The 5th Gate

Selections: Future Soul Incarnation, Animal Totems, Solar Logos, Talismans.


Esoteric Astrology dictates that the 5th House in a Natal Chart indicates the Soul Destiny that is to be fulfilled in the next lifetime. This is based upon the conditions and activities of the past in a cumulative effect on individual Soul Evolution. Every Soul has a purpose and that is one of perfection according to the Divine Plan of the Universe. Through self –realization an individual can not only advance towards perfection but also contribute to the Collective of its generation.


If the sign of Aries occupies the 5th House cusp in a natal chart, it indicates that in the next incarnation the individual will be a pioneer of leader in a chosen field of endeavor in the next lifetime. In the current lifetime there lessons will be presented to prepare for this role. They will include unexpected turns in the accepting and fulfilling of responsibility. This may occur in any facet of life – family, business, education or even recreational activities where assuming leadership may be welcome or unwelcome. There will be no question who is the boss in the next lifetime. 


Taurus on this cusp relates to future wealth regarding ownership of properties. There may exist in the current life a desire to learn or understand about real estate and the challenges and consequences of owning land. The individual may find themselves in the position of managing the properties of estates of others and dealing with taxes and monies regarding them. This individual will do things with great style, savvy and panache if they feel the doing is worthwhile. There may also be an avid interest in gardening. Musical talent may be in evidence in the future incarnation.


This is the placement of a future standout of society complete with expertise in communication. If they are born into a large family, they will be noticed and rise above their station via a prominent personality. The individual may exhibit skill in writing, teaching or psychic abilities that can not only get them noticed but lead to social prominence. Gemini’s restlessness and need for variety will naturally promote the creativity necessary to convey and contribute idea to the whole at large. There may be ownership of several residences and the later years will be active.


Nurturing is the theme here influenced by the concept of the Universal Mother. This is individual is being honed in the current life for a role in charity work, counseling, nursing or other counseling services for the next incarnation. Children, which are a part of the natural 5th House theme may not necessarily manifest in the next life however the “natural maternal” role and instinct is being prompted. There will be an ability to present the Self in an engaging and pleasing manner which will be well accepted in the public view making service roles easier to promote. In the future incarnation this individual may find their best creative work will be done at night.


This individual may spend a great deal of time in the current life looking for Mr. or Miss “Right.” The current sense of identity, power and purpose, found through engaging feel good activities serve as a preparation for meeting that person in the next lifetime. Resorting to manipulative or exaggerated ways of getting attention are also being addressed in the current lifetime to prepare the way for a willingness to share the spotlight with a significant other in the next. Creativity on all levels and physical prowess is also a factor here. Becoming an actor, sport figure or artist (in any genre) is possible for the next lifetime.


Perfection is always a pursuit of this sign, however in the current lifetime, this individual is less concentrated on Virgo intensity and is taking things one step at a time in order to assume the Virgoan role in the next lifetime. In this lifetime they may be working on practical creative skills or hobbies such as hands on side projects like carpentry, gourmet cooking as the Virgoan energy prefers to know a great deal about fewer things so it can specialize. It will always go for quality over quantity. This can easily be the placement of a “teacher” in the next incarnation, someone who can work just as easily with adolescents as well as adults because they are learning to command obedience in the current lifetime. There is much acuity and breadth of knowledge to be shared. Learning to accept change and to cease over-analyzing emotions in the current lifetime is also necessary.


All you need is love … Libra ruled Venus on this cusp represents a double whammy from the House of Romance. The individual will seek not only love but the other Libran qualities of equipoise and justice. In the spiritual life there will be a striving for balance between body and soul. In mundane life there is a standoff when it comes to decision making as the individual vacillates back and forth feeling somewhat cursed by being able to see both sides of the situation. There is not as much “selfhood” experienced as in the previous lifetimes but rather a loving, selfless nature more concerned with others than the self. Artistic pursuits may be paramount to the sense of well being. Marriage may become a preference later in life.


This placement represents a choice at the crossroads of survival. Scorpio houses the dark and light of the inner sanctorum of self demand and self-evaluation. A decision to take either the higher road of creative venture and healing or the lower road of vindictiveness and selfishness becomes necessary and, whichever is chosen will be carried over into the next incarnation. “Whence came I” becomes the theme, creative works the challenge and integrity the goal. Strength in sports may be an avocation and work in the science or research fields an occupation. Loving deeply and passionately is also a strong part of personal expression and there may be power struggles for control and uncurbed possessiveness.


The charisma and charm and blunt honesty espoused in the current lifetime can carry this individual into a future incarnation of a great philosophical leader or teacher who may inspire many people. Overcoming excessive behaviors in the current lifetime is paramount, yet, the inner self has the vision to know that “a road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” This individual is learning to find God in him/her self. They are gaining the expertise necessary to be used in the next life.  


Capricorn, the sign of the mystic denotes the building of a strong character in the current lifetime that will be needed in the next incarnation where they will be paving the road to further enlightenment. In the current lifetime there may be sacrifices and suffering which will actually provide the drive for future success. Carried over into the next lifetime, the ability for the practical sharpened by well placed principles and keen wit will open many doors. Careers in the organization and administration of the arts or professions dealing with the young or old or prominence in the acting or musical fields may feature. 


This individual is a humanitarian in training. In the current lifetime they may be challenged by unusual and unexpected situations that seem to pop up out of nowhere requiring their judgment and decision making. Politics may feature in the next lifetime requiring goals for the betterment of humanity on a more universal level. The need for adventure with broadening horizons and gaining knowledge which can be put to practical use for large groups is also possible. Individuality and innovation will shine through this individual in the future incarnation if they can begin to overcome eccentric lower desires in the current life.


In the current lifetime this individual loses some and gains some. They may have creative flair which they exteriorize with confidence and exuberance or they are victims to the needs of others stifling their creative flow. If the individual tends towards escapism, laziness and indecisiveness in the current lifetime, they will have to work very hard in the next lifetime. Should they carry over creative confidence they will be able to concentrate on a defined career path in the future incarnation and reach genius. If not, they will lose the opportunity and be subject to repeat unpleasant circumstances in the next lifetime.


Positive use of planets in the current Natus may denote the following for the next lifetime:

SUN – Good fortune and a new chance to achieve hopes and dreams.

MOON – A decision must be made as to whether the individual will follow a physical or spiritual path. The idea is to learn to integrate the two.

MERCURY – Interaction with children portend success with creative modes of communication.

VENUS – A life of ease and pleasure may be sought. If overdone, there will be much spiritual work to do in future incarnations.

MARS – If the tendency to be reckless has been curbed in the current life, loyal follower souls will appear in the next incarnation requiring responsible leadership.

JUPITER – The soul will travel into the next incarnation aware of its Divine Purpose enabling the aware individual to advance in Divine Love.

SATURN – If able to overcome the hardships of the current lifetime, blessings and higher status are possible.

URANUS – A natural leader and a promoter of the truth of life. How will others be influenced?

NEPTUNE – Any inspiration carried forth means honest effort in affecting others for the good of the whole.

PLUTO – Capable to influence the masses based upon self proclamation.