The 3rd Gate

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Time. And what of the concept of time?

“The philosophical debate about the paradoxes of time makes one thing clear: it is possible to imagine ways in which the Universe may be constructed so that time travel, of some kind or another, may be allowed by the laws of physics. That leaves the big question: is time travel really possible? And if so, how could a time machine be built?” – John Gribbon

Mankind has basically understood time according to two possibilities cyclical and linear. This obviously proposes a discrepancy between the metaphysical, inherent in the circle which says that time can flow forward to the future or backward to the past initiating “reoccurring events” AND the physical  inherent in the arrowed line which supports “unique/singular events” with non repetitive flow. Thus man was confronted with a dilemma because he understood “time” as cyclical according to the repeat of the seasons and certain Earth changes but also as linear - moving forward. Man’s final reasoning led him to combine the two concepts into a viable and usable form of measurement. I ask you now to consider one of mankind’s most common symbols used on a daily basis:

The clock face represents the broad concept of “cycles” (circle) and the selective measuring (linear) of advancing forward via the arrowed arms. ‘Very clever’ you are thinking. Ah! But what of time travel? Is it possible to go forward through time? It is. Time is not absolute. Measures of time are different according to reference frames. This was actually proven as far back as the 1950’s in an experiment with sub atomic particles called muons.

What If?

"In the ultimate nature of the Universe there are no divisions in time and space." ~ Medium Eileen Garrett

We do love to drive ourselves crazy with “what if” don’t we? What if I took the shortcut instead of the long route? What if I chose to go to school instead of work? What if I married Jill instead of Jane?

Well get over yourself.

We all suffer from hindsight and even better retrocognition. Some of us experience precognition but we don’t always base our decisions on what we envision. What we like to do best is piss whine about what might have been. My personal theory has always been “what could have been was not meant to be.” Do I hear disagreement out there amongst my fellows?  I suppose some of you will say that everything unfolds as it should and this may be despite of our decisions or because of them and then we will all take a trip down the psychobabble road. Why not? What else do we have to do today? Go ahead make my day!

You know what I am going to do. I am going to present a “some food for thought” that will make you a slightly mad and maybe irritated. My very own brand of psychological warfare. It’s my job. Brace yourself …

SO - Is it possible to construct a theory that may account for the fact that if a premonition of a future event has taken place, it does not necessarily mean the event is inevitable?

In 1908, Herrman Minkowski suggested that the Universe could be described in terms of four dimensional space time. He was describing what has become known as the Block Universe, a static universe with no past, present or future except that which is introduced by the observer. The observer's consciousness travels along his world line through the Block Universe like a spotlight moving over a dark landscape or field. The bits of the landscape the spotlight has picked out, the observer terms the "past” and those that are yet to be picked out the "future."  Suppose that the spotlight on the Block Universe contains everything consciously perceived by the individual at that moment is surrounded by a hazy ring that represents the subconscious. Within this are all the events being perceived by the individual.

Okay processors let’s proceed further …

EXAMPLE: Suppose the world line is that of a young man who is scheduled to take a flight. He buys a ticket, packs his bags and has them loaded aboard and gets ready to embark himself. Suddenly the event of the plane’s crash is illuminated by the ring of his subconscious although it still lies outside the spotlight of his consciousness meaning the crash is still in his future. Somehow a symbolic representation of the horrific scenes perceived by his subconscious manage to cross the threshold between the subconscious and the conscious, and he receives a premonition of his own death. So, he changes his mind about flying thus changing his world line across the dark field of the Universe so that he avoids dying on the flight. In the real future he reads about the air disaster and no doubt thanks the powers that be for his premonition. The two events, death and survival are equally potent because they are both events in the dark field of the Universe; the only difference between them is that the young man's conscious spotlight illuminated one and not the other.

