"Scary Stuff Rulerships"

Astrology provides the answers to many questions both mundane and arcane and astrologers and laypeople can turn to astrology to unravel many mysteries. There is an astrological ruler for anything and everything that exists including all of those things that go "bump in the night." Take a look at the planetary entities that rule some of our scariest concepts and creepiest beings but try to scare yourself silly!



PLUTO - The Unholy & The Undead

Pluto leads the astro-pack as far as occult nasties are concerned and is considered the Occult Grand Malefic. As the ruler of the underworld/land of the dead, Lucifer and monsters, Pluto governs vampires, devils, demons, ghouls, zombies, and all varieties of evil incarnate like the Jinn from the movie Wishmaster. Demonologists and those who study and/or practice black occultism are under the influence of Pluto as well as possessed people and/or innate objects (like the demon possessed doll Chuckie of movie fame). Pluto also rules brimstone, catacombs, coffins, corpses, death-rays, and places of death such as guillotines, gallows, morgues and of course and most obviously life after death.



NEPTUNE - Apparitions & Ghosts & Witches & Warlocks

Now you see em' and now you don't! Or did you really see anything at all? Was it a premonition, vision or ghostly encounter? Neptune operates at its nebulous and enigmatic best when referenced in the occult. Neptune governs ghosts, specters, apparitions and haunting in general. It also governs witches, warlocks, the black brotherhood and the illusions of the spells they cast. Further, Neptune is traditionally linked with fortune telling and the gypsies who are masters of that craft as well as black magicians, mediums and those who conduct séances. Holy water which is used to dispense many evils and provide protection falls under the jurisdiction of Neptune and conversely, so do poisonous potions.



URANUS - Extraterrestrials & Exorcists & Freaks of Nature

The occult is the place where Uranus gets to act its most freakish as the Grand Pubah of the occult ruling everything and anything that comes from outer space including aliens, extraterrestrial micro/macro-organisms and any other-worldly engineered abnormalities. Here on Earth it has a field day with any and all biologically engineered freaks as depicted with such concepts as the gill-man in the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon. Uranus also rules exorcists who attempt to save the damned. Curses also fall under its rule along with etheric manipulation and that which constitutes the sacrilegious like the irreverent use of a Ouija board.



SATURN - Mummies & Cadavers & Gargoyles

In astrology, Saturn is known as the Great Malefic and before the discovery of the other outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, anything and everything evil was attributed to its rule. Along with mummies, cadavers and gargoyles, Saturn also governs entities such as the Frankenstein monster who was "constructed" of corpses as well as the hangman and places such as morgues, mortuaries and in general ALL places of horror. Saturn also has an affinity for the pyramids and the embalmers who made the dead ready for their journey to the afterlife.



MARS - Werewolves & Poltergeists & Gremlins

Mars is traditionally recognized as the Lesser Malefic of astrology and in the occult realm this instigator has a grand time of making life miserable by tormenting unsuspecting human. Mars rules all noisy, mischeivious and mean spirits and entities including poltergeists, gremlins and goblins. It also has a great affinity for werewolves and anything else scary that uses cunning and strategy to hunt, kill, maim and torture like Jack the Ripper. Mars rules all places of danger especially areas of carnage and burnt ground. Mars also has a fondness for gravediggers and assassins as well as executioners and pyromaniacs.



MERCURY - Doppelgangers & Psychotics & Mimics

As usual Mercury likes to double up on anything - doppelgangers, psychotics with dual deranged personalities, changelings and mimics. Mercury has an affinity for demented killers who like to strangle or suffocate their victims or those who excel at rhetoric like Hannibal Lector in the movie Silence of the Lambs.