The 1st Gate


Who Am I? I am told that I am the sum total of all the essences from all lives from times long past. I have been many things to many other people … a coward, a hero, a seeker and a savior. I have been ruthless and kind and fearless and frightened. I have given and I have taken. I have learned much but taught little. I stand at day break, the Alpha Hour and mark my choices for this lifetime. Who will I be? What will I accomplish? How many tears will I shed? How much joy will I feel? It is my time to do, as I will until nightfall comes, the Omega Hour, and I am consumed once again by the flames of the Eternal Cycle that first initiated me into this life. I go with joy knowing I will be born of fire again and yet again … but for now, I take the first step in the process of a new becoming –

The mundane astrological First House which is “naturally ruled” by the sign of Aries and primarily the planet Mars and secondarily by the planet Pluto encompasses the physical body of the individual. Most people understand that the sign which marks the first angle is the Ascendant and that it describes the appearance, countenance and personality being projected onto the world at large. In esoteric studies the spiritual meaning goes much deeper. The First House represents one’s incarnation into the present space and time. This is a process that starts with the Soul being breathed into the chart near the Nadir or Fourth House cusp which is ruled naturally by the sign of Cancer and the Moon. This Sacred Alchemy is the basic reason why the Moon is considered the ‘other’ ruler of one’s personality along with the energies of the Ascendant and any planets posited in the First House. Then energies of both Houses contribute to the whole of the person – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There is further connection to the angular seventh and tenth houses. In mundane astrology the Seventh House “naturally ruled” by the sign of Libra and the planet Venus represents “others and relationships” however esoterically speaking the Seventh House represents “life encounters” that shape our destinies. The projection of the newly incarnated Self through personality via the First House energies combined with the action we take based upon motivational drives courtesy of the Fourth House energies now become subject to the Laws of Cause and Effect which draws in Karma and Dharma. The cycle completes with the Tenth House which is naturally ruled by the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn. Mundane astrology dictates that this House rules reputation and achievement. Esoterically speaking, it is the pinnacle of spiritual achievement and the outcome of our life actions and motivations seasoned by our encounters and Karma that constitutes the Soul’s contribution to its generational Collective Consciousness.

In mundane astrology, the First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth Houses cusps constitute the Cardinal Angles which are the major angles of the natal chart. These angles are often referred to as the Cardinal Cross and represent action. From the spiritual platform they represent the highest form of initiation through discipleship. The diagram below depicts the Sacred Diadem. Incarnation is considered an Initiation of Fire. In each incarnation we rise like the legendary phoenix from the fiery ashes of a past destruction. Creation of the Soul is considered an Initiation of Water because we are sourced in the depths of a watery womb while the Path we walk is considered an Initiation of Air because our life experiences are based upon our need to communicate and Collective manifestation is considered an initiation of Earth because we sow, plant and reap to accomplish our life’s work.

What does the sign on the First Angle relay about one’s current incarnation and the qualities that will be reflected according the exact moment of time at birth?

 ARIES On The First Angle
(Cancer 4th Angle, Libra 7th Angle, Capricorn 10th Angle)

The embodiment reflects a signature of primal power. The Soul carries intense energy which is used to excel and continually challenge the Self. Just prior to the incarnation, the Soul experiences a child-like unity and oneness with the Universe and with the rest of the Grand Creation on Earth that it is soon to be a part. The Collective Arien Memory is not naive, rather it understands that many of the currently incarnated fellow Earth custodians have lost their sense of “origin” and trust in the Divine Plan and thus comes forth as a Cosmic General to lend support and assistance to others through leadership.
Life is approached in a direct manner buoyed by action. Self expression cannot be denied or halted and the Arien nature is to “own” whatever action is taken for good or ill. Extremes are commonplace because it is firmly believed that, “a life without risk is no life at all.” The Lunar influence that is carried over from the Fourth Angle suggests that the individual will serve as an example of self-reliance to others. This serves as compensation for past lifetimes of over-dependency where others were allowed to dominate life actions. In this lifetime the art of competition is engaged without fear of rejection for any failures incurred. Destined encounters that lie in the polarity of the Seventh Angle will include Karmic contact with others who are clingy and overly dependent because they lack the power of their own convictions. They will tend to be stubborn, selfish and unable to share in relationships. Some of them will feel they are less intelligent than others and less capable than others so they have been unable to define their own identities. Incorporated into the Arien spirit is the energy of new beginnings and before the Tenth Angle Collective Obligation can be fulfilled there will be many life occasions that will require starting over. These ‘stops’ and  ‘starts’ will occur for no apparent reason and failures will manifest each time the individual refuses to follow options provided by his/her own inner voice in favor of the dictates of others. Obviously the highest value of this signature is placed upon independence which was most likely missing in previous incarnations.

