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“A Man Convinced”

A man convinced against his Will is of the same opinion Still.

When we say we "know" what we are really saying is we "experience." Many of us are familiar with the phrase, "you are what you eat." Taking that a step further, "you are also what you experience" be it physical, mental or spiritual in nature. This is what defines each of us as unique from one another and can also make it difficult to relate with each other at times because we are not always on the "same page." What we experience shapes our belief systems, mental attitudes and often our actions and reactions. A popular coined phrase, Soul Evolution is tossed around quite a bit and while this is by intent meant to refer to a beautiful advancement of Soul it has unfortunately been used on occasion to put a few dents in the attainment of ego needs (which is a necessary human condition) thus causing hurt. The world is full of learned gurus spouting and touting "spiritualisms" that are according to them, "absolute." Have you ever been told that your Soul was not "evolved" enough or that spiritually you were not "open?" Did you believe it? If you did not believe it, were you gutsy enough to ask, "And how would you know what my Soul is accomplishing or how evolved it is?" Some people become temporarily convinced of these popular beliefs although way down deep inside there is a part of them that has not changed its "opinion."


Experience and Karma ...

"Also known as karma, this principle states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions." ~ Owen Waters

My friend Donna who has been a metaphysical life counselor for over 30 years likes to relate a personal story which she terms her Experience of Interfering with Karma. It goes something like this:

Like many people, Donna had a few rough years in her life when she was having trouble making ends meet. A true Scorpio, Donna was used to dealing with adversity and somehow always managed to manifest what she needed for survival. Donna was a single parent living in a small apartment with a young son. One day she came home from work and noticed a family living in their car in the complex parking lot- literally. The father and mother had lost their jobs and were struggling to keep their two children fed. As hard as it may be to believe, Donna offered the family food and shelter until they were able to get back on their feet.  The family was very grateful and did their share around the apartment pitching in as best they could. After a few months the parents found jobs, got re-settled, and moved out. About six months later, Donna came home from work and noticed the family was back in the parking lot living out of their car once again. Donna will tell anyone point blank that she believes her "experience" with the destitute family constitutes her lack of discretion and misplaced charity which led to her interference with their Karma. If you reason with her otherwise, she will listen but she is of the same opinion.


Experience and the Paranormal ...

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." ~Socrates

I have the very great pleasure of working with an excellent paranormal investigator. He is a very common sense type of guy with a grounded and masterful scientific approach, a background of spiritual and behavioral counseling, years of experience with and knowledge of the occult and supernatural and respect and understanding for all those scary episodes that can grip people in fear. One of the most important conversations I ever had with him concerned how a paranormal episode could change a person on several levels and the ensuing difficulty of sharing what happened with others. He felt strongly that many people  who were skeptical of paranormal events certainly had a right to their own opinion but because they personally had not experienced the event could not equivocally relate. In other words, don't knock if you haven't lived it. It does 'happen.'


Experience and Omens ...

"Omen  - A sign that something will happen if nothing happens." ~Ambrose Bierce

Since the subconscious primarily functions through use of images, omens could be viewed as metaphysical metaphors. Some people view them as signals from the Universe, or if you prefer, the psyche, representing something to be addressed in real time or life reality. When looking around one's current environment, any life activity can reveal deeper meaning. All one has to do is look. Can the images or omen observed be used to describe an actual life experience? Let's use a little Louise Hay metaphoric wisdom ... suppose you are experiencing an annoying cough. You look up that symptom in Louise's book and see that metaphorically a cough means, "A desire to bark at the world. See me! Listen to me!" Now you have to stop and ponder - 'Do I want to be more positively appreciated?' That's your paradigm and now your experience.

Metaphysics embraces two modes of human experience -

  • The perfect mode of being containing all perfect archetypal ideas
  • The imperfect mode of becoming in which we come to believe through our senses and interpret through our consciousness.

