“Of you Capricorn I ask the toil of your brow, that you might teach men to work. Your task is not an easy one for you will feel all of man’s labors on your shoulders, but for the yoke of your burdens I put the Responsibility of man in your hands.”  

      ~Martin Schulman in Allegory~


Lost am I in Light supernal, yet on that Light I turn my back ...


Every sign of the Zodiac is in you. Even though you may not be a Capricorn, on the personal level you may have Capricorn ascending, OR a Capricorn Moon or Node, OR a planet/planets in Capricorn. At the very least, you’ll have a House cusp or cusps in Capricorn or perhaps Capricorn intercepted in another House. Certainly Capricorn's ruler Saturn sits somewhere in your chart keeping a record of your growth and doling out awareness to life circumstances that need attention. You simply cannot avoid it. It’s in there somewhere.  Why is this important? Perhaps because Capricorn is one of the most misunderstood Zodiacal energies but more importantly because it packs a spiritual wallop wherever it shows up.


Within the symbolism of Capricorn are some of the most profound mysteries of life for Capricorn is the Light of Initiation –the illumination that clears the path, transfigures and reveals. The energy of Capricorn links the Divine Creative Will with the Human Mind which in turn produces structured form on the physical plane. Through Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn, order and structure are provided allowing the Laws of Manifestation to work and therefore propelling the Plan of Evolution into objective existence.


Capricorn is the smallest, least conspicuous and one of the oldest of the twelve traditional zodiacal constellations. It covers approximately 1.003 % of the sky and has 31 visible stars. Its roots are lodged in the antiquity of prehistory and it was always regarded as a sacred sign. The Babylonians knew Capricorn as Suhur.mas (Goat-Fish);  the Greeks as Aigokeros (goat-horned);  the Indians in Sanskrit as Makara (sea-monster) and in early Hindu Makaran (antelope but also depicted as a goat’s head on the body of a hippopotamus); the Jews as Azazel  (scape-goat who bathes away the sins of Earth with snow, rain and storms); the Chinese Mo Ki (goat-fish); the Iranians as Vahik (goat-fish: the Romans as capercornu (goat-horn) and the god Pan; the Egyptians as Chnum (god of the waters AND the Denderah Zodiac pictures Capricorn as a man with the head of Ibis riding a mountain goat) and the early Christians as the as the apostle Simon Zelotes. Capricorn is the zodiacal guardian of time and space and the energy of limits, rules and regulations that must be observed in order that stability and endurance continue to foster “growth.”  In mundane astrology it is represented by two variations of the same animal – a mountain goat and a Seagoat. The Seagoat is a mythological figure representative of the esoteric nature of Capricorn. The highest manifestation of Capricorn is the ethereal Unicorn representing transcendence.


Dual Nature of Capricorn

GOAT = Spiritual Development  … FISH = Infinite Potential

A lithograph after bass relief of Oannes the Assyrian mythical half-fish half-man teacher of wisdom to the Babylonians. Oannes dual nature linked the worlds of spirit and matter the archetype of Capricorn.


As the sign of Initiation, hierarchical Capricorn serves as the Gateway of Death through which only the accepted disciple may pass after having walked the Path of Life. This includes physical death and also death as a result of change and application. As odious as this sounds, one must remember that this is tied to the evolutionary process of the Soul and cannot be avoided. Through Saturn’s custodial rulership, Saturnine urges produce Soul character purified in change through spiritualized environment. It should always be remembered that perfecting the Soul is what life is all about.

~The Three Capricornian Forms~

~Primary Initiations~

~Immortal Trinity~

“Capricorn as The Mountain Goat”

(Attached to Form)


Immortal Trinity: Atmic Shield and Center of the Will

Encased by structure, prisoner of form, Earthbound

Initiation: All life and all people are one wholistic Earth family. The Soul Presence is recognized as being anchored in the life of the personality.

Form: COAL

Many times over we place our dreams and ambitions on material forms. Early in our evolution of Soul we are somehow instinctively attached. We amass. We sacrifice to win. We become stuck until the earth quakes and all that was familiar is lost. If we view this karmically we accept that this is the way of all things.