TAURUS On The First Angle
(Leo 4th Angle, Scorpio 7th Angle, Aquarius 10th Angle)

The Soul’s re-entry into Earth life is shaped by lessons concerning when to hold on and when to let go. Each phase of experience is a test of instinctual balance since the energy of the Bull is very driven but often lacks enough insight to protect the Self from “tunnel vision.” In essence this is a life whereby “mastery” is “required” from both the material and emotional stances.
This is a Soul with a “prosperity consciousness” who has been conditioned from prior incarnations to value concrete and tangible results for efforts spent courtesy of the Lunar Fourth Angle. There is also a “creative legacy” involved which on the higher spiritual levels, demands appreciation for the beauty and harmony of  Nature and on the mundane earthly levels, requires the manifestation of abundance that is honorably gained.  Any financial problems that are experienced should not be considered ‘tests’ but rather opportunities since each ‘solution’ buoys the practical foundation and even provides spiritual growth.  Destined encounters via polarity of the Seventh Angle will include many interpersonal problems with others through business and romantic relationships. Karmic contact will draw those with negative moral values and low moral character. This is based upon past lives where too much physical gratification and overindulgence was engaged and was habitual. Jealousy, obsession and possessiveness will prevail in many cases so an undeniable need to probe beneath the surface for hidden motivations becomes necessary. These intense emotional encounters will help to purge and eliminate outworn habits from past life residual relationship patterns that have been carried over once they have been addressed and resolved. The Collective Obligation indicated by the Tenth Angle concerns “joint responsibility.” The Bullish Common Denominator is to relate morally to others, to avoid the misuse of power and to resist judgment.  Employing the use of positive reinforcement is of the greatest value to everyone including the Self.

GEMINI On The First Angle
(Virgo 4th Angle, Sagittarius 7th Angle, Pisces 10th Angle)

Gemini is the sign that represents the Unfoldment of Thought and through this filter the embodiment comes forth directing its psychic energy according to the conscious mind. The exercising of judgment and discrimination must precede action. This is the sign of the potential genius whose originality and creativity can allow the individual to dominate intellectually. The Soul Essence is that of an arbitrator and the great storyteller whose karmic duty is to keep the flow of communication circulating whether it is by the spoken or written word.

In this lifetime the Soul has chosen variety as opposed to past lifetimes where intellectual solitude was preferred. The influence of the Lunar Fourth Angle suggests that past lives have taught the Soul that one lifetime is never enough to become a master of a given field or subject because precision and adeptness only come from accumulated experiences. Misunderstandings will infiltrate life and cause much frustration and the cure is ability to listen to feedback from others. In this sense, the individual is not only just the teacher but also the student in the current incarnation. Destined encounters influenced by the Seventh Angle will draw in those who provoke social argument from everything from pansies to politics. It will also draw in those who are good at performing ‘pseudo communication’ such as pathological lying as well as dishonest types who are socially disgraced. These encounters force out misconception on the subconscious level so the individual can assess the Self with honesty and make the adjustments necessary for personal improvement because it becomes all too apparent that he/she is capable of the same behavior and social blunders. There is a good deal of God Consciousness connected to the Karmic Collective Contribution as designated by the Tenth Angle because the spark of the soul understands that the consciousness of mankind is in great need or realignment and balance with Divine Will and the only way this is possible is by widening the Collective Circle’s perception and perspective through clarity of communication.

CANCER On The First Angle
(Libra 4th Angle, Capricorn 7th Angle, Aries 10th Angle)

The sign of Cancer represents the Seed of Creation and it is at the Nadir (near the Fourth House cusp) of a natal chart that the Soul is breathed into the chart. (If you would like to read more about this position please refer to the 4th GATE, sub category, “And So The Soul”). The Soul Essence is imbued with a strong survival instinct and comes forth with a need for self reliance because it knows that it cannot rely or depend on others for emotional balance or for personal creative manifestation. This signature of incarnation is more of a healer than any other signature.

