Divine Law

The LAW whether it is called Divine Law, Universal Law, Spiritual Law or simply the Laws of Nature basically refers to the energetic patterns and rhythms governed by the Great Creator or Infinite One or God and to which we are all subject. The Universe is perfectly balanced by these natural and moral laws with regulatory vibrations to maintain order. When we understand the LAW we are capable of living in greater harmony not only with the immediate environment but with the entire Cosmos.

There is a varied degree of opinion regarding the LAW but in simplest terms there are generally three main or basic Laws with a larger amount of sub-laws or fundamental laws. The three main Laws are:


Simply speaking: What do you attract to yourself? What do you create from the experience? What do you allow as the result?

Each of these three LAWS has a variety of sub-laws that define and adds to the complexity of their energy. The following is a brief listing of some of these sub-laws. Note that the Law of Seven was applied to compiling this list.


divinelawbullet.png The Law of Like Attracts Like
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Opposites Attract (or Law of Polarity)
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Equilibrium
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Gender
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Magnetism
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Sex
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Synchronicity


divinelawbullet.png The Law of Motion
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Becoming
divinelawbullet.png The Law of One
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Duality
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Correspondences
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Chemical Affinity
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Sympathetic Vibration


divinelawbullet.png The Law of Karma (or Law of Cause and Effect)
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Grace or Mercy
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Repulsion
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Synthesis
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Evolution
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Relative Truth
divinelawbullet.png The Law of Group Consciousness

Other fundamental laws include: Law of Abundance, Law of Action, Law of Alchemy, Law of Attention, Law of Beginnings, Law of Color, Law of Compensation, Law of Connection, Law of Friction, Law of Gradation, Law of Growth, Law of Interfaces, Law of Magical Names, Law of Mentalism, Law of Paradox, Law of Personification, Law of Polarity, Law of Pragmatism, Law of Radiation, Law of Reciprocity, Law of Reincarnation, Law of Relativity, Law of Relative Truth, Law of Resonance, Law of Schools, Law of Synchronicity, Law of Synthesis, Law of Trinity, Law of Vibration, Law of Words of Power, and Law of Rhythm Law of World-View/Perspective ... to name just a few!

The art and science of Astrology is a good example of how these Laws are applied. An astrologer works with these Laws when delineating a natal chart and counseling a client regarding life choices. Astrology is governed by the following three Universal Laws:


"As Above, so below.
As within, so without.
As the Universe, so the Soul."
(This of course intimates that everything and everyone is Universally connected.)

The LAW OF ALCHEMY which states:

Energy which is suppressed or denied within us must manifest on the outside of us. In other words we must choose to take personal responsibility for our actions and non-actions and make an effort to overcome fear and resistance.

The LAW OF BEGINNINGS which states:

All living things contain potential to be fulfilled during its life cycle and beyond.
Esoteric Astrology such as the Theosophic study of the Seven Rays literally has Archangels in charge of Divine Law as jurisdicted by each Ray... 

divinelawangels.pngThe 1st Ray of Will and Purpose is governed by Archangel Michael who carries out the legislation of CAUSE, MAGISTRATION and POWER.

The 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom is governed by Archangel Zophkiel who carries out legislation of INSTRUCTION, MASTERSHIP and DIVINE AFFAIRS.

The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence is governed by Archangel Raphael who carries out legislation of PROTECTION, ENLIGHTENMENT and SOUL APPOINTMENTS.

The 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict is governed by Archangel Gabriel who carries out legislation of INFLUENCES, CONTROL OF LIGHT and the WATERS OF LIFE.

The 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science is governed by Archangel Zedekiel who carries out legislation of DISCOVERY and LABORS.

The 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism is governed by Archangel Madimiel who carries out legislation of PURPOSE, ZEALOUS READYING and QUIETING DESIRE.

The 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order is governed by Archangel Haniel who carries out legislation of REVELATION, ORDERS of ANGELS and MAGNETIC OCCURRENCES.


The next time you're thinking about breaking the Law, perhaps you better think twice! And speaking of the Law, how "Divinely" do you live your life? Consider the following: 




"Judgment - All Aboard"
By William Dargin

Judgment as word has no power. The power this word evokes is simply driven by the value we have attached to it. In our vernacular we have all heard, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," "sitting in judgment," the list goes on. For the most part judgment is usually associated with unfounded persecution of a person or value. Personally, I think judgment as a word has been railroaded. I have outlined some concepts that we associate or confuse with judgment. I encourage you to read through them and see if any of them fit your frame of reference.

1. As much as we all claim to be "observers," somewhere in there we have to make a judgment and as much as that word is abhorred in the metaphysical community it is the truth. When we find, dark, or lower energy, we take precautions and flag that situation for its potential; just by the recognition alone ... We have made a judgment!

2. Our actions betray our hearts. You can hide your heart and disguise your beliefs, yet in the end they will betray your spirit in what you do. Although your motivations may be mixed or unclear, your actions speak your truth. Note Nazi Germany... I mean they were just following orders ... Yet millions died!

3. In the universe there is perfection. There is the sea of love where all are one yet, on this Earth, love doesn't necessarily mean warm and fuzzy or a perfect relationship. It sometimes means the lesson you are here to receive is offered up by someone who has a blessed interest in you. AND often times ... that love asks, no, sometimes requires you to let go and that if you refuse to release whatever ... the lesson will escalate until you understand.

4. Whether in spirit, word or belief, you cannot know the complete illumination of any event. On levels beyond what we understand, things are unfolding as they should. What I find most troubling is that by the word of others, a friend brings forth a truth that is not mine and lays before me an "interpretation." It is NOT my truth or experience but rather the modified version or someone else's experience. We are responsible for what we do, say and believe, PERIOD. There is no oops, and that which you do not value, will not be sustained in your life.

5. If you have a personal issue, a concern or an admonition with an individual it serves mutual harmony to handle it privately ... not in the court (usually of the kangaroo genre) of public opinion. Anyone who avoids this is cowardly, and has no real desire for harmony... It is their greed to appear "right," or the "victim."

6. Your actions, thoughts and beliefs have consequences. If you lead your life in truth ... you will discover consequences both good and ... OK - not so well! You must own these, if you don't, they will follow you like a shadow until you do.

7. In this world, you either serve the greater good, (people, causes, and your truth) or you release them. You cannot do both and once released, you follow a path that honors your truth. If you continue to return to that which you release ... Note the shadow comment in the section above...

8. People even metaphysicians often times confuse forgiveness and consequence ... for as much as we know, the fact remains, "You will reap what you sow..." Somehow, that translates into forgiveness wipes out consequences ... If I commit a crime, and the victim forgives me ... I still have to "face the music" whether it is court, restitution, the world and or Karma!

9. Words have the absolute power to heal and destroy ... In one breath we can set someone free, or bind them in our world, not theirs ... only by agreement, sadly.

10. No man sets my value. That which is my spirit and energy cannot be taken away, unless I give it.

11. We affect everything in our world ... Even by observation we are connected ... And that by nothing more than observation ... We introduce an intention that impacts the process - consciously or subconsciously.