A consequence of this theoretical example is that since the dark field of the Universe contains all possible events and presumably all world lines, both branches of the young man's world line must exist and we must also allow for the potential that there are many branches and junction points. The decision taken at the moment decides which branch of the tree of world lines the conscious and unconscious spotlight will travel along. This is also reminiscent of concept of theoretical physicist Hugh Everett who proposed that there is a multi-branching Universe in which every possibility is realized but only one branch observed. In life experience, this would reflect the proverbial crossroads where one turns right or left. Picture a man in an art gallery at night. He carries a spotlight that he trains on the pictures in the corridor he is traveling. He sees scenes of his boyhood but then comes to a "T" junction where he can go right or left. He chooses to go left and continues to shine the spotlight on the pictures on the wall of the left hand corridor.  He sees himself carrying out various actions, traveling to various places, making various friends etc. until he becomes a man. He NEVER sees the pictures in the right corridor that would have showed him what his life could have been had he made the decision to take the right corridor. He does not see that he would have died at age twenty three of a car accident. Instead he sees himself finishing college, having a good job and marrying.

All of this didn’t make you feel any better did it? Well take heart. Many well-known philosophers and psychologists have taken seriously the evidence for precognitions and retrocognitions and have accepted that our common sense ideas of time itself may be false and misleading, in the same way as the theoretical physicists of the late 19th century came to realize that their ideas about space and time were wrong especially in the subatomic and astronomical realms. Can a human being be looked upon as the sum of the conscious field, subconscious field and a body with that “body” embedded in the Block Universe? Does that mean what we call our body is only an instantaneous slice of a larger and longer entity like a body envelope which the world line travels along? Is a person in a state of consciousness equivalent to the conscious field plus the subconscious field plus a body envelope? If that is true does that mean an unconscious or dreaming person equivalent to the subconscious field plus the body envelope? What is two subconscious fields but not the corresponding conscious fields intersect? Could that create telepathic communication? After all, it has been suggested by a number of psychologists and psychical researchers that the ring of conscious perception covers the whole lifespan of a human being - that a human being has knowledge of his/her whole life.

Are you crazy yet? Here - borrow my flashlight.

So now you are probably wondering if I have spoken to anyone who was capable of viewing these parallel roads and who made a decision based upon what was seen. That would be quite a trick aye? Well close but no cigar folks. The closest I came to the concept presented here was a gentleman who claimed he could traverse time on occasion. He claimed he could travel to the “astral world” as he called it and bi-locate while there and inspect just about “parallel” anything thus being able to view what he called, “Road A and parallel Road C disavowing Road B (his current life status).”  What he saw seems to fit the theory presented here since he saw himself in completely different life situations which were basically diametrically  opposed, one being for the most part, happy and successful and the other rather rogue and disappointing. He seemed not to be very affected by this grand mystical experience and made no changes in his life to go down one road or the other.

Brave of him methinks. Or stupid.

The Man Who Traveled Time …

What astrologicals might be involved with time travel? What emphasis might show up in a chart?

For this hypothetical study, consider the influence of the following:

Saturn – the grand kahuna of time, non-time and structured events.

Uranus - the monarch of quantum physics, instigator of breakthroughs, provocateur of innovation and genius behind invention.

Neptune - the great dissolver of boundaries and all those nebulous places in between.

The Houses of Travel, the 3rd House and the 9th House and the 12th House of unknown places and realms beyond the physical realms.

The following chart is of a man who claimed to be a Time Traveler according to family members who carried an oral history of the stories he shared and alleged objects he possessed which at the time they were in his possession had never been seen and thought to have jokingly, “not yet been invented.” He was described as basically a genius type loner who never married or stayed very long in romantic or close relationships. Aside from his occupation he liked to invent strange mechanical trinkets and doo dads. Data is from the family Bible.

By overview, the first feature to make note of is the BUNDLE chart pattern. All of the planets and the North Node are concentrated in the 12th – 3rd Houses. Traditionally, the BUNDLE pattern is known to reveal a “specialist,” one with strong focus and intellectual prowess in either an occupation or walk of life. In his mundane life, the individual was a sought after craftsman of hand-carved furniture specialty items. He was said to, despite his fine craftsmanship, not be very concerned about when things got done. He did however spend a lot of time on his odd mechanical inventions. Speculatively, this is a good overall chart pattern for a time traveler because of the strong focus.

If this man was a time traveler, he obviously lived a life of duality via his “specialties” as esoterically this pattern combined with Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) on the Angular cusps, show that his life was subject to a series of unforeseen life impacts particularly because of the duality.

