Celestial Dialog




Symbols have been one of mankind's greatest communicative tools. Ancient alphabets date back to the dawn of time but what about the arcane alphabets that were allegedly gleaned from supernatural sources? Interestingly, most of these examples are from the 16th century when Alchemy was widely practiced. 



johndee.jpgThe 16th century Enochian Alphabet is credited to occultist and astrologer Dr. John Dee and his psychic associate Edward Kelly. It is a magically sourced system that was allegedly dictated via angels ... or was it?

Dee was a respected scholar in his day but Kelley was a man of ill repute with a well known shady past but with equally well known genuine psychic ability. Dee had confidence in Kelley's abilities and their association lasted for seven years.


Depiction of Kelly raising the dead. 

Dee’s interest in “angelic magic” began after reading Steganographia by Abbot Trithemius around 1553. His communication with angels began in October of 1581. These were troubled times for Dee who suffered from strange dreams. He was also kept awake by strange knockings throughout the house. It was almost as though certain spirits were trying to contact Dee rather than the other way around.

Dee originally worked with a medium by the name of Barnabas Saul who claimed to see angels in a crystal ball. Dee however was neither convinced nor satisfied with Saul’s work and dismissed him. In 1582, Dee met Edward Kelley - a strange young man of 27 who had been a student but who never acquired a degree. Kelley had been convicted of forgery and was known to engage in necromancy and other magical rituals.

Dee and Kelley held hundreds of séances mainly in England and Poland. In 1583 Kelley allegedly made contact with the Angel Uriel who prophesized the attempt of invasion of England by Spain and also the death of Mary Queen of Scots. These prophesies came to pass in 1587 and 1588. Uriel claimed Enochian was the language spoken in the Garden of Eden and further linguistic teaching ensued. In April of 1587, an angel calling herself Madimi contacted Dee and Kelley with instructions that the two should swap wives. This disturbed Dee who felt that “devils” were impersonating angels and he was reluctant to listen. Madimi it seems was rather persuasive and on May 22 the swap occurred. The event put a great strain on the relationship between Dee and Kelley and they parted ways. Dee gave up his magical practices and returned to England where he died in poverty in 1608. Kelley died abroad under “mysterious circumstances.”
agrippa.jpgThe Malachim alphabet was derived from Hebrew and Greek alphabets. It was created by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa during the 16th Century and is still used by Freemasons to a limited extent. In addition, Agrippa formulated the Angelic Alphabet (shown below) which was also derived from Hebrew and Greeks alphabets. This alphabet was used specifically for communication with angels. Like the Malachim alphabet it is written left to right in horizontal lines.
paracelsus.jpgThe Alphabet of the Magi was invented by Paracelsus whose real name is Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim in the 16th century. It is believed that the creation of this alphabet was influenced by other magickal alphabets at the time with a touch of the Hebrew alphabet. Paracelsus used it to engrave the names of angels on talismans which he claimed could treat illnesses and provide protection.
toothyalien.jpgThe Cosmological Alphabet is of presently unknown origin and source. There have been several individuals over the years who have claimed to have been given strange alphabets by aliens and other inter-dimensional entities. None of these alphabets which are comprised of odd and sometimes familiar symbols can be validated. There is no syntax or language root as we on Earth understand it. This alphabet (?) has been presented strictly for purposes of entertainment. How Neptunian!