The Libran Lunar Fourth Angle constitutes the grand stage where the drama of a human life is acted out. The Soul Spirit is governed by the reflective/reactive principle which is an unconscious mind/emotional response learned through many lifetimes and will affect the creative spark throughout the current lifetime. This Soul knows it is responsible for the legacy it leaves behind which will become inherited in the next lifetime. Destined encounters designated by the Seventh Angle will draw in “relating” problems within the family unit mainly because the Soul has not reincarnated into its usual family unit. Feelings of alienation and simply “not fitting in” are commonplace. Outside of family, there will be a tendency to draw in others who cannot understand their own emotional make-up and family core issues and who are overly concerned with the external world as an escape.  These people can be “users” or at worst psychic vampires who drain others emotionally. Business connections generally work well however there may be a tendency to react and respond defensively to the moods of others since this embodiment tends to be a psychic sponge that picks up every emotional nuance in the environment. If this tendency is not handled wisely this propensity can lead to unnecessary isolation from others due to oversensitivity and emotionalism.  Because the Cancerian projection tends to be susceptible to ‘self fulfilling prophecies,’ the negative qualities of Self and others can be drawn out leading to relational consequences. The Karmic Collective Contribution courtesy of the Tenth Angle includes a pre-birth covenant that demands loving energy be directed outwardly on a transpersonal healing level so that emotional problems connected to all Souls can be eased and diminished. This is a very tall Earthly order but it works in perfect balance… for every emotional burden of another that is relieved so shall personal burdens be relieved.

LEO On The First Angle
(Scorpio 4th Angle, Aquarius 7th Angle, Taurus 10th Angle

This incarnation generally meets life with vigor and determination. This is a Soul who has a need to believe in the supremacy of the Self and a need to grasp every opportunity in order to forge a sense of identity and shine to the Nth power. There is a natural magnetism inherent here that radiates power and influence. This is a lifetime to stand above and beyond the madding crowd - however an adjustment of consciousness is required.
Major lifetime reorientations generated by upheavals that seem to spring up from nowhere comes courtesy of the energy of the Fourth Angle. While this is neither easy or pleasant it does serve a purpose which is to condition the spirit through greater self-understanding that like the Phoenix the Soul rises more powerful after each breakdown. The survival instinct is buoyed by strong inherent regenerative powers and through recognition of deeply hidden resources that seem to miraculously come to the fore with each life crisis that is engaged.  This is most fortunate because past lifetimes of low self esteem and avoidance of the experiences of human love have left a negative mark. A good deal of emphasis was placed on a type of Universal Humanitarianism that was very impersonal and detached. There was no place for the personal development of pride, self worth or most importantly love. Also courtesy of the Lunar Fourth Angle is a reverence of Nature and with the primal mysteries connected to planet Earth. At times of great stress comfort can be found communing with the Natural World particularly the ocean. Destined encounters courtesy of the Seventh Angle tend to draw in those who are detached from their own feelings and emotions. They are best described as “cold fish.” They are uncomfortable with affection in any form and believe that to love another will hold them back or tie them down. Keeping consistency in these relationships will be difficult but necessary and a great deal of loving persistence will be necessary to deal successfully and happily with these people. Failure to do so will result in periods of personal sadness and loneliness which can negatively impact self esteem. This obviously becomes the lifetime to let the inner light glow and to share love. The Karmic Collective Contribution signified by the Tenth Angle requires recognition of the value of personal creativity which can only be achieved through self love and self acceptance. It also warns against giving away personal power and not reaping the rewards of personal creativity because others have been allowed to take advantage of low self esteem. The greatest achievement of this incarnation is to acknowledge that even though this embodiment is but one small spark of the Collective Fire it is still a spark that deserves personal recognition for its creativity and above all it deserves love.

VIRGO On The First Angle
(Sagittarius 4th Angle, Pisces 7th Angle, Gemini 10th Angle)

The Soul Essence houses a razor sharp intellect and great vision but will not commit to anything in life without cautious assessment. There is nothing about life or the world at large that escapes attention for not even the smallest of details escapes notice. The pre-natal contract with the Universe basically concerns ‘righting wrongs.’ This is difficult because to be put in vigilant charge of pointing out flaws so that things fall back into proper perspective is often misunderstood.