All charts have void (empty houses) since there are ten only planets and twelve houses. With the BUNDLE pattern, there are quite a few void houses – in this case, Houses 4 -11. Void Houses have their own meaning despite the fact that there are no planetary energies in residence although their planetary rulers occupying other houses do have influence. Here is a brief summary of the Time Traveler’s Void Houses and associated rulers.

  • Void 4th House: Indicates the individual prefers to be away from home. Ruler Mercury in the First House: Some desire to be seen as “normal” but the actual lifestyle is often personally distasteful and not satisfying. Family input relays that the individual was a very private person who would disappear without a word for extensive periods of time and then literally pop back up unannounced seemingly out of nowhere offering no explanation or willingness to share where he had been.
  • Void 5th House: Romantic liaisons often take a back seat to creative instincts which are transmuted to other areas of life. Ruler Moon in the First House: Some game-playing with females which is often based in delusion with no intent to follow though or a believed notion that it was impossible to maintain. Family input reveals a good amount of female attention but no desire on the individual’s part to engage anything long-lasting or meaningful. If anything, he was said to be annoyed by the necessity to be polite and temporarily filter his attention away from his dabbling in ‘odd invention’ or periods of isolated secrecy and disappearance.
  • Void 6th House: Someone who is not a workaholic. One that possesses a strong physical body and hearty constitution. Ruler Sun in the First House: One who projects a hardworking image despite that fact that work may not be completed. May be psychologically highly critical of the inner-self looking for perfection. Family input describes an almost dual personality and physical strength that seemed inhuman at times. Whether it was his carpentry or invention dabbling, perfection of the work was a necessity.
  • Void 7th House: One who has an independent nature and has little interest in permanence in relationships. Ruler Mercury in the First House: Difficulty in relating to individual needs of others. Strong independent speech. Family input indicates that the individual had very strong opinions that he was not hesitant to project onto others despite the fact that he never took the time to learn about the lives of those he was harassing. It was often noticed that his mind seemed to be elsewhere when he engaged in conversation.
  • Void 8th House: One who holds their own monetarily and not likely to be dependent on others. Ruler Venus in Second House: Has a particular view about values and can appear mercenary about individual rights. Family input notes that the individual was wealthy in his own right and took a hard core stance about his own rights particularly regarding what he seemed to be hiding.
  • Void 9th House: Travel of all types (the further the better), expansive philosophies and acceptance of experiences on a personal level. Ruler Jupiter in the 12th House: Moved to explore higher realms including those of the mind. Will sacrifice personal needs for spiritual or enigmatic pursuits. Family input states that they believed the individual often traveled to “far-away” places or abroad often undergoing hardship from time to time to be able to travel. It was believed that he brought back strange objects from these places although he shared very few and did not like them handled by others.
  • Void 10th House: No drive to assert the self as a status symbol. Ruler Jupiter in the 12th House: Aims and objectives may be hidden or obscure. Actual career may be unsatisfactory and there may be trouble staying with the status quo. The individual is happiest staying behind the scenes or behind the curtain. Family input cites that despite that fact that his carpentry was largely in demand and his reputation above reproach, the individual disliked praise. It seemed that he always had higher objectives about life but rarely spoke of them stating that others would not understand his thoughts or goals.
  • Void 11th House: At ease having many friends or none at all. Not likely to become involved in group situations. Ruler Saturn in the 3rd House: The individual is often sought after for his skill. Prefers to remain anonymous and is not interested in casual group activities. Family input reveals a lack of sociability yet no lack of invitations. The few friendships the individual had over the years eventually dwindled away – one friendship implying that the individual “too strange” and emotionally unreachable. It was believed by family that this particular friend knew more than he was willing to talk about and even seemed frightened when asked.

Interestingly the 3rd and 9th Houses (travel – short and long) just qualify for Anaretic Degree known as Karmic Degree indicating that travel of all kinds are tied to a present life destiny according to Karmic Decree. In the chart, they appear in their natural positions with Gemini on the 3rd house cusp and Sagittarius on the 9th house cusp. The 12th house cusp show the sign of Aquarius indicating interest in other realms including time shift related realities.