Without getting into too much meta-babble ... we are spiritual beings who are experiencing life as physical, mental and emotional organisms in time and space. Life is consciousness and all we perceive as to who we are is a product of our interpretive capacity. We are just who we think we are. We give direction to our life experiences by the way we think, interpret, feel believe and choose to act while being aware that we are all subject to laws of causation and consequences.

Truth is everywhere  and not just a byproduct of ego - make it part of your experience. Remember - no matter what your personal experience, it should be honored and respected. You are who you are. Attempts to convince you otherwise would only leave you of the same opinion.
"Your overall purpose in life is to experience it from one individual unique point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. From a Cosmic point of view, you are one expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints. In this way, through you and all life, Infinite Being gains as infinite experience." ~ Owen Waters



“Enriched Differentiation”

By Jurgens Pieterse (South Africa)

(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

The monad is the one term system - teaching us to remove the labels we attach to things and see them as they are. The monad empowers us to see more and experience more of the world around us. From the monad we begin to see the dyad or the two-term system of systematics. Where the monad concurs with the concept of Tao, the dyad is similar to the concepts of yin and yang or the firm and the yielding. When we see things for what they are we also have to begin to see things for what they are not. The background of what is observed become as sharply in focus as that which is being observed. They both form the same picture. The observed begins to reflect itself back to the observer. We begin to see the two folded nature of being and doing. The same thing is something and it does something.

The most valuable lesson was that I learned from the dyad was to understand and work with paradox and contradictions. Within our limited spread of consciousness there is often two direct opposing but perfectly valid views on the truth. This does not mean that the one is a lie and the other is truth. It simply means only that the point of view is opposite each other. As the Tao te Ching says: "Long and short define each other. High and low depend upon each other. Before and after follow each other" Bennett writes: "Every monad is a contradiction for it presents itself with a claim to self-sufficiency and yet it depends upon everything other than itself in order to be itself" While the monad increase our awareness that something might have more potential than we see at first glance the dyad makes us more aware of the possibility of purpose.

If we return to the example of an ordinary pen. The pen will see itself as disposing ink on paper but the writer sees himself using the pen to write a sentence of meaning. For every viewpoint of what something is there is a viewpoint of what that something is capable of doing. The dyad confronts us with the feeling of tension and the feeling of tension makes us aware of the power of force. The energy lies in the movement from one polar point to the opposite polar point. The frequency of movement these points allows one to begin to see forces ready to be tapped into to create transformations. The strength of the dyad depends on the level of complementarity between the two opposing points. It is important to note that the mere existence of these dyads makes it impossible to find a middle path for "by their nature the polar qualities of the dyad are irreconcilable and cannot be brought to balance. It is impossible to always follow a neutral or balanced path....as we engage with dyads we are flung from the one side to the other side...staying on one side means illusion. "If either side is overemphasized then the dyad disappears" So we learn to vibrate in accordance to the energies around us by being aware of the dyads.

The dyad is the source of momentum and movement...the start of life vibrating from within the source of the monad.



“Fools and Magicians”

By Craig Hawthorne (UK)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

Faith starts where reason ends. The fool has as much faith as the magician. The magician understands cause and consequence and as such is master of its effects, but the fool is yet to form an idea. Faith sustains them both as the fool has nothing else, he lives in a world where everything is. The magician in his world full of reasons, needs faith to keep order, or else falls into the pit, for if he has no faith then he becomes the master and for that he will struggle to find a reason and will strive to become the order.

But the fool needs also to be aware. For not yet having understanding or ideas the fool can also be an agent for innocent malevolence. But the fools' faith is short, in time an idea will form and the fool can no longer remain in innocent shape, for the fool must make a choice, the first time faith was pitted against his own reason.

Now the first time that faith and reason met, faith from the heart reason from the head, fear was born to cover both. For reason will always doubt faith, as faith will always undermine reason, so fear will drive both always onward.

