Ancient Prophecy




The Eye Of Pauahtun

A Sacred Prospectus of 2012


There is an astrological history of the world. It is an energetic record of cosmic influences that is hugely complex consisting of infinite numbers of variable cycles constantly shifting and ever changing in relation to one another. This endless cycling of the planets has been connected to world events since the beginning of time and has defined the story of each generation that has come to pass on planet Earth. With each new Earth Event comes invaluable knowledge that is offered with mathematical precision and multi-dimensional perspective. Through astrology we can learn from the past and look forward to the future with renewed hope and refreshed spirit for astrology offers many answers if we just know where and how to look.

It is generally accepted that mathematics is a Universal language and at the heart of astrology is Sacred Geometry an astoundingly beautiful creation of angular planetary aspect patterns that encompass various meanings in relation to humankind. When discerning future events that are expected to reach grand scale through prophecy or natural mundane progression an astrologer will study the planetary patterns of the event in order to glean not only the potential outcome but also the deeper spiritual manifestations that are possible. The Grand Sextile, a magnificent Star of David Pattern which occurred during the Harmonic Concordance in 2003 is a good example. It was the "talk" of the metaphysical community and believed to herald new opportunities for equality, healing and harmony. Our reaction to these offered energies is believed by some to be directly linked to Mayan predictions for the year 2012.

Most astrological analysis of 2012 deals with a chart cast for December 21 of that year which according to Mayan prophecy is the day that is believed to relate to great shifting energies with propensity for good or ill. To get a truer view of these shifting energies and how they can evolve it becomes necessary to discern the beginning of the year as well as the end of the year to see what opportunities are offered as good solutions for human growth and spiritual advancement. The great gift of astrology is not to prognosticate but to discover how to live a happier more fulfilling and enlightened life. Under the watchful eye of Pauahtun the Mayan multi-deity known as "Holder of the Heavens" let's take a look at 2012.

It is dawn, January 1, 2012. The day breaks under the influence of Sagittarius the Great Archer imbuing the chart with vision and great awareness of the world at large. The Sun is traveling closely with Pluto and the asteroid Hygeia all in Capricorn yielding a strong desire for transformation, change and well being. The Moon at this dawn hour is in first quarter phase in Aries squaring the Sun and Pluto while trining Mercury and sextiling Venus initiating intense ideals and hope.

Neptune is in the last degrees of Aquarius and is conjoined with Chiron and the asteroid Vesta in spiritual Pisces representing a strong need for commitment in healing the world and making it a better place for everyone. Neptune will give us a short glimpse of its naturally flowing Piscean energy in early April of 2011 and will return to its own sign again in February 2012. It will remain in Pisces for the next fourteen years brining religion and higher forms of spirituality back into mainstream culture.

Uranus is in the early degrees of Aries and Jupiter is once again in the early degrees of earthy Taurus initiating spontaneity, the breaking down of old structures and a persistent search for the truth. Astrologers will be keeping a watchful eye on this Arien Uranus and its relationship to Pluto in Capricorn beginning in 2011. The square aspect between the two was last seen in 1932 and most astrologers attribute some violent action to this pairing however, esotericists believe that the energy creates a type of "evolution revolution" a virtual phoenix rising from the fiery ashes scenario that takes on a spiritual tone due to the mitigation of Jupiter trine Pluto from Taurus. The Fixed Star Mirach joins Jupiter up in the heavens. Mirach has often been considered the main star of the constellation Beta Andromeda and its influence embodies the harmonious energy connected to the welfare of the human race. The energy is very receptive energy conducive to creative ideas and ideals.

Saturn is exalted in the last degrees of Libra instilling commitment and stability to relationships. It is in a harmonious trine aspect to Neptune and Chiron signaling the ability to overcome adversity through perseverance and discipline. Mars is conjoined the Part of Fortune and the asteroid Astraea in Virgo indicating an ardent joy of service and attention to detail. Venus conjoins the asteroid Pallas in Aquarius offering humanitarian insightfulness and Mercury works within the sign of Sagittarius expanding world views and expressing the desire to be heard.

