested from years of researching various texts, tomes, and periodicals. Among them: Facts and Fallacies (Reader's Digest Association, Inc, 1988), Strange Stories and Amazing Facts (Reader's Digest Association, Inc. 1976), Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time - 26 Volume series (H.S. Stuttman Inc., 1992), Zolar's Dream Book (Bruce King, Lancer Press, 1962), Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge (Bruce King, Prentice Hall Press, 1970), The Astrologer Looks at Murder (Barbara H. Waters, Valhalla Paperbacks ltd., 1969) AND some that have been lost to time and space and my memory!