Crystals and the Higher Realms

The Chronos Principle

In Crystology (the blend of astrological knowledge with crystal properties), the planet Saturn and its sign Capricorn rule all crystals, minerals, and stones and their geometric constitutions and properties. This makes perfect sense since Saturn and Capricorn have jurisdiction over solid forms and structures. Saturn or Chronos as he was known in ancient circles is generally known as the great task master whose lessons are laced with stern resolve which is why many people fear its significance in an astrological reading. A closer look at Saturn also reveals the Lord of Karma and the Teacher of Higher Truths so within the energy of Saturn is a link to the past and to the higher realms. The sign of Capricorn also has another face. Aside from the image of ambition driven ladder climbing, Capricorn is also the sign of the Great Mystic… one whose vision extends ‘beyond time’ and the natural world into the higher realms and the as yet undiscovered territories of the inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial.  This includes the concept of simultaneous time or non-time known as the Chronos Principle.

The proper use of crystals and minerals can be of assistance when trying to tap into the inner and outer worldly. It should always be remembered that that such attempts should be tempered with respect and engaged with intent for healing. Full protection should be secured before each venture and one should be fully cognizant and hold reverence for Universal Order as deemed by the Divine Law of God or Spirit. Here are some tips when using crystals to tap within and without and beyond space and time…


Recall occurs when the conscious personality is made ready to view the past and bring old occurrences to the surface where they can be dealt with under the auspices of ‘new wisdom’ which promotes current life healing. Delving into the past can be traumatizing and the release of residual energies often painful. For these reasons, it is generally recommended that this exercise should not be attempted without assistance from someone who is willing to act as a guide or grounder.

Cuprite can be useful in the recognition and release of energetic residual surrounding difficulties with authority or authority figures that are reoccurring in the present life as repetitious patterns of anti social behaviors. Brown Jasper can aid this process by helping to remove any stumbling blocks connected to difficult behavioral patterns. The stone or crystal is placed on the third eye chakra for this exercise.

Carnelian can be used to help one gain access to the actual historical events surrounding or connected to a past lifetime. It is a great aid to those who may have a glimpse of a past life but need more detail to fill in the scenario. If you are interested in accessing and retrieving ancient knowledge connected to such a past lifetime or accumulated knowledge from many past lifetimes, the stone Serpentine is very useful for this task. Again, place the crystal or stone on the third eye for the best results.

Garnet and Variscite aid dream state recall of past life memories so if you are an individual who prefers to receive information unconsciously this can be achieved by placing either of these stones under your pillow when you go to sleep. Be sure to make a conscious intention to receive information before you go to sleep. If you are an individual who is self trained to wake up from a dream state and write down information, be sure to remember to put a pad and pencil bedside!


The most powerful stone for this exercise is Moldavite. Moldavite is believed by many to be extraterrestrial in origin… not Earth born but Earth bound. By nature, Moldavite has the capacity to tune into very high modulations and wider vibrational frequencies. For this reason, certain individuals are extremely sensitive to Moldavite and cannot work with it for extended periods of time because of system overload. Use caution with this very powerful stone if placing it on the third eye. An alternative method is to simply “sit with and focus on” the stone and write down your impressions.


Working with the Ascended Masters seems to be a popular premise these days. According to some Theosophical thought, all of the Ascended Masters are tied to the Temple of Truth which holds information in accordance with the Divine Law of God. To gain understanding of your personal destiny and life purpose according to the Ultimate Truth use Peridot… the greener the better! Peridot is known as one of the Stones of Vision so by all means – place it on the third eye chakra.


I talk to many people who love working with the angels from Guardian Angels to the Archangels. The entire angelic realm is a very special and powerful force of beings that are always there to assist humankind. Some people ask for guidance or protection while others desire direct angelic contact. All of the following stones should be considered gateways to the angelic realm. They should either be held lovingly with both hands during times of contemplation or meditation or placed under your pillow when you go to sleep.

Celestite also known as Angelite is the most favored stone for contact with the angelics. Messages may come in clairvoyantly or clairaudiently and are generally crystal clear!

Selenite is a very transcendent stone which brings crisp clarity to the mind so Divine Judgment can be received with wisdom.

Muscovite helps you see the ‘angelic’ in yourself and in others so you can give and receive love through higher guidance.


If you prefer not to venture out into the unknown, here are some stones and crystals that will help you ‘amp up’ your personal vibration:

Labradorite – clears spiritual confusion and elevates consciousness while protecting the aura.

Lapis Lazuli – brings enlightenment according to the personal stage of Soul Evolution.

Azurite – enhances psychic ability and intuition.

Fluorite – opens the Crown Chakra creating a link from the physical to the spiritual… “As above, so below” and increases the ability to attain higher levels of reality. Be sure to share your revelations with others!