The art of using discernment wisely and lovingly is fostered by the energy of the Lunar Fourth Angle which provides a strong spiritual springboard for engaging worldly ventures with a philosophical approach. Tact and timing however present other issues since there can be a tendency to deliver “constructive criticism” at “inappropriate times.” This must be redirected into “sound advice” that is doled out during “receptive times” so that success is based on “support” rather than “haughty intellect.”  The Soul was breathed into the chart with strong psychic ability which is a cumulative gift from many lifetimes spent in spiritual pursuits. This insight often conflicts with the intellectual side of the nature so it becomes necessary to examine ‘input’ for its usefulness. If intuition can be processed in a practical manner then a balanced alchemy of psychism and acumen is highly beneficial. Destined encounters designated by the Seventh Angle include attracting and dealing with “victim types.” These people will display many physical and emotional weaknesses. Psychologically they can be gullible and delusionary and seem to have lost their direction in life. They are often needy, lonely or isolated. Physically they may be dependent upon drugs, alcohol or suffer from other addictive obsessions or engage in criminal activities. Conversely there will also be meetings with artistic and inspirational types such as musicians and theologians. Any of these types of relationships will require a certain amount of sacrifice however there is a karmic stipulation which clearly states that there is huge difference between being a human doormat or a tolerant teacher. The Karmic Collective Contribution signified by the Tenth Angle is to be in the service of humanity. This requires being responsible to all whose lives are touched by retaining and balancing a sense of refinement, discipline and fair discernment. Encouragement and support should be at the foundation of all life encounters

LIBRA On The First Angle
(Capricorn 4th Angle, Aries 7th Angle, Cancer 10th Angle)

Libra is the sign of virtue and the greatest virtue of this embodiment is the ability to see any matter from the viewpoint of another. While this is indeed a blessing, the test of this incarnation is to establish a unique identity through experiences with others which is difficult because attempts to be harmonious and accommodating can lead to dissolution of the Self if personal power is given away.

From the Capricornian Lunar Fourth Angle comes yet another test concerning respect and support. The energy clearly implies that while we are all required by Divine Will to love and respect others  we must also remember to love and respect ourselves first because good feelings of self esteem is the only way we will be able to see others clearly and in a true light. Further, however the Soul Essence ‘sees’ itself will be reflected in others… if self acceptance is strong then it becomes easier to accept others; if self worth is appreciated then it becomes easier to appreciate the worth of others; if self love is strong then it becomes easier to love others. The early years of life may be full of ‘misgivings’ based in insecurity rising from perceived lack of support and/or deprivation of familial love. This reaction to life is based in Karmic residual from past lifetimes where there was a great deal of distrust of others and an unwillingness to share. It will take much hard work to establish renewed inner strength and a more formidable identity. Destined encounters indicated by the Seventh Angle will include experiences with selfish, overly independent, uncommitted, childish and highly resistant individuals. These people represent a ‘mirror’ of the Self and past life character that can manifest in the Self when the Soul Essence becomes imbalanced. Relationship problems can include gravitating from one relationship to another and then back again in an attempt to discern why things didn’t work and why they were so unfair. This will continue until the unconscious projection of insecurity is recognized. The Karmic Collective Contribution courtesy of the Tenth Angle concerns the understanding and respect of group consciousness while also grasping the need to always be true to the self while engaging Earthbound interdependency.  A warning: There will be a good deal of sensitivity regarding personal reputation and public standing based on what other people think and this is why Self love is so very important.

SCORPIO On The First Angle
(Aquarius 4th Angle, Taurus 7th Angle, Leo 10th Angle)

The Scorpionic essence is both creator and destroyer. Innate primitive drives are constantly being transformed and rechanneled. This incarnation ‘knows’ instinctively that ‘anything’ can be done on the Earthly Plane and it also ‘knows’ that drawing on the hidden sources within will bring ‘attainment.’ The individual is indeed a Magician and there is no question about destiny with this Soul Essence for it will be created and manifested.