“Capricorn as The Mergoat”

(Relating Through Form)


Immortal Trinity: Buddhic Shield and Wisdom

Relating energy to form, objectifying purpose, anchoring ideas to Earth

Initiation: Dominance of Love over astral body desires which are placed under the aegis of the Soul.


As the Earth quakes and what is familiar is continually and cyclically dissolved, we learn and understand the limitations of egocentric ambitions. We become more Soul infused seeing these limitations as guidelines for a higher expression of life. We become aware of the hidden spiritual essence and value in all forms. We are now willing to take responsibility that will be of benefit to others as a Collective Whole.


“Capricorn as The Unicorn”

(Free to Transform and Transfigure)


Immortal Trinity: Manas and Upper mental center (countless levels of integrated consciousness)

Culminating purpose, server of Earth

Initiation: Becoming totally mentally polarized, linking talents and abilities to Collective Purpose

Form: Diamond

We are now at the threshold ready to begin a new cycle of becoming on the evolutionary wheel. Capricorn has literally become the Gate of Death or the Passage out of Incarnation and onto the immortal path of the True Initiate. We have synthesized higher development. There is a new form for the externalization of the Divine Plan.


The Saturnian Archetype


Ah Saturn! Ruler of Capricorn and Ancient Ruler of Aquarius. Saturn by archetype is known by many names - Lord of Karma, Father Time, The Great Taskmaster, Guardian of the Solar System.,The Olde Devil, The Reaper, The Old Man, The Parent Principle and general all round authoritarian pain in the butt. Saturn doesn't seem to have a good relationship with the media and its energy be it astrological or astronomical is connected to all sorts of malice and occult weirdness. What is the archteype of Saturn really about? It's quite simple really. Under Saturn's auspicious influence an individual's character and mettle are strengthend through life trial and difficulty. Saturn disciplines all of us until we finally learn to discipline ourselves. 

As the celestial taskmaster, Saturn works within the grand plan of the Universe and never dishes out more than we can actually handle. Under Saturn's guidance, achievement is reached by overcoming obstacles and hardship. We carry our burdens and we are rewarded for our efforts. Saturn grants us the power to persevere and realize potential. Wherever it is posited in a natus, whichever sign it is working through and whatever aspects it makes and receives indicates how well responsibility is accepted, how the capacity for discipline is displayed and how the ability for reliability, patience and trustworthiness is shown.

I many of the old texts, Saturn is referred to as the Great Malefic. Its glyph reveals an important aspect of terrestrial  life which is the Law of Limitation. Saturn is both a teacher and a tester. As the tester Saturn's role has been likened to Satan who tempts the egocentric personality to trade the liberation of the Soul for temporal powers and meaningless material possessions. As the great teacher and ruler of time, Saturn instructs us that in the end we all lose at the moment of physical death no matter what the Earth accomplishments have been. However he who passes Saturn's earthly tests will be helped along the Path of Light guided by Saturn's fatherly hand.


In some schools of esotericism, Saturn is believed to have been the first planetary body to be constructed - the first planet of the seven Planetary Logoi and was thus considered the "Elder One." In other occult theories, Saturn is thought to be the "Keeper of Records" who records all impressions of energy made on the Akashic ethers from the physical plane. As the "Testing Angel," Saturn is still believed to govern all souls trained in the Mystery Schools. Hinduism associates Saturn with Shiva the Destroyer and the death of form which precludes the liberation of spirit and ensures rebirth. In Sacred Cosmobiology, Saturn is the Sacred Planet of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence where man is required to understand the reason behind his being and use this abstract and philosophical thinking to drive himself forward in the evolutionary sense ... he is willing to be what he is through what life offers by way of experience. Any progress made is for evolutionary purposes.


In its most highly symbolic form, Saturn is our destiny and all that constitutes fate and those things which cannot be escaped. Payback can be a real bitch. Yet how else are we to attain self mastery in life without the structured laws of the physical plane which Saturn provides? Saturn furnishes our spiritual life force with the vehicles for material expression by providing the spirit with a suitable shell to ensoul. It must be remembered that the Earth is the playground for the forces of Light and Dark and Saturn will liaise between the two. We all have a choice as we pass through Saturn's doors to go one way or the other.


