Since it is accepted fact that the planet Saturn, signifier of tradition, is the ancient ruler of the sign of Aquarius and that the planet Uranus, signifier of change, is the contemporary ruler of the sign of Aquarius, the old adage -"When everything old is new again"... couldn't be more appropriate.

wizardcrow.jpgAstrology can be found with Aquarius and its domicile the mundane 11th House. Over the years, more information has been added into astrological readings via new ingredients to the basic recipe of signs, houses, and planetary aspects. This includes everything from asteroids to Fixed Stars to Arabian points all viewed with a geocentric (Earth perspective) viewpoint. Deep Space Astrology (originating in the mid 1970's) includes some of this and also introduces the Galactic Center, quasars, pulsars, comets and Black Holes and a heliocentric (Solar perspective) viewpoint. To accomplish this brand of astrology, the astrologer must have a complete star map of the heavens at his/her disposal. Needless to say, this is a most daunting exercise! The question that comes to mind however, is just how new is new? The truth is not very new at all!

The ancient astrologers believed everything in the sky to be stars. Planets were simply called "moving stars." When they were ready to look into the future of an individual or a nation they took into account the ENTIRE sky as far as their perspective would allow. Astrology originated in Babylonia (modern Iraq) and it incorporated fifty individual constellations each of which had its own set of symbols. The "appearance" of planets or moving stars in certain areas of the sky served as "omens." In the beginning, astrology wasn't personalized or akin to an individual - it was localized or more concerned with events that affected the whole. For some cultures such as the Egyptians and Sumerians, the stars reflected actual geographic areas on Earth. The temples on the Acropolis of Greece were built in alignment with the Pleiades and the pyramids of Giza lie in correlation with and form a precise terrestrial map with the three stars that constitute the belt of Orion in that great constellation. The Ancient Persians kept and safeguarded centuries' worth of astrological findings. Personal or natal astrology can most likely be credited to the Greeks who were more interested in the individual man.

Like other professions today's astrology has "specialists" each with their own brand of knowledge and expertise that they bring to the client. This ranges from the weather to Wall Street to reincarnation and everything in between. New forms of Astro-Cosmology are cropping up all the time and they honor the old but embrace the new.

Professional astrologer Richard Vaughn ( ) practices astrology based on what he calls "Real Time." This type of astrology is calculated via the constellations rather than the Tropical Zodiac. The following is a passage reprinted by permission from Richard's forthcoming book Astrology in Real Time:

"What's your sign? How many times have you heard or asked someone that question? I'm a Gemini or Scorpio they might say. You read Sun Sign books for your birthday and it seems that some of the reading fits you and some it of does not. You read one Astrologer's column and then you read another's and the delineation feels different, why? Most people just shrug off what doesn't work with their Sun-Sign and chuck it up to a silly parlor game.

I too had often looked for reasons to explain traits of character, which did not seem to fit with what the Sun Signs say about us. Perhaps a person's rising sign or Moon-sign could explain these differences, I thought. Still it seemed to me that there was something missing. It was my rediscovery of the importance of the Precession or shift of the Equinox, which moves 1 degree every 71.5 years that solved my problem.

In today's world, (Uranus) the reason that Sun Signs don't quite work, is that for almost four thousand years, since the Arian age, astrologers have been shouting that Aries is rising every March 21st, our Sun-Signs are based on that belief. However, that is incorrect, because an age now lasts about 1,980.55 years, based on 13 Zodiac signs. (71.5 years, times 27.7 degrees = 1980.55, rounded off to 1,981 years.) Three hundred sixty degrees divided by 13 signs = 27.692, round off to 27.7 or 28 degrees per sign) and when a new Age begins, the sign of that Age rises every spring for the duration of that Age and the rest of the signs proceed in their natural order. The motion of the Vernal Equinox Sun is retrograde. This causes the signs of the Ages to appear to move backwards. An example of this is the Aries Age moving backwards to Pisces to Aquarius etc.

In the year 221 AD, astrologers observed that both the Tropical and Sidereal or the Zodiac and the constellations coincided in the sign of Aries at 0 degrees, marking the beginning of the Aries age. Astrologers have been using Aries as the first sign or Equinox sign on March 21st ever since. When the Pisces Age began about 1,981 years later, Pisces was the Spring Equinox Sun rising every March 21st and not Aries. This meant that Pisces was the first sign of the Zodiac! The reason that astronomers shake their heads in disbelief and disgust when talking with astrologers is because the astrological community has failed or refused to keep up with the changes (Uranus) of the constellations in the heavens. We have moved into the Age of Aquarius. Because of the orb factor we have been feeling the Age of Aquarius since 1930. Astrologers say we won't go into the Aquarian age for another 200 hundred years; astronomers say we want actually go into the Aquarian for at least another 600 years.

