Cosmic Apothecary

Welcome to the COSMIC APOTHECARY where Holistic procedures and Cosmic Alchemy can provide additional ways to promote the health of Mind, Body and Spirit. The alternative methods here have been posted to bring awareness to and enhance that connection but not replace competent medical care.

Handy Body Anatomy

Did you know that the hand holds a correspondence to the anatomy of your body? You can literally check for health problems by using the graph below and a pendulum!

1. Head
2. Throat
3. Arms, Hands
4. Chest
5. Stomach
6. Intestines
7. Kidneys, Spine
8. Sexual Organs
9. Thighs, Anus
10. Knees
11. Legs, Calves, Ankles
12. Feet
13. Liver, Circulation
14. Bones, Teeth
15. Heart
16. Nervous System
17. Muscles, Nose
18. Stomach, Breasts
19. Lungs

Here are the directions: Seat your “patient” in front of you and have them extend out their left hand palm up. Make sure he or she removes any rings and washes and dries the hand prior to analysis. Hold the pendulum in your right hand and let it begin to gyrate. Using your left index finger, touch each part of the patient’s palm using the diagram as a guide - one at a time. Observe the movement of the pendulum as you touch and refer to each “body” correspondence. A clockwise gyration indicates good health for the anatomy in question. A counterclockwise gyration can indicate an issue that needs to be medically addressed. If you would like to check your own hand, trace your left hand palm up on a piece of paper and follow the same rules.

Cosmic Healing Timetable

Each Zodiac sign has specific times during the day when “healing” is the most beneficial. Simply perform your chosen personal healing mode in accord with the chart.


Listen to the Music!

Astrologers are always testing theories that link the Cosmos to healing. One premise is that listening to music by composers whose Sun Sign is the same as the Sign on the 6th House of Health cusp can assist is healing physical health.  Here are some suggestions for the Signs:

ARIES: Bach (Johann Sebastian), Rachmaninov, Haydn

TAURUS: Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Ellington, Bacharach

GEMINI: Wagner, Stravinsky, Strauss, Corea, Chavez, Hamlish

CANCER: Mahler, Rodgers, Lloyd, Huber

LEO: Debussy, Schuman, Bloch, Giuliani, Cervantes

VIRGO: Dvorak, Bernstein, Strauss (Josef), Bach (Johann Christian), Debussy

LIBRA: Liszt, Verdi, Heinze, Dukas, Partos

SCORPIO: Copland, Paderewski, Hensel, Strauss (Johann II)

SAGITTARIUS: Beethoven, Berlioz, Dusek, Gibbs

CAPRICORN: Muthel, Bruch, Martucci, Taneyev

AQUARIUS: Mozart, Shubert, Mendelssohn, Glass

PISCES: Handel, Chopin, Vivaldi, Rimsky-Korsakov

Medical Astrology & URANIAN Planets

Uranian Astrology was discovered and proposed by Alfred Witte of Germany and expounded upon by fellow Uranian astrologer Friedrich Sieggrün in the early 1920’s.  Witte was a surveyor, astrologer and amateur astronomer who founded the Hamburg School of Astrology. The Uranian planets are in basis known as “Transneptunians” and are hypothetical by nature. The Transneptunians proposed by Witte were Cupido, Hades Zeus and Kronos. Those proposed by Sieggrün were Appollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Posiedon.

There are eight Uranian planets used in Medical Astrology. Medical astrologers who use the Uranian planets do so in correlation with natal and progressed work and midpoints on a 90 degree dial. The dial is another way of viewing a chart using the fourth harmonics system developed by the Hamburg School and expounded by the work of Cosmologist Reinhold Ebertin. The dial allows astrologers to discern hard aspects, the semi-square (45°), the square (90°) and the opposition (180°).  Under these conditions, the Uranian planets can give the astrologer extra information along with the regular planets regarding past, present and future health problems.
The most important Uranian planets used for medical analysis are Hades, Appollon and Admetos. Vulcanus and Zeus have some medical significance followed by Cupido, Posiedon and Kronos which tend to have a lesser effect.

Actual medical information regarding each Uranian Planet is quite extensive but the following provides a synopsis of each planet for those who wish to satisfy their curiosity to some degree:


It is generally agreed that HADES is the most difficult of the eight Uranian planets. In essence, it represents something serious that will not go away. An illness discovered under the light of Hades signals a worsening condition that is not likely to get better or long term ailments that have taken such a long time to manifest, grow and transform they are extremely difficult to control let alone cure. Although Hades is considered the “bringer of havoc” for the patient, in a doctor’s or therapists chart it represents those who are exceptional at medical analysis and able to discern the root cause of a medical problem. Hades governs slow, deteriorating diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, M.S., Lou Gherig Disease, gangrene, anorexia, bulimia, self hate, sociopathic behavior and suicide, poisonous infections and bites, food poisoning, skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and ulcers, depression and hopelessness, psychic vampirism, pedophilia, rape and brutality AND all types of trauma suffered under the hands of others.


APPOLLON often suggests that there are at least two or more medical difficulties that are contributing to the main scenario. Appollon is strongly tied to complications often secondary in nature due to misdiagnosis which causes the patient to grow more ill. In some cases the patient will have a tendency to ignore symptoms until a far worse condition develops. Appollon governs twins, strep A bacterial infections, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lymph node and glandular cancer.


