Ancient Astro-Alchemy

The medieval astrologers relied heavily on the seven known ancient planets and the Fixed Stars for divination. Magical virtues and influences were attributed to those seven planets and the stars and the ancients believed that they foretold the fate of all men. These entities heralded the fall of kingdoms and the rise of great leaders. Stones, crystals, herbs, and magic seals were also associated with the planets and the stars. Magic consisted mainly of the construction of talismans which were imbued with power and consecrated during a ceremony that was conducted under the appropriate stellar influences.

Take a moment to go back in time into the minds of the ancient astro-alchemists and read about the fifteen prominent Fixed Stars that featured prominently in the destiny of all men …

The Alchemical Stars

ALDEBARAN: Bestows riches and honor. The image is that of a flying man. Rules ruby, carbuncle and the thistle.

ALOGL: Preserves the body and protects against witchcraft by reflecting spells. The image is a decapitated human head. Rules the diamond and mugwort. Contemporary astrologers consider the influence of this star to be dangerous.

ALGORAB: Produces anger and back-biting as well as bad dreams. It was thought to house the power of summoning or driving away evil spirits. The image is a raven or snake. Rules black onyx and henbane.

ALPHECCA: Promotes chastity and the goodwill of men. The image is a crowned man or a hen. Rules topaz and rosemary.

ANTARES: Promotes understanding and memory and houses the power of bonding evil spirits. The image is a scorpion or a man dressed in a coat of mail. Rules amethyst, sardonyx, and saffron.

ARCTURUS: Cures fevers and acts as an astringent. The image is a wolf or a horse or a dancing man. Rules jasper and plantain.

CAPELLA: Bestows honor and nobility and cures the toothache. The image is a musician. Rules sapphire and mandrake.

DENEB ALGEDI: Grants prosperity but promotes wrath. The image is a goat or an angry man. Rules chalcedony and marjoram.

PLEIADES: Strengthens eyesight, reveals hidden things, and raises spirits. The image is a lamp or a virgin. Rules crystals and frankincense.

POLARIS: Protects against evil spells and renders an individual secure when traveling. The image is a bull or calf or a pensive man. Rules lodestone and periwinkle.

PROCYON: Preserves health, brings favor from the gods, and dispels witchcraft. The image is a cock or three young maidens. Rules achates and marigold.

REGULUS: Grants temperance and honor. The image is a lion or cat or an honorable person. Rules granite and sallendine.

SIRIUS: Promotes goodwill among men and the airy spirits and grants honor. The image is a hound or a virgin. Rules beryl and dragonwort.

SPICA: Removes scarcity, grants riches, and prevents mischief. The image is a bird or a merchant. Rules emerald and sage.

WEGA: Grants pride and magnanimity and power over beasts and devils. The image is a vulture or a traveler. Rules chrysolite and succory.

Information courtesy of the classic “Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology” by Vivian Robson B.Sc.