Turquoise – brings clarity to the ‘real you’ and your current life path.

Herkimer Diamond – if you are into ecology and caretaking of the planet this stone is for you! The Herkimer is one of the record keepers of the Earth’s DNA so working with this stone brings one closer to the concept of Universal Unity.

Quartz – helps dissolve ‘karmic seeds’ or residual habits from past lifetimes. It cleanses the aura and increases (doubles) the auric field while amplifying psychic ability. Females can use this successfully combined with Moonstone.


By now most people have either seen or are familiar with the Indiana Jones extravaganza related to the Crystal Skulls. The movie takes us on a cosmic trip and the “unusual skull” that comes to the attention of Indie and his cohorts ends up as belonging to inter-dimensional beings who were ancient archeologists. In reality, the Crystal Skulls that currently exist may or may not have anything to do with this premise but they are a unique mystery that has still not been solved.

According to ancient Native American legend, there are 13 life size skulls made of solid crystal which have movable jaws and are able to “sing.” The skulls were allegedly left behind by ancient ancestors and are believed to be a great source of wisdom and knowledge holding the answers to the mysteries of the Universe, the true evolution of mankind and the real history of planet Earth. The prophesy surrounding the skulls further informs us that during a time of great crisis for humanity the skulls would all be rediscovered and brought together to reveal their knowledge thus saving the human race. The legend has been handed down by many tribes from the Mayan and Aztec descendants of Central America to the Navajo and Pueblo Indians of the south-western United States to the Cherokee and Seneca Indian of the north-eastern United States. The Cherokee version varies slightly and adds that there are twelve planets in the cosmos that are inhabited by beings and that there is a skull that represents each planet plus a thirteenth skull that ties them together. One of the greatest mysteries surrounding the skulls is how they were crafted as they bear no tools marks of any kind.

To date twelve skulls that have been discovered are considered to be authentic they are:

  • Mitchell Hedges Skull
  • Mayan Crystal Skull
  • Amethyst Skull
  • British Skull (British Museum)
  • Paris Skull
  • Texas Crystal Skull (MAX) (owned by the Parks Family of Houston)
  • ET Skull (private collection of Joke van Dieten Maasland in Miami Beach, Florida)
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Skull (last seen in Honduras and Guatemala)
  • Aztec Skull
  • Sha-na-ra
  • Jaguar Man
  • The Rainbow Skull (These three were recently found in an excavation in Guerro Province and are now privately owned)

Probably the most famous of the skulls is the Mitchell Hedges Skull discovered in the 1920’s. It is crafted of solid quartz crystal and has undergone many scientific tests most recently by the Hewlett-Packard crystal laboratories. Natural quartz is specifically a product of Mother Nature sometimes taking billions of years to form. At the heart of the process is a “seed” which is formed when a single silicon atom under intense pressure and heat fuses with two oxygen atoms from intensely heated water or steam trapped in the same space under the earth. When the conditions are perfect and stable the cell seed begins to replicate itself laying down a complex crystalline structure that eventually builds into a three dimensional lattice that displays geometric regularity. A perfect piece of natural quartz is not common due to other natural factors that cause discoloration or inclusions. This raises skepticism amongst the scientific communities about the age of the skulls since perfect quartz is more likely to be laboratory grown/manmade. There has been much controversy regarding the authenticity of the skulls since it is not possible to date them with any clarity. The British Museum which has conducted much testing made the following statement:

“Contrary to popular belief there are currently no scientific techniques which can be used to accurately establish when a stone or mineral object was produced. Research has therefore focused on how the skulls were carved, where the quartz originated from and what is known about the early history of the skulls.”

Metaphysicians know that quartz is peizo-electric and that crystal cells can transmit radio-like waves through the nervous system to the brain where information can be unscrambled. So, if the Crystal Skulls do in fact carry some ancient wisdom and knowledge then reception of that knowledge by humans would naturally be telepathic in nature. If they are a true source that can tap into the collective consciousness then most likely a Universal communication network would come into play when all thirteen skulls come together. From what source is this information generated and who put it there? While you are considering the possibilities check out these photos of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull…



Crystals and Master Numbers

Numerologists believe that every name vibrates and is dynamic in its vitality. Numerological vibrations are also present in names of crystals and minerals and are copacetic with the natural vibrations of all stones. 


Master Number 11:

The Master Number 11 is androgynous by nature combining both male and female energies into one spiritual, equal and collective fraternity where the I/you mirror reflection is eternal. This is an easy visual for the number eleven consists of two number “1’s” standing side by side, equal yet opposite one another and unlike the other Master Numbers singular by numeric intent.

The vibration of Master Number 11 is found in Jade. Jade is readily used by the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra. If Master Number 11 applies to your personal numerology Jade will act very powerfully on your behalf if it is worn or carried.