To conquer fear is not to be un-afraid, but merely to bring reason and faith into balance, a unified point (or a still clear pool). Intention then comes into play. For when reason and faith are balanced, fear quelled, intention is thus revealed. Intention through force of will becomes action.

Reason is to know or understand the action of things.
Faith is to know or understand that there is a reason.
Love is the parent of faith, in its greater part, in its smaller a force of will.

So the fool, yet to know reason, through unknowing faith, be loved and loving. Yet when reason takes him on his journey, his first step will take him the furthest away. Through a maze of many colors will his reason and faith take him, shaping his fears and love, guiding his intent and his will. And so after time, the magician, (for which through mastery of reason and loving faith the fool shall progress to be,) may find himself challenging one of his pillars of being. For surely in the face of questioning reason, faith must surely wither. In time the magician may become tired of asking the eternally foolish question; What is truth?

The magician shall have no more answers if he discards his faith. Fear of reason, love of faith, love of reason, fear of faith oh how the magician will envy the fool, just as the fool looked up to the magician, each thinking the other held all the answers. The mage that discards his faith will in time catch a glimpse of faiths' power, and through his arts be compelled to imitate that which he discarded. Through reasoning away his faith, he diminishes his capacity of love, until in time; What is truth? Becomes Why love?

The magician who keeps his faith, will find the answer to that question and in his being will find reason to exist, for truth is in experience not of experience. So through his experience of loving faith and capacity for reason will he answer; Why love? Love is all there is.

With this answer the mage is no more than fool.


“The Great Cat”

Magick the cat is the current day companion of Sijan Nol the Druid. He is a very old cat spirit with lifetimes dating back to a continent that pre-dates Atlantis and Lemuria. In Ancient Egypt he was revered as a sacred cat and demi god who was equal to the pharaoh and more valuable than any person.

"Whoever kills a cat in Egypt is condemned to death, whether he committed this crime deliberately or not. The people will gather and kill him. An unfortunate Roman, who accidentally killed a cat, could not be saved, either by King Ptolemy of Egypt or by the fear which Rome inspired." ~ Diodorus Siculus, Greek Historian circa 49 B.C.

To the Ancient Celts he was known as the healing spirit called Ta Je Ocelic who was known to keep company with the fairy cat known as Cat Sith. In ancient Greece he belonged to the Oracle at Delphi but ran away because he sensed the fumes of ethylene that were seeping up from the underground and understood that it was not a healthy situation. He was friends with a Tabby cat named Muezza who was the favorite cat of Muhammad.  He told Muezza that if he crawled into the sleeve of Muhammad's robe that Muhammad would take a special liking to him. So Muezza crawled into the sleeve of Muhammad's robe and went to sleep. When Muhammad was called to prayer, he found Muezza sleeping in his robe and rather than wake the cat he cut off the sleeve and left the cat in peace. When Muhammad returned from prayer Muezza was awake and bowed to Muhammad. Pleased, Muhammad stroked Muezza three times on the head and it is said that is why all Tabby cats from that day forward have an "M" marking on their foreheads. Magick has the great wisdom of Nature which he imparts with feline telepathy.  His energy is all healing. Listen to Magick's message:

"The Inscription on the royal tombs in Thebes says, 'Thou art the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; thou art indeed…the Great Cat.' "

"I speak for all cats who are great and powerful spirits.  We are the living proof representatives of reincarnation and if you don’t believe that then you should stop and think about the expression 'a cat has nine lives.' This IS a literal meaning! I myself bear a spiral sigil on my left hind leg that is always there every time I am reborn despite my appearance or current pedigree. All cats are inter-dimensional beings. In essence we are 'realm walkers' equipped with refined sight that allows us to see what humans cannot see.  We are also very psychically sensitive and can read minds so it is always wise to have pleasant thoughts when you are in the presence of a cat.