The energy of the Lunar Fourth Angle demands detachment and constant questioning of “what else is out there?” The Soul was breathed into the chart with a need for independence and freedom and it is likely that the Soul chose a different family from that in which it usually incarnates.  The family unit matters not to this Soul because it has full comprehension of the Universe – the cycles of life and death and complete spiritual awareness. This is due to many past lifetimes of realigning and readjusting principles.  Also because of the experiences of prior incarnations where physical and mental weakness was addressed, the Soul houses the essence of a great healer although actual healing is not warm, light and airy but rather uprooting, tactless and tough as if a giant router was digging into the depths of the Soul. None-the-less, healing is complete and reformation and transformation irreversible. Destined encounters courtesy of the Seventh Angle will require tremendous responsibility. The energy will draw in ‘lost sheep’ - those without prosperity consciousness and who are anti-societal lacking moral, financial and spiritual responsibility. Establishing proper boundaries will be an issue both for the Self and others since the sexual and intellectual magnetism of this embodiment is irresistible. The Karmic Collective Contribution designated by the Tenth Angle involves honesty. The power of Scorpio needs to be harnessed without ulterior motives or manipulation. This Soul truly sees the ‘good’ in humankind because it sees through to the core of any life situation. It has a duty to bring out that ‘good’ by setting a proper example and teaching and assisting and transforming and regenerating others according to Divine Law and the principles of Karma.

SAGITTARIUS On The First Angle
(Pisces 4th Angle, Gemini 7th Angle, Virgo 10th Angle)

This is an inspired Soul who is aligned with the Truth and has incarnated to recognize and foster the Divine omniscience that is kernelled within its fellow man. The essence is that of a natural philosopher and answer man/woman who is not afraid to tackle the deepest questions of existence and pass what has been learned onto others. Vision tends to be rather epic however the distribution of knowledge requires serious discipline, concentration and above all, a reconditioned EGO before actual application can be accepted and follow-through be realistically manifested.

As a Soul who holds nothing back and who does not believe in restriction there is a tendency to constantly over-reach and extend beyond natural capabilities particularly when it comes to the category of higher consciousness. This is as it should be for it took many lifetimes to overcome prejudice, unlearn judgment, learn equality, employ good listening skills and “live and let live.” This Soul is eager to “reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make the world a better place…” courtesy of the energy of the Lunar Fourth Angle which demands an “all” inclusive perception and service minded action. Making sense of and good use of this Divine intellect is a tall order and often the embodiment does not recognize and experience its deepest spiritual longings and duty until the second half of life. Destined encounters suggested by the energy of the Seventh Angle include dealings with egotistical, prejudicial, status conscious and glib people who are spiritually lacking and need their consciousness elevated so they can recognize their true paths in life. Many of these people live as a law unto themselves which obstructs common sense and prevents them from making intelligent decisions. Some of them will be steeped in personal dogma, religious or otherwise while others will be cleverly articulate liars and deceivers. In any of these cases, they will seem to have built impenetrable walls around their beliefs and their lives. The Karmic Collective Contribution designated by the Tenth Angle describes one who will live as a Cosmic Pied Piper who breaks through the walls of ignorance and penetrates minds and mesmerizes souls with the Divine song of Truth, optimism and joy and above all better discernment.  

CAPRICORN On The First Angle
(Aries 4th Angle, Cancer 7th Angle, Libra 10th Angle)

Capricorn has often been astrologically labeled the sign of the Mystic. Discipline and patience color whatever they do and what they do always has a purpose aimed at practicality and spiritual endeavor. This is a Soul that enters life with a pre-natal challenge of responsibility and with a penalty for failure because reputation is of key importance.

This is a lifetime of high visibility, independence and above all honor courtesy of the energy of the Lunar Fourth Angle. In every sense the individual is forever under the watchful eye of the Universe and will be held accountable for all actions and for maintaining high integrity in all human dealings. (From this perspective it is also important to remember that Capricorn is considered the sign of Judgment that stands at the Gate of Death where all Souls are evaluated for their deeds and life work before they are allowed to pass on to the afterlife. In the Capricorn incarnation the capacity to personally self judge as well as constructively judge the lives of others is a natural gift). There will also be lessons concerning positive control of the immediate environment since past lifetimes were full of instances of co-dependence and lack of courage in convictions. Personal power was given away much too easily to those “viewed” as authority figures regardless of their true status. The energy of the Seventh Angle dictates that destined encounters will include dealings with those who are overly-sensitive and emotional and who are unable to function in the real world. They lack the ability to follow protocol or to detach themselves from taking things too personally. These Souls have lost the concept of how important it is to be a separate individual and may be allowing others to live their lives out for them. They may be spiritually incarcerated and/or exhibit anti-societal criminal behavior such as stealing or embezzlement. The Karmic Collective Contribution signified by the Tenth Angle concerns ‘respect’ and its role in the group consciousness of the planet at this time. This will only be accomplished through determination in standing as an example of responsibility, a guide of perseverance and a teacher of honesty.

