The Astral World


"We're born knowing how to travel astrally, we routinely travel astrally while we are asleep (an average of two or three times a week, in fact); astral travel lies at the core of some of our most vivid and memorable ‘dreams'..."

                              - Psychic Sylvia Browne in Phenomena

"As soon as we fall asleep the mind lets go, our awareness deepens, and our consciousness enters another realm - that of the soul and spirit"
                              - Chris Lüttichau in Animal Spirit Guides

"At some point, your soul was baptized in intelligence and, at the same time in evolution, took up its work on the astral plane."
                              - Mae Wilson Ludlam in
                                Interpret Your Rays Through The Planets


In the esoteric theosophy of the 7 RAYS, it is believed that during the hours of sleep the Soul exits the physical body and travels to the Astral Plane where it engages in a special brand of work that is correlated with an individual's personal plan of spiritual evolution. It remains attached to the body by a silver chord governed by the planet Neptune so that it can return safely once the "Soul Work" has been completed. Very few individuals will remember the experience of working on the Astral Plane and those who do may simply remember any incidence as simply a strange dream underscored by strong feelings of dedication connected to the theme of the dream. According to 7 RAYS theosophy, work on the Astral Plane is conducted in compliance with a specific Ray and the assignment of that Ray. The following chart can be used to calculate that specific Astral Ray. Simply look up your birth time to find the Astral Ray. The chart is set for E.T. (Eastern Time) zone. If you live in a different time zone you must adjust the time to E.S.T. For C.T. add 1 hour, M.T. add 2 hours, P.T. add 3 hours, YT add 4 hours, AHT add 5 hours. 




This is the Ray of the Magistrate and on the Astral Plane spiritual work includes a position of leadership complete with fortitude, strength and authority. Responsibilities include giving or receiving direction according to Divine Will as well as planning and decision making. The ability to be resolute and self governing is the test for the Soul. Dream themes or Astral travel can include "being the boss" such as holding a leadership position in war or battle or as a political guru who is holding the strings of power or as an expert or pioneer in an unearthly field of endeavor and discovery.  



This is the Ray of the Seer who heals and works for the brotherhood of mankind. As a spiritual humanitarian buoyed by an in-depth knowledge of cosmic consciousness responsibilities include loving, reforming and illuminating. Souls teach or receive instruction on how to become agents of goodwill in order to benefit the collective whole. Cosmic healing work is taught and shared. The ability to be "unity minded," generous and objective is the test for the Soul. Dream themes or Astral travel can sometimes include medical situations where the individual holds a position of a "healing authority" OR engagement in a spiritual healing venue where healing the likes of which have never been seen on Earth have taken place. 



This is the Ray of abstract understanding, idea conception and problem solving. Working through this Ray the underlying principles of the Universe are understood and taught and "handed down" to others in order that the information become eternal. Respect is paid to "interpretation" of Divine thought and both older and younger Souls focus attention on the "word." The ability to teach or learn varied subjects and their application is the assignment of the influence of this Ray. Tact and diplomacy of communication and mastering the art of contemplation are the tests for the Soul working under this Astral Ray. Dream themes or Astral travel are often filled with ancient concepts and places where the individual is shown the wisdom of lost cultures whose traces will never be found upon the Earth. Themes with philosophic overtones or meetings with Ascended Masters or other inter-dimensional light beings also can occur. 



This is the Ray of the creative genius who uses intuition as the pivotal force for artistic expression. The influence of the Moon is strongly felt through this Ray as hidden forces are captured and manifested in creative projects or expressions usually through accumulated past memories. The work on the Astral plane consists of giving or receiving instruction in craftsmanship and cultural enlightenment. The Soul is tested for its capability for balance and creating harmony and beauty from chaos and that which is base by nature. Dream themes or Astral travel often consist of acting or singing on the stage or in movies, building great and unusual designs of architecture and remembering past lives and the people associated with them. 



This is the Ray of the scientist, analyst and researcher. The goal is always to ascertain the TRUTH and to teach or to learn Divine Law. Earthbound medical breakthroughs can manifest in real time if memories of Astral work can be remembered upon waking. Deductive reasoning at the highest level is used to analyze findings and then the answers to many questions are recorded in diaries or books that fill the Collective Library . The Soul is literally a walking encyclopedia of knowledge which is shared and discerned and therein lies the test. Dream themes or Astral travel includes the uncovering of nature's secrets, medical research, judicial situations such as acting as a judge or lawyer or experiencing, seeing or creating Sacred Geometry. 



This is the Ray of the idealist, philanthropist and revolutionary. Social responsibility is taught or learned and put into Divine perspective so devotion and loyalty to cause is conducted for the Collective good. Universal reformation and the need to eliminate prejudice and persecution is embraced. The Soul is being tested for waywardness, dedication, tolerance and the balance of objectivity with psychic consciousness. Dream themes or Astral travel can include situations of self sacrifice or acting as a savior OR conversely, situations of glamour or fame. Revelations of a religious or spiritual nature are also common.  



This is the Ray of the cosmic magician, perfectionist and ritualist. On the Astral Plane the Soul is teaching or learning about power and how to manifest expertise according to choice. Etheric manipulation is common practice and because of this arcane and occult responsibility is emphasized since both "light" and "dark" influences are involved. The Soul is being tested as an initiate for its sense of "order" with regards to the invisible sides of nature according to strict Divine instruction. Dream themes or Astral travel often include situations surrounding climbing the ladder to success, surviving or controlling storms or other powerful acts of nature, the occult, arcane magick or sexual ritual.