However a group of astronomers in California made a declaration that we were officially in the Age of Aquarius as of March 20, 1990. They base their declaration on the fact the line separating the constellation of Aquarius and Pisces has been moved to reflect the Galactic Center. This would jump the Aquarian age of brotherhood from 600 years away to placing us smack dab in the Age of Man now.

In summation, the Tropical or popular astrology tells us about coming trends and Real Time Astrology or the constellations tells us about the present. Also, Tropical astrology is your astrology sign and Real Time Astrology is your true astronomical sign. Only one out of twenty people are the sign they think they are. Most people are de-linked from their true spiritual selves because they are trying to fit into something they are not.

Every thing in the known universe is in motion, including our lives. Why not the signs? It is time the world caught up with the NEW AGE. Aquarius is the sign rising in spring, which means we are in the Aquarian Age."

Many people who are familiar with astrology and who have had many mundane readings eventually want to look closer at the spiritual side of the SELF. They are interested in Karma, past lives or simply why they exist in this particular time and space. The methods used by astrologers to examine such matters are as varied as the astrologers themselves. Such methods are generally based on ancient schematics and can be quite involved. Other newer methods are formulated by astrologers after much research and time testing. For example, veteran astrologer Bernie Ashman devised a method for reading past lifetimes by viewing natal chart planets in a clockwise fashion rather than according to the traditional counter clockwise house system. In this manner the sign and degree of the 12th house cusp become the past life Ascendant and the entire chart is read in mirror image - the natal 11th house become the past life 2nd house and so on and so forth.

Karma charts, Past Life charts, Seven Rays charts and any other kind of esoteric charts are always read in coordination with an individual's natal chart and current projection charts in order to give that individual the most complete information. In the following example by STARLOGIC ASTRODYNAMICS a Karma chart is cast by using the midpoint of the Sun (Spirit of current incarnation) and Moon (Soul memory) as the Karmic Ascendant degree. All house cusps are equal to the degree of the Ascendant. Planets are placed according to their natal degree in the corresponding houses and are read as past or karmic influences. The following summary is a short briefing of a "few" stand out influences. In reality this chart was interpreted along with the nativity, projection chart, solar return, Seven Rays analysis and geo-morphic resonance analysis.



CHART OF KARMA: The signs that appear on the major angles indicate the Karmic Cross for the current lifetime. The chart shows a Fixed Cross indicating that the individual will be very aware that the Soul is being tested and the current lifetime experience will have periods of definitive quiescence followed by periods of definitive turmoil and upheaval... very black and white with no grey. This will be ongoing throughout life.

Planets at Anaretic or Karmic degree (29˚- 0˚) take on great meaning as does natal Saturn and the Nodal Axis. The natal chart (insert) indicates three planets at Anaretic Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in the nativity and both are opposed by Saturn. In the natal set-up the opposition exists from the 2nd - 8th houses but in the Karmic chart the emphasis is from the 4th -10th houses. Problems regarding current issues of self worth and value can be rooted in suppressed identity and values of the past (note the weight of planets in the Karmic 2nd house).

The Anaretic Jupiter indicates that in a past life there was not enough information was gleaned by the individual which led to narrow-mindedness. So, taking steps to broaden the mind by increasing education and taking opportunities to travel and explore are encouraged (in the nativity Jupiter rules the 9th house of travel and the 10th house of reputation) this time around. The Anaretic Neptune shows escape problems in the past. Issues were never faced straight on and this was an underlying factor of the narrow-mindedness (Neptune rules the 1st house (self) of the nativity). Pluto at Anaretic degree indicates difficulty accepting change.

Pluto is known as the "truth bearer" and acts very much like an all-seeing eye. Plutonian energy can and will initiate situations that force needed change. Often the individual thinks that it is others who need to change when in reality it is the individual who needs to change. From its natal 7th house position (others) it is part of a stellium with the Sun and Venus (6th house of work). In the current lifetime there are some problems with work relations due to a bossy nature and this can be residual generation from the 3rd house position of these planets in the Karmic chart indicating strong desire to communicate. Because the individual is on a Fixed Cross karmically, extra effort must be put into understanding that every ending has a new beginning and it is important to accept each hand that Fate deals with a new perspective and without unnecessary harsh words, bad attitude and bossy behavior towards others. Above all, placing blame on others for personal shortcomings should cease. In this lifetime the individual has chosen to live on a Mutable Cross indicating a great variety of life experiences that will encourage expansion and cooperation with others.

Saturn in Gemini operating from the 10th house (reputation) of the Karma chart and the 2nd house (self worth) of the nativity speaks of overcoming fears to reach goals. It also relays that the individual needs to learn to acquire knowledge for purposes other than the accumulation of useless information... after all knowledge needs to be kept in motion but also needs to be communicated in the proper way. Finally, the Nodal Axis in the nativity straddling the 5th-11th houses shows the need to use creativity for goals with a reminder from the karmic 6th-12th house axis to be respectful while in the service of others. After all it is difficult to be respectful of others if you think you are right ALL of the time.



