The 9th Gate

The 9th Gate
SELECTIONS: Soul Advancement, Ambassadors of the Universe, Divine Law, Psychic Receptivity, Ceremonial Orders.




"The Path"

In Esoteric Astrology, the traditional Houses in a chart become "Mansions of the Soul moving away from mundane meaning and taking on spiritual definition. The 9th House or "9th Mansion" becomes the repository of The Truth holding within its energy Ancient Wisdom, Cosmic Law, the Akashic Records and the common thread that runs through all belief systems. The Soul's progress on the Path to Evolution and how the individual is attuned to Evolutionary vibration can be gleaned from sign occupying the 9th House cusp.




These energies indicate those who have a direct line with the Divine or the Almighty and who have no problem expressing opinions of how things SHOULD be run here on Earth. Advancement comes via life experience through extensive travel and the study of philosophy and religion. Happiness is derived from personal belief systems and confidence in the "Self" as an instrument to correct injustices. Balance is a key factor and these signs are able to deal with the chaos of opposing forces while consciously understanding the common thread that unites them despite differences. The Law of Right Human Relations applies to these signs.




These energies will seek practical justification for philosophical/spiritual beliefs including ways in which these beliefs transform their Souls. Spiritual drive is often obsessive or fanatical as they look for the Truth. They tend to see God as multifaceted and putting humankind "through the paces" which they believe is directly and unavoidably connected to the "art of living." The Taurus/Scorpio polarity concerns itself with the Unity of the "Higher and Lower Selves" and the self-initiated tests and trials inherent there-in that promote Evolutionary Soul Growth.




These energies try to figure out the Cosmos intelligently by observing larger patterns at work. They can be fanatical when it comes to their version of the truth. As signs of "movement," life is viewed as a pilgrimage and they will travel far and to seek out basic laws of nature to advance their Souls. There is a definite awareness of others and operating through the Higher Mind an innate need to serve humanity not just by intellectual expertise but through sharing Wisdom that is the synthesis of knowledge merged with Earthly experience.




These signs are tied to Karma and are often referred to as the Gate In or the Gate into Incarnation and the Gate Out or the Gate out of Incarnation. Soul advancement is a cognizant reality to them. They can actually "feel" or foretell how their report card is manifesting. They look for answers with the pattern of existence and seriously study religion and/or spirituality as renewal for the Soul. These signs are concerned with the Law of Manifestation and human advancement. To them, the initiation of every Pathwalker is to learn to use "manifested form" for the betterment of the "one" Earth family




These signs strive to broaden their understanding and perspective of life however they often become too caught up in abstractions because the need to orient the Self to the larger Collective is paramount. They rarely adhere to orthodox or traditional spiritual/religious views. Soul nourishment for them comes via their own progressive views of Divine Will and via awareness of the interplays and dynamics of human energy. These signs are known as the "Illuminators" who light spiritually passionate fires in the minds of others.




These signs seek Enlightenment and yearn to merge with something greater. They are considered by many to be the signs closest to God or the Divine. They become disappointed with religious of philosophical systems because they innately understand the "Greater Course." They like to physically travel or envision travel which expands their consciousness and Soul growth. These signs represent the synthesis of spirit and matter and the growth of the Soul force. They are closely associated with the Law of Attraction because their urge for life experience is instinctual.


 It is further interesting to note that if an individual possesses a Grand Trine which is said to represent the level of "pure being" in the natural Houses of Fire 1, 5 and 9 in his or her natal chart, the mode of spiritual self expression regarding the Path of Truth often makes a personal impact on the outside world. These individuals operate strongly under the Law of Right Human Relations energized by the flow between the 1st House which represents "The Light of Life", the 5th House which represents "The Light of the Soul" and the 9th House which represents "The Light Divine." The actual manifestation of spiritual self expression will depend upon the signs, planets and aspects involved.
A GRAND TRINE is constituted by three planets in the same element Fire, Earth, Air or Water that form an Equilateral Triangle of 120o.

The 1st, 5th and 9th natural Fire Houses in mundane astrology are considered the Houses of Assertive Self Expression but in Esoteric Astrology they are considered Mansions of Initiation. One might conjecture that a heavy load or weight of planets in the 9th Mansion would signify some sort of spiritual adept however, unless there are planets in either the 1st or 5th Houses as well the energy can manifest as one who is overly zealous or even fanatical when it comes to religion or philosophical attitudes and who has "much to learn" regarding the Path of Soul Advancement.

If there are no planets in the 9th House which is known as a Void house, the ruler (the planet which rules the sign on the cusp) and its aspects can be considered for further information regarding Soul Advancement along with the House it is occupying ...


1st House - "The Teacher" ... A great interest in Spiritual Wisdom particularly philosophy that can be attained through intense study and travel and then shared with others through the spoken or written word. With supportive aspects from other planets the individual can make a dynamic lecturer.

2nd House - "The Manifestor" ... Strong manifestation of learned wisdom that is put to practical use such as publication, invention or healing.

3rd House - "The Detective" ... Strong beliefs and convictions. Spiritual accomplishment, learning and progress often is connected to research, investigation and explorative travel.

4th House - "The Ecclesiast" ... Spiritual inheritance is connected to Karma and collective progress by building a new foundation upon residual wisdom via current life experiences and learning.

5th House - "The Liberal" ... Unconventional ideas connected to spiritual growth with a strong belief in personal philosophy that may be hard to defend to others.

6th House - "The Healer" ... An interest in holistic healing processes and the connection between mind, body and spirit. Esoteric study interests range within metaphysical healing modalities and often include traditional medical training. Soul Advancement is contingent upon "healing" services, gifts and abilities shared with others.

7th House - "The Seeker" ... Gravitates towards others of "like mind" but often encounters disparity from those who do not share personal beliefs and philosophy.

8th House - "The Psychic" ... Strong psychic skill and spiritual conviction. Literary publication of personal beliefs possible but such publication is often subject to persecution or disapproval.

9th House - "The Prophet" ... Many possibilities for cultural and spiritual development. Strong visionary abilities and often prophetic dreams. Travel and higher education enhance spiritual fortitude.

10th House - "The Benefactor" - High honor and esteem connected to spiritual development, study and/or publication of personal trials. Interest in contributing to the Collective Generation.

11th House - "The Humanitarian" - Spiritual benefits come through friends and metaphysical/ holistic organizations. Some disparity is encountered due to unconventional religious, spiritual or philosophical convention.

12th House - "The Martyr"... Tests, difficulties and sometimes sorrow connected to Spiritual Growth and Advancement. Strong interest in the occult or arcane (both light and dark) and all other esoteric studies. Needs seclusion to sort out "input" and to strengthen spiritual fortitude.