Saturn is keeping score.


The Cosmobiological Capricorn


~Sun in Capricorn~


The individual with the Sun in Capricorn will be motivated to create a physical representation of his/her identity. Within the early years of life to middle age this approach will manifest as focus entirely on the physical plane and the realm of Capricorn the Mountain Goat. It is a work of art in progress like the sculptor who has a block of marble and a chisel but no clear idea of what he wants to sculpt. In the end, the final product will be beautiful but work related to the actual sculpting will be long, arduous, confusing and interrupted by failures. The sense of self has been based upon accomplishments with an unerring activism to achieve. Once this part of the path has been either satisfied or torn asunder by outside forces, then the path of the Mergoat becomes clear and the mental and spiritual shift becomes polarized and the quest becomes more visionary and collective oriented. In the later years if culmination is reached and higher development synthesized the path of the Unicorn opens the understanding of the Divine Plan and Will. Upon mortal death the individual Soul makes passage out of the current incarnation having attained a step of evolution as a true initiate. 

Degrees of the Sun (please round up > i.e. 0 degrees 1 minute becomes 1 degree; 29 degrees 30 minutes becomes 30 degrees etc.) :

Note: Capricorn is peregrine in the first twenty degrees of the sign so ego motivation is based upon physical material results.



1 degree - Intuitive but loving argument as a means to adding to the store of personal knowledge.

2 degrees -Full of power and purpose - a possible climb to eminence. Friends may conspire to dethrone.

3 degrees - A natural teacher who can make matters of the spirit clear yet who may waver between temporal and spiritual gain resulting in self betrayal.

4 degrees - Great power of endurance through which either ill or good gain can be achieved.

5 degrees - Designing and controlling. Others may be used for personal gain.

6 degrees - A leader gifted in tact and sympathy yet fails to hold followers which incites depression and hindrance.

7 degrees - Selfish, eccentric, domineering.

8 degrees - Tendency to judge others by the self and too affected by the external.

9 degrees - Able to sway others by use of inspirational power. If a writer, works will live on many years after death.

10 degrees - A nurturer and protector of others and one who fights for principles.



11 degrees - One who uses others as stepping stones and then discards them. Materialistic and grasping yet may not appear to be so.

12 degrees - Courage of convictions makes for a magnetic leader.  Also inclined towards sensuous pleasures.

13 degrees - Interest in sexual matters yet able to avoid scandal.

14 degrees - Clever in endeavor of life yet inclined to be negative and to take life too easily.

15 degrees - One who can discover many things of benefit for the human race yet fails to receive deserved recognition.

16 degrees - Intuitive, sensitive, practical and possibly artistic. Plans are matured before attempting execution.

17 degrees - Judgmental yet sympathetic to the plight of the masses of humanity.

18 degrees -Too easily influenced by others to own detriment. Must choose friends wisely.

19 degrees - Enterprising, determined, forceful but too stubborn for own best interests.

20 degrees - The presence is soothing and healing.



21 degrees - Sensitive, impressionable and always seeking knowledge. May receive help from influential friends.

22 degrees - A complex person whose sense predominate. Can be a power for peace.

23 degrees - A student of the inner mysteries. Has a practical side but is also a lover of art and poetry which assists in elevation from sphere of birth.

24 degrees - One who seeks knowledge that may scientifically relieve the ills of mankind.

25 - Conservative and a lover of ritual and ceremony. Diplomatic and crafty.

26 -Much sympathy for suffering and a defender of the defenseless. Often arouses enmity but overcomes opposition.

27 - A prophet who clearly sees coming events. Thoughtful, patient, kind in every department of life.

28 degrees - One who must plan and stick with it. Advancement through perseverance and persistence.

29 degrees - Quiet, retiring and contemplative. Keynote of philosophy is. "Given the same conditions the same results are likely to recur."

30 degrees - One who must obey the law to the letter as loss my occur through failure or verbal agreements.