In the heavens two great configurations have formed. Both patterns are known as the Quintile Kite. The Quintile Kite is considered a soft aspect pattern that is highly creative. Visually the pattern looks like an arrow. The opposing planets that form the spine of the Kite produce focus, direction and purpose while the wings of the Kite created by two quintiles to lead planet provide vision, depth and creativity. The first Kite is formed by a Jupiter/Saturn opposition with Pallas and Earth both quintile Jupiter. Spiritual Jupiter is the planet that finds expression. This is a "social" pattern that shows capacity for accomplishing great things politically in a humanitarian vein using insightful creativity based on caring and nurturing consideration of the masses.



The second kite is formed by the Sun, the asteroid Hygeia, Jupiter, the Earth and the asteroid Astraea. Once again Jupiter is the planet of expression receiving quintiles from the asteroid Pallas and the Earth. This configuration focuses on health issues on a grand scale with a strong desire for reform of family health care systems, hygiene, and pollution. 



It is dawn December 21, 2012, and much has been written about this date in response to the Mayan calendar. The uncanny ability to prophesize quite accurately has been attributed to the Mayan seers but historians and archeologists know that ancient prophecy is always subject to interpretation. It is often forgotten that Mayan civilization was a world unto itself and that little was known about what existed on the "outside." Were the Mayans truly prophesying the end of times for the entire world or just their own world? Does the Mayan Calendar simply stop and start again from the beginning? Either way, can we expect a great a shift of energies that will ultimately be helpful and evolutionary to mankind? Let's see what the heavens have to show us...

The day begins with the Sun once again in Capricorn travelling with Pluto and also the asteroid Juno. Transformation of old structures is still on our minds but laced with concern over politically correct interactions with others and desire for mutual support. Sagittarius once again seen on the horizon keeping idealism and hope in tact. The Sun is square Uranus and Uranus is square Pluto pumping up individuality and the strong need to move forward and reform social order. We want to reap reward but must slow down ardent desire so that we can espouse rather than antagonize human brotherhood. This combination can manifest catastrophic or revolutionary and does indeed affect mass destiny.

The Moon is again in Aries in first quarter phase but this time joined by Fixed Star Alpheratz. Alpheratz is currently considered part of the constellation Andromeda but originally resided in the constellation Pegasus where it was associated with the love of freedom, movement and speed. Linked to the Moon it affects our identity as people and what we consciously and unconsciously seek and draw into our lives. Are we in a hurry to manifest our ideals? The Moon is also square Pluto indicating a need for peace and quiet and detachment from drama and intensity.
Neptune now in Pisces is conjoined with the asteroid Hygeia and the planetoid Chiron in a tight stellium - all three of which represent healing energetics of the highest range. Our eyes are wide open to the links between physical and spiritual health. We are either in touch or out of touch with our own sense of individuality and also exhibit an uncanny "feel" for others. We are sensitive to the realities of life and for some of us particular illusions will be broken down so the Truth can finally reside in our hearts. Meditation works well now.

Jupiter now in Gemini is inconjunct Saturn now in Scorpio and quincunx Pluto still in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are sextile one another. The connection forms a very important aspect pattern know as the YOD or Finger of God. Visually the pattern looks like an isosceles triangle. This focus of this pattern is the planet Jupiter which by sign placement has nothing in common with either Saturn or Pluto according to their sign placement. Regardless of these facts there still exists an undeniable connection between the planets involved. What becomes necessary is an adjustment because of a crisis in timing so it is necessary to find a solution in order to integrate the pattern. This is not an "action" configuration and often manifests on a mental rather than physical level. It is almost as though a crucial piece of information is missing. In this particular pattern Jupiter works to try to comply with the energy of the sextile between Saturn and Pluto which is offering an opportunity for a higher cosmic perspective. In this case Jupiter is the student looking for information and enlightenment but its enthusiasm is out of control and it experiences difficulty finding the middle road. The Saturn/Pluto sextile offers the opportunity for regeneration through discipline manifested through occult or spiritual means such as group magic or even quantum physics. The purpose is solely a transcendental goal. The YOD is pushed into action by the opposition of Jupiter from Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius which brings awareness to illogical beliefs and hypocrisy.

