Celestial Numbers


Hello dear hearts! It is always a great time in the fairy kingdom to grant wishes to mortals so I'm bringing you a special gift. The sum of the "CELESTIAL NUMBERS" for your Sun sign and ruling planet are used to find a special corresponding Number of Fortune. Double digit Celestial sums are broken down to a single digit using the ancient science of numerology. These numbers should not be confused with lucky numbers as they are delivered from a higher vibration! The contemporary rulers of the signs are used. You should look for your personal Number of Fortune every day - in a house number address (especially if you're looking to buy), in the serial number of a purchased item (particularly a collector's item), a lottery ticket, or any other speculation. Have fun dearies!



PS... For your information - did you know that the ancient cultures had different methods of associating number vibrations to the signs of the Zodiac? For example, the Chaldeans gave the following values to the signs: Aries and Scorpio 9, Taurus and Libra 6, Cancer 2, Gemini and Virgo 5, Leo 1, Sagittarius 3, Capricorn 8, Aquarius 4, Pisces 7.