~Moon in Capricorn~


The Moon is not in a favorable position in Capricorn and is considered in detriment. The nature is reserved, serious, cautious and austere. Hard working and ambitious there will most likely be some personal bias concerning status and security. In the worst case scenario, calculating tendencies to achieve power at any cost without respect for the feelings of others is evident.


People with the Moon in Capricorn must always overcome obstacles and complexities within their own natures to find the happiness they seek. This Lunar influence connects with the mind urging an eagerness to learn. Determination can turn into obsession if energies are all focused single-minded in one direction when manifesting hopes and dreams. The term "still waters run deep" applies here. Despite charming social manners it may be difficult to express deep feelings and unknown to close intimates, Capricorn Moons can suffer from feelings of loneliness.This is often concealed by a dry sense of humor.  True love is not often found in youth.


For those with the Sun in an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the Capricorn Moon underlies talent and ability to achieve; Water sign Suns Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces get a boost of dynamism to innate creativity and these couplings provide excellent energy for attracting wealth or fame; Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sign Suns get a boost of strength and intensity to resourcefulness and Fire sign Suns Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are infused with a special gift for self reliance, authority while a potent dose  of mesmerizing charm is added to the overall personality.


"Capricorn doesn't want to rely on anyone else, because that would mean being let down or humiliated at the critical moment. For Capricorn, survival depends on self-sufficiency. Showing emotional need is a form of dependency, so its blocked or moderated by the defense mechanism. Responding on cue to someone else's emotional demands may also make the Capricorn feel dominated and controlled. The message is, "I'll show love when I want to, not when you want me to. I'm in charge of my own feelings, and I will decide when and how to express them." ~  Liz Greene


~Ascendant (Rising Sign) in Capricorn~


Capricorn rising grants a strong determined personality. Cautious in personal affairs the outside belies the inside until a sense of security and comfort is reached. When that happens the phrase, "to know Capricorn is to love him," becomes apropos. Reliability and dependability go hand in hand with might and willpower. The mind is active and able to ferret out information with ease. There is a tendency to be a bit too detail oriented and also a tendency for unnecessary worry. This is just the Capricorn way for being in control because no matter how good life may be going there is always a little voice saying, "Is it good enough?"


"Capricorn's real place is out on the world's stage, moving things in the environment - little or small - so that he leaves the place a little better organized than when he found it. His gifts lie in the realm of organization and control, discipline and initiation of changes within already existing structures. He's often more idealist than you'd expect, in that he may have a vision of how to improve the world, or the small corner of the world he inhabits. Mystical he isn't, and his ideals are always attainable ones. He makes sure of that and usually also makes sure he has the resources and skills to achieve them in his lifetime. He won't sit idly by and let others bring to birth his vision; he hates to delegate responsibility, and usually believes he must do it himself."  ~ Liz Greene


~Planets in Capricorn~



Planets within 0-10 degrees of Capricorn: 

Commitment to Knowledge


Planets in these degrees with be infused with seriousness, responsibility, precision and orderliness, relentlessness and determination. Planetary tendencies will be both subtle and aggressive and aroused by passion. A quiet force is added to the planetary energies that is magnetic and attention getting. Whichever planet is touched by Capricorn within these degrees an air of independence will be added to the normal qualities of that planet.


Planets within 10-20 degrees of Capricorn:

Commitment to Harmony


Planets in these degrees will be infused with serenity, creativity, and persistence. The "need to do and not waste time" becomes prevalent in whatever the particular planet represents energetically. Deep emotionalism that is unspoken may also be evident.  


Planets within 20-30 degrees of Capricorn:

Commitment to Observation and Intuition


Planets in these degrees will be infused with mental energy, flexibility, adaption, honesty, respect and great spirituality. All activities connected to these planets will reach completion. Idealism will fuel the motivation of these planets. Any inner needs indicated by the planetary energies will be fulfilled despite struggles.  


~Capricorn on the House Cusps~


House 1 - Discipline, patience and hard work - Everything has a purpose and is designed to achieve a practical manifestation. Health may have been delicate in early life but improved with age. Childhood may have been difficult and there may be a feeling of being "born as an old Soul." Very apt to age gracefully and not appear as old as actual years indicate.