In your current understanding of history, our time of exalted status was in Ancient Egypt where laws were created to protect cats since they were held in such high regard. A religious order of cat worship lasted for more than 2,000 years in Egypt. The Egyptian word for cat was 'mau' similar to the Universal cat word 'meow.' Yes, you think that is very cute but what would you think if I told you that Mau was the name of a great High Civilization that predates Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu? Many great feats were accomplished there but no trace of it will ever be found… you’ll have to take me at my word. That was a happy lifetime for me as is my current lifetime with the Druid Sijan Nol. We have a special rapport and share a great concern for the Earth’s environment.  The Druids have been entrusted with keeping the balance in the Universe and you should do your part to keep the environment clean and balanced so it is preserved for your future incarnations because the alternative realms are not as beautiful."



By Lorna Wilson (UK)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

I have an image in my mind of an orb of energy shooting out of the center of Creation in an orgasmic burst of millions of such orbs.  However, singularly each falls down through the dimensions magnetizing any sub atomic particles moving around like sticky stardust that then sticks to the orbs randomly.  The end result is that as it /we ’land’ in the lower dimensions we are now covered with bits and pieces of life forming experiences or stimulus.

Whether this is accurate or not it is an image that is more alive and electrical than I am able to give it words.  As we notice what has become a part of us or stuck to us, and given our attention, it becomes encoded with our thoughts which are sent out as waves of creational force filled with our judgment or observations.  This then manifest into karmic form.   Karma being nothing more than ‘action’.

Nevertheless we retain a subtle body core which is the  original soul spark that has memory and the driving force to return back home through the dimensions. A universal law is that all energy that goes out must return to its source - in this case Source with a capital S. 

Description: http://api.ning.com:80/files/nPrS*XBeCXX9H2VjCTbQMJQxvashwuoetoJnlNuV6lDwBzpJZVE4Egsozi-GTyi5gvzyqHbORbzkRR3X4DDIMd0fufjQmjgp/manyrealities.jpg

However, a 'problem' arose for many who got pushed out from the Source as they felt somehow rejected or banished from the unconditional Love, Light and Sound vibration of home.  As these orbs of energy and light fell down through the dimensions these feelings began to form into hardened matter as loss and dejection creating  a matrix pattern of form.  These lower waves being slower, dense and opaque had the potential to finalize a separation adding to the feeling of abandonment and loss, and  leaving these orbs or sparks of light seeking for the unconditional love of Its parent and feeling somehow incomplete. 

Always seeking for their true home but forgetting where that was, and over identifying  with the physical form of matter, instead of returning up through the higher realms to Soul these memory patterns would only return back one level to the astral form when freed of the body through death, and wait for a new birth back into the physical.  This became known as a karmic wheel. Never remembering that they could go directly home anytime, they  became addicted to living through the five senses and thought that was all there was.  The fall from the Light of home, and descending through a scale of polarities sometimes negative other times positive reinforced   external viewpoints and created spiritual amnesia.

Through a vague lingering memory and a feel good factor of the force of the positive of the pure soul realm, they began to only acknowledge that polarity which became labeled God.  These soul sparks began to create imbalances within their bodies, forgetting that both polarities are and were necessary in conducting the flow of creational forces.  Feeling lost and stuck in the lower realms they began to reject and judge harshly the energy that was of a negative flow and so not only did they become unbalanced but they began to accrue more karmic interplay further polarizing themselves. Their resistance kept drawing them back to the very negative that they resisted.  Their many etheric bodies which had formed as sheaths of the same living fabric of the differing dimensions held these thoughts in place firmly within the subtle bodies and formed the subconscious mind which was hardened etheric matter.

Encased within at its core like a pearl, was the finer light filled soul spirit that was deeply buried awaiting acknowledgement to burst forth again and to be set free from the physical prison of the five senses.  The physical realm of matter was and is indeed formed of the negative polarity as it is of the lower world and the furthermost removed from the Universal Mind of pure refined Light which is positive. But rejecting this negative polarity the distance back home seemed impossible.