At 11:11 pm in the evening of this day, a time which has come under scrutiny as relating to the exact hour of an energy shift, the planet Venus will move in to oppose the apex planet Jupiter and semi-sextile Saturn and Pluto shifting the YOD into a Tetradic YOD. The Venusian injection will give the YOD energies more focus. Some astrologers believe that the energies take on a boomerang effect giving the pattern a much needed perspective and a point of balance. The division of the Isosceles triangle by the Venus opposition creates four separate triangles which allow the energies not just to function on the mental/emotional plane but also the physical/material plane. On a more esoteric level this is known by the Greek name of Nous. The Greeks believed Nous to be the plane or haven where we all encounter our higher selves and Divine guidance. The Scared Geometry of the newly formed Tetradic YOD produces energies that assist in integrating the afore mentioned conflicts and lend support for the lessons presented.






The planet Mars exalted in Capricorn has moved away from a troublesome conjunction with Pluto and is forming a Grand Earth Trine with the South Node and the Midheaven. Keeping in step with the synchronicity of the spiritual landscape, Mars is also conjunct the Arabic Part of Understanding. Visually, a Grand Trine resembles an equilateral Triangle and represents harmony between the energies involved. This pattern grants the ability to time actions so that they are in harmony with socially accepted modes of behavior. This is a strongly political formation that favors those who lead public lives and are attuned to creating a good environment for all.

Trines generally need a hard aspect from another planet to instill progress and action and the impetus comes from Neptune which squares the Nodal Axis indicating a strong brand of mystical energy that is being brought "down to earth" is involved. Even though Neptune in Pisces puts focus on religious concepts certain facets of religion that follow more social trends will likely be undermined. It is time to "get real" because too much preoccupation with "visionary" pursuits that are out of touch with the flow of events which is KEY will break apart like a clay pigeon shattered by gun shot. It is very likely that some confusion will ensue regarding these matters but it is just the way of the Universe which is separating the impractical dreams from actual cosmic reality.

It is interesting to note in reference to this particular pattern that Neptune as the trigger planet of the Grand Trine is associated with the esoteric concept of "ascension" which befits the Mayan shift of energy expected to manifest on this particular date. Perhaps those souls who are in tune will be literally kicked up a notch spiritually. The rest will most certainly receive a kick of one kind or another!



Another great aspect pattern that appears now is a Mystic Rectangle consisting of the Sun, Neptune, the asteroid Hygeia, the Earth, the Part of Fortune and the asteroid Juno. Visually the pattern looks like a rectangle that encompasses a large X that contacts the diagonal corner points of the rectangle. A Mystic Rectangle occurs only in either masculine (Fire and Air) or feminine (Earth and Water) polarities. It is a soft aspect pattern that does not generate friction or the need for action. A point of balance is sought and once that is integrated the pattern provides a source of strength and solid foundation for coping with life.

This particular Mystic Rectangle is of feminine gender and generates strong powers of healing both physical and spiritual while bringing awareness to our Earth duties. "Heal the planet" comes to mind with this pattern. We are reminded to keep promises and take responsibilities very seriously and that we are. survivors who can cope with the most difficult situations and help others survive as well. Metaphysicians in particular will be called upon for spiritual leadership because they have already learned to look beyond the trappings of conventional belief systems and to seek Universal Truth.



The final pattern that appears in the dawn sky on this day is the Rosetta. This is a relatively new pattern that visually resembles a trapezoid. The dawn Rosetta consists of the Sun, the South Node, the asteroid Pallas and the Earth. The Rosetta aspect pattern is named after the Rosetta Stone. It is believed to represent solidification, stabilization and crystallization. It works by bringing differing forces together to from a strong central core. This Rosetta pattern is tied to our destiny and joy, our responsibility to Mother Earth and opportunities to build upon the past. We are all asked to merge our minds with the Universe and continue to heal the world through our words and creative expression without the distraction of ego involvement. Remember E-G-O means easing-good-out. We are asked to be shining examples of honor so get your shine on! 



Astrology has always asked us to comply with the Cosmos. It provides us not only with clues but actual visual maps of what is available to us for our higher good. Perhaps if we take heed Pauahtun will smile upon us and continue to hold up the heavens so we can continue to learn.