Crop Circles




Who Is Responsible And What Is The Message?

Crop Circles or Alien Imprints are both fascinating and beautiful. They have been the subject of much controversy and scientific analysis. Once "human" intervention has been out ruled who or what might be responsible for this masterful art?

cropsaucer.jpgWhether you believe that Crop Circles are man-made or the product of celestial beings a few important facts remain: 1. It is difficult to believe that the more complex crop designs and geometry could have been fabricated by human beings in the less than 8 hours they usually appear. 2. There are records of interviews with a good number of people that they sited a UFO or balls of light in the area 6-36 hours before the appearance of a Circle or as the expert cerealogists call them agriglyphs.

According to certain popular opinion Crop Circles have been attributed to several other-worldly beings. Listed are four alien race possibilities including physical likeness, base star system, special geometric message and crop circle example. 


andromedan.jpgThe ANDROMEDANS - Hailing from the Andromeda Galaxy these beautiful light beings (who are sometimes described as light blue) have no physical bodies and stand 8 feet to 10 feet tall. They are often described as "angelic." They are believed to be seekers of Truth who are very concerned with the New World Order and its threatening role in the collapse of human civilization. They are advanced higher inter-dimensional beings who work with the Arcturians in their effort to facilitate the planetary ascension process of Earth. They are specialists in light technology and processes through which thought can heal the physical body. 






hillcropcircle.jpgIt is widely believed that the Andromedans are responsible for complex geometric designs often housing binary codes such as the Waden Hill Crop Circle of Averbury, UK. One of the theories is that all celestial "circlemakers" are physically imprinting surfaces using a tube of light which is a mass of spiral energy visible for just a few seconds. This process usually takes place between 2:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. when the Earth's magnetic field is at its lowest. 

cropalien.jpgThe ARCTURIANS - Come from Arcturus, which is the brightest Fixed Star in the constellation Bootes. In astrology, the Fixed Star Arcturus represents guarding, learning, teaching, and leading the people as new life styles are embraced. The Arcturians are thought to have a 7th dimension vibration and are also held to work with the Ascended Masters, which they refer to as the Brotherhood. They are highly technological and are said to have the most advanced starships of all cosmic cultures. The Arcturian formula for living is love and they are the guardians and protectors of the Higher Consciousness of the Universe. The Arcturian civilization is thought to be the prototype of the Earth's future. In appearance, the Arcturians are described as very short - three to four feet high with a greenish pallor. They have large dark brown or black almond shaped eyes and three fingers. They communicate telepathically, can move objects telekinetically, and live to the age 150-400 years old.



milkhill.jpgThe Milk Hill Crop Circle of Wiltshire, UK is a perfect example of Arcturian geometry. In Sacred Geometry by graphic designer Janosh, this design is titled "Confirmation." The complexity of spiral patterns in certain crop circles all but proves that hoax circles are of a small percentage. Spherical geometry reflects various frequency ranges - 8th dimensional light stepping down into 7th dimensional sound and then 6th dimensional geometry. Are the cosmic Circlemakers reenergizing the geodetic grid of the Earth? 


pleaidians.jpgThe PLEIADIANS - Hail from the Pleiades (although there is current information out there that refutes this claim) which is a small cluster of stars belonging to the constellation Taurus. There are seven stars in the cluster the brightest of which is the Fixed Star Alcyone. In astrology, this star equates with vision or the lack of it. This fits the Pleiadian theme, which is to help mankind move towards a higher spiritual destiny. The Pleiadians are humanoid in appearance often described as blonde or brunette and fair with striking blue eyes. They are believed to be the record keepers of the Earth and the caretakers of the Earth's complete history from human evolution to the present time. The Pleiadians are thought to be moving humankind from the 3rd to 4th dimensions of reality. The Pleiades has always been an honored group of stars throughout occult history. For example, the temples on the Acropolis in Greece were aligned to the rising of the Pleiades.




westwood.jpgThe Pleiadians are the most popularized alien race among humankind and have been the subject of many books and channelings. The Westwood Crop Circle is thought by some to actually depict a direct reference to the seven stars of the Pleiades in its design. Scientists who study plant life and ground samples from Circle sites not only find plant life bent in strange ways but also changes to stalk nodes known as "blown nodes" which requires intense force to produce. Microscopic magnetic particles with round shapes have also been found which require great heat to form. It has been accepted that some type of thermal dynamic energy is responsible. 


zetaalien.jpgThe ZETA RETICULANS - Are native to the star system Zeta Reticuli. They are commonly known as "greys." The "Z's" do not hold a good reputation amongst humankind and are the alien race most often reported to be responsible for abductions. They also spend the most time of all the alien races inter-mingling with humans because of their DNA experiments and attempts to sustain their own race through the use of human hosts for procreation. There is some opinion that certain Z's have incarnated as humans for just this purpose and that most abductions simply constitute cross-bred Z's who are returning to their source to finish their mission. Z's stand two to four feet high and are very slender and delicate looking. The head is large with a pointed chin, black slanted eyes are a hardly visible mouth and nose. They have three to four fingers and the skin tone ranges from grey to tan.



maldekian.jpgIs this for real? This Crop Circle known as the Maldekian Circle of Hampshire, UK not only houses a binary disc but also the clear portrait of a Zeta Reticulan. In the famous 1960's abduction case involving Betty and Barney Hill, Betty regained enough recall after hypnotic therapy sessions to sketch a star map of the origin of her alien abductors which was a remarkably accurate rendering of Zeta Reticuli. 


tullynest.jpgTerrestrial alien imprints are not the source of communication. Australia's Tully Nest (left) is an extraterrestrial moniker that left its mark on the waters of Tully Swamp.

On January 19, 1966 farmer George Pedly was a alerted to a strange hissing noise in the area known as Horseshoe Lagoon. The lagoon contains a reed filled area of water about 6 feet deep and 100 feet across at its widest point.

swampsaucer.jpgUpon inspection, George witnessed a silver saucer like object (USO) about 25 feet wide emerge from the swamp, ascend to the tree-tops and then disappear at rapid speed into the sky. When George reached the water's edge he noticed that the water was devoid of reeds and swirling and rotating. When he returned to the site a few hours later, a floating mass of reds had made its way to the surface. The reeds were distributed in a noticeably anti-clockwise manner. The outer perimeter was sharply down-thrusting. The effect lasted for about 48 hours. 

Returning later in the day with the property owner Albert Pennisi, the two discovered that it was possible to swim underneath the strange mass. Additional imprints were found on the surrounding property and consisted of teardrop shapes around 2"x3" spaced at 12 inch intervals in a straight line. On February 8, 1969, Pennisi was alerted to another disturbance and upon inspection another "nest" was found. This one measured 29.5 feet wide and was perfectly circular. The reeds had been extracted complete with roots from the floor of the lagoon and they were floating in a very noticeable clockwise distribution. Yet another nest was found on the northern end of the lagoon. It was smaller but had all the characteristics of the larger nest. As this nest lay closer to the edge of the land it was also noticed that the trees and brush were scorched. A botanist was called in to perhaps offer a natural explanation but there was none.

Many believe that USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) have been cohabitating with us since the advent of mankind. There is some speculation that these beings are connected to the star systems of Orion and Sirius A. There is no apparent message just a reminder that we are not alone.