Master Number 22:

The Master Number 22 promotes realization. It connects the individual with an understanding of that which constitutes the “Self” in combination with that which is “Divine” or “God” as a “whole.” The Master Number 22 is associated with the theory of parallel dimensions and the arcane connotation connected to crossroads. It is also associated with the four cardinal directions of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The vibration of Master Number 22 is found in the following stones/crystals. The astrological associations are listed next to each item:

Albite – Aquarius

Coral – Pisces

Galena – Capricorn


Master Number 33:

Timing is the gift of Master number 33. Being able to facilitate the correct time for physical accomplishment requires the employment of contemplation, patience and the wisdom of non action when necessary. For these reasons, 33 also has a resonation with the rune Thurisaz which provides clarity as each of us stands at a particular “gateway” of life, ready to make a decision only after consideration of how our  past deeds and trials have led us to a current impasse.

The vibration of Master Number 33 is found in the stones/crystals of the following list:

Bavenite – Libra

Cobaltite – Leo

Black Coral – Scorpio, Capricorn

Diamond – Aries, Taurus, Leo

Hanksite – Taurus

Ilvaite – Cancer

Semanite – Scorpio

Stilbite – Aries

Tsumebite – Gemini

Ulexite – Gemini


Master Number 44:

Transformation or metamorphosis is supported by the 44 catalytic vibration. Master Number 44 has somewhat of a Plutonian essence calling upon all of us to accept the ebb and flow of never ending changes that ultimately determine the transmutation of the “Self.” Number 44 eases the traumas and dramas surrounding such acceleration.

The vibration of Master Number 44 is found among:

Iris Agate – Sagittarius

Ceruleite – Taurus

Cryolite – Gemini

Domeykite – Scorpio

Goethite – Aries

Hausmannite – Virgo

Linnaeite – Leo

Mottramite – Gemini

Oligoclase – Gemini

Orthoclase – Cancer

Proustite – Aquarius, Leo

Rhonite – Scorpio

Siderite – Aquarius

Xonotlite – Leo


Master Number 55:

The Master Number 55 deals with “strategy.” Within this vibration is found advanced knowledge that facilitates each life experience by providing precision of forethought resulting in constructive manifestation.

The Master Number 55 vibration has many stone/crystal correlations:

Antigorite – Taurus                                                      

Babingtonite – Gemini                                                

Blue Tourmaline - Libra                                   

Chrysotile (Chrsyolite) – Taurus             

Descloizite – Taurus                                                       
Eckermannite - Virgo  

Ettringite -  Gemini

Genthelvite - Sagittarius                                            

Gismondine - Pisces                                                   

Jeremejevite - Gemini                                    

 Kammererite – Virgo Pisces

Koksharovite – Gemini, Libra

Larimar – Leo

Libenthenite –Virgo

Mineral stone – Libra 

Pecos Diamond -Libra

Phlogopit - Cancer

Pumpellyite- Leo

Red Obsidian - Leo

Thunderegg - Scorpio

Master Number 66:

“As above – So below” is the vibrational theme of Master Number 66. Within its essence lies the synthesis of Earth to the Universe and the intervention of Divine Order in one’s life. Celestial assistance is made available so that Order is sustained through systemic resolution.

The Master Number 66 resonates with the following:

Hedenbergite – Virgo

Ruby in Kyanite – Gemini


Master Number 77:

The keywords for Master Number 77 are stamina and transcendence. Number 77 encompasses the “whole” with reference to Earth, the Universe, and all the dimensions. Creativity of the “whole” comes to full fruition on each individual level and is reflected in entirety each to the other.

The Master Number 77 is associated with the following:

Chlorocalcite (Hydrophilite) - Aquarius

Fourmarierite – Capricorn

Petrified Wood – Leo

Purple Fluorite – Capricorn, Pisces


Master Number 88:


Evolution is nigh under Master Number 88. Transcendental consciousness, intuition, and clairvoyance are key under this compassionate vibration. When one works under this Master vibration, psychic capabilities become unlimited and unrestricted making personal revelation possible. Sensitivity and charity are also heightened under this vibration.

The Master Number 88 vibration can be found among the following stones/crystals:

Pharmocosiderite – Capricorn

Faden Quartz – Scorpio


Master Number 99:

Everyone knows that historically the number 9 is a magical number. There are in fact nine Master Numbers. The Master Number 99 relates to the Path traveled and the sense of completion associated with past actions, acknowledgment of the reality of present actions, and the cognizance of the effect of future actions. That which “was”, “is”, and “will be” all combine with total acceptance as the highest transcendental vibration.

The last of the Master Numbers 99 like the first of the Master Numbers 11 relates to one stone/gem:


Pink Tourmaline - Libra