The 11th Gate

The 11th Gate





Memorable photo from
the movie SIGNS.

Thanks to the media and cinema none of us are strangers to what else might be out there. Unidentified flying objects have intrigued the human race for decades and what exactly constitutes an authentic case of extraterrestrial contact has undergone much scrutiny. Generally, the best UFO photos usually turn out to be clever hoaxes. Conversely, what usually constitutes well documented UFOs are blurs on under or over exposed film.  

When it comes to other-worldly encounters there are four signatures of varying magnitude: 

A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE FIRST KIND - Observation of phenomena without physical interaction between the phenomena and the environment and/or viewer. Common sightings include nocturnal lights which are strange lights seen at a distance in the night sky. Objects express variations of light and color and sudden changes of speed and direction. Daylight discs include objects that are seen against a daytime sky. Varying shapes such as cigar shaped, egg shaped, spherical, and oval are common. R-Vs or radar visuals are distant UFOs that have been recorded simultaneously on radar and from other visual sources in good agreement.

Amsterdam.jpgThis photo was taken by pro photographer Jason Kravitz of Brussels, Belgium while he visiting Amsterdam. Currently, the object on the right has eluded explanation. It is a good example of a daylight disc and a Close Encounter of the First Kind. The next set of photos by Jason were taken of a dark early morning sky (1:00 am) in Stockholm, Sweden and show nocturnal lights.

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scorchedearth.jpgA CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE SECOND KIND - Similar to the FIRST KIND but with additional physical evidence such as scorched earth (shown left), flattened vegetation, frightened animals, and the sudden electrical failure of equipment that begins to work again once the UFO has disappeared. 

occupants.jpgA CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND - The observation of "occupants" in or around the UFO. The photo on the left is from the old movie classic The Day the Earth Stood Still.

A Third Encounter of interest that broke the news in 1964 was that of New Mexico policeman Lonnie Zamora. On April 24, 1964 at 5:50 pm, Zamora was alone in his car giving chase to a speeding motorist. Suddenly he heard a roar and saw a blue and orange flame in the sky. Thinking that a nearby dynamite shack had blown up, Zamora stopped the chase and headed in the direction of where he believed the flame had come down. He forced his car up over a ridge and saw a shiny object about 200 yards ahead of him. Further inspection revealed two humanoid figures about four feet tall in what appeared to be white coveralls. Apparently Zamora's appearance startled them and they retreated into their vehicle and begin to rise up to the level of his car on the ridge. Zamora ran on and dived for shelter then watched as the vehicle accelerated, cleared a mountain top and then disappeared. The only left of the UFO visit was burning brush where it had stood and four separate burned depressions in the ground. When engineer W. T. Powers investigated the site, he estimated that the force needed to produce the holes would have been equivalent to a ton per hole. The Zamora case is considered one of the best authenticated cases on record.


 Photo of one of the depressions left by the UFO.



A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE FORTH KIND - Intelligent one-on-one contact with UFO occupants and/or aliens. There are three types regarding this encounter. Type A constitutes encounters that are remembered by the witness. There are no memory blocks or time lapses. Type B constitutes personal visitations (usually in the bedroom). The witness will claim to have been fully awake but there are breaks and distortion of reality where bits and pieces of information are missing. Type C constitutes experiences that happen between 10:00 pm and midnight often involving more than one person driving in a car at the designated hour. Abduction occurs and there is no memory of the event. Often the abductees undergo drastic life changes before memory of the event returns.

bettybarney.jpg zeta.jpg

One of the most famous alien abduction cases is that of Betty and Barney Hill (left). Betty's star map (below) allegedly dictated to her by the alien abductors proved to be an uncannily accurate rendering of Zeta Reticuli. Photo on the right is an artist rendition of a bedroom visitation

 bettysdrawing.jpg  hillabduction.jpg
 Copy of Betty's original drawing.
  Artistic rendering of Hill abduction.



spectrumofreality.jpgNearly everyone has heard of Astral Travel or Out of Body Experience. Many people have claimed to have experienced OOBE during Near Death Experiences while some claim to travel out of body randomly without traumatic prelude. Others believe that they astral travel each night while they are asleep although they rarely have waking cognizance of where they have been or what they have done. Those who ascribe to Seven Ray Astrology believe that each of us leaves our bodies nightly to rise to the Astral Plane where we do Divinely inspired work according to a personal Astral Ray assigned to our Souls. Does this same principal apply to alien abductions and Close Encounters? There has been serious study of the UFO phenomena since 1947 and it seems to date we are no closer to a solution. Research into UFO's and other psi incidences has come up with a possible explanation for the reason behind such experiences. Using a spectrum scale to demonstrate the different phases of consciousness ranging from objective through subjective reality and everything that lies in between, some researchers postulate that experiences such as Close Encounters, Out-Of-Body Experience, timeslips and pre-cognitive visions occur during what is called "QUASI-CONSCIOUSNESS." It is important to note that in the case of UFO's, if alien intelligence does exist it is not likely to use primitive technology to reach us but rather some form of consciousness... alien consciousness making contact by way of the human mind.

The QUASI-CONSCIOUSNESS phase lies in the upper half of the spectrum scale between objective reality and subjective reality. It is believed that the objective and subjective reality extremes are subject to interference from the other parts of the spectrum. For example, an objective factor such as a loud noise can affect a sleeper by making an appearance in another form during a dream. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming and maintains some degree of control of the dream imagery that has been produced by the loud noise from the objective environment. During QUASI-CONSCIOUSNESS however, rather than the objective information coming in from the outside manipulating the subjective dream reality, the reverse occurs and the subjective information manipulates what is experienced as objective reality. In some research circles this is known as the "OZ Factor." Enter Quantum Physics where reality is based upon what one's consciousness decides it should be! Remember, what we all perceive of the outside world is based largely upon what our brains interpret from incoming signals so each individual who has an OZ experience will shape images to fit personal concepts of aliens or whatever the experience dictates.

In the cases of UFO/alien contact, the witness often emerges feeling confused mainly about the length of time the encounter lasted. Is the loss or lapse of time a result of the OZ factor? It is reasonable to consider that some degree of the OZ Factor such as memory loss and time lapse is at play. In fact, memories retrieved during hypnosis sessions more than often reflect that some type of a message transfer has taken place during the lost time period. In a majority of cases, the witness is not aware of such a transfer when it actually takes place because it is beyond his/her normal conscious awareness.

All of this leads one to question what is the most important factor of UFO/alien contact - is it the actual contact/abduction OR the transference of a message?

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