Intercepted Houses in a chart are thought to indicate that which is hidden or that which is not implemented until later in life. The intercepted planet Uranus is tightly conjunct the intercepted North Node in the 2nd House designating odd unexpected events in the lifetime that are unseen or kept hidden. The proverbial rug gets pulled out from under throughout life and calls attention to what is really valued in life. The North Node posited in the 2nd House also indicates that this man was perfectly capable of keeping “secrets.”

Moving on with some ‘notables’:

There are no retrograde planets in the chart so this man was strictly of the attitude that what you see is what you get. Depending upon theory it can also indicate that the time traveling talent was not necessarily tied to residual talent from a past life.

Planets in pairs are also considered to indicate specialty with focus.

Neptune (12th house, its natural domain) is in an out of house conjunction with the Moon (1st house), both in the sign of Pisces. According to Ada Muir in The Degrees of The Zodiac Analyzed, Neptune at 17 degrees of Pisces relates to someone who has lofty ideas who pushes or struggles to attempt more than can be brought to fruition. As the natural ruler of the sign Pisces, Neptune is the Lord of the Ascendant or ruler of the chart casting the veil of the genius dreamer. Neptune in the 12th house also satisfies bringing realms beyond physical reality INTO the actual reality of the 1st house and to the time traveler himself. The blending of energies provided by the Moon/Neptune conjunction encases sensitivity to the real world vs beyond the physical possibility. There is actually a desire to escape “the real world” and prefer an alternate reality. The 1st house Moon (in Balsamic phase at birth denoting a future oriented individual with an important destiny) shows an emotional need for independence and autonomy and a desire to withdraw. The Moon also conjuncts the 1st house Mercury also in Pisces so ‘sensing’ comes easy to this individual. Mercury in Pisces is often described as one who may experience periods where they seem to disappear into a dream world before being jolted back to reality. While this may apply to ‘daydreaming’ for the Time Traveler is may also be a literal reality. These three planets working closely together from the sign of Pisces often indicate genius at work.

Also in the 1st house are the Sun and Mars in a tight conjunction in Aries. Whenever Mars is in the 1st house of a chart, it tends to dominate the chart and enrich it with Martian energy and tendencies to lead and pioneer especially from its own sign of Aries. From the posit at 23 degrees Aries (rounded up) and according to Muir, the energy produces “a wanderer who follows his desires irrespective of the rights and feelings of others.” The conjunction to the Sun further demonstrates an impulsiveness with a love for adventure no matter the cost and a willingness to take risks. As Mars is sextile to Jupiter also in the 12th house there is no lack of energy to see things through.

Notable is that Jupiter is in the sign of time travel, Aquarius. From 26 degrees of that sign (rounded up) Muir says, “One who has a duty to perform for the race (mankind), the direction of this being revealed to him as he develops.” Jupiter is also sextile the Midheaven showing the opportunity to use advanced technology in one’s profession or to enhance one’s worldly standing AND is sextiled by the Sun providing plenty of chances to expand the mind and avant garde theory. Venus squares Jupiter providing a warning watch excesses. Jupiter rules the 9th house of long distance travel (in mundane reality or otherwise).

The Sun is in an out of house and out of sign conjunction to Pluto in Taurus in the 2nd house indicating an  intense, obsessive individual with great personal power and one who find it easy to rid himself of the unwanted and less powerful. It also intimates that transformation is the key factor in life.

Uranus in the 2nd house conjunct the North Node must also be considered and important pair as in this study it brings the monarch of quantum physics and other-worldly invention into direct connection with the Time Traveler’s destiny for his lifetime. This connection shows destiny is linked with the discovery of new and exciting thoughts and concepts. It warns the Time Traveler that he needs to make sure that he does not seek excitement at all costs, but directs his energies wisely. It is also a challenge to make a contribution to humanity. It sextiles Neptune offering a quantum/science opportunity to the ‘vision’ of time travel.

Saturn, the ruler of all facets of time and non-time is posited in the 3rd house in the sign of Gemini. It is square Neptune lending some caution about the psychic or other-worldly realms and to the seriousness of his travels.

According to the family history, the Time Traveler left for a ‘business trip’ on his birthday April 14, 1920. He was never seen again. Follow up in investigation revealed he never made it to the hotel he allegedly reserved for his cross country stay. No foul play was ever discovered. Maybe his reservation was simply at another place in time.