AQUARIUS On The First Angle
(Taurus 4th Angle, Leo 7th Angle, Scorpio 10th Angle)

Life will not be ordinary… period. The greatest wish of this embodiment is to make a unique contribution to the common good during life and to the Collective when life is through. This is a Soul best described as a rolling stone that gathers no moss and like a great cosmic cavalier, detachment and freedom is necessary to get the job done. This is a Soul who believes in the newness of the Self and that all individuals begin on a fresh page upon re-entry into humankind. The pre-birth intention is to grasp life by the forelock and experience as much as possible during the given lifespan.

The energy of the Lunar Fourth Angle suggests that persistence and perseverance will make dreams and aspirations come true. Proper prosperity consciousness is an in-born asset and the Soul knows that invalidation of the Self and others leads to the path of destruction. The Soul also knows that to be lovingly detached is the way to the greatest physical and spiritual gain. This is a residual knowledge that was learned from past lifetimes where there were imposing factors – societal, familial and religious that deterred the natural instinct to explore and experiment with life. In some of those lifetimes the individual was literally spoiled and placed upon a pedestal. Being in this type of perpetual spotlight instead of bringing joy brought only restriction and lack of worldly endeavor because life was spent only amongst the homage paying elite.  In this lifetime the individual is wise to break any of these old ego gratifying patterns and give attention to the  all inclusive. Destined encounters courtesy of the Seventh will include those who are narrow minded, egotistical, possessive and jealous. These are very likely to be reincarnations of familiar Souls who will present tests of “exclusivity” by trying to discount others. Falling into the old traps will only prove to prevent growth. The Karmic Collective Contribution of the Tenth Angle is to be the best one can be and accomplish more than one thought possible. For some this means involvement with humanitarian causes large or small and on a grander scale for others, technical advancements that can change the course of human life on earth. The choice “to give” always belongs to the individual.

PISCES On The First Angle
(Gemini 4th Angle, Virgo 7th Angle, Sagittarius 10th Angle)

Pisces, the ethereal visionary has oft been called the Omega sign that is closest to and understands best God or the Divine Source. This mystical Soul has an almost supernatural insight that allows it to penetrate all the subtleties of human nature. When operating at the highest level, this incarnation is “selfless” and committed to the service of others. There is an innate ability to heal, counsel or inspire others because of the capacity to tune-in without being invasive however the energy is so diffuse that the need for established boundaries becomes a non avoidable life issue if this embodiment is to survive and flourish.
This is a Soul who comes into life with an extensive intellectual “inheritance” from past lives courtesy of the Lunar Fourth Angle. A coolness of emotions developed as did subjective attitudes and the Self became lost in a myriad of inconsequential information because knowledge was placed at a higher value than feelings. There was also a great deal of movement and relocating from place to place which called for flexibility and adaptability but allowed no time for emotional ties or caring. The spirit still carries the essence of curiosity and the need for variety but it will use these traits to reach more people and it will use its great intellect to inspire and care for them. Destined encounters courtesy of the Seventh Angle will include its share of cold, critical, judgmental and overly analytical people. They are very much part of the past life Soul Group who have yet to develop empathy and sensitivity for others. These are Souls who are new to learning the art of compassion and to accept Divine Inspiration and some will also indulge in self pity, victimhood, or martyrdom. In addition, they are afraid of their own psychic abilities and would never use their intuitive insights to play a hunch or “follow their gut” when making life decisions.  The Karmic Collective Contribution embraces Divine Consciousness and unity. The individual will be a herald of the message that we are all children of the Divine Creator and to dishonor or discount one, dishonors and discounts all. Every living being is a particle of a greater whole and who or what is appreciated now becomes part of the ongoing cycle of the future.

What strange Karma has cast my name to the wind …

Whispered enchantments, Be they the sorcery of Lilith?

Mystic summons sweeping me up in the rapture -

A fallen leaf lost in the tempest of time past and present.

I, subject to the will of proud gods,

who cast their shadows upon the Sun.

They have made my passage dark.

But strong am I filled with the light -

Wisdom taught at the knee of Pallas,

And comfort taken upon the lap of Sappho.

Ignorance no longer my prison,

Pride no longer my warden,

Oppression a lithe gossamer thread easily torn -

At last freedom from samsara!

I stand before Urania’s gate,

Holding the stars of beginnings in the palms of my hands, I am the Arien Child.

I am restored, I am enlightened,