House 2 - Great ambition and frugality concerning money and material goods. No funds are spent foolishly or capriciously. Everything must have lasting value. Financial success is possible but only through hard work. Inheritance may come from a paternal figure (if ruler Saturn is not afflicted).

House 3 - Thoughts are expressed carefully. Nothing is said or written without a definite reason for doing so. Words are selected for maximum impact and tend to be harsh and exacting. The early environment may not have been happy. True feelings may be hidden under a facade in attempts to avoid being misunderstood. There may be trouble with siblings or responsibility that must be taken for them at some point.

House 4 - Generally a strong interest in the home and domestics despite rigid or traditional upbringing. There is often a tendency to cling to home or mother too long. Great pride is taken in ancestry. There is a tendency to feel lonely at times despite being surrounded by family. There is a willingness to take care of family members personally and financially.

House 5 - More often than not highly sexed and lustful although a cool exterior in love is presented due to a fear of possible rejection. Good energy for teaching although the methodology may be stern. There is not a great desire to take risk with funds or speculate with money rather a desire for investment that brings tangible results.

House 6 - A good organizer and efficiency expert. Possible interest in working for the government or other large organization. A tendency to overcompensate can result in health issues. A dull or routine job is promised if ruler Saturn is afflicted.

House 7 - A mature life partner will be sought. The heart is never worn on the sleeve and often there is a suspicion of offered affection. Marriage may be delayed.

House 8 - Generally a long life is promised and rarely a sudden death. There is however a dread of growing old. Sexual matters are generally rather important and virility or seductiveness needs to be proven. Values will need adjusting depending on Saturn's aspects. Great courage is displayed in the face of adversity.

House 9 - Skeptical by nature but willing to be shown new things this placement often indicates somewhat of a legal mind. There generally is not a love of travel and possible suspicion of foreigners. Higher education may be delayed and is often earned through own efforts.

House 10 - Aiming high and seeking prestige and recognition in career is the name of the game. A parent may have been a strong motivating factor or force. Great perseverance is displayed in the game of life although a conservative manner is thought to be the way to go in protecting the reputation.

House 11 - More likely to have a few close friends than many acquaintances. Older people may play a significant role in life. Goals are achieved because there is no fear to put in the hard work in order to achieve them. There may be too much suspicion of others to engage joint ventures.

House 12 - Often a desire to work alone or in solitude. Selfishness may need to be overcome.

You may have lived in any of the following countries in a past life if you have Capricorn on the 12th House cusp:

Afghanistan, Albania, Ancient Persia, Austria (Styria), Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt (Port Said) Germany(Brandenburg, Constance, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Saxony), Greece (Morea), India*, Iran (Khorasan), Italy (Tortona), Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Siberia, Tibet.



The North Node Or South Node In Capricorn


Capricorn North Node (Cancer South Node): The perennial infant learning how to achieve maturity and overcome past lifetimes of looking at life through rose colored glasses. There is much residual Soul memory of sensitive past life feelings which in the current life are still shattered by the slightest rejection. The main need here is to let go of those residual memories of what should have been done in past lives and to embrace and identify with an ideal bigger than the Self and the current personal life while accepting the full concept of adulthood. This is not the last incarnation on Earth and when the Soul reaches the Capricorn Gate of Death upon leaving the physical body, this lifetime will receive karmic judgment in the area of the life (house) where the Node is posited.


Capricorn South Node (Cancer North Node): The current lifetime has been entered carrying much inner pride. Respect is an issue and there are problems surrounding the lack of it in the current life since there was a great deal of it shown in the past lifetime. As a result there is an urge to try harder and prestige and the pursuit of dignity continue to be the motivators of all actions. The Soul worked very hard in past lifetimes for recognition. As a result, work in the current lifetime is made much harder than it need be. There is a definite need in the current lifetime to tolerate failure in the Self. It is easy to induce physical or emotional illness in order to avoid coping with situations in which there is expectancy to feel inadequate. The world is seen through an attitude of self righteousness where the actions of others are condemned. Lifetimes of materialism now manifest as opportunism. Work must be done to drop these attitudes, relay emotions more honestly, apologize sincerely when wrong and not seek advantage over others when right for the highest achievement now in this life is to nurture others.