The influence of ADMETOS is like the seed that remains dormant until body conditions are right for illness to be sown. The individual is often his own worst enemy because the disease that ensues has done so because of neglect and improper health maintenance. Admetos is seen in charts of unwanted pregnancies, comas and suffocation. Conversely, a well placed Admetos can signify one who has the discipline and fortitude to overcome illness. Admetos governs blockages, blood clots, cholesterol, panic attacks, introversion and repression, stiff joints and muscles, circulation problems, Reynaud’s Syndrome, claustrophobia, abortion, autism and balance problems.


VULCANUS represents added problems to an already existing illness. Often seen in “festering” conditions, Vulcanus irritates the problem making it more obvious until just like a volcano it surfaces full blown. Until that occurs, Vulcanus tends to act like a chameleon assuming the qualities of whatever planet(s) are at the root of the issue making the dis-ease hard to diagnose. On the up side, a well placed Vulcanus represents excellent recuperative powers. Vulcanus is sometimes tied to medical equipment operating procedures. Also covered under Vulcanus are the onset of fever and inflammation, cluster and migraine headaches, torn muscles and ligaments, nerve inflammation such as sciatica, skin diseases, herpes, high blood pressure and genetic deformity.


Just like the great god Zeus who was interested in procreation with humans, this Uranian planet is tied to conception – literally as well as generally where it represents the beginning of something. The energy of ZEUS acts more as an “impulse” and therefore the cause of an ailment rather that a contributor to an ailment. Zeus is also tied to fire and firearms thus representing burn victims and those wounded by gunshot or explosions. Zeus governs the rapid onset of fever, brain injury, injury by lightning strike, epidemics, road rage, high blood pressure, stroke, injury or death by a sharp instrument, AIDS/HIV infection, sexual disorders (including incest and impotence), prostate inflammation and post traumatic stress syndrome.


CUPIDO is a family oriented planet representing illness within the immediate familial circle or heralding the birth of a child. It is also concerned with miscarriage, infertility, multiple births, caregivers and caretakers and the stress they endure, orphans, adoptions, family tragedy and issues of co-dependency. Oddly, a family member who is sick may be represented by Cupido in the chart of another family member. Because of this forewarned is to be forearmed aspect, Cupido can be used by astrologers to avert a health crisis. Cupido can sometimes signal that an individual has gone overboard by indulging in too much of a good thing that has adversely affected health.


POSIEDON has more of a spiritual and mental/emotional function in medical astrology. It can signify “red tape” such as hospital and government forms. In recent studies it has be tied to mental illness and emotional/learning disorders.  Among them are schizophrenia, and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), autism, Down's Syndrome, drug addiction, dyslexia, speech disorders (including stammering), epilepsy and ADD/ADHD. On the spiritual side it is tied to overcoming illness due in part to maintaining a good attitude or the ability to tap into the Divine for healing.


Is time running out? Then the skillful hands of a good surgeon will save the day! KRONOS has more to do with medical treatment from a masterful doctor than actual physical ailments. On a mental level, Kronos represents discipline and self control concerning health maintenance when it is well aspected in a chart. Kronos governs medical/health bureaucracy and medical malpractice, Medicare, medical legalities, medical specialists, and the American Medical Association.

Lunar Healing

Energy Healing of certain body issues can be achieved when the Moon transits the different signs of the Zodiac. You’ll need to have a calendar on hand that shows you which sign the Moon transits on a given day. Visit your favorite energy healer when the Moon is in these signs to address the issues listed or perform your own personal healing by directing healing color to afflicted areas as specified. Note that the Lunar Zodiacal Correspondences listed here are NOT good times for medical procedures on the parts of the body listed under each Lunar Sign or the sign’s polarity (opposite sign).

 The Moon transiting the sign of Aries is the time to heal issues concerning physical exertion and muscular injuries, bladder and external sexual organ functions, head and face problems and any issues with taste. The Lunar healing color is Magenta.

The Moon transiting the sign of Taurus is the time to heal issues concerning the skin, neck, throat, esophagus, thyroid and sense of touch. The Lunar healing color is Bright Blue.

 The Moon transiting the sign of Gemini is the time to heal issues concerning the respiratory system and lungs, arms, hands, shoulders, tongue, and sense of sight. The Lunar healing color is Bright Yellow.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Cancer is the time to heal issues concerning the chest, breasts, stomach, female functions, fluid retention, left eye in males and right eye in females. It is also a good time to address emotional stress. The Lunar healing color is Soft Pale Green.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Leo is the time to heal issues concerning the heart, upper back, right eye in males, left eye in females and the spine. The Lunar healing color is Orange.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Virgo is the time to heal issues concerning the nervous system and intestines, bowels and general hygiene. It is also a good time to address nervous tension. The Lunar healing color is Indigo Blue.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Libra is the time to heal issues concerning the lower back, kidneys, ovaries, buttocks and basic metabolism and vasomotor system. The Lunar healing color is Lavender.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Scorpio is the time to heal issues concerning the gall bladder, reproductive organs, urinary bladder, colon, menstruation, rectum and urethral stricture. The Lunar healing color is Fuchsia.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Sagittarius is the time to heal issues concerning the arteries, liver, thighs, hips, hepatic system, right ear and sense of smell. The Lunar healing color is Turquoise.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Capricorn is the time to heal issues concerning the bones, teeth, knees, spleen, left ear and sense of hearing. The lunar healing color is Sage Green.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Aquarius is the time to heal issues concerning the ankle, lower legs, calves and circulation. The Lunar healing color is Electric Blue.
 The Moon transiting the sign of Pisces is the time to heal issues concerning the feet, sleep disturbances, addictions, glandular swellings and mucous discharges. The Lunar healing color is Aqua.