"What Planetary Influences Does Your Handwriting Reveal?"

Back in the 80's, I developed an interest in Graphology and to pull a pun, tried my hand it! I read whatever books were available on the subject at the time and to date I still collect information whenever I am drawn to it by a particular author. I always thought that Graphology (better known as handwriting analysis) was a fascinating study and it never ceases to amaze me how so much can be learned about a person from a sample of his or her handwriting. Just like Astrology, Graphology is a human science and since I am always looking for new ways to apply astrology to life, it occurred to me there must be planetary influences involved with a person's handwriting. Sure enough, a quick peek at Rex Bill's "Rulership Book" provided me with a spring board for research as each planet's graphic movements were defined. Most all Graphologists believe that we write the way we think and that a signature reflects how we want to be seen by the world. Handwriting reveals one's character with its strengths and weaknesses and is 100% unique. There is no one quite like you and no one who writes like you write!

One's actual handwriting and the analysis of one's handwriting are ruled by the planet Mercury. Aspects made and received by Mercury will affect signatures as well as the handwriting itself. Here is a graphic movement and form description of each planet as according to Rex Bills1 and written examples courtesy of STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS:

Circles, full curves, spirals

Irregular curves, crooked lines
(Looks like Willy even likes to dot his eye with a quarter Moon!)

Slender curves, rhythmic scrolls, short sharp lines, gentle fine curves

Curved lines, rhythmic scrolls


Sharp angles, barbs, fine straight lines
(Written like a true Martian! Periods after each segment indicate someone who means business!)

Full generous curves, full firm lines and curls
This signature is full of Jupiterian largesse by size and form.

Cramped shrunken forms, straight short lines, clear cut outlines, hard lines


Mixed forms, broken lines, weird or original forms, fine curls and hooks

You would have to keep your eye on this gentleman! Note the "felon's claw" in the lower zone of the "Y" in Yves. It comes up very near the baseline making him at the very least enigmatic. The "J" and "q" of Jaques are very original forms.


Curved lines, rhythmic curves, nebulous and chaotic forms, vague indistinct curls, curves broken off here and there
Can you read this nebulous signature? This young lady's name is Arielle. She happens to be a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher so notice how the "A" actually looks like a dancer in motion.

Heavy straight lines, sharp angles in complex combinations
(In true Scorpio/Pluto fashion, the triangular "Y" lower zone makes Henry a little hard to get to know!)

Let's discern some celebrity signatures by including the status of Mercury and the influences of the aspects made by and to Mercury in the natal charts. The first signature belongs to one of the greatest musical entertainers of all times, the outrageously flamboyant showman Liberace.



This is my all time favorite signature because it is so artistic with the inclusion of the doodle of the piano and candelabra which was Liberace's trademark. All doodles in general fall under the jurisdiction of Neptune because they are the direct manifestation of the intrusion of the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. We are consciously drawing but are not always consciously aware of the source of the rendered objects. Of course we can also consciously draw doodles as in this case with Liberace and in this example the doodle represents artistic genius which Neptune as the higher octave of Venus also signifies.

In Liberace's natal chart, Mercury is in the sign of Taurus in the Third House. This placement indicates grand originality with a keen eye on the value of what this originality can manifest on a monetary and self worth level. The overall signature is as artistically grand as Liberace himself! The generous full curves of the "L" are indicative of a Jupiter influence and the natal chart shows Mercury to be quintile Jupiter indicating creative boldness and largesse in communication. A sextile to Uranus shows he used this signature as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Note the original forms of the signature. Do you see that he actually signed and underlined his name first, broke away and then included to doodle to intersect part of the signature? A square to Neptune brings up abstract insight and the ability to escape behind a mask. Often times and totally unintentionally the individual's life is an open book. Liberace's stage presence was open and inviting and he enjoyed escaping into that artistic realm of bon vivant and joie de vie. Many times he would harness himself and literally float or fly onto the stage. AND let's not forget his fabulous mirrored piano! The signature has Neptunian rhythm, nebulous flow and the piano doodle. Liberace ‘read' his audience well and this awareness is seen via Mercury's opposition to the Midheaven and he wanted to be noticed as seen in the underscored signature. He always took the time to interact with the audience on a nose to nose level and give away scarves or other items and this is indicated by a trine from Mercury to the Ascendant. The trine also tells us that he liked his on stage persona and this signature as well since it is a mini extension of his creative Self.

When I first saw William Shatner's signature I had to laugh! I guess there will always be a part of Captain Kirk in this actor since the overscore elongated T-Bar above his signature looks like the starship Enterprise taking off at warp speed.


Mr. Shatner's natal Mercury resides in the Second House of his Nativity in the sign of Aries. The sign of Aries is a strong position for Mercury as it pumps up and adds brilliance to the intellect. True to Shatner's persona in many of his roles and in his personal life, he is witty, outspoken and original with an often sarcastic or ironic tone to his communication. He has an interesting mode of exaggerated expression. Mercury is conjunct the Sun and there is a small spiral connecting the top of the "h" in Shatner to the "t." Mercury is also square Jupiter so even though Shatner exhibits a ‘full' signature the "m" in William seems to fall flat and this lets us know that some of his abundant ideas may be too grandiose for practical realization or that he might be in too much of a hurry to fulfill accomplishment. The squiggling of the "m" is known as threading and this usually happens if someone is writing at warp speed or because there is something he or she does not want you to see. In essence they let you in so far and then shut the door. The threaded "m" in this case most likely comes from impatience. The Jupiterian influence of the signature also tells us the Shatner very much applies to the saying, "Fools rush in where angles (or wisemen) fear to tread." Mercury conjunct Uranus at the very least confers originality and at the very most indicates an ability to attune to the Universal Mind. Ideas are rarely accepted on the basis of tradition. There is also a love of the other worldly or cosmic and Shatner has actually written his own sci-fi works. The extra long T-bar shows ambition, leadership and determination - all Arien qualities but the exaggeration of this T-bar seemingly into outer space terminated by a small hook is definitely Uranian. Finally, Shatner's Mercury also sextiles his Ascendant so he uses this signature as an opportunity to express what he would like you to see.


1Bills, Rex, "The Rulership Book." Tempe: American Federation of Astrologers, 1971. 425.