7 RAYS ANALYSIS: This analysis in simple terms reveals the Divine Will of the SOUL for the current lifetime. It can only be read in tandem with a natal a chart and a karmic chart. Calculations are based on the DAY of birth and the TIME. The planets (with the exception of the Moon) take on Esoteric meanings and the Earth and the astro-entity known as Vulcan are placed in Ray Zones based upon house placement (which are known esoterically as "mansions") according to the natal sign of the calculated SOUL POWER PLANET. The MONAD RAY of the Soul OR origin of the Soul (which never changes) and the SOUL RAY and PERSONALITY RAY (which change every seven incarnations) are calculated along with their subrays and the SACRED and SOUL POWER planet and the SACRED TRIAD. In addition, the influence of certain Fixed Stars that are filters for the Rays are also interpreted.

In a "brief" summary of the 7 RAYS example chart (which was read with the prior KARMIC CHART example, the Natus and all Projection charts in full delineation), the individual is calculated as a 5th SOUL RAY. The problems of this lifetime cannot be answered purely by logic and reason but by the TRUTH... after all, one cannot solve all the problems of life with logic and reason. The individual develops a quest of "HOW?" through conflict and the constant solving of the problems of life as indicated by the Fixed Cross of the KARMIC CHART. The 2nd PERSONALITY RAY holds the essence of DIVINE LOVE and the quality of compassion accompanied by will and strength to carry on despite adversity. Under these conditions the individual is purged and cleansed. When the PERSONALITY RAY is blended into the SOUL RAY the individual is capable of much good because the Soul moves closer to DIVINE WILL (God). The Soul purpose is to trust intuition along with reason.

Jupiter is the SOUL POWER planet and it is conjunct Neptune. The drive is a spiritual quest for Higher Universal Truths. It is necessary to expand spiritual knowledge along with educational needs (notice how this theme is repeating itself?). Mars indicates that much aggression will be used in communication which will set the stage for life experiences and conditions for testing. It is in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus which grants the individual the cosmic right to extend the self with authority. Earth indicates a promise of immortality (also validated by the 4th Astral Ray). When the individual falls asleep at night and ventures to the 4th Ray relations with other Souls are conducted as "practice."

The heavily weighted 10th mansion which holds the SACRED PLANET Venus along with the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Vulcan reveals that it is important to be "seen" in this lifetime (which was not the case in the past lifetime) and act as an advocate for others. This theme will present itself many times as the individual is striving to overcome the narrow-mindedness of the past life.

The Noda Axis straddling the 6-12th houses in the KARMIC CHART indicate collective service to the individual's collective generation. The Anaretic planets and in particular Pluto in the 7th house of the natal chart indicate MANY past lifetimes spent garnering expertise regarding the secrets of life and death both scientifically and arcanely. The retrograde Chiron in Aries in the 1st house of the natal chart show the capacity for leadership and unconscious unfoldment due to its involvement with the 2nd PERSONALITY RAY (love)/1st subray (leadership). A natal T-Square consisting of the Moon square a Uranus/Chiron opposition creates a crisis over feelings and Higher Consciousness and gives a much needed push towards overcoming subjectivity and embracing more objectivity. This is the essence of a Spiritual Warrior drawing in healing, initiatory and alchemical processes in this lifetime.

(If you know your DAY of birth and the TIME you can read about your SOUL RAY by viewing the Calculation Chart found in the 12th GATE under "Theosophy".)

Astrologers are often asked for a Karmic/Past Life Synastry which is a chart comparative for two or more people. The purpose is to determine the possible events that transpired between two or more people and what they are "working out" OR "on" in the current lifetime. It involves a 150 point checklist involving various connections to the South Nodes of each chart. Sometimes an astrologer might be approached by an individual who has had past life recall and has actually historically researched the alleged past life persona for personal validation. If birth information is available for the past life persona the astrologer can look at the inter-chart comparison for "clues." For example, if the "current" persona's 12th house sign and degree happen to fall on the "past life" persona's Ascendant or occupy the 1st house this might be a good indicator that there is more to analyze for further validation.

It would seem from these examples that astrologers have the ability to peer through time. They can look backwards at past lives and karma and forwards in a current lifetime through use of transits, progressions, directions, solar and lunar returns. But can they look far enough ahead to view a future incarnation? Well, if we accept the tenant that the chart never dies and lives on even after a person has left the planet the answer is yes. There are some schools of thought that postulate that the current nativity's 2nd house cusp becomes the Ascendant for the next future incarnation. That is where the theory ends because even if this was true the signs, degrees and house placements of the planets would still remain a mystery. Using the nativity in the prior example, the individual can therefore expect to have a Taurus Ascendant in the next lifetime. The rest is up to the Soul who will choose the rest of the astro-map according to what it feels it has yet to learn in Earth school.