Description: http://api.ning.com:80/files/Wj6c5p5vupu5hLw091gCjfdEXM3mfdfkwbVM05rf6TJ0*nXnJT26CeRIyitBFbtrqElbmMPkBVBd8pfp6bKg*jP193-Tpvzd/4Dimensions.jpg 

"The teaching of the Saints is to raise the soul from the lower chakras to the higher chakras -- till it reaches the highest chakra, where it initially landed, and then reach the MASTER -- THE SUPREME SOUL, from where it initially parted. The path of upliftment is the same as that of descent, except that the movement is reverse, i.e., ascent in place of descent."

H.N. Saksena, The Secret of Realization

"Use all your power to free the senses from attachment and aversion alike, and live in the full wisdom of the Self. Such a sage awakes to Light in the night of all creatures. That which the world calls 'day' is the night of ignorance to the wise."

 The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, V 68 - 69





Ponderings …

Why are most of us relaxed and at peace when we gaze upon calm water or the rolling waves of the sea? Why are ocean sounds beneficial to mediation and sleep inducement? Why did the Ancients use water as an integral part of their ceremonies? Why do physical therapists use water therapy? Why do some of the most dynamic prophecies of the world often indicate great cataclysm by water? Why are our most profound feelings expressed in watery tears of emotion?

The waters of Earth encompass far more area than do the land masses of our planet – the oceans cover slightly more than 70% of the globe.  No other planet in our Solar System has a water supply like ours. Life as we understand it emerged from the sea. All life forms consist of Water. Man’s body like the Earth is 70% water. Water cleanses refreshes and restores life. It also destroys it.

In most metaphysical circles, water represents the flow of the Universal Ocean of the collective unconscious all the rivers and tributaries that extend from it. Water has transcendental connections and is a Universal solvent for it can dissolve more substances than any other liquid known to man by breaking down the molecular structure of what it contacts and absorb the components unto itself.

To Light Workers, water represents wisdom and a holistic view of life. The Water element governs emotions and our deepest feelings. It is receptive feminine energy and is tied to the Heart chakra. It is secondarily tied to the Third Eye chakra so it is easy to see why the Water element is connected to love, self-healing, sorrow, reflection, intuition, the unconscious, fertility, and regeneration.

To Magicians, water represents self control through the psyche and magical work concerning transformation spells, and shape shifting.  Water magick is often connected with the phases of the Moon and with the ebb and flow of the Earth's tides. Magickal invocations are often conducted near the ocean or other bodies of water. Ceremonies may also involve snow, ice, or rain and make no mistake - Water magicians are known for stirring up the weather.

Hydromancy is divination by water covering a wide range of lesser auguries such as the color of water, its ebb and flow or ripples produced by pebbles dropped into a pool (an odd number of ripples is considered positive and an even number negative). Tea leave and coffee ground readings date from this form of augury.

In lore and legend,the most well known goddess energies connected to water are Aphrodite or Venus, Isis, Kupala, Mari, Ran, Tiamat, and Yemaya and the god energies are Dylan, Ea, Manannan, Neptune or Poseidon, Osiris, and Varuna.

In Chinese spiritual teachings, water is often characterized by its ability to take on different forms … heated water becomes steam and frozen water becomes ice. It can be poured into any shape of a container. If it is not allowed to “flow” it becomes stagnant. Water is considered “balanced” because it will always seek and finds its own “level.”

Ancient ceremonial initiations often took place in watery locations – by the sea or other available bodies of water.

Ponder this … The Ancient schools were deeply entrenched in sacred ritual and secret ceremonies. Most of these took place at midnight. One of the sites for these mysterious rituals was the Sacred Lake at Karnak. The Lake was manmade. The schools and healing temples taught many gifted individuals. One of the earliest was Imhotep of the third Dynasty who was a master healer and herbalist at the court of the pharaoh Zoser.

In Astrology, a “Water Person” (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is considered deep, intuitive and emotional.  They change with the tide and have many cross currents. They are “adapters” and “survivors” who can swim through the passages of life with ease because they innately understand the mysterious depth of the waters of life while seeking the “Ultimate Answers” to “Eternal Questions.”  To astrologers, the Fire element is “spirit”; the Air element the “mind”; the Earth element the “body” and the Water element the “SOUL.” The Water OR Occult Houses of Astrology, the 4th, 8th and 12th hold the answers to the Cosmic Enigma of space, time, and non-time and the esoteric foundation of Karma and Dharma,   death and reincarnation and the umbilical effect.  The water planets, the Moon, Pluto and Neptune are the keys to the psychic realms and dream states.

Ponder this … The Ancients believed water was a natural remedy against supernatural negativity and the unholy. It still is today.

Ponder this … The Persian dream masters believed that if you dreamt of clear water you would have great abundance but if the water was dirty or foul smelling sickness would beset you. Salt water meant happiness but pouring water on a fire meant you would lose if brought before a judge. Cold water meant reconciliation and happiness and hot water meant persecution from enemies. Water falling on your head meant profit.

Psychologically, water represents a good memory whether we are dwelling on the past or remembering our Collective Common Heritage. Some scientists believe that the structure of water is like a nervous system reacting and responding and therefore is capable of recording information. They believe that each memory cell of water contains  440,000 memory information panels.

Ponder this … Water is the simplest element in nature and on the periodic table. Its main component is hydrogen so if water has a memory then so does the whole Universe.

Emotionally, water represents desire, sensuality and possessiveness and obsession AND the green eyed monster of envy and jealousy.

Of the physical senses water represents taste and all that is experienced on the tongue literally and metaphorically including what one needs to “taste” of the experiences of Earth.

Concerning the elemental seasons, some believe water represents Winter and cold and ice, others believe it is Autumn.

By association:

(Note: Opinions on the following will vary)

Water is represented by the Rune Laguz and the god Njӧrd. Laguz by divinatory meaning concerns intuition and psychic ability. The attributes of this Rune are fluidity and the ebb and flow of emotions that affect relationships and one’s reputation. In a spread, this Rune indicates the need for “cleansing” and realigning and transformation. Reversed as a murkstave it indicates a failure to draw upon the wisdom of instinct and lack of acknowledgement of one’s receptive side.

Crystals associated with the water element are used by healers to address unbalanced emotional states such as depression, anger, guilt, lack of libido, phobias, fears  and renewed need for forgiveness. They are Blue Lace Agate (cleansing and detoxifying), Rose Quartz (cleansing and detoxifying), Opal (balance and stability), Amethyst (balance and hormone production), Amber (neutralizer and balancer of endocrine disequilibrium), Jet (negativity absorption), Blue Sapphire (acceptance and serenity), Chrysolite (depression relief), Smoky Quartz (burden lifter), Kunzite (mood stabilizer), Agate, Peridot, Red Garnet (anger relief), Red Jade (constructive channeling of anger), Moonstone (soothing of overreactions), Chrysocolla (clears guilt and fear), Fluorite (relieves lack of libido), Aquamarine (dispels fear and phobias), Aventurine, Green Calcite, Chrysoprase, Iron Pyrite, Tourmaline (alleviate anxiety), Obsidian (brings fears to the surface for release), Rhodochrosite (facilitates positive change), Chrysoberyl, Selenite (facilitate self forgiveness) and Celestite (restores emotional innocence).

The Tarot has many water associations which will differ depending upon the methodology and symbology of the deck. The following Major Arcana cards of the GoldenTarot have strong water associations: The High Priestess – (Scorpio) Intuition, secrets; The Chariot (Cancer) – Tenacity, flow; The Hanged Man (Neptune) – Sacrifice, Surrender, fantasy; Death (Scorpio) – Inevitable change, transformation; The Moon (Pisces) – Psychic Awareness, dreams; Judgment (Pluto) – Clarity, wisdom.


“The River and the Waves”

The river and its waves are one

surf: where is the difference between the river and its waves?

When the wave rises, it is the water; and when it falls, it is

the same water again. Tell me, Sir, where is the distinction?

Because it has been named as wave, shall it no longer be

considered as water?

Within the Supreme Brahma, the worlds are being told like beads:

Look upon that rosary with the eyes of wisdom.

From ~Songs of Kabir ~ translated by Rabindranath Tagore






By Timur “Taron” Baysal
(Published with permission)

 Wow, I have to gather myself and focus a bit more than normally to formulate this not just to you but to myself, since it is both very complicated and very exciting to me. Please, allow me and bear with me to take you along the progression of my thoughts. This is an observation about Astrology and Astrotheology and the terracentric perception, which only represents the localized manifestation of God's method. But before I proceed I feel like I should add a little preface:

I believe to be a servant of the Infinite, as I believe this to be true for all of us. I approach this with both utmost humility and utter arrogance as I beg to understand and assume to having been given the faculties to receive. It is not me processing information, but carving away layers of simplified acceptance that rule our actions within the material manifestation of the divine process. Behind those layers I hope to encounter shapes of the grand construction, the forming structure of the Infinite. I hope to recognize aspects of it that help me recognize reliable patterns, which illuminate our own mode of operation and allow me to optimize it in order to become the best servant I can be and share a useful revelation so that you can find an inspiration to do the same based on a somewhat unified recognition of the divine method, universally applicable. This is my journey and as such it shall be ongoing until the expiration of my vessel and with some hope that, should it not end conclusively, it may pick up again in a future privilege to explore with the vessels to come. I hereby ask for your forgiveness for the immaturity of my observations and for your help through participation in order to refine them. I also, as I always do, ask for the forgiveness of the Most High, that I dare explore Its nature and hope to be given an insight into the Divine. My only goal is to realize the best possible way to function as we were intended to for the Eternal Being. I am tremendously grateful for the joy of each revelation, whether it is useful by pointing into the right direction or eliminating another by being a mistake. Love and joy are the feedback of both and don't necessarily represent the right answer, but the righteous approach.

Nothing is a coincidence.

I while ago I came to the conclusion that no original scripture, no original religion is wrong. Every single one would represent an approach for us to observe divine guidance and fulfill our purpose for the divine. I saw it as a kind of guinea-pig concept, since one could eventually try to dominate another and so forth.  Which implies that it's quite possible that one approach is more effective than another. But, while this may still be a valid way of perceiving the on-goings of human civilization, I now come to believe that it's a matter of Astrological aspects of the Divine Method. Meaning, in the Beginning, each nation, each group of people have received a general understanding, related to where they were placed in relation to the local constellations. This is not a mambo-jumbo magic order of organization, but it simply represents the place and time within the process of recovering or reconstituting the divine structure. It is an organized phenomenon. While we read it and interpret it, we read and interpret a truth far beyond our general acceptance. And while the planets and heavenly bodies determine even detailed aspects about our existence, they are still subordinates of lesser complexity than we are.

Imagine a taxi. The planets would be the car, humanity would be the driver and the messenger or element to the divine structure is the passenger. The destination is most important for everyone, because without it there would be no reason to exist for any of the participants. Then comes the passenger, without whom there would be no need to be a taxi. Then comes the driver, without whom the taxi wouldn't be driven. Then comes the car...

And each planetary system in the universe represents a different vehicle for this taxi. There will still be a driver and there's always the passenger and the destination is the same for the entire finite universe.

This means, even though the entire Earth is identifying the specific planets as deities or the definition of the divine in one way or another, it is not the universal truth, but actually the local constellation relative to Earth. Other pieces of the divine structure are to be found elsewhere and are identified by their local constellations.  And even if another planet within our very own solar system would become the next place of recovery, Earth itself would become part of its constellation. Therefore a terracentric view is never wrong, just not universal in any rigid form. But aspects of it, like the method behind it is universal.

This is but one tiny piece of the puzzle, or rather one giant tiny piece of the puzzle, but this piece of the method may be also found at all fractal levels, scales and it would be interesting to find a repetition of it within us somehow, maybe within different kinds of living cells? However, my point was to demolish the limitations exerted by a purely terracentric perspective, which has always made religion such an enemy of science. Science realized the tremendous amount of objects in the universe and easily lost the ability to assume that life could be unique only to earth. Life on earth is as unique as each one of us is to the other. While we pursue a purpose locally to our part of space, the very same method puts all other localities in space to that very same purpose in its unique ways to provide its unique segment to the Divine Structure of the Infinite. Each at its own stage in its own place.

Therefore as species we may well be alone in the universe, but as servant to the Most High we are most certainly not. Yet, I am in no place to claim certainty about anything and want to apologize for my hubris. I merely follow my heart and let it speak freely, somewhat naively as well. But I am you in the unexplored form, only expressed through the channel where this "me" is found in the universe, and I offer myself wholeheartedly to us for better or less with all hopes for the best.




 By Bo Steele (USA)
(All Rights Reserved – Published With Permission)

This morning, as I sat on my porch sipping coffee, I was struck by the sight of my horses, grazing in the pasture. It had rained for the past three days and now they stood in the early morning sunshine, appreciative I am sure, for its warmth on their backs. Peaceful … they are so very peaceful and content. At that moment, I recalled all the life lessons those gentle giants have taught me through the years, and are still teaching me to this very day.

1. Live in the Present: There is no time like the present. Look around, take it in and see what is really happening. Don’t “assume,” futurize or live in the past. A horse does not care about what happened yesterday and never gives a thought to tomorrow. They live each moment in the present.

2. Have intention: When you communicate something, do it with clarity and focus. Otherwise people (and horses) get confused.

3. Be Congruent: Make sure that what you say is really what you feel. You can’t lie to a horse. They are the original, natural, BS detectors.

4. Buck the Rules: Actually, who’s making the rules anyway? Live the life you want to live – you’re allowed to buck if it feels good. If a horse feels like running and kicking up their heels, they do that, and they do not require a reason.

5. Demonstrate Leadership: Get people (and horses) to follow you because they want to, not because you demand, kick or tie them up. Lead by example, and never ask anyone to do something that you would not do yourself. Your power comes from your ability to motivate and inspire those around you, not from your title or position. A horse is not impressed by titles, and we'd be wise to follow their lead.

6. Be patient: Especially with yourself. Change takes time, learning takes energy. “Take the time it takes.” – Ray Hunt

7. Develop a Soft Feel and Touch: Be flexible, soft, and stop bracing. Life can be fun, relaxed and easy going. Pushing on things does not get results. People and horses have a tendency to push back and a horse can actually feel your body tense. They are very empathic..they feel what you feel.

8. Pay Attention: Notice what your intuition tells you; tune into what happens before it happens. Notice the synchronicities and always be mindful of the little “hints” the universe provides.

9. Set Boundaries: Don’t let just anyone or anything, into your space. Horses, like people, will crowd you if you let them. I can tell you first hand that getting your foot stomped on by a 1200 pound horse is no fun. Likewise, allowing yourself to be “crowded” by a person or people can also be painful. Protect your “space”. Choose the people you want to be with and the places and things you want to get involved with.

10. Cultivate Partnerships: Work and play with people who share and people who are “with you” and “get you.”You will never have that connection with everyone that you meet, just as I’ve learned that not every horse I ride is in tune with me. That connection is special and rare. When you find that, whether it be with a person or a horse, hang on to it.

11. Get Back In The Saddle: When you fall off, don’t give up. Accept that life will always be  unpredictable, and get back in that saddle and try again. This is probably the most important lesson I have learned. It is not always easy, and it’s only natural to be afraid. But as John Wayne once said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

12. Always remember the ride is much more important that the destination. Nobody ever promised us that the trail would always be easy, but when you learn to enjoy the